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The Pacific

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The Pacific
The Pacific poster.jpg
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Language English
Channel HBO
Creator Steven Spielberg
Tom Hanks
Genre War
Broadcast 2010
No. of Episodes 10
Main Cast
Character Actor
Pfc. Robert Leckie James Badge Dale
Pfc. Eugene Sledge Joseph Mazzello
Cpl. Merriell "Snafu" Shelton Rami Malek
Lt. Col. Lewis "Chesty" Puller William Sadler
Sgt. Manuel Rodriguez Jon Bernthal
Sgt. John Basilone Jon Seda
Sgt. Elmo "Gunny" Haney Gary Sweet
2nd Lt. Lebec Rohan Nichol
Pfc. Bill Leyden Brendan Fletcher
Pfc. Lew "Chuckler" Juergens Josh Helman

Opening credits for The Pacific

The Pacific is the 2010 WWII HBO miniseries produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, who previously collaborated on the acclaimed Band of Brothers. This miniseries focuses on the experiences of US Marines fighting in the Pacific Theater of World War II and is primarily based on the memoirs of Robert Leckie and Eugene Sledge.

The following weapons were used in the miniseries The Pacific:

Allied Weapons


Colt M1911A1

The main sidearm of the Marines in the miniseries is the Colt M1911A1. Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale) and John Basilone (Jon Seda) are seen using the pistol, in one scene Leckie uses it to mercy kill a Japanese soldier being non-fatally wounded by several Marines. Other Marines seen using the M1911A1 are Lt. Col. Lewis 'Chesty' Puller (William Sadler), 2nd Lt. Lebec (Rohan Nichol), who uses his M1911A1 in a tense moment, and Sgt. Manuel 'Manny' Rodriguez (Jon Bernthal) .

World War II issued Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
Private Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale) holds his M1911A1 on Guadalcanal (Part 1).
Leckie aims his M1911A1 at a Japanese soldier being teased by other Marines.
A high amount of muzzle flash is seen here when Leckie fires.
Lt. Col. Lewis 'Chesty' Puller (William Sadler) has an M1911A1 holstered in Part 1 as he leads the men of the 7th Marines on Guadalcanal.
In Part 2, John Basilone (Jon Seda) has a holstered M1911A1 on his thigh.
Leckie is seen cleaning his M1911A1 in Part 2.
2nd Lt. Lebec (Rohan Nichol) with his M1911A1 in Part 4.
In Part 5, Gunnery Sgt. Haney (Gary Sweet) chews out a "shavetail" Lieutenant for carelessly pointing his loaded weapon at other Marines. Haney hurriedly empties the M1911A1, telling him to keep his weapon pointed downrange or he'll "shove that f-ing piece up his sorry f-ing ass".
In Part 7, John Basilone (Jon Seda) has a flashback of Sgt. Manuel 'Manny' Rodriguez (Jon Bernthal) holding an M1911A1 pistol after the squad is ambushed on Guadalcanal.

Colt New Service

In Part 5, Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) receives a Colt New Service .45 Colt revolver in the care package sent from his family and uses the revolver twice in combat - once on Peleliu in Part 7 when he draws it upon hearing Japanese infiltrators, and on a wounded Japanese soldier on the island of Okinawa in Part 9. In episode 5 Sid Phillips (Ashton Holmes) tells Eugene that "It will stop a jap faster than a clip from your carbine".

Model 1909 Colt Army Revolver - .45 LC. This model is stamped "Property of U.S. Government" under barrel and "M1909" on front bottom of grip strap. Grips not original - US issue bore plain uncheckered walnut
Sid Phillips (Ashton Holmes) examines the Colt New Service sent to Eugene by his father.
Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) with the Colt New Service when he and foxhole companion Jay D'Leau (Dylan Young) spot Japanese infiltrators on Peleliu in Part 7.
In Part 9, Sledge aims and fires his Colt New Service revolver at a wounded Japanese soldier on Okinawa.
Sledge curses out Lt. Mac (Ashley Zuckerman) when the latter berates him for disobeying a cease-fire order.

Rifles / Carbines

M1903A3 Springfield

The M1903A3 Springfield rifle is the general issue weapon for the Marines who land and fight on Guadalcanal in Part 1 and Part 2, as all the new M1 rifles were sent to the US Army. Production of the M1903A3 began September of 1941 in an effort by Remington to simplify and speed production of the rifles by using stamped parts wherever possible. At this point in the war, the earlier M1903 rifle would have been more numerous in the Marines' arsenal, and the lack of the earlier rifle at this point in the series is historically questionable. The Marines seen using the Springfield include Cpl. Lew 'Chuckler' Juergens (Josh Helman), PFC Wilbur 'Runner' Conley (Keith Nobbs) and Pvt. William LaPointe (Sam Parsonson). After being replaced with the M1, it was still used by Marines on the railway journey in Episode 3, to compare accuracy with the M1. PFC Ronnie Gibson (Tom Budge) is able to shoot a cow from the moving train with one.

