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Resident Evil 4 (2023 VG)

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Work In Progress

This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors. See Talk:Resident Evil 4 (2023 VG) for current discussions. Content is subject to change.

Resident Evil 4
Release Date: March 24, 2023
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Series: Resident Evil
Platforms: PC
Playstation 4
Playstation 5
Xbox Series X/S
Genre: Survival Horror

Resident Evil 4 is a 2023 remake of the critically-acclaimed Resident Evil 4 originally released in 2005. As with recent installments of the franchise, the 2023 remake runs under the technologically-advanced RE Engine, featuring significantly improved graphics over its original game as well as its HD remakes. Along with new visuals, much of the mechanics have been remade and the gameplay itself being modernized to the remake series standards starting with the Resident Evil 2 remake.

The following weapons appear in the video game Resident Evil 4 (2023 VG):


As per the recent remakes, the game uses a third-person over-the-shoulder perspective, albeit with more fluidity and freedom since the player character can now aim and move at the same time. The laser sight used in most of the console versions of the original game have been removed (with the exception of the Hardballer's iconic laser module), although it exists as a secondary attachment to some pistols. Interestingly, almost every firearm (not including the fictional "P.R.L. 412" energy weapon) has returned from the original game, with most of them modeled accurately to their real-world counterparts (such as the SL8 and the Striker-12) while others are remodeled (the fictional "Silver Ghost" to the slightly-less fictional USP9, and the M1911 to Hardballer) entirely, but function the same way.

"Focus aiming" returns from the previous remakes, standing still long enough allows the crosshair to be reduced to a dot, allowing for an increased critical shot rate. Using the optional laser sight for some pistols (or when using the Hardballer in general) increases the critical shot chance, as it is always considered "focused" by default.

The attaché case first introduced in the original game returns in the remake as its form of inventory system, and weapons can be switched out on the fly. Weapons cannot be discarded entirely, instead, they can be put into the typewriter storage (the item box equivalent to recent entries) which can be retrieved back at any time. The functionality of the knife has been expanded compared to the previous remakes, as they can be used to parry highly-damaging/instant kill attacks, or it can be used to get out of a grab quickly for some enemies. There is a durability system with knives, which can be broken if they're used too much. Some knives can be repaired at the Merchant with a fee, while others (most commonly the ones found in the game world) will be entirely lost. Multiple knives can be acquired, and the game will prioritize consumable knives before the reusable ones.

Speaking of the Merchant, he returns in the remake as well. Many weapons and items can be bought from him via pesetas while some items and weapons are bought with rare spinels, which can be obtained by completing various side quests that are featured in this game. Various weapons and items can be obtained for free throughout the game world itself, but if they are missed within the chapter it is featured in, it will be available in the next chapter in the Merchant's wares. Once again, weapons can be upgraded from the Merchant, and ammunition capacity upgrades can go to absurdly high levels (though it isn't as high as in the original game). Once fully upgraded, weapons can be upgraded one more time through exclusive upgrades, in which they require an exclusive upgrade ticket (traded with spinels) and a large amount of pesetas. Some weapons can be bought at the post-game shop, purchased via credits obtained by completing various challenges.

As before, various weapon accessories such as scopes and stocks can be fitted onto several weapons to enhance their capabilities, at the cost of some inventory space.


All available pistols (and not revolvers and the Mauser C96 "Red 9") can hold an additional round in the chamber if the player reloads the pistol while it isn't empty, which also has a separate "tactical" reload animation. All pistols are chambered in high velocity "9mm Handgun" rounds, while magnum-type handguns use ".45 Centerfire Pistol" (ie. .45 ACP). The player character holds the handguns in either a traditional stance or through the Center Axis Relock technique.

Heckler & Koch USP9

Replacing the hybridized "Silver Ghost" pistol in the original game, Leon starts with a Kendo Shop custom-tailored two-tone "SG-09 R", based on the Heckler & Koch USP9; its in-game description notes that it is a derivative of the "MUP", which is the name of the USP9 in the RE2 and RE3 remakes. As with the VP70M in the Resident Evil 2 remake, the USP9 is Leon's "canon" cutscene sidearm, as he always brandishes this pistol regardless of having it in his attaché case or stored in the typewriter storage. It rather interestingly sports a Picatinny rail on the frame; USPs did not have such integral rails during their production run, instead sporting a proprietary H&K developed rail for attaching lights and lasers. Picatinny rails did not become standard on HK pistols until the HK45 and P30 line of pistols that were introduced in 2006. The gun also sports a custom grip with finger grooves and checkering pattern reminiscent of the P30.

