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Lost Judgment

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LJ PS5 cover NA.jpg
North American box art
Release Date: September 2021

September 2022

Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
Publisher: SEGA
Series: Yakuza
Platforms: PS4, PS5, XBOX Series S/X, PC, Amazon Luna
Genre: Action-adventure, Brawler, Investigation

Lost Judgment (known in Japan as Lost Judgment: Sabakarezaru Kioku (Japanese: LOST JUDGMENT:裁かれざる記憶, lit. Lost Judgment: Unjudged Memories) is an action-adventure game developed by Ryu ga Gotoku Studio and published by SEGA in September 2021 for XBOX and PlayStation consoles. The PC version was delayed due to a dispute between SEGA and the voice talent agency Johnny's over actor Takuya Kimura's likeness appearing in a PC game. This was apparently resolved however, as both Lost Judgment and its predecessor Judgment were released on PC simultaneously via Steam in September 2022. Lost Judgment follows protagonist Takayuki Yagami (played by Kimura) as he investigates a high school in the fictional Isezaki Ijincho district of Yokohama, where a student teacher was murdered four years after bullying a classmate to the point of taking his own life.


The following weapons appear in the video game Lost Judgment:


Makarov PM

The archetypal Makarov PM pistol, which has appeared in every mainline Yakuza game to date (as well as Judgment), once again makes a return. As always, it features an extended barrel and ring hammer. An RK thug is seen with one in a scene where Yagami is tied up (although he doesn't use it in the subsequent boss fight). In game, the Makarov starts to be used by gang members in random battle encounters from Chapter 9 onwards. It also appears in the picture for the "EX Gun Riposte" ability unlock. In The Kaito Files DLC, Kaito can learn a similar move, called "EX Farewell To Arms."

Baikal-442 - 9x17mm Browning/9x18mm Makarov/9x19mm. It is a Canadian market import model of the Makarov. It features an long barrel, not seen on the military Makarov pistol.
RK thug in the background with the Makarov.
Gangster with a Makarov about to get a beatdown by Yagami.
Enemy with a Makarov being disarmed by Yagami in the "EX Gun Riposte" move portrait.
Yagami actually using the "Gun Riposte" move.
Yagami points the gunman's gun right back at him after doing the "EX Gun Riposte" move. However, he throws it to the side, not wanting to get in trouble with the law for shooting someone. The gun looks a bit weird here due to slight graphical glitches caused by enabling FSR in the game.
Kaito's "EX Farewell to Arms" ability.
In The Kaito Files DLC a thug fires a Makarov pistol, leading to a fancy slow-mo segment.

Smith & Wesson 3913

A Smith & Wesson 3913 is seen with RK, especially with its leaders (and Tokyo Metropolitan Police Public Security Bureau) Higashi Soma. Mikiko Sadamoto, a major character in The Kaito Files DLC, also has one.

Smith & Wesson 3913 - 9x19mm.
Fumiya Sugiura grabs the 3913 from the hooded RK gangster during a fight.
View of the 3913, showing the hammer in the rear position.
In this scene, Soma fires the 3913 at Akane's direction. However, Kaito finds out that Soma was using a paintball gun.
Soma fires his sidearm at an intruder who's supposedly Kuwana.
Angle showing the serial number markings on the pistol above the trigger guard.
Mikiko with the 3913.

Smith & Wesson 3914

An RK thug in one cutscene has a Smith & Wesson 3914, which is the same as the 3913, except it features a blued finish.

Smith & Wesson 3914 - 9x19mm.
Thug with the 3914.
LJthug3914 (1).jpg


Nambu Model 60

As always, the police officer character models feature holstered Nambu Model 60s. Of note is the lanyard ring and distinctive handgrip cutout.

Nambu Model 60 Snub-nose - .38 Special.
Police officer with his holstered Nambu.

Nambu Model 60/Smith & Wesson Model 36 hybrid

This hybrid is seen with two RK gangsters posing as uniformed TMPD officers sent to assassinate Akutsu after Yagami and company beat him and his posse in a fight. The differences between this gun and an actual Nambu have been thoroughly explained on IMFDb pages for other Yakuza-universe games.

Smith & Wesson Model 36 snub nose - .38 Special.
The Model 60 used by a RK gangster while infiltrating the underground nightclub.
Side profile of the revolver.
The disguised RK gangster retreat after Akutsu is offed. This screenshot clearly shows the Nambu still in the left officer's holster despite him having the hybrid revolver in his hands. This is because the butt of the Nambu is simply a part of the police officer character model.


