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Alien: Covenant
Teaser Poster
Country USA.jpg United States
Directed by Ridley Scott
Release Date 2017
Distributor 20th Century Fox
Main Cast
Character Actor
Walter/David Michael Fassbender
Daniels Katherine Waterston
Christopher Oram Billy Crudup
Tennessee Danny McBride
Elizabeth Shaw Noomi Rapace

Alien: Covenant is the fifth standalone installment in the Alien film franchise. Ridley Scott returns to direct the 2017 science fiction feature, which is set around a decade after the events of the preceding film, 2012's Prometheus and follows the crew of the colonization spaceship Covenant, who land on mysterious planet and soon encounter a force that could threaten all their lives. Michael Fassbender reprises his role as David from Prometheus as well as portraying another android named Walter.

The following weapons were used in the film Alien: Covenant:



Thales F90

Daniels (Katherine Waterston) and some of what seems to be Covenant's security forces are seen with modified Thales F90s with ACOG scopes. The rifle is fitted with an extra railed handguard ahead of the receiver which shrouds the exposed portion of the barrel.

Thales F90 - 5.56x45mm
Daniels (Katherine Waterston) uses her weapon.
Daniels (Katherine Waterston) aims a modified Thales F90 in a still first published by USA Today.

Customized AR-15

The Covenant's security forces are also seen using AR-15 variants with optics, including an EOtech holographic sight.

Colt M4A1 with 6 position collapsible stock and carrying handle removed - 5.56x45mm
Daniels and another member of the Covenant crew armed with AR-15s
Covenant security with AR-15 variants (on the left and right) in a picture released by the Twitter account "" (with the number "220512052104" attached, which is possibly when the film, or at least this particular picture, is set: 22:05 12/05/2104). Also note the Colonial Marine shoulder lamps-style GoPro mounts.
A security officer at the right holds the rifle.
A security officer holds the rifle.

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