It initially and incorrectly holds 10 handgun rounds in the magazine when not upgraded, though the level 3 capacity upgrade gives it 14 rounds, one round shy of the actual 15 in real life. This can be upgraded up to 18 rounds when fully upgraded. It doesn't come with its laser sight by default, unlike the original pistol, but it can be fitted with one if the player buys the laser sight upgrade from the Merchant; the cutscene pistol is never shown with a laser sight, even if the player upgraded their pistol with one.

"SG" in its designation likely refers to "Silver Ghost", the unofficial name of the original weapon it replaced, while "-09" likely refers to its caliber, 9mm. The "R" designation is unknown, but is speculated to mean "Remake". As before, the pistol's exclusive perk upgrade allows the pistol to have a 5x critical shot rate. Predictably, it remains as Leon's sidearm in The Mercenaries mode.

Tokyo Marui SG-09 R - 6mm BB. This is a licensed replica of the "SG-09 R", a customized Heckler & Koch USP, from Resident Evil 4 (2023). Note that the airsoft pistol bears the HK, USP, European proofs, and date code markings on the slide while these are removed from the in game model, leaving only the 9x19mm caliber and kendo logo.
The SG-09 R in the model viewer, without its laser sight module attached, bearing high resemblance to the airsoft replica reference image above. It's no IMFDB 2.0 yet, but eventually we'll get there. Note that the serial number is visible here and in a different spot than a normal USP's is, which is on the underside of the dust cover where the rail is molded on the real gun's frame. The presence of design elements from the later P30 and HK45 pistols especially in the grip checkering pattern, finger grooves and Picatinny rail suggests that in-universe, Joseph Kendo took inspiration from examples of both pistols (which likely would have been in late prototype phases in 2004) or competing pistols incorporating these features.
Ditto, other side. Its frame is slightly longer than the normal variant (which is an interesting design choice as no USPs were ever made with extended frames) and it has been fitted with a compensator, which includes a new front sight. As a consequence of this, the normal front sight on the slide itself has been replaced with a filler plug in the same finish as the slide. Note the "kendo" logo engraving, which according to supplemental Tokyo Marui advertising materials, was supposed to be scrubbed from the pistol upon completion and entering official US Government service for operational security and deniability reasons. Leon, however, is stated to have liked the gun and Joseph Kendo's work so much that he elected to keep it engraved on the slide.
Leon using the USP in conjunction with a flashlight.
Performing a tactical reload. Note the magazines appear to be steel instead of the real USP9's polymer magazines

SIG-Sauer P226 Beavertail

The "Sentinel Nine" appears as one of the exclusive Deluxe or Collector's edition weapons, based on the SIG-Sauer P226 Beavertail that Leon used in Resident Evil: Vendetta under the same name. This marks it as its first usable appearance by the player in the game series.

The weapon is anachronistic, as the in-universe documents about the Sentinel Nine released alongside the tie-in Tokyo Marui replica, state that the Sentinel Nine was developed in 2011. It can be excused however, since the pistol itself is bonus content and very much non-canon to this game.

While it has slightly lower damage than the default USP9 Leon starts with, it boasts the highest capacity of any handgun in the game (not including the VP70M's exclusive double ammo upgrade), at 31 when fully upgraded. It initially holds 19 rounds to start with, and it has a faster fire rate than the USP9 to boot, although it is slightly superseded by the Springfield Armory XD when the latter is fully upgraded. Like the USP9, its exclusive perk upgrade allows 5x critical shot rate, and it can be attached with a laser sight.

Tokyo Marui Sentinel Nine "Leon Model" - 6mm BB. This is a licensed replica of the custom SIG-Sauer P226 Beavertail from Resident Evil: Vendetta.
RE4R S9 1.jpg
RE4R S9 2.jpg

FN Five-seveN

The FN Five-seveN returns as the "Punisher", along with its exaggerated piercing capabilities. The pistol can only be bought from the Merchant, but instead of pesetas, he sells the weapon in spinels. Once again, the Five-seveN in-game uses standard handgun rounds shared by other pistols, which is 9mm in this game instead of the 5.7 round. However closer inspection of the magazine when reloading shows accurately modeled 5.7x28mm rounds. It holds an underloaded 12 rounds by default, though the level 4 capacity upgrade increases it to 21 rounds, one round over the maximum capacity of the real deal. Like the USP9, the Five-seveN can be upgraded with an underbarrel laser sight. Instead of the all-black finish of the original weapon, the pistol is based on the FDE variant.