M1903A3 Springfield - .30-06
PFC Ronnie Gibson (Tom Budge) with his M1903A3 Springfield slung around his shoulder.
PFC Wilbur 'Runner' Conley (Keith Nobbs) is seen with his 1903 at the Tenaru River in Part 1.
PFC Wilbur 'Runner' Conley (Keith Nobbs) cleans his M1903 at the end of Part 1.
Marines of the 7th Regiment led by Lt. Col. Lewis "Chesty" Puller (William Sadler) are seen marching in Part 1 with their M1903 Springfields on Guadalcanal as they reinforce the 1st Marines.
A Marine with an M1903.
A double weapons check. Lew 'Chuckler' Juergens (Josh Helman) maintains his M1903 as Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale) cleans his M1911A1 in Part 2.
Pvt. William LaPointe (Sam Parsonson) firing the M1903 during the battle of the Matanikau on Guadalcanal in Part 2.
Gibson sights in on a cow with an M1903.
Gibson firing his M1903A3 and hitting the cow.

M1903A1 Springfield with 7.8x Unertl scope

A Marine Sniper uses an M1903A1 Springfield with 7.8x Unertl scope during the assault on Peleliu Airfield (Part 6).

M1903A1 Springfield sniper rifle (.30-06) fitted with a 7.8x Unertl scope used in Letters from Iwo Jima. 2 matching rifles were supplied by ISS for the production--the same two rifles having been previously used in Letters from Iwo Jima.
In this promotional image, a Marine sniper takes cover behind a truck. A scoped M1903A1 Springfield in his hands.
The Marine sniper fires his Springfield at a Japanese sniper.
The same sniper cycling the bolt after his kill.
To the far left is the Marine scout watching for an enemy counterattack with the M1903A1.
The sniper watches for enemy counterattacks on top of the Peleliu airfield building.

M1 Garand

The M1 is first seen in Guadalcanal, when Sid Phillips (Ashton Holmes) finds, to his disgust, a crate of newly arrived M1 Garands for the army. Whilst stationed in Melbourne, the Marines replace the M1903 with the M1 Garand, which remains the main battle rifle throughout the series. During Part 3, riding in a train through the Victorian country, several Marines compare the M1 to the M1903, and on Pavuvu in Part 4, Gunnery Sgt. Elmo Haney (Gary Sweet) is seen conducting solo bayonet drills against imaginary Japanese enemies using an M1. In combat, amongst those who use it are Cpl. Lew 'Chuckler' Juergens (Josh Helman), PFC Wilbur 'Runner' Conley (Keith Nobbs) PFC Bill Leyden (Brendan Fletcher) and PFC Bill "Hoosier" Smith (Jacob Pitts). Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) normally carries the M1 Carbine, but he uses the M1 on two occasions, one when he uses Leyden's to kill an attacking Japanese soldier in Part 7, and during a Japanese Banzai charge in Part 9.

M1 Garand semiautomatic Rifle with leather M1917 sling - .30-06
"The Army gets the new stuff and we have to fight with s--t my grandfather used." Sid Phillips (Ashton Holmes) discovers the brand-new Army Garands in Part 2.
Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale) sits on a train with his new Garand next to him in Part 3.
Cpl. Lew "Chuckler" Juergens (Josh Helman) aims his M1 Garand into the Cape Gloucester bush in Part 4.
PFC Bill Leyden (Brendan Fletcher) loads an eight round en-bloc clip into his M1 rifle during the LVT ride to Peleliu.
PFC Bill "Hoosier" Smith (Jacob Pitts) opens fire with the M1 Garand on Peleliu in Part 5.
A close-up of the muzzle of Leyden's M1 as he shoots a Japanese soldier riding on a tank.
PFC Wilbur 'Runner' Conley (Keith Nobbs) with his M1 Garand.
Leyden fires his M1 Garand at the Japanese on the airfield in Part 6.
Leyden holds his M1 Garand as a grenade explodes next to him in Part 7.
Leyden falls off a bunker with an M1 Garand after the grenade goes off.
In Part 7, Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) barely misses getting his head cut off when he shoots a charging Japanese soldier with an M1, taken off a wounded Leyden. The weapon used by the Japanese is a Type 98 "Shin Gunto" military sword.
In Part 8, Marines armed with M1 Garands struggle to get off the beach at Iwo Jima as a Sherman tank takes a devastating hit.
A Marine with an M1 Garand shortly before being cut down by a Japanese Machine Gunner on Okinawa in Part 9.
Sledge firing at Japanese Banzai chargers with an M1 Garand.
Sledge fires the last round of the M1 and the en bloc clip ejects.
Sledge holds the M1 Garand after emptying the 8-round clip at charging enemy soldiers.
M1 Garand with M1 bayonet - .30-06
On Pavuvu in Part 5, Gunny Sgt. Elmo Haney (Gary Sweet) conducts a bayonet drill with an M1 Garand against an imaginary Japanese enemy, much to the amazement of the new arrivals.

