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Royal Small Arms Factory

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Also commonly known as RSAF Enfield or simply Enfield, the RSAF was a government owned factory that produced British Army muskets, rifles, swords and other small arms. The factory was opened in Enfield in 1816, and operated as a government owned factory until it was combined with a number of other royal ordnance factories to become Royal Ordnance in 1985, and was subsequently sold to British Aerospace in 1987. The Royal Ordnance name was kept until 2004, when the division was changed to BAE Land Systems, and subsequently to BAE Systems Global Combat Systems Munitions.


Founded: 1816

Country: United Kingdom

Products: Swords, Pistols, Rifles, Machine Guns, Artillery, Explosives



Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Introduced Variants Image
Enfield Mk II Revolver .476 Enfield 6 1880 EnfieldMkIIBig.jpg
Enfield No. 2 Mk I Revolver .38 S&W 6 1932 Enfield No.2 Mk I*
Enfield No.2 Mk I Snubnose
White Enfield No2 Mk I.jpg

Submachine Guns

Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Introduced Variants Image
Sten 9x19mm Parabellum 32 1941 Sten Mark I
Sten Mark I*
Sten Mark II
Sten Mark IIS
Sten Mark III
Sten Mark IV
Sten Mark V
Sten Mark VI
Viper Machine Carbine 9x19mm Parabellum 32 1942-1945 Viper Mk. 1
Viper Mk. 3
Viper Mk I.JPG


Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Introduced Variants Image
Enfield Pattern 1853 Rifle-Musket .577 ball Single Shot 1853 1853enfield.jpg
Enfield Pattern 1856 Rifle-Musket .577 ball Single Shot 1856 Enfield Pattern 1856 Cavalry Carbine Enfield 1856 Cavalry Carbine.jpg
Snider-Enfield .577 Snider Single Shot 1866 Snider-Enfield Long Rifle
Snider-Enfield Short Rifle
Snider-Enfield Artillery Carbine
Snider-Enfield Cavalry Carbine
Martini-Henry .577/450 Martini-Henry Single Shot 1871 Martini-Henry Rifle
Martini-Henry Carbine
Short Magazine Lee Enfield .303 British 10 1907 SMLE No.1 Mk.III*
SMLE No.4 Mk.I
SMLE No.4 Mk.I(T)
SMLE No.5 Jungle Carbine
Pattern 1914 Enfield .303 British 5 1914 P14 Sniper Pattern1914.jpg
M1917 Enfield .30-06 5 1917 M1917enfield.jpg
Boys anti-tank rifle .55 Boys 5 1937 BoysMkIATRifle.jpg
SREM-1 7.92×57mm Mauser 5 1944 1944-srem-1.jpg
Enfield EM-2 .280 British
20 1951 EM-2.jpg
L1A1 SLR 7.62x51mm NATO 20 1954 L1A1-SLR.jpg
XL64/65 4.85mm SAA 20 1972 XL64E5 Rifle
XL65E4 Light Support Weapon
SA80 5.56x45mm NATO 20, 30 1985 L85A1 Rifle
L85A2 Rifle
L86A1 Light Support Weapon
L86A2 Light Support Weapon
L22 Prototype Carbine
L22A1 Carbine

Machine Guns

Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Introduced Variants Image
Nordenfelt Gun .450 Martini-Henry 50 round distrubution box fed from 50 round hoppers 1873 ENFIELD NORDENFELT No 26 Mark II.jpg
Bren gun .303 British
7.62x51mm NATO
30, 100
20, 30
1935 Bren gun.JPG
L7 GPMG 7.62x51mm NATO Belt-fed 1961 L7A2


Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Introduced Variants Image
Webley & Scott No.1 Mk. III 1 inch 1 ???? No.1 Mk. III* Webley & Scott MkIII Signal.jpg
Webley & Scott No.4 Mk. I 1 inch 1 ???? RAFflgun-1.jpg
ADEN cannon 30×113mm Belt fed 1953 Adden cannon.jpg
L21A1 RARDEN cannon 30 x 170mm 6 1971 RARDEN Scimitar.jpg

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