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The following weapons were used in the videogame Resident Evil 3: Nemesis:

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999)



Beretta 92FS "Samurai Edge"

Jill's main weapon is a custom Beretta 92FS Brigadier made especially for S.T.A.R.S. Members. It can fire modified bullets for more power. It is specifically designated as a Custom 92FS in a fax from Robert Kendo. The game refers to the gun as "M92FS".

Airsoft Replica of the Beretta 92FS "Samurai Edge" Custom from the Resident Evil videogame franchise.
92FS, Samurai Edge Kendo Custom as seen in RE3.

STI Edge

Jill finds parts to make a STI Edge in 9mm with purple grips and a scope after two encounters with the Nemesis, labeled as the STI Eagle 6.0. It is also Carlos Olivera's primary sidearm in the Mercenaries mini-game. The weapon fires and reloads twice as fast as the standard handgun and the scope allows the weapon to occasionally inflict critical shots on standard zombie enemies, instantly killing them. It cannot use enhanced ammunition, however.

The weapon can only be obtained during hard mode.

STI Edge - .40 S&W
STI Edge as seen in RE3. Note the purple grip and pistol scope.

SIG Pro SP 2009

The SIG Pro SP 2009 is used by Nicholai Ginovaef in both the main and Mercenaries mini-game and by Carlos in his segment of the main game. It is functionally identical to Jill's 92FS Samurai Edge pistol. Brad Vickers, the S.T.A.R.S team's pilot, is also curiously armed with an SP 2009 instead of a Samurai Edge when he is encountered in the bar, as referenced by the dull-grey finish of his sidearm instead of the two-tone black and white finish of the custom handgun.

SIG Pro SP 2009 - 9x19mm
The SIG Pro SP 2009 as seen in RE3.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic

A Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic can be found either in the S.T.A.R.S. Office weapons locker or the locker in the Power Station. The in-game description says the weapon is fitted with weights to reduce recoil, yet the weapon has a heavy recoil anyway. This is Mikhail's primary sidearm in the Mercenaries bonus game.

As the magnum-type handgun in the game, its the most powerful non-explosive weapon available, capable of killing non-boss enemies with a single direct hit and is also capable of dismemberment. Ammunition for it, however, is exceedingly limited (there are only two ammo pickups in the entire game, one from the corpse of a dead mercenary in the park and the last one is at the final phase of the dead factory) and hard to make (it requires a C+C+C gunpowder mixture).

Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic with wood grips - .44 Magnum
S&W 629 Classic as seen in RE3.
The 629 in all of its pixelated glory.

Browning Hi-Power

The Browning Hi-Power is still depicted as the main duty sidearm of the RPD, as seen during the RPD's last stand in the opening cutscene; this is a continuity nod to Resident Evil 2, which confusingly takes place after the events of the first part of the game. As Jill is a member of the elite STARS unit, she is equipped with her custom Beretta 92FS instead, so the Hi Power is not usable in-game.

Browning Hi-Power Mark III - 9x19mm
An RPD patrol officer takes aim with his Browning Hi Power at an approaching horde of zombies, while his partner readies their car's shotgun.


Remington 870

Two variants of the Remington 870 are seen in the opening FMV cutscene, the police folder, and the synthetic full-stocked variant with a Surefire dedicated forend weaponlight. All patrol cars seem to have the folding stock variant equipped, while the elite Select Police Force (the successor to the devastated STARS teams from the first game) carry the fixed stock version. In reality, this seems backward, as the folding stock would be much more useful to the close quarters riot police normally encounter, while the fixed stock would be more practical for armed standoffs.

Remington 870 Police Magnum with stock folded and extended magazine tube - 12 gauge
Remington 870 with Surefire dedicated forend weaponlight - 12 gauge
An RPD patrol officer fires his police-folding Remington 870 with the stock folded; this appears to be accepted doctrine for the RPD as none are ever shown the stock unfolded.
An SPF officer fires the fixed-stock 870 alongside another patrol cop. He seems to be having a hard time opening fire on what appear to be unarmed civilians, as evidenced by his averted eyes.

Benelli M3 Super 90

Jill finds a Benelli M3 Super 90 shotgun with a pistol grip on a corpse in a zombie ridden basement early in the game and its also used by Mikhail during The Mercenaries minigame. It correctly holds 7 rounds and seems to have wood furniture instead of the usual plastic furniture. It can fire modified shells for increased firepower. The modified shells are so powerful, however, that Jill is slightly pushed back a bit after firing a shot.