M1 Carbine

The M1 Carbine is carried by several characters in the series including Eugene "Sledgehammer" Sledge (Joseph Mazzello), Capt. Andrew "Ack-Ack" Haldane (Scott Gibson), 1st Lt. Edward "Hillbilly" Jones (Leon Ford), Cpl. R.V. Burgin (Martin McCann), 1st Lt. Thomas Stanley (Freddie Joe Farnsworth) and PFC Merriell "Snafu" Shelton (Rami Malek). John "Gunny" Basilone (Jon Seda) switches between an M1 Carbine and the Browning M1919A4 while on Iwo Jima in Part 8, with PFC Steve Evanson (Dwight Braswell) occasionally using Basilone's Carbine. In Part 9, the Carbine is used by replacement Pvt. Hamm (Noel Fisher).

World War II Era M1 Carbine, with Dark Walnut Stock, 'L' peep sight and no bayonet lug - correct for most of WW2, shown with khaki sling and oiler and a period twin magazine pouch for buttstock
Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) fires his M1 Carbine at the firing range on Pavuvu.
In Part 5, After landing on Peleliu beach, Sledge holds his M1 Carbine.
Sledge avoids shrapnel while holding his M1 Carbine.
Sledge pauses for a break with his M1 Carbine on Peleliu in Part 5.
Capt. Andrew Haldane (Scott Gibson) is armed with an M1 Carbine as he scouts the enemy machine gun positions in Part 6.
Sledge firing his M1 Carbine at the Japanese positions at Bloody Nose Ridge (Part 6).
1st Lt. Edward 'Hillbilly' Jones (Leon Ford) fires his M1 Carbine at Japanese positions on Bloody Nose Ridge.
Cpl. R.V. Burgin (Martin McCann) checks a bunker with the M1 Carbine.
In Part 7, Sledge holds his M1 Carbine as he wonders why the Japanese don't just give up.
PFC Jay D'Leau (Dylan Young) panics when faced with Japanese infiltrators in Part 7.
In Part 8, John Basilone (Jon Seda) is armed with an M1 Carbine as he tries to get the Marines off the beach on Iwo Jima.
Basilone runs up the beach on Iwo Jima armed with his M1 Carbine in Part 8.
PFC Steve Evanson (Dwight Braswell) fires Basilone's Carbine at a Japanese Officer.
Pvt. Hamm (Noel Fisher) fires his M1 Carbine at a Japanese Machine Gunner on Okinawa in Part 9.
PFC Merriell "Snafu" Shelton (Rami Malek) with an M1 Carbine on Okinawa.

Submachine Guns

M1928A1 Thompson

Several Marine NCO's and Officers are seen carrying M1928A1 Thompson while on Guadalcanal. Most of them, including Sgt. Stone (Toby Leonard Nixon), uses the 20 round "stick" magazine. Sgt. Manuel "Manny" Rodriguez (Jon Bernthal) is seen with a 30 round version, which wasn't present at the time of Guadalcanal. 2ndLt. Hugh Corrigan (Henry Nixon) utilizes the 50 round "drum" magazine, as well as Sgt. John Basilone (Jon Seda) at the end of Part 1, but never uses it.

