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Orion Flare Gun

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The Orion Flare Gun is a flare gun intended for civilian signaling in emergencies that is sold by Orion Safety Products. It uses 12 gauge flares, which lack the power to penetrate flesh and can be fired from a standard 12 gauge shotgun. An Orion Flare Gun is incapable of chambering or firing standard 12 gauge ammo. While reduced length 12 gauge shells can be chambered in an Orion Flare Gun, doing so merely renders the flare gun a trigger accuated grenade since the plastic barrel is totally incapable of handling the pressures of real ammo. The "Sight & Sound Bear Deterrent" and "Pest Scare Safety Launcher" are alternate color variations that use blank cartridges to produce muzzle flash and sound for animal deterrence.

The Orion Flare Gun and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:

12 Gauge Orion Flare Gun

Orion flare gun - 12 gauge
Orion Flare Gun - 12 gauge


Title Actor Character Note Date
Savage Beach Dona Speir Donna 1989
Hard Hunted Dona Speir Donna Hamilton 1992
Enemy Gold Julie Strain Jewel Panther 1993
No Way Back Etsushi Toyokawa Yuji Kobayashi 1995
Six Days Seven Nights Harrison Ford Quinn 1998
U.S. Marshals Tommy Lee Jones U.S. Deputy Marshal Sam Gerard 1998
The Road Viggo Mortensen Father 2009
Seven Psychopaths Sam Rockwell Billy Bickle 2012
Torment Katharine Isabelle Sarah Morgan 2013
The Last Stand Johnny Knoxville Lewis Dinkum 2013
Killing Season Robert De Niro Benjamin Ford 2013
John Travolta Emil Kovac
Kong: Skull Island Brie Larson Mason Weaver 2017
Fall Grace Caroline Currey Becky Connor 2022
The Curse of La Patasola Gillie Jones Sarah 2022


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Date
Covert Affairs Piper Perabo Annie Walker "Houses of the Holy" 2010
Breakout Kings Domenick Lombardozzi Deputy Marshal Ray Zancanelli "There Are Rules" (S01E12) 2011
The Walking Dead - Season 5 Andrew Lincoln Rick Grimes "The Distance" (S5E11) 2015
Chandler Riggs Carl Grimes briefly; "The Distance" (S5E11)
Michael Traynor Nicholas "Spend" (S5E14)
The Walking Dead - Season 6 Andrew Lincoln Rick Grimes "First Time Again" (S6E01) 2015
Danai Gurira Michonne "First Time Again" (S6E01), "Thank You" (S6E03)
Steven Yeun Glenn Rhee "First Time Again" (S6E01), "Thank You" (S6E03), "Heads Up" (S6E07)
Lennie James Morgan Jones "First Time Again" (S6E01)
Corey Hawkins Heath "First Time Again" (S6E01)
Kenric Green Scott "First Time Again" (S6E01)
Beth Keener Annie "First Time Again" (S6E01)
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 6 Maggie Grace Althea "Al" Szewczyk-Przygocki "Alaska" (S6E03) 2020
The Last of Us - Season 1 Revolutionary of Kansas City "Endure and Survive" (S1E05) 2023
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 8 Uncredited Oriole "King County" (S8E04) 2023
Triston Dye Hawk "More Time Than You Know" (S8E05)
Uncredited PADRE Prefect
Lennie James Morgan Jones / "Nightingale" "All I See Is Red" (S8E06)
The Walking Dead: Dead City - Season 1 Lauren Cohan Maggie Rhee "Old Acquaintances" (S1E01), "Stories We Tell Ourselves" (S1E05) 2023
Mahina Napoleon Ginny "Stories We Tell Ourselves" (S1E05)


Film Title Character Note Date
Ajin African militia man 2016


Title Character Note Date
Archer Rip Riley "Heart of Archness, Part 1" 2011

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
Team Fortress 2 Flare Gun Has M8 flare pistol latching mechanism, and has a variant named "Detonator" that shoots fireworks. 2008
Bloody Good Time Slightly modified 2010
Alan Wake Flare Gun 2010
Battlefield Play4Free With stripper clip attached to butt 2011
Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai Flare Gun 2011
Alan Wake's American Nightmare Flare Gun 2012
Far Cry 3 Flare Gun Yellow finish 2012
Grand Theft Auto V Flare Gun 2013
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Flare Gun 2016
Flare Gun HP Steel-framed
The Walking Dead: Michonne 2016
Ghost Recon: Wildlands Flare Gun Black finish 2017
Far Cry 6 Unusable 2021
In Sound Mind "Flare Gun" 2021

25mm Orion Flare Gun

Orion flare gun - 25mm
Olin flare gun - 25mm


Title Actor Character Note Date
Firepower James Coburn Jerry Fanon Painted to appear to be made of metal 1979
Latino Villagers 1985
Captain Ron Martin Short Martin Harvey 1992
Mary Kay Place Katherine Harvey
Jurassic Park III Sam Neill Dr. Alan Grant Black with orange grip and stripper clip attached to butte 2001


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Date
CSI: NY - Season 7 seen on table, "Identity Crisis" 2010
CSI: Miami - Season 8 David Caruso Horatio "Spring Breakdown" 2010

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
Half-Life 2 Cut weapon 2004

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