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Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

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Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
Movie poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Michael Cimino
Release Date 1974
Language English
Studio The Malpaso Company
Distributor United Artists
Main Cast
Character Actor
Thunderbolt Clint Eastwood
Lightfoot Jeff Bridges
Red Leary George Kennedy
Eddie Goody Geoffrey Lewis
Melody Catherine Bach
Curly Gary Busey
Dunlop Roy Jenson
Crazy Driver Bill McKinney

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot is a 1974 crime film starring Clint Eastwood as the "Thunderbolt", a legendary retired bank robber who teams up with Lightfoot (Jeff Bridges), an up-and-coming thief, to recover the stolen money hidden after Thunderbolt's last job. The movie was the directorial debut of Michael Cimino (The Deer Hunter), who also wrote the screenplay.

The following weapons were used in the film Thunderbolt and Lightfoot:

Mauser C96

Dunlop (Roy Jenson) opens fire on the church where Thunderbolt (Clint Eastwood) is preaching with a rare Mauser C96 equipped with a 20-round fixed magazine.

Mauser C96 (early model) with 20-round fixed magazine - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Dunlop opens up on a fleeing Thunderbolt with a Mauser C96.

M1 Carbine

Red Leary (George Kennedy) is seen opening fire on Thunderbolt and Lightfoot with a suppressed M1 Carbine.

M1 Carbine manufactured by Plainfield, with post-WWII paratrooper stock and vertical foregrip
Red prepares to open fire with the suppressed M1.

Colt Police Positive

Both Red and Eddie Goody (Geoffrey Lewis) pull suppressed Colt Police Positive revolvers on Thunderbolt and Lightfoot in the car. Thunderbolt later pulls one on the bank manager. As with most instances of suppressed revolvers in films, this would not work as the Police Positive is not a gas-seal revolver.

Colt Police Positive - .38 Special.
Lightfoot (Jeff Bridges) has a tough time finishing his ice cream when he gets a suppressed Colt put to the back of his head.

Winchester 1887

The Crazy Driver (Bill McKinney) uses a Winchester Model 1887 shotgun to shoot at some rabbits he had in the trunk of his car.

Winchester 1887/M1901 shotgun - 10 Gauge. This is the hero gun for Paul Newman in the film The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean.
The Crazy Driver starts to open fire with the Winchester 1887.

Ithaca 37

One of the police officers opens fire on Thunderbolt's fleeing car with an Ithaca 37 shotgun.

Ithaca Model 37 riot version - 12 Gauge
The officer on the left opens fire with the Ithaca.

Remington 760

When Red tries to evade the police, a sniper opens fire on his car with a Remington 760 fitted with an M3 IR scope from an M3 Carbine.

Remington 760 - first introduced in 1952
The M3 Carbine in its final configuration with the M3 scope, including backpack for the infrared sight's large 12-volt battery. - .30 Carbine
A police officer opens fire on Red with the Remington 760.

Oerlikon 20mm Cannon

Thunderbolt uses an Oerlikon 20mm Cannon with armor piercing shells to blast a hole in the wall of a bank vault.

Oerlikon Cannon - 20mm
Thunderbolt (Clint Eastwood) prepares to blast the wall with the Oerlikon.

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