M1928A1 Thompson with 30-round magazine - .45 ACP


Sgt. Stone holds his M1928A1 Thompson in Part 1.
A Marine NCO is armed with M1928A1 Thompson with a 20 round stick magazine in Part 2.
Sgt. Manuel 'Manny' Rodriguez (Jon Bernthal) holds an M1928A1 Thompson with a 30 round magazine in Part 2.
An M1928A1 Thompson Highlight for Spoilers: is seen in the hands of a fallen Manny Rodriguez.
M1928A1 Thompson with 50-round drum magazine - .45 ACP
2ndLt. Hugh Corrigan (Henry Nixon) carries the M1928A1 Thompson as he checks out an abandoned truck.
Corrigan's Thompson has the 50 round mag and the Cutts compensator.
Corrigan with his Thompson during the battle at Alligator Creek.
Corrigan firing his Thompson.
Corrigan with the M1928A1 in Part 1 as he watches the Marines taunt a Japanese soldier.
Sgt. John Basilone is seen with an M1928A1 Thompson fitted with a 50 round drum magazine in Part 1.

M1A1 Thompson

Several Marines are seen carrying or firing the M1A1 Thompson. Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale) uses a Thompson M1A1 throughout the rest of the series, notably in Part 4, when he takes out a Japanese patrol trying to flank his unit and then in Part 5 and 6 when the Marines land on Peleliu. In Part 9 on Okinawa Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) picks up a Thompson and uses it for a good duration of the episode. Other Marines such as Gunnery Sgt. Elmo Haney (Gary Sweet), Sgt. Stone (Toby Leonard Moore) and PFC Merriell 'Snafu' Shelton (Rami Malek) also use the Thompson. Bill Leyden (Brendan Fletcher) is seen with an M1A1 on Okinawa in Part 9 in place of the M1 Garand he used on Peleliu. (NOTE: In real life, Sledge mentioned in his memoir that he and Snafu shared a Thompson amongst each other, but, gives no specific model. This is portrayed in the series.).

M1A1 Thompson with 30-round magazine .45 ACP
In Part 3, Sgt. Stone (Toby Leonard Moore) slings his M1A1 next to Lt. Hugh Corrigan (Henry Nixon), whom is carrying an M1928A1.
Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale) carries a Thompson M1A1 while on patrol in Part 4.
Gunnery Sgt. Elmo Haney (Gary Sweet) holds an M1A1 Thompson as he moves out on Peleliu in Part 5.
Haney fires the M1A1 at attacking Japanese soldiers.
Leckie and Lt. Stone load their M1A1 Thompson's in preparation for the assault on the airfield in Part 6.
Lt. Stone fires his Thompson at Japanese soldiers on the Airfield.
A Marine part of Basilone's squad fires an M1A1 Thompson at a Japanese machine gun emplacement in Part 8.
A Marine fires his Thompson on Iwo Jima to provide cover fire for Basilone in Part 8.
PFC Merriell 'Snafu' Shelton (Rami Malek) angrily shoves the Thompson into a Japanese POW who stubbornly refuses to move out of the way in Part 9.
Bill Leyden (Brendan Fletcher) with his M1A1 on Okinawa.
Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) and Leyden wield their M1A1 Thompson's on Okinawa in Part 9.
Sledge aims his M1A1 Thompson at a Japanese soldier on Okinawa in Part 9.
A mortally wounded Okinawan woman begs for Sledge to end her misery by pressing his Thompson against her forehead.Highlight for Spoilers: He doesn't; instead he holds her until she dies in his arms.

Reising M50

Captain Jameson (Sandy Winton) and Sgt. John Basilone (Jon Seda) are seen with a Reising M50 Submachine Guns. Neither of the two are seen firing the weapon.

Reising M50 (full stock variant) - .45 ACP. Fitted with Cutts compensator and 20 round magazine.
Cpt. Jameson (right side) has an M50 Reising slung over his back.
The Reising Model 50 is used by John Basilone (Jon Seda).
Basilone's Reising next to a dying officer

M3 "Grease Gun"

In Part 9, an Army soldier guarding Japanese POWs on Okinawa is shown with an M3 Grease Gun. An Army Captain whom is relieved by K Company later in the episode also carries a Grease Gun.

M3 "Grease Gun" .45 ACP. The later model M3A1 would eliminate the crank lever for cocking the bolt, and instead used a simple hole in the bolt for the shooter to use their finger.
In Part 9, a 27th Infantry Division soldier guards Japanese POWs on Okinawa with an M3 Grease Gun.
The Army guard on the far left holds his Grease Gun at the Japanese POW.
The same Army guard in the background watches the incident between the Japanese POW and Sledge unfold.
An Army Captain (bottom right; the red 27th Infantry Division patch on his sleeve) holds an M3 Grease Gun as he talks to 1st Lt. Thomas "Stumpy" Stanley.
The same Army Captain runs into battle with the 5th.


