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Additional Images

GP-25 40mm mounted on an AK-107 (5.45x39mm)
GP-30 40mm mounted on an AK-74M (5.45x39mm)
GP-30 40mm mounted on a Vepr (5.45x39mm)
Photoshopped mock-up of GP-34 40mm mounted on an AK-12 (5.45x39mm)
GP-30M Grenade Launcher - 40mm
GP-34 Grenade Launcher - 40mm
GP-34 40mm mounted on an AN-94 (5.45x39mm)
Home-made Chechen launcher designed for Russian caseless ammunition - 40mm

Differences between the GP-25 and the GP-30?

What's the differences between these two launchers? I've never seen or examined the two closely enough to tell. --Mazryonh 04:09, 20 February 2010 (UTC)

Main visual difference of GP-30(soviet) is sight placed on the right side of the barrel, different shape of pistol grip and lack of support frame behind it. Other differences would be simplified trigger mechanism and improved production technology. There is modern version of laucher called GP-30M, which goes also as GP-30 in Russian militaly nomenclature. This weapon got improved barrel shape, different trigger mechanism and leaf sight(similar to that used for M203) placed on the right side.

The GP-25's in Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 are actually GP-30's as evident by the sight mounted on the right, and the GP-30's in Bad Company and Bad Company 2 are Gp-25's with left mounted sights.

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