Benelli M3 Super 90 with pistol grip stock combination - 12 gauge
M3 Super 90 as seen in RE3.

Winchester 1892 "Mare's Leg"

Jill finds parts to make a Winchester 1892 "Mare's Leg" with a loop lever, after five encounters with the Nemesis. It is called a "M37 Western Custom" and incorrectly depicted as being a 12 gauge shotgun like a Winchester Model 1887. It cannot use the modified shells and does slightly less damage than the Super 90, but has a faster rate of fire, quicker reload time, and wider shot-spread due to the shorter barrel, making it more effective at clearing rooms of non-boss enemies.

Jill "flip-cocks" the lever mechanism with one hand; unlike most videogames, the lever loop at least appears to have been widened on the inventory icon to accommodate this.

The weapon can only be obtained during hard mode.

Winchester 1892 "Mare's Leg" w/ D lever loop and rounded barrel - .44-40.
"Western Custom M37" as seen in RE3.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

The MP5A3 with a Navy trigger group is depicted as the main duty weapon of the RPD's Select Police Force. Although the models are somewhat low detailed, they have Navy fire-selector levers but lack the pictogram markings. Several weapons are seen during the RPD's last stand, although none are available in-game.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with Navy trigger group - 9x19mm
A mismatched line of RPD forces, apparently the only surviving police in the city, attempt to hold the line against a horde of undead in the game's first cutscene. A Browning Hi Power and Remington 870 are seen in the hands of the two patrol officers taking cover nearby.
A Select Police Force officer fires his MP5 on full auto into an approaching crowd of infected.
Another shot of the first screen shot.

Assault Rifles

Colt M4A1 Carbine

Jill starts with a customized M4A1 Carbine in her inventory on easy mode and it cannot be obtained by her in hard mode, save for buying the infinite version in the mercenaries minigame. In-game it is equipped with a vertical grip, a bipod, a rear back-up sight, and an Aimpoint CompM2 red dot sight, the color of the lens of which changes color depending on the firing mode (red for full-auto and green for manual). It is erroneously depicted with both a three-round burst and a fully automatic option; M4A1s only have Safe-Semi-Full Auto trigger groups. The gun is fired from the hip if set to auto-mode and fired from the shoulder if set to the "manual" 3-round burst mode.

Carlos is armed with an M4A1 in both the Mercenaries and the small part of the main game in which he is playable. Mikhail is also equipped with an M4A1 carbine in the main game and depending on events he uses it to kill off both zombies and distract the Nemesis. It is also used by the majority of U.B.C.S. members, none of whom have any after market attachments or any idea what the weapon's sights are for, since literally not one of them decides to fire the gun from the shoulder while shooting.

A curious note about the M4 is that despite it using a rifle cartridge, one which would be comparable in power to the .44 Magnum revolver, the M4 is quite weak, requiring around 8 rounds to dispatch a normal zombie while the 92F only requires around 4-5 shots and the magnum is capable of taking out everything but boss-type enemies in a single shot. This is likely a balancing measure in response to the percentage-based ammo system automatic weapons use in Resident Evil games prior to 4, as each percentage of the M4's ammo is equivalent to three bullets fired. It appears Capcom themselves were aware of this discrepancy, as later installments largely changed the U.B.C.S' service weapon into MP5s to better reflect their weapons' underpowered nature.

  • All M4s in CGI cutscenes equipped by U.B.C.S. are seen without any modifications, a most notable scene reflect that Mikhail Victor fires it at Nemesis on the streetcar; the two M4A1s in in-game scene and CGI scene are quite different, despite the fact that they must be the same one. The vertical foregrip and bipod seem to be attached via a rail bolted to the hand guard as the rest of the hand guard resembles the standard hand guard and not a R.I.S. hand guard. The Aimpoint CompM2 is attached via an older mount.
Colt M4A1 Carbine - 5.56x45mm
M4A1 Carbine as seen in RE3.
Jill aiming the M4A1 from the shoulder in "manual" mode, as she's menaced by a door.
Not feeling secure enough, she switches to "auto" mode and aims from the hip.
Two UBCS Mercenaries attempt to clear the apparently deserted hospital in the game's opening cinematic. This scene also occurs in Operation Raccoon City, where it is revealed they belonged to Nicholai's squad and were abandoned by their NCO to their deaths.
Another pair of mercenaries explores an alleyway, only to have a hastily constructed barricade give way to more zombies.
Both mercenaries are forced out of frame...
and only manage to fire their rifles into the air at nothing.
A solitary mercenary near the end of the extended opening cutscene is cornered by more zombies, and makes the agonizing mistake of not saving his last bullet for himself, or at the very least aiming down his sights to give him a better chance of breaking out of his situation.

