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Crisis Zone
Crisiszone arcadeflyer.jpg
Crisis Zone (1999)
Release Date: March 1999 (Arcade)
19 October 2004 (Playstation 2)
Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Series: Time Crisis
Platforms: Arcade
Playstation 2 (Except Japan)
Genre: Light gun shooter

The following weapons were used in the videogame Crisis Zone:

Time Crisis: Crisis Zone (2004)



FN Five-seveN

In the arcade version, a FN Five-seveN is seen in the holsters of S.T.F. (Special Tactical Force) officers.

FN Five-seveN original model, which is no longer produced - FN 5.7x28mm
FN Five-seveN is visible in the S.T.F. Squad 1 leader Claude McGarren's chest holster in the arcade version.

SIG-Sauer P220

Claude McGarren uses a SIG-Sauer P220 in the PS2 version's special mode. Unlike other games, It hold 8 rounds. P220 is also used by Jared Hunter, commander of the U.R.D.A. He uses it to threaten S.T.F commander Grant Kessler's daughter, Melissa Kessler.

SIG-Sauer P220 Black - .45 ACP

Heckler & Koch Mk. 23 SOCOM

What appears to be a Heckler & Koch Mark 23 SOCOM appear in the arcade version's promotional artwork. It is fitted with LAM and a suppressor. It was not featured in-game.

Aesthetically similar MK23 SOCOM
S.T.F. officer (right) with the pistol.

Submachine Guns

Steyr TMP

Modified Steyr TMPs are used by S.T.F. officers and U.R.D.A. soldiers equipped with ballistic shield. In the game, they are incorrectly loaded with 40 rounds.

In the arcade version, actual weapon models are modified "NDI special submachine gun" from Time Crisis II, which largely are based on the Uzi. In the PS2 version, the TMPs have the correct weapon model (but the scale is rather large). 

Steyr TMP - 9x19mm
S.T.F. Squad 1 leader Claude McGarren hold his TMP in the PS2 version
S.T.F. teams stack up with their TMPs. (PS2 version)
S.T.F. officer takes cover with his TMP. (PS2 version)

Calico M955A

In the arcade version, U.R.D.A. squad leader uses a Calico M955A without foregrip.

Calico M955A Submachine gun - 9x19mm

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

In the PS2 version, Heckler & Koch MP5A3 is incorrectly appears as a player's weapon icon. In the game, U.R.D.A. soldiers are armed with MP5A3s. It's based on the early production model with the original "slimline" handguard and a straight "waffle"-style magazine.

Heckler & Koch MP5-N with Navy trigger group and threaded muzzle - 9x19mm
MP5A3 are incorrectly appeared in weapon icon.
Heckler & Koch MP54 earliest prototype of the H&K MP5 - 9x19mm
U.R.D.A. low class blue soldiers armed with MP5A3s. Original "slimline" handguard and a straight "waffle"-style magazine are visible.
U.R.D.A. high class red soldier holds his MP5A3. Original "slimline" handguard and a straight "waffle"-style magazine are visible.

Steyr TMP/Heckler & Koch MP5A3 Hybrid

In the promotional illustrations of the arcade version, S.T.F. officer hold heavily modified sub machinegun with a foregrip. It is largely based on the Steyr TMP, with addition of a Heckler & Koch MP5 receiver. Although It appear as game's gun controller, in-game S.T.F. officers are actually uses Modified TMP.

Arcade version's gun controller (Taken from EU Arcade version's flyer). Note gun controller picture are reuses from Japanese flyer.
S.T.F. officer (center) holds his hybrid SMG.

Assault Rifles


In the arcade version, most of U.R.D.A. soldiers are equipped with OTs-14-4As. The GP-30 grenade launcher is incorrectly modeled to the handguard.

OTs-14-4A Groza with 40mm GP-30 grenade launcher - 9x39mm
U.R.D.A. soldiers (Center: Mid-class. Left/Right: Low-class.) hold OTs-14-4As.


The U.R.D.A. special agent "Tiger" uses a XM29 OICW. In the arcade version, He uses 1996 model. In the PS2 version, He uses more recent 1999 model.

1996-2000 over-under OICW prototypes - 5.56x45mm & 20mm
1999 over / under Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) - 5.56x45mm & 20mm. This is the second most depicted version.

AR-15 variant

In the PS2 version, Jared Hunter uses an unknown AR-15 variant without the carry handle.