The "Punisher MC" is the Merchant's custom-made variant available in Separate Ways, which can be bought from the Merchant himself for 10,000 pesetas. In a sense, it looks and functions very similarly to its normal counterpart.

FN Five-seveN FDE (Flat Dark Earth) - 5.7x28mm FN
RE4R Punisher 1.jpg
RE4R Punisher 2.jpg

Mauser C96 "Red 9"

The iconic C96 "Red9" also returns, and it can now be found for free during Chapter 4, in a chest on a derelict boat in the middle of the lake where the Del Lago monster is fought. Though if the player misses the firearm there, it can alternatively be bought by the Merchant with pesetas. As before, it can be fitted with a stock to improve accuracy and recoil. It initially holds 8 rounds in capacity, though the level 2 ammo capacity upgrade allows it to correctly hold 10 rounds, which can be potentially increased further up to 16. An iconic pistol from returning veterans and new players alike, the Red9's best known for its raw damage per shot with low fire rate, with its exclusive perk upgrade having 1.5x firepower.

It remains as Luis' primary sidearm in the game as well as The Mercenaries. An infinite ammo variant of the Red9 is used by Leon throughout Chapter 11's minecart section, with 10 rounds instead of the default 8 rounds. Since Luis isn't seen with his sidearm all throughout this specific section, it implies that he lent his sidearm to Leon for the time being.

Mauser C96 "Red 9" Version with shoulder stock and stripper clip - 9x19mm
RE4R Red9 1.jpg
RE4R Red9 2.jpg

Springfield Armory XD

The "Blacktail" also makes its return, taking the appearance on the Springfield Armory XD, albeit with a more rounded trigger guard. It is the most compact pistol available, taking up 2x2 slots in the attaché case rather than 2x3 in exchange of magazine capacity. It is a well-balanced upgrade to the USP9, holding 9 rounds initially, up to 13 when fully upgraded. Despite the presence of a rail for mounting lasers, the Blacktail cannot mount the optional laser sight. This could potentially be explained by the laser sight being designed to mount onto Picatinny rails, as the SG-09R, Punisher and Sentinel Nine all sport such rails.

The "Blacktail AC" - AC standing for "Ada Custom" - is a custom variant of the Springfield XD, wielded by Ada and available to the player in Separate Ways or in The Mercenaries gamemodes while using her default outfit. What exactly makes the Blacktail AC a custom pistol or even to Ada's personal specifications is unknown.

Springfield Armory XD - 9x19mm
RE4R Blacktail 1.jpg
RE4R Blacktail 2.jpg

Heckler & Koch VP70M

The H&K VP70M makes its appearance once again as the "Matilda". Unlike its original incarnation, it is not a post-game weapon (rather, it is obtained by spending 10 Spinels from the Merchant from Chapter 8 onwards) and it can be used without its stock, which must be purchased separately. Correctly, the slide does not lock back on the last shot; however, unlike other pistols, there is no separate empty reload animation. It fires at about 800-900 RPM, which is much slower than its real blistering 2200 RPM fire rate, which it historically has never had in this series, although the original game came the closest. It is, however, a marked improvement over the last time this sidearm and stock appeared in RE2R, where it chugged along at a speed slower than an M3 Grease Gun.

Heckler & Koch VP70M - 9x19mm
RE4R Matilda 1.jpg
RE4R Matilda 2.jpg

Beretta 92FS Vertec Inox

In the spirit of the custom-made Beretta 92FS "Samurai Edge", the Beretta 92FS Vertec Inox serves exclusively as Albert Wesker's sidearm in cutscenes and it is usable while playing as Wesker in The Mercenaries. This is in contrast to Wesker having a Silver Ghost in the original Resident Evil 4, with zero explanation as to how he has possession of Leon's supposedly one-of-a-kind custom pistol. It holds an underloaded 10 rounds, but it packs quite a punch. It is known in-game as the "XM96E1" and it features minor alterations compared to the real-world weapon, such as added front slide serrations and an extra slot for the picatinny rail. The name and description, specifically noting its increased power, seem to imply that the pistol has been converted to a .40 caliber Beretta 96 or is an experimental Beretta 96 prototype. Given that it is a dead ringer for the Beretta 96 Vertec Inox, it is likely the latter.

In The Mercenaries, where it is usable while playing as Wesker, the gun, despite correctly locking back on empty and having the same manual of arms as the Blacktail, Punisher, Sentinel Nine, and the Killer7, does not have a distinct empty reload animation, similar in behavior to the Matilda's animations.

