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Yakuza 4

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Yakuza 4
Release Date: Original
  • March 18th, 2010 (JP)
  • March 9th, 2011 (NA)
  • March 15th, 2011 (EU)


  • January 17th, 2019 (PS4; JP)
  • October 29th, 2019 (PS4; WW)
  • January 28th, 2021 (XBO, WIN; WW)
Developer: SEGA

Ryu ga Gotoku studio (remaster)

Publisher: SEGA
Series: Yakuza
Platforms: PlayStation 3

PlayStation 4, XBOX One, Microsoft Windows (remaster)

Genre: Action-RPG, Brawler

Yakuza 4 (龍が如く4 伝説を継ぐもの Ryū ga Gotoku fō: Densetsu o Tsugumono, lit. "Like a Dragon 4: Successor of the Legend") is the fourth entry in the Yakuza series, published by SEGA in March 2010, with the western releases following a year later. A remastered version for the PlayStation 4 was released in January 2019 in Japan and October 2019 worldwide, the latter being part of the Yakuza Remastered Trilogy. The trilogy has also released on Steam, Windows 10, and XBOX Game Pass in January 2021. Yakuza 4 is the first main entry in the series to feature multiple player characters as well as adding in the ability to explore underground spaces and rooftops.


The following weapons appear in the video game Yakuza 4:


Makarov PM clone

This Makarov PM-type pistol with an extended barrel and ring hammer is massively popular with gangsters in the Yakuza universe. It may also be picked up in fights as the "Shoddy Pistol" in battles, or purchased and equipped by Kiryu and Saejima as the "9mm Automatic Pistol." There is also a multicoloured version called "Mr Random" whose bullets have random effects. This particular firearm can be obtained through modding the "9mm Automatic Pistol."

Baikal-442 - 9x17mm Browning/9x18mm Makarov/9x19mm. It is a Canadian market import model of the Makarov. It features an long barrel, not seen on the military Makarov pistol.
Katsuragi aims his Makarov PM-type pistol.
A Shibata Family member whips out his Makarov.
This poor sap of a corrupt prison guard is about to find out the hard way that shooting a chunk of flesh out of Kiryu's neck doesn't kill him: it just makes him very. very. mad.


A heavily customized SIG Pro is used by antagonist Takeshi Kido. It features wooden grips and a vented barrel and slide. It also appears to lack a de-cocking lever. This would make it very difficult to make the weapon safe. The user would either have to unload it and pull the trigger, or the far more dangerous manoeuvre of holding the hammer back, pulling the trigger, letting the hammer off slightly, releasing the trigger, and then the hammer so that it would go back into safe mode.

SIG Pro SP2009 - 9x19mm
Kido with the SIG Pro.
Side view, showing the vented slide and barrel. Also, the notches on the slide are mirrored on the right even though they serve no purpose on this side.
Kido has Kiryu in his sights...

SIG-Sauer P226/Heckler & Koch USP

This hybrid of an SIG-Sauer P226 with details from the Heckler & Koch USP is used by player character Masayoshi Tanimura's superior officer Satoshi Hisai. He is instructed to use it to kill Tanimura himself, as well as Tanimura's foster father Zhao and Zhao's daughter Mei Hua, but unable to betray his friend and murder innocent people, he uses it to take his own life instead. As with other games, this model is referred to as a "CZ75" for some reason.

SIG Sauer P226 - 9x19mm Parabellum
H&K USP - 9x19mm Parabellum
Hisai with the pistol. Although his intentions were honourable, it still seems cruel to have killed himself in front of a 10-year-old girl.

SIG-Sauer P230

This misshapen SIG-Sauer P230 from the previous game appears in the hands of this game's main antagonist Hiroaki Arai. As mentioned in the previous game, it barely resembles a P230, but it is referred to as such in the game files and since it does not resemble any other gun more closely, we'll go with that. Fortunately it no longer has the garish golden finish, instead being black. It is also seen in a revelation.

SIG-Sauer P230 - 9x17mm
Having just added brain stew to this vending machine's collection, Arai looks down to admire his handiwork, P230 in hand.
Detective with the so-called "P230" model in a revelation.
Arai disposing of Kazuo Sasai by way of the "P230".


