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Please help ID

Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) uses a tacti-cool bolt-action rifle during the confrontation between Dom and Shaw.

A Remington 700 in an AICS stock, maybe?

--Warejaws (talk) 05:18, 12 December 2013 (EST) Isn't this a Blaser?--Ben41 (talk) 04:35, 13 December 2013 (EST)

Yes. I put this up here before somebody identified it. --Warejaws (talk) 10:59, 13 December 2013 (EST)

Gal Gadot's Sidearm

I think the pistol she is holding is actually a SIG SP 2022, not an HK P30. --SmithandWesson36 (talk) 21:41, 8 February 2013 (EST)

Same here, definitely not a P30. --Warejaws (talk) 02:14, 9 February 2013 (EST)

Letty's Pistol

I don't think Letty was using a Beretta PX4 Storm. The front looks all wrong. But I can't quite tell what it is. Doesn't look like a Walther PPK to me. Maybe an Walther P5 Compact maybe? --Mormonpowerranger521 1:44, 27 April 2013 MST

I just saw the movie and according to the movie script, it's supposed to be a PSM Excalibur01 (talk) 00:53, 25 May 2013 (EDT)

It is hardly a genuine PSM. An IZh-75 or Baykal-441 in .25 ACP are more like to appear in a movie. Greg-Z (talk) 11:34, 1 June 2013 (EDT)

Either the shot is reversed or it's not a PSM (the bullet they pull out of Don would suggest something in similar caliber) but in the shot I see something like the ejection port either on the left side or it goes around the upper slide a bit the PSM just has one on the right side, could be mirrored though. --Iceman (talk) 15:57, 4 June 2013 (EDT)

I don't think it's a PSM either, it looks more like another Makarov PM to me (pictured below) --Warejaws (talk) 05:18, 12 December 2013 (EST)
Definitely not a PSM.

While I agree the gun Letty uses for most of the film is a Makarov and not a PSM, I think the gun she uses to shoot Dom is in fact a PSM.

Letty with the PSM.

Look at the shape of the trigger guard ahead of her finger. Doesn't look at all like a Makarov to me. Also the breech is on the wrong side for a Makarov, and the front of the slide seems to be angled, which on a Makarov it is not.--Leigh Burne (talk) 03:59, 13 December 2013 (EST)

I definitely see what you're talking about. --Warejaws (talk) 10:59, 13 December 2013 (EST)

Other Weapons

In one scene where Gisele Harabo is seen wielding a SP2022 when confronting the HKPD, Han has a USP pistol, I think that it was a compact model. The Rock used a sniper rifle, which I believe was a Blaser R93 And the the bad guy's crew used a 6 shot grenade launcher that looked like a M32 or the short barreled Mark14 Insertjjs

Are you sure Han was using a USP? I coulda sworn I saw an SP2022. --Mormonpowerranger521 12:12, 8 June 2013 MST
Stills on Apples trailer site show Han with a USP Compact, and he's definitely not holding a SIG Pro in the cap with him and Gisele. They also have a still with Elena holding a SIG Pro.--Crazycrankle (talk) 03:09, 9 June 2013 (EDT)
Any possibility of Han's gun being a Glock? Front end resembles that of a Glock. 19 maybe? --Mormonpowerranger521 17:19, 9 June 2013 MST
Definitely a USP, there is a clear side on view in the full film. Insertjjs

Letty's Glock

Did they ever give a reason for why Letty's Glock 26 was only loaded with 3 or 4 bullets? Did she fire it at all before it was pulled on the plane or was it just a perfect coincidence she loaded only 3 or 4 rounds in the magazine before taking it? --SmithandWesson36 (talk) 18:43, 9 June 2013 (EDT)

Brian's handgun

Looks like that his SIG-Sauer P226r briefly changes into a older model P226 model dirung the film. Just look

Nah, man. You can see it has the accessory rail if you blow up the image. Also, remember to sign your posts by clicking that image of the writing pen. --Warejaws (talk) 05:45, 14 December 2013 (EST)

I think his handgun is a P226E2 however. On the big holders stores have ,it had a really nice view of his 226 and it looked like the sandpaper texture. Also not sure if it's limited strictly to the E2 version but there is also the external extractor Bristow8411 (talk) 21:45, 16 December 2013 (EST)

I blew up the posted image and I don't see the E2 marking in white near the tip of the slide. Regular P226R? --DeltaOne (talk) 02:52, 17 December 2013 (EST)

Letty's First Gun

I don't think the gun Letty uses to shoot Dom is the Makarov that she uses later, it appears to be too small. --SmithandWesson36 (talk) 14:55, 14 December 2013 (EST)

Han reloads his USP Compact.

Shaw's Archive Photo M16

Pretty sure it's an M16A4 because zoomed in at max you can see the outline where the carry handle separates from the receiver. And judging by the white markings visible on the mag well, it's likely an airsoft at that. Spartan198 (talk) 03:42, 28 July 2014 (EDT)

Something like this then?--Thomas (talk) 05:41, 28 July 2014 (EDT)

G&P M16A4 airsoft replica rifle with replica M203.

What tank did they use in this movie?

I am not sure, what do you think? --Hchris (talk) 13:49, 15 April 2017 (EDT)


In the movie, Letty is mentioned as having used a PSM, but the trigger guard seems to be different (unless it's due to the angle or something), not to mention that a genuine PSM wouldn't be really likely to appear in U.S. media. Could it be another variant such as the IZh-75/IZh-78? --Ultimate94ninja (talk) 09:50, 5 August 2017 (EDT)

So... any confirmation on this? --Ultimate94ninja (talk) 17:37, 19 September 2017 (EDT)

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