Beretta 92FS Vertec Inox - 9x19mm

Smith & Wesson Schofield

The "Broken Butterfly" returns once more, now more accurately based on a Smith & Wesson Schofield than a hybrid of the former and the Colt Single Action Army. It is the quintessential magnum handgun, which can be bought much later in the game compared to the original version, available in chapter 7 for pesetas. It initially holds 6 rounds in the cylinder, though it can hold up to an impossible 10 rounds through upgrades and Capcom-patented magic. Its exclusive upgrade perk increases the firepower by 1.5x, and once installed, makes it the most powerful magnum in the game. It is available in The Mercenaries while playing as Leon's Pinstripe outfit.

Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3 with blued finish - .45 Schofield
RE4R BB 1.jpg
RE4R BB 2.jpg

AMT Hardballer

The "Killer7" returns, albeit modeled after an AMT Hardballer (along with a large functional custom laser sight, making it resemble more of the pistol used in The Terminator as well as KAEDE's "CONNECTION" pistol in Capcom's namesake cult-classic) than a standard Colt M1911 used in the original game. The trigger guard is also more squared, a characteristic of the LAR Grizzly Pistol. It can be purchased from the Merchant with 42,000 pesetas starting from Chapter 11 onwards. It is the weakest of the magnums, but it's unique feature is that its the only magnum with a laser sight, a very noticeable advantage as this removes the delay needed to focus the weapon when aiming and firing, making it much easier to land continuous precision shots.

It starts off with a reasonable seven shots in the magazine, though this can be increased up to 15 once maxed out. It now has an exclusive upgrade, giving it a 5x critical shot rate. It is Wesker's pocket-handcannon of choice in The Mercenaries.

AMT Hardballer Longslide with laserlock sight as used in the The Terminator film - .45 ACP
AMT Hardballer with 5" barrel - .45 ACP
RE4R Killer7 1.jpg
RE4R Killer7 2.jpg

Smith & Wesson Model 500

The Smith & Wesson Model 500 returns as the "Handcannon", a post-game unlock by completing the "Professional Agent" challenge, done by completing the game in the Professional difficulty (the highest difficulty after Hardcore) in any rank without using any bonus weapons or by completing all stages in the Mercenaries in S rank or higher. It retains the wood grips seen in the original model, and it ditches the fictional laser sight and fore that was once part of the original weapon, in favor of the more true-to-life 10.5" variant. It now uses magnum ammo instead of proprietary handcannon ammo. The hammer is incorrectly depicted as always being cocked with a corresponding sound effect despite Leon never physically touching it, as if the weapon were automatic.

It initially holds the correct 5 rounds when first obtained, 9 when fully upgraded. Capacity is a moot point once its exclusive upgrade is obtained, allowing it to have infinite ammunition. Its damage doesn't wildly surpass the other magnum-type weapons compared to its original incarnation (with the Schofield having better raw damage and the Hardballer having dramatically increased crit rate, when both of them have their exclusive upgrades) and its accuracy beyond several feet is atrocious but its insane longevity thanks to infinite ammo makes up its shortcomings. Leon reloads the revolver while the hammer is cocked, which is impossible to perform as the cylinder cannot be open or closed.

Wearing Leon's "Pinstripe" outfit with the Handcannon while it has infinite ammo will have Leon perform a stylish move, akin to the infinite ammo Thompson SMG.

Smith & Wesson Model 500 (10.5" barrel) with extended ejector shroud, accessory rail, and sling - .500 S&W Magnum
RE4R Handcannon 1.jpg
RE4R Handcannon 2.jpg


Remington 870

As before, Leon acquires the Remington 870 (as the "W-870") as his first shotgun obtained in the Ganado Village (now known as the Village Square in the remake), on the second floor of the large house. Instead of the Express Combo in the original game, its model was based on the fully upgraded variant in the Resident Evil 2 remake. It holds five shells when first obtained, despite the presence of an extended tube magazine on the model. It can be upgraded to the correct 8 with the level 4 ammo upgrade and up to 10 on its max ammo upgrade. The 870 packs the biggest damage and stopping power of all of the shotguns, but its wide spread necessitates close-quarter riskiness. Unlike the original pump shotgun which is always pumped when reloaded, the remake shotgun is realistically only pumped when emptied. It is available to Leon's Pinstripe costume in The Mercenaries.

As with the original game, Ada can buy a sawed-off version of the W-870 from the Merchant's wares, starting from Chapter 2 of Separate Ways. As before, it is a compact version of the shotgun with a pistol grip. It has increased power and a reduced size profile, at the cost of capacity (from 5 to 3). This variant is available to her default outfit in The Mercenaries as her shotgun of choice.