Nambu Model 60/Smith & Wesson Model 36

Another very widely used model in the Yakuza series is this hybrid of a Nambu Model 60 with parts such as the barrel and grips from a Smith & Wesson Model 36. Tanimura is armed with a Model 60 but he cannot use it in fights except as a taunt. Masaharu Ihara has a special version of this gun, referred to in the game files as an "SNS," short for "Saturday Night Special." This is a term used for a cheaply-made gun perceived to be used by criminals. Although the model is no different from the police-issue revolvers in the game, the texture has been changed to give the appearance of tape over the handgrips (although this is mostly obscured by Ihara's hands in the game.) It can also be purchased and equipped as the "Double Action Revolver."

Nambu Model 60 - .38 Special
Early Smith & Wesson Model 36 - .38 Special
Masaru Ihara threatens Arai with his Nambu revolver, showing the 5-shot cylinder. Ihara decided to become a yakuza after his male modelling caree... oh wait, I've already done that joke.
Rear view of the gun. Takeshi Kido's (right) jacket is adorned with images of the "nine-tailed fox," which may be familiar to those who are fans of other Japanese fictional media franchises such as Naruto.
Shun Akiyama gets arrested after Arai runs off having just murdered Ihara. His protests of innocence don't seem to be making the otaku cop on the right any less angry.
Special Assault Team operators pointing their not-so-tactical pea-shooter revolvers.
Tanimura using all of his police negotiation and gun safety skills to taunt a suspect by firing a shot into the air.
Tanimura threatens officer Sugiuchi with his Model 60. Due to the limitations of reflection mapping, this gun ends up looking really shiny in the dark. Tanimura's character model and voice were changed for the Yakuza 4 remaster due to his original VA retiring. Apparently after all the gambling, bribe taking, extortion, witness intimidation, unsafe use of a firearm, and drinking on the job, allegations of drug taking were just the straw that broke Tanimura's back...
Screenshot showing the butt of the weapon. This definitively shows the lack of the lanyard ring and specially-shaped wraparound grip of the Nambu.

Nambu Model 60

Additionally, the distinctively-shaped butt of the Model 60 is seen in the holsters of police officers in the game.

Police officer with the Nambu in his holster.
This police officer does not require his Nambu sidearm to shoot a hole right through the fourth wall.
An Okinawa officer with his Nambu holstered, showing what appears to be the anchor for the lanyard ring. Yasuko Saejima doesn't appear to have gotten the memo about how hot it is down south...

Smith & Wesson Model 10

A Smith & Wesson Model 10 with a 3" barrel is one of the revolvers used by Taiga Saejima in his 1985 massacre of the Ueno Seiwa family.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 with 3" barrel - .38 special.
Saejima with the Model 10 revolver.
Saejima holding the model 10 in his right hand (note the exposed ejector rod). The game developers did not have separate meshes for bullet and shell at this point, so decided to show the exposed chambers as being unloaded in lieu of having fired shells in them.

Smith & Wesson Model 10/19

What appears to be a combination of the Model 10 frame (given the lack of adjustable sights) with the 6" barrel from a Smith & Wesson Model 19 is another of the three revolvers used by Saejima. This is not an implausible mod to do to a Model 10, as the .357 magnum barrel is essentially a more robust version of what would be found on a .38 special revolver. It would however require the lowering of the front sight to compensate, but that too appears to have been done on the game model.

Smith & Wesson Model 19 with 6" barrel - .357 magnum.
Saejima holding the hybrid revolver in his left hand.
Saejima with all 6 six-shooters on his person.
After Saejima knocks everyone in the ramen shop out cold with rubber bullets, Katsuragi comes to and calmly shoots everyone dead for real with his Model 10/19. Katsuragi demonstrates incredible shooting skills for a 22-year-old yakuza, shooting almost everyone directly in the temple.
Katsuragi then hands the revolver to detective Junji Sugiuchi to shoot him in the shoulder with. Unsurprisingly, senior detective Seishiro Munakata is wholly unconvinced by Sugiuchi's case report saying that Saejima alone killed everyone. He points out how unlikely it was that Saejima would have access to experimental rubber bullets to shoot everyone with, only to then finish them off with surgically-executed gunshots to the head, as well as the fact that this supposed "expert marksman" then only managed to hit Katsuragi in the shoulder. That's right: the game made you think that it was stupid, only to throw you a curveball!