Winchester 1897 Trench Gun

The Winchester Model 1897 Trench Gun shotgun is the most prominent shotgun used by the Marines in the miniseries. It is seen in the hands of some background characters, as well as Private Cecil Evans (Ian Meadows) on Guadalcanal (Part 2) and First Lieutenant Thomas "Stumpy" Stanley (Freddie Joe Farnsworth) on Okinawa (Part 9).

Winchester Model 1897 "Trench Gun" - 12 gauge
A Marine with a Winchester 1897 is guarding the perimeter as the other lays down barbed wire.
Pvt. Cecil Evans (Ian Meadows) carrying the Winchester 1897 Trench Gun.
Evans pumps his Shotgun.
The butt of Evans 1897, illuminated by a flare.
A Marine carries an 1897, the morning after the battle.
The Marine lying on the ground is holding an 1897 as a Sherman tank rolls up on Peleliu (Part 5).
Pvt. Evans firing the 1897 on Guadalcanal during Basilone's flashback (Part 7).
First Lieutenant Thomas "Stumpy" Stanley (Freddie Joe Farnsworth) carries the 1897 while on Okinawa.
Stumpy (center) carrying the 1897 shotgun on Okinawa.

12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun

In Part 10, Dr. Sledge (Conor O'Farrell) takes his son Eugene (Joseph Mazzello) dove hunting soon after Eugene returned home from Okinawa, the two exit Dr. Sledge's truck with a pair of Double Barreled Shotguns.

Charles Parker 1878 Side by Side Shotgun - 12 Gauge. The Parker Gun Company was absorbed into Remington in 1934.
Dr. Sledge (Conor O'Farrell) carries a 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun.
Dr. Sledge and son Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) carry their Double Barreled Shotguns.

Machine Guns

Browning Automatic Rifle

The Browning Automatic Rifle is one of the weapons seen in the hands of the Marines, and is used both with and without a bipod. No one specific wields the weapon however.

Browning Automatic Rifle - .30-06
A Browning Automatic Rifle sitting on a crate with a Springfield against on it in Part 2.
A Marine stands behind 2nd Lt. Lebec and Lt. Stone with a BAR and bipod slung over his back on Cape Gloucester.
A Marine in Sledge's LVT shoulders a BAR during the Peleliu landings in Part 5.
A Marine fires his BAR, bipod deployed, towards the Japanese infantry attack in Part 5.
A Marine running into combat with his BAR, bipod deployed, in Part 5.
A Marine is seen with his BAR with no bipod when K Company scouts Bloody Nose Ridge in Part 6.
Two Marines behind Privates Tatum and Evanson both wield BARs with and without a bipod in Part 8.
On Okinawa in Part 9, a Marine taunting a Japanese prisoner carries a BAR without a bipod.
A K Company BAR gunner aims at the Okinawan lady trying to give up her baby.

Browning M1917

The Marines of the 1st Division that land on Guadalcanal use Browning M1917 water cooled machine guns. Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale) is seen firing it as part of a three man gun crew in Part 1. John Basilone (Jon Seda) is also seen firing it both on a tripod and from the hip (severely burning his hand & arm) in Part 2, as well as his comrades and buddies Sgt. J.P Morgan (Joshua Bitton) and Sgt. Manuel 'Manny' Rodriguez (Jon Bernthal).

Browning M1917 machine gun with tripod and ammo box‎ - .30-06
Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale) carries an M1917 Browning on his back.
Leckie and Lew 'Chuckler' Juergens (Josh Helman) hold off the Japanese forces with the the 1917.
Leckie and 'Chuckler' watching as the Marines taunt a Japanese soldier.
The gang - Leckie, 'Chuckler', Wilbur 'Runner' Conley (Keith Nobbs) and PFC Bill 'Hoosier' Smith (Jacob Pitts) sitting around the M1917.
In Part 2, the M1917 Browning is seen being carried by both Sgt. J.P. Morgan (Joshua Bitton) on the left and Sgt. Manny Rodriguez (Jon Bernthal) on the right.
Sgt. J.P. Morgan (Joshua Bitton) uses an asbestos glove to hold the M1917 in Part 2.
Sgt. John Basilone (Jon Seda) firing the M1917 without the tripod in Part 2. His actions on Guadalcanal would earn him the Medal of Honor.
Sgt. J.P. Morgan (Joshua Bitton) checks out his M1917 in the aftermath of the Japanese assault.