M16A4 MWS (Modular Weapon System) with KAC M5 railed handguards, AN/PEQ-2 IR designator, KAC RIS foregrip, and Trijicon TA01 4x32 ACOG scope - 5.56x45mm NATO.


Remington 870 (Short Barrel)

In the promotional illustrations of the arcade version, S.T.F. officer hold Remington 870 outfitted with a shortened barrel. In the PS2 version, Claude McGarren uses a it in special mode. It holds 6 rounds.

Short-barreled Remington 870 with Pachmayr "Vindicator Grip" - 12 gauge
S.T.F. officer (upper right and upper center) armed with the short barreled Remington 870.

Fictional pepperbox style shotgun

In both versions of the game, U.R.D.A. commander Derrick Lynch uses a fictional pepperbox style shotgun.

Derrick Lynch (right) hold his Fictional pepperbox style shotgun in the arcade.
Rejuvenated Derrick Lynch hold his Fictional pepperbox style shotgun in the PS2.

Sniper Rifles

Heckler & Koch PSG-1

In the PS2 version, U.R.D.A. commander Jared Hunter uses a Heckler & Koch PSG-1 with general G3 frames.

Heckler & Koch PSG-1 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Heckler & Koch G3SG/1 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Jared Hunter poses with his modified Heckler & Koch PSG-1.

Unknown Sniper Rifle

An unknown Sniper Rifle is appear in promotional illustrations of the arcade version. It never shows up in the game.

S.T.F. officer (upper left) with the unknown Sniper Rifle.

Machine Guns

M197 Vulcan

The M197 Vulcan is seen mounted on most U.R.D.A. choppers.

General Dynamics M197 Vulcan - 20mm.
M197 Vulcan as depicted in a U.R.D.A. chopper's chin-mount.

M242 Bushmaster chaingun

In both versions of the game, M242 Bushmaster chaingun is seen mounted on U.R.D.A. M2 Bradley (but the scale is rather large).

M242 Bushmaster Chain Gun - 25x137mm
The (rather large) M242 on a U.R.D.A. manned M2 Bradley.

General Dynamics XM301

The General Dynamics XM301 is seen mounted on U.R.D.A. RAH-66 Comanches.

General Dynamics XM301 - 20x102mm
The XM301 on a U.R.D.A. manned RAH-66.

GE M134 Minigun

In both versions of the game, M134 Minigun is seen mounted on U.R.D.A. M2 Bradley. In the PS2 version's special mode, Hand Held M134 appear as "Gattling Gun". It can be use in Grass Market Street in the PS2 game's special mode. For balance reasons, it's loaded with 60 rounds.

Airsoft handheld M134 Minigun with 'Chainsaw grip' to handle the recoil force. - (fake) 7.62x51mm NATO
The M134 unit on a U.R.D.A. manned M2 Bradley.



In both versions of the game, BGM-71 TOW is seen mounted on U.R.D.A. M2 Bradley.

BGM-71 TOW mounted on M220 tripod - 152mm
The TOW launcher on a U.R.D.A. manned M2 Bradley.


The M202 FLASH appear as "Missile Launcher". It can be used in Garland park in special mode. It correctly hold 4 rounds. However, it is depicted incorrectly with a homing function.

M202 FLASH - 66mm


The M79 grenade launcher appear as "Grenade". It can be use in Belforte Hotel in special mode. It correctly hold 1 rounds. However, it is depicted with a rather slow bullet velocity.

M79 grenade launcher - 40x46mm


DM51 hand grenade

In the arcade version, U.R.D.A soldiers (include "Tiger") use DM51 hand grenade as their main grenade.

DM51 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade

Mk 2 hand grenade

In the PS2 version, the Mk 2 hand grenade is used by the U.R.D.A. as their main grenade.

Mk 2 "Pineapple" High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
U.R.D.A. soldier (center) throws a Mk 2 hand grenade.
A Mk 2 hand grenade is visible in U.R.D.A. soldier's hip holster.

RGD-33 stick grenade

In both versions of the game, Derrick Lynch use a RGD-33 stick grenade.

RGD-33 high-explosive fragmentation stick grenade, shown with the diamond-patterned fragmentation sleeve.


Fictional Flamethrower

A fictional flamethrower can be use in Drycreek plaza at special mode.

Claude McGarren unleashing the flamethrower at U.R.D.A. soldiers.

Laser Rifle

Fictional Laser Rifle can be use in Garland Technology Center at special mode.

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