Sniper Rifles

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

A low-detail Accuracy International Arctic Warfare-type sniper rifle can be seen standing up against machinery in the Incinerator Room, apparently left behind by the deceased US Special Forces team Jill finds scattered about the Dead Factory. It is the first sniper rifle in the series, and is unusable to the player.

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare - 7.62x51mm NATO
Jill finds an orphaned and frightened Arctic Warfare in the Dead Factory, but is forced to leave it behind as Resident Evil 3 has pre-rendered backgrounds and is therefore not sufficiently advanced to let her use a sniper rifle.

Machine Guns


The same three-barreled Gatling Gun from RE2 returns as an unlockable weapon.

Minigun as seen in RE3.


"Hk-P" (Fictional Grenade Launcher)

A grenade launcher called the "Hk-P" in-game seems to be based on an DefTech 1315 37mm gas gun with the addition of a horizontal foregrip, OD furniture, and a folding grenade sight. The "Hk-P" is found randomly inside either the locker inside the S.T.A.R.S office or inside a locker in the powerplant. Like in most Resident Evil games, it can use many different (and usually fictional) grenades rounds which include: standard (explosive), acid, flame, and nitrogen.

DefTech 1315 - 37mm
"Hk-P" as seen in RE3.

"Mine Thrower"

The Mine Thrower is an fictional break-action, cylinder-fed weapon created by Umbrella that is designed to fire Anti-Personnel SMART mines which explode after a short delay or when a creatures comes close to them. The explosion however, damages everyone in range, including the shooter.

If the weapon is given infinite ammo by either the mercenaries minigame or Nemesis' last item drop; the mines will stop acting like mines and instead be miniature seeker missiles that home into enemies and also penetrate through multiple ones.

Mine Thrower


Perhaps the most powerful weapon available. The M202 FLASH, incorrectly identified as the "M66 Rocket Launcher" (a name seemingly alluding to its 66mm bore) is capable of firing powerful rockets that will kill all non-boss enemies with a single shot- as is the norm in video games, these are high-explosive rockets, rather than the incendiary rockets that the FLASH actually used. It can take down Nemesis in only 2 shots. A regular non-unlimited rocket launcher can be found in the very late portion of the game or an unlimited ammo version can be bought in the Mercenaries bonus game. Mikhail has the same rocket launcher in the Bonus game but this holds 8 rounds as opposed to 4.

The launcher in the game appears to have been referenced from the prop M202 seen in Commando rather than a real weapon, and has a front pistol grip and MP5-like rear grip. This same design would later be used in the Resident Evil remake.

M202 FLASH - 66mm
Fake M202 FLASH from Commando: note the large rectangular sling loops, less curved corners, and thick rims at the front and rear of the launcher.
M202 FLASH as seen in RE3

FIM-92 Stinger

The Nemesis is armed with a rocker launcher based on the FIM-92 Stinger that he uses during certain encounters, which gives him dangerous ranged capabilities as it allows him to snipe at the player at great ranges, although it's projectiles can be dodged. The weapon has a limited ammunition count of 6 rockets, which the Nemesis cycles through by "pumping" the weapon over his shoulder after every shot (although there's no clear indication as to where the extra rockets he cycles through are stored). After all the rockets are expended, he'll discard it (which also destroys it in the process) and resort to close combat.

Like the FIM-92 Stinger in RE2, it is erroneously depicted as simply being a direct fire rocket launcher and It lacks the top-mounted tracking antenna. The missiles it launches are smaller than the launcher's length, being roughly similar in size to 83mm rockets. The launcher is also much longer than the real-life FIM-92, with a length of over 7 feet, almost as tall as Nemesis. Overall, it appears to be a custom launcher made by Umbrella specifically for his use, as shown in Operation Raccoon City, where he gains access to it via weapon crates.

He loses this weapon after the clock tower encounter, due to sustaining heavy damage.

FIM-92 Stinger with IFF interrogator - 70mm
Nemesis and its rocket launcher.
Nemesis in-game with his rocket launcher and angry murder grin on-hand. Note that the launcher is splattered with blood, likely from bashing anyone or anything that got in its way.
Annoyed with Carlos' pinpricks from his M4A1 carbine, the Nemesis decides to swat him away with rocket-propelled force. Here, you see the weapon's projectile mid-flight, which is smaller than what the Stinger launchers use.

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