Browning M1919A4

Replacing the Browning M1917 in the field for the Marines is the Browning M1919A4 machine gun in Episode Four, where Lew 'Chuckler' Juergens (Josh Helman) and Wilbur 'Runner' Conley (Keith Nobbs) use it to stop a banzai charge. M1919A4's also are seen mounted on LVT's in the series, notably when landing on Peleliu in Part 5. Leckie (James Badge Dale) is briefly seen manning an M1919A4 on his LVT during the landing. In Part 8, John Basilone (Jon Seda) trains PFC Chuck Tatum (Ben Esler) and PFC Steve Evanson (Dwight Braswell) in the use of the M1919A4. In Iwo Jima, Basilone uses one for a short amount of time, as well as a Marine Machine Gun Crew on Okinawa in Part 9. Also, in Part 8, Basilone demonstrates how to use a "bale", a handle attached to the barrel to prevent burns when picking up the M1919. One of the veteran Marines interviewed for the commentary track on the blu-ray release of the series says that the handle was often referred to as the "Basilone Bale".

Browning M1919A4 on M2 tripod - .30-06
Cpl. Lew 'Chuckler' Juergens (Josh Helman) and PFC Wilbur 'Runner' Conley (Keith Nobbs) ready a Browning M1919A4 for use against Japanese attacks on Cape Gloucester in Part 4.
The M1919A4 is mounted to the right of the LVT-4 during the Peleliu landings in Part 5.
The M1919A4 is fired from the LVT.
Leckie (James Badge Dale) mans the Browning M1919A4 mounted on his LVT-4 during the landing at Peleliu in Part 5.
Another shot of another LVT-4 with Browning M1919A4.


A Marine carrying an M1919A4 across the Peleliu airfield (Part 6).
PFC Chuck Tatum (Ben Esler) deploys an M1919A4 on a tripod during training at Camp Pendleton in Part 8.
In Part 8, John Basilone (Jon Seda) demonstrates how to fire the M1919 from the hip. He is using a "bale" to hold the barrel of the M1919A4 in order to prevent severe burns from picking up the machine gun.
Basilone picks up the M1919A4 on Iwo Jima.
Basilone cutting down Japanese soldiers with the M1919A4, firing from the hip with remarkable accuracy.
Basilone peeks into a destroyed bunker to make sure it is secure with the M1919A4.
Tatum and assistant gunner PFC Steve Evanson (Dwight Braswell) lay down fire with the M1919A4 on Iwo Jima in Part 8.
The Marine machine gun team reloads an M1919A4 on Okinawa in Part 9.

Browning M2HB

The Browning M2HB machine gun is seen mounted on the Marine LVT-4's notably during the landings of Peleliu in Part 5 and Iwo Jima in Part 8, as well as one several M4 Shermans. In Part 1, a machine gun team uses one during the Battle of the Tenaru, and another is used by US Marines on Okinawa in Part 9.

Browning M2HB on M3 tripod - .50 BMG
A Marine machine gun with a Browning M2HB team in action during the Battle of the Tenaru River.
Two Marines carry a Browning M2 on Pavuvu.
On Okinawa in Part 9, one of the K Company Marines lugs a Browning M2HB.
Browning M2HB on vehicle mount - .50 BMG
As Sledge and the Marines land on Peleliu, the Browning M2HB is seen mounted on the left on the LVT-4.
The Browning M2HB being fired from the LVT.
The Marine firing the Browning M2HB.
Another shot of the LVT-4 armed with a Browning M2HB and a Browning M1919A4.
A Marine firing the Browning M2HB from an LVT on Iwo Jima in Part 8.
A Marine riding atop an M4 Sherman mans a Browning M2HB.


Mk 2 Hand Grenade

A Mk 2 Hand Grenade is used by Cpl. Jay D'Leau (Dylan Young) to take out a Japanese bunker in Part 7. Sid Phillips (Ashton Holmes) is given one as a birthday present by Bill "Hoosier" Smith (Jacob Pitts) in Part 1. Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale), Lt. Stone (Toby Leonard Moore) and 1st Lt. Edward 'Hillbilly' Jones (Leon Ford) also use the grenades.

Mk 2 Hand Grenade.
Bill "Hoosier" Smith (Jacob Pitts) gives Sid Phillips (Ashton Holmes) a Mk 2 Hand Grenade as a birthday present in Part 1. The Mk 2 Grenades used on Guadalcanal were painted bright yellow to show they were high-explosive; it was changed to a drab olive color when the Army realized that the color was highly conspicuous.
Lt. Stone (Toby Leonard Moore) and Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale) on patrol in Part 4 with Mk 2 Grenades hanging from their bandoliers.
1st Lt. Edward 'Hillbilly' Jones (Leon Ford) throws a Mk 2 at Japanese soldiers during the assault on the airfield in Part 6.
A Mk 2 about to be put down an air vent of a Japanese bunker by Cpl. Jay D'Leau (Dylan Young) in Part 7.