Remington M870

This Remington 870 model is used by virtual thugs in the Dice & Cube VR minigame. As usual, this model features a front piece linking the magazine tube and barrel, like the Remington Model 31. For some reason, the thugs aren't holding the front by the pump handle.

Remington 870 Police Std - 12 gauge.
VR thugs with shotguns in hand. Note the strange choice of grip position...


"Fireworks launcher"

The Baikon Rairyu faction of the Motorcycle Club launch fireworks at other bikers using "fireworks launchers." In reality, these are simply the rocket launcher model from every other Dragon Engine Yakuza game (and Judgment): the Panzerfaust 3-based rocket launcher from Binary Domain with the warhead removed.

Panzerfaust 3 with DM12A1 rocket and standard telescopic sight - 60mm
One of the bikers using the "Fireworks launcher." The author unironically wants Yagami's DLC bonus bike IRL.
Hanasaki, leader of the Baikon Rairyu, with a "fireworks launcher."
Alternative view.


Generic hand grenade

This generic hand grenade model appears again from the previous Judgment game. This time, it's seen in the Dice & Cube VR minigame.

A generic grenade model lies on the ground ready to go off, as Yagami sends a VR thug to the Recycle Bin.

Flashbang grenade

In the fight with optional boss Koga, he uses stun grenades based on the Model 7290 Flashbang grenade seen in previous Yakuza games.]]

Model 7290 flashbang grenade.
Koga having just thrown a flashbang, which is visible in front of them.

Mounted Weapons

Drone plasma gun

As with the previous Judgment game, a drone-mounted plasma gun is used to shoot other drones in the Dice & Cube VR minigame.

Plasma gun fired from the drone.

M134 Minigun

Leaders of the "Ghost" faction of the Made in Heaven biker gang have motorbikes with not one, not two, but four Gatling guns that appear to be based on the M134 Minigun. The model itself appears to have much shorter barrels (so as to properly fit on a motorbike) and lacks any sort of visible ammo feed. The weight and recoil of such guns mounted so high up on a motorbike would undoubtedly have significant performance and handling implications were one crazy enough to try attempting this in real life.

General Electric M134 Minigun - 7.62x51 mm NATO.
Front-facing Miniguns.
Rear-facing Miniguns.
Ghost races Yagami with his bike with the armoury of miniguns.

Robot "guns"

A number of ranged weapons can be developed for the tournament robots in the Seiryo High Robotics Club. These are small models that resemble generic firearms.

"MG Firefly GX"
"Spider Shot G / M2"
"Eagle Sniper R"



An inert round is one of the items used for crafting in game. It is erroneously called a "bullet;" the bullet is strictly speaking the front part of the round that actually gets fired out of the barrel. This, along with the shell casing, primer, and charge, are what make up the round (although in the case of an inert round, the primer is fired or deactivated and the charge is replaced with an inert material to replicate the weight of the live round).

So-called "bullet" at a pawn shop.

Flintlock pistols

A member of the Ijincho Hounds skate club has a T-shirt design depicting a pair of flintlock pistols

British Heavy Dragoon flintlock pistol.

Heckler & Koch MP7

A poster for House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn is seen outside SEGA Arcades, showing protagonist Ryan Taylor using a Heckler & Koch MP7 to shoot zombies.

Heckler & Koch MP7 with 20-round magazine and rifle sights flipped up - 4.6x30 mm.
House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn poster at the back of the SEGA Arcade in Theater Square, Kamurocho.

M26 fragmentation grenade

As with the Kamuro of the Dead arcade game in Judgment, Lost Judgment's 'Hama of the Dead uses the M26 grenade as the grenade icon.

M26 fragmentation grenade.
'Hama of the Dead gameplay, showing the M26 grenade icon.


In one substory, Yagami uses a box to sneak up to a man robbing Café Alps. Before getting into the box, he says "time for some tactical café action!" This is a reference to Metal Gear Solid and the MGS series' tagline "Tactical Espionage Action."

Yagami prepares for some "tactical café action."

In another substory, a brother-sister duo from Russia by the surname of Kalashnikov set up a ninja dojo in Kamurocho. This is a nod to Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of the AK-47.

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