Smith & Wesson Model 10/Colt Detective Special

Additionally, a version of this gun with a barrel (but not the front sight) based on the third-gen Colt Detective Special appears in the game. It also features a handgrip adaptor.

Colt Detective Special third-gen - .38 special.
Majima opens the bag of revolvers for the Ueno Seiwa hit, containing all 3 of the Model 10-type revolvers. The short-barrelled version with the handgrip adaptor can be seen on top of the pile.
Saejima holds the hybrid Model 10 in his mouth.
Munakata with the short-barrelled revolver.
Munakata hands Arai one of these revolvers, along with instructions to kidnap Kiryu's children.


Baikal MP-133

The Baikal MP-133 shotgun once again appears in its various guises: the black "Broken M1985" and silver "Expulsion S-12" can be purchased from the Weapon dealer. The former is also available in a weapon pack from Bob. The sawn-off "Shoddy Shotgun" is only usable during battle segments and the final two guises, the "Slime Gun" and "Spark Gun," can be modified from the standard shotguns at Kamiyama's weapons workshop with the right materials. The former is the same model as the "Shoddy Shotgun," whereas the latter has a pistol grip that, as always, the player characters can't figure out how to use properly. Optional boss GG is able to fire the "Shoddy Shotgun" one-handed whilst crouching.

Baikal MP-133 - 12 gauge
Kiryu with the "Broken M1985."
Kiryu with the "Shoddy Shotgun" in Kamurocho Hills.
"GG" firing the shotgun one-handed. In the opinion of the author, the background music for Nair's side-quest fights is the best track in the game. Give it a listen.
Kiryu with the "Expulsion S-12" shotgun. The trigger on this model does not appear to move, although the pump handle does.

Submachine guns

Ingram MAC-10

Returning from Yakuza 3 is this hybrid of a Ingram MAC-10 and the front grip and (incorrectly collapsed) stock of a Brügger & Thomet MP9. Unlike its predecessor however, the gun can now be purchased and equipped by Kiryu (although not any of the other player characters.) Although powerful, the effectiveness of this weapon is reduced by the firing animation, which involves the user rotating in a slow arc from side to side. The weapon store refers to this gun as an "assault weapon." It should be made clear that the term "assault weapon" is a US legal term and has no relevance to Japanese gun control legislation, nor does it actually have any bearing on the type of gun that it is. In reality, the "assault weapon" regulations mostly banned features that politicians and members of the public that didn't know much about guns thought "looked scary," rather than things that actually affected the function of the weapon or how it is used.

Ingram MAC-10 open-bolt submachine gun - 9x19mm.
Brügger & Thomet MP9 - 9x19mm. Note the stock (which folds round to the front) and front grip.
SMG in the shop menu. Note the use of the term "assault weapon."
Kiryu takes a breather with the SMG.
Lead and brass fly as Kiryu unloads the SMG on some punks.


Remington M24A2 SWS

A prison guard appears with this weapon during Saejima's prison break with Goh Hamazaki. This is identifiably the same model that makes a brief appearance in Yakuza: Dead Souls, which was released the following year. It has a laser scope, using a similar gameplay mechanic to games like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, where the player gets shot after standing in the line of sight for a few seconds. Helpfully though, the laser transitions from green to red to indicate when the sniper is about to fire. The game model lacks a handle for the bolt.

M24A2 SWS - 7.62x51mm NATO
Guard with the M24A2 rifle.
Bottom view of the rifle and the prison guard's sweaty armpit.

Unknown rifle

This strange, almost AR-10 like rifle from Yakuza 3 is once again is seen in various weapon racks in the game.

Armalite AR-10, "Transitional" model - 7.62x51mm NATO
Weird rifle along with SIG Pro model in the Kamuro Theater Underground hideout, on the weapon rack on the left side.

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