Heavy Weapons

M1 Mortar

Sid Phillips (Ashton Holmes) and his gun crew uses the M1 Mortar during the Battle of the Tenaru River in Part 1. An M1 Mortar is seen with its crew as Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) and the Marines prepare to leave the airfield in Part 6.

M1 Mortar - 81mm
Sid Phillips (Ashton Holmes) carries an M1 Mortar as he exits the LCVP in Part 1.
Phillips sights in the M1 Mortar in preparation for the Battle of the Tenaru River.
Phillips assistant gunners firing the M1 Mortar.
An M1 mortar with its crew is seen on the left in Part 6.

M2 Mortar

Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello), PFC Robert Oswalt (Andrew Lees) and PFC Merriell 'Snafu' Shelton (Rami Malek) are part of an M2 Mortar team under the command of Cpl. R.V. Burgin (Martin McCann). During the battle of Peleliu, their team are seen carrying the different parts of the weapon and then seen firing it when the Marines cross the airfield. An Army team briefly use one on Okinawa in Part 9.

M2 Mortar - 60mm
During Mortar training at Camp Elliot in Part 4, Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) pulls the safety wire from a 60mm mortar shell.
Merriell 'Snafu' Shelton (Rami Malek) lugs the M2 Mortar tube.
Sledge "hangs" a 60mm round (holding it halfway in the tube) before dropping and firing it.
PFC Robert Oswalt (Andrew Lees) carries the mortar tube.
Cpl. R.V. Burgin (Martin McCann) attaches the mortar sight as he and Snafu prepare the use the M2.
Merriell 'Snafu' Shelton (Rami Malek) sights the M2 Mortar.
The M2 Mortar fires just after Sledge hangs a round.
Several Army GI's firing an M2 Mortar on Okinawa in Part 9.

M7 Rifle Grenade Launcher

Several Marines are seen with M7 Rifle Grenade Launchers mounted on their M1 Garands, notably in Part 6 during the taking of the Peleliu airfield.

M7 rifle grenade launcher
The Marine on the right is seen preparing the launch a rifle grenade.
A Marine advances with an M1 Garand and fixed rifle grenade.
The M7 is seen mounted on top of the Garand just after a rifle grenade has been launched.
A Marine fires a rifle grenade as 1st Lt. Edward 'Hillbilly' Jones (Leon Ford) runs by.

M2 Flamethrower

The M2 Flamethrower is used by Cpl. Charles Womack (John Reynolds) to flush out a bunker in Part 7 and by a Marine at the Airfield in Part 6 and another on Iwo Jima in Part 8.

M2-2 Flamethrower
A Marine carries an M2 Flamethrower during the assault on the Peleliu Airfield in Part 6.
In Part 6, Cpl. Charles Womack (John Reynolds) flushes out a Japanese bunker with the flamethrower.
In Part 6, Womack with the flamethrower.
A Marine with a flamethrower advances on a Japanese Bunker in Part 8.
A Marine firing (literally) a Japanese bunker on Okinawa Part 9.

M1A1 Bazooka

The M1A1 Bazooka is used by Marines during the battle of Peleliu in Parts 5-7, notably by PFC Jay De L'Eau (Dylan Young), and by Cpl. Pegg (Karl Cottee) to knock out several Japanese positions on Iwo Jima in Part 8.

M1A1 Bazooka - 2.36 inch
PFC Jay De L'Eau (Dylan Young) takes out a Japanese tank with his M1A1 Bazooka in Part 5.
In Part 6, Jay prepares to fire his Bazooka during the assault on the Peleliu airfield.
Jay fires the Bazooka.
Jay's Bazooka rests against a rock in Part 7.
Cpl. Pegg (Karl Cottee) fires his Bazooka on Iwo Jima in Part 8.
Pegg firing the Bazooka.

Axis Weapons


Nambu Type 14

The main sidearm of the Japanese was the Nambu Type 14 Pistol. Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale) finds one in a Japanese officer's chest when they go through the camp, which he takes along with the chest as a war trophy. Leckie ends up handing over the pistol to Dr. Grant (Matt Craven) in Part 4. On Iwo Jima in Part 8, a Japanese officer playing dead tries to kill John Basilone (Jon Seda) with a Nambu, but is shot and killed by PFC Steve Evanson (Dwight Braswell) before he fires.

Nambu Type 14 8x22mm Nambu
In Part 4, Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale) finds a Nambu Type 14 pistol in a Japanese officer's chest.
Leckie takes the Nambu from the chest.
PFC Bill 'Hoosier' Smith (Jacob Pitts) asks Leckie if he's willing to sell the Nambu. Leckie responds that he doesn't even want Hoosier touching it.
Leckie jokingly points the (unloaded) Nambu at Petty Officer Ruddiger (Craig Ball), asking Ruddiger what to do with it.
Dr. Grant (Matt Craven) admires Leckie's handgun in Part 4.
A Japanese soldier who, five seconds ago, was playing "possum" aims his Nambu at John Basilone (Jon Seda), but is taken down by PFC Steve Evanson (Dwight Braswell) before he can fire it.


Arisaka Type 38

Most of the Japanese soldiers use the Arisaka Type 38.

Arisaka Type 38 long rifle - 6.5x50mmSR
Japanese soldiers armed with Arisaka Type 38 rifles sneak up on Marine positions at Cape Gloucester in Part 4.
A Japanese sharpshooter takes down a Marine with an Arisaka.
Japanese soldiers seen on the right carry the Arisaka Type 38 rifles as they prepare to defend the Peleliu airfield in Part 6
A Japanese soldier prepare to use his Arisaka in defense of the Peleliu airfield.
A Japanese soldier armed with an Arisaka is taken down by an M1 rifle shot.
An Arisaka rifle still in the hands of its deceased operator.
Japanese soldiers charge with the Arisaka on Okinawa in Part 9.
One of the charging Japanese soldiers, armed with an Arisaka, tramples an Okinawan women.

Machine Guns

Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun

Japanese forces are also seen engaging the Marines at Peleliu with Type 92 heavy machine guns, better known as the Nambu or the "Woodpecker" because of the sound it makes when fired. It is normally seen firing from bunkers.

Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun - 7.7x58mm
Japanese forces are armed with the Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun, or Nambu, as they prepare to engage the Marines at the Peleliu airfield in Part 6. Note the feed strip sticking out of the gun.
A Japanese soldier fires the Nambu.
A dead machine gun crew and their Nambu sit inside a bunker on the right.
Close-up of the Nambu. Note the feed strip sticking out of the gun.

Type 97 Light Machine Gun

A Type 97 Light Machine Gun is mounted on the hull of a Type 95 "Ha-go" light tank that attacks the Marine positions on the edge of the airfield in Part 5.

Type 97 Light Machine Gun - 7.7x58mm Arisaka
A Type 97 Light Machine Gun fires from the hull of a Type 95 "Ha-go" Tank.
Close-up of the Type 97 before the Ha-go is destroyed by a Marine Sherman.

Type 99 Light Machine Gun

Japanese forces are seen firing the Type 99 Light Machine Gun during Parts 6, 7 and 9. A Japanese Gunner using a Type 99 almost kills Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) with it.

Type 99 light machine gun - 7.7x58mm Arisaka
On the right, Japanese forces are armed with the Type 99 Light Machine Gun as they prepare to engage the Marines at the Peleliu airfield in Part 6.
The Type 99 lays next to the dead Japanese soldier as the Marines take Peleliu airfield.
A Japanese soldier fires his Type 99 at Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) in Part 7.
A Japanese soldier fires a mounted Type 99 at the Marines and fleeing Okinawan civilians.

Heavy Weapons

Type 89 "Knee Mortar"

Type 89 "Knee Mortar"s are used by Japanese soldiers who defend the Peleliu airfield.

Type 89 "Knee Mortar" - 50mm
A Japanese soldier firing a Type 89 Knee Mortar in Part 6.
The Knee Mortar lays next to the dead Japanese soldier on the far left as the Marines take Peleliu airfield.


Type 97 Hand Grenade

A wounded Japanese soldier uses a Type 97 Hand Grenade to commit suicide in Part 1, taking out a pair of Navy Corpsmen as well. In Part 4, a wounded soldier attempts to do the same to a Marine Patrol, but Lt. Stone (Toby Leonard Moore) manages to stop him. A Japanese officer is seen holding one just before he's shot in Part 7, but throws it before being wounded, injuring PFC Bill Leyden (Brendan Fletcher).

Type 97 Hand Grenade
A Japanese soldier uses a Type 97 Hand Grenade to commit suicide in Part 1, taking two Navy Corpsmen with him.
An enfeebled Japanese soldier attempts suicide with a Type 97.
Lt. Stone (Toby Leonard Moore) stops the Japanese soldier with a swift foot movement.
A Type 97 thrown by a Japanese soldier lands on the roof of the bunker.

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