Remington 870 Police Magnum customized with extended magazine tube - 12 gauge
Remington 870 with TacStar front and rear pistol grips - 12 gauge. Similar to Ada's shotgun.
Right side of the gun in the model viewer.
Left side.
Leon mid pump while taking down a ganado.
Loading a new shell.

Winchester Model 1887

The "Skull Shaker", a sawed off Winchester Model 1887 akin to the famous cut-down variant first seen in Terminator 2, is available by purchasing the Deluxe or Collector's Edition or through its own separate DLC. In a similar vein to its reference, Leon will flip cock the weapon, though the weapon does not have an enlarged lever loop. Unlike the other shotguns, the custom Model 1887 is an extremely compact weapon (occupying a 2x2 grid space), beating out the Striker-12 and the sawed-off Remington 870. However, it can hold a paltry two shells in the magazine tube when not upgraded, though it can be reloaded and expended fairly quickly (in fact, all shells are loaded at once), which may be Capcom's way of referencing the real life Cowboy Action Shooting Drop 2 capacity mod sometimes done to real 1887s for competition purposes. It can be upgraded up to six shells with a maxed out ammo capacity upgrade, though the correct five shell capacity is possible.

Its presence in the game is likely a callback to Jill's Winchester 1892 "Mare's Leg" in the original Resident Evil 3, where in the weapon functions as a fast-firing lever-action shotgun. It even has similar gameplay properties to it, especially when the Model 1887 is maxed out.

Airsoft replica Model 1887 with sawn-off stock, barrel, and cutaway trigger guard, as seen in Terminator 2: Judgment Day
RE4R SkullShaker 1.jpg
RE4R SkullShaker 2.jpg

Benelli M3 Super 90

The Benelli M3 Super 90 fitted with an M4 stock from the Resident Evil 3 remake appears as the "Riot Gun". It is made available in Chapter 6 and has the tightest spread of all the shotguns. Interestingly, the Riot Gun is semi-automatic in-game (unlike the original Riot Gun, which is pump-action) but does not use its respective modification as seen in Resident Evil 3. The weapon has the smallest shot-spread among the shotguns, making it more effective against singular targets and tightly-grouped enemies, but less effective against groups when they are spread-out.

In game it is modeled after an early model Benelli M3 as shown by its non-contoured receiver and barrel mounted rifle sights, a configuration offered only briefly before the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. However, it also departs from a typical HK-imported example by featuring a Benelli M4 collapsing stock and receiver extension tube, as well as a civilian style restricted capacity magazine tube whereas most rifle-sighted M3s featured a full-length 7-shell capacity tube. In this configuration, it highly resembles the CYMA 363M airsoft Benelli M3, but with a 20-inch barrel. It is Leon's shotgun of choice in The Mercenaries.

In the model viewer it is depicted with a shell on the lifter, but this would be incorrect as the shotgun doesn't deposit one from the magazine onto the lifter unless the trigger is pulled or the shell release lever is tripped, and it would prevent the user from lifting the shell lifter in order to load rounds into the magazine. Despite the aforementioned Remington 870 having a different reload animation for an empty magazine tube, the M3 Super 90's charging handle is always pulled when reloaded which would eject a chambered shell. In addition, the bolt locks back open on empty, but the reload animations would not be possible in this configuration.

Benelli M3 Super 90 - 12 gauge
RE4R M3RG 1.jpg
RE4R M3RG 2.jpg

Penn Arms Striker-12

The "Striker" makes its appearance, available in the Merchant's wares starting from Chapter 10 onwards. The in-game model is now accurately modeled after the later production variant of the Penn Arms Striker-12, featuring its unique thumb tab, rear drum advance lever and its large shell deflector from the other Striker variants. The reload animation is more to its real-life counterpart, as Leon uses the winding key after inserting the shell (or shells in fact, as he inserts more than one shell into the weapon to shorten its reload time). Leon does not, however, eject the last spent shell manually with the ejector rod featured in the weapon. And oddly enough, firing the weapon does not eject the shells either. To top it all off, he still doesn't brace the stock when in use, despite the presence of the foldout stock in the model, he continues to fire it from the hip. This does make it handy for quick-shots against enemies as torso shots up-close are more likely to hit, but is not the best choice for precision shots.

The Striker functions to its counterpart in the original game in essence, being a compact semi-automatic lategame shotgun. It holds 12 shotshells in the revolving drum when first obtained, up to 24 with all of the ammo capacity upgrades and up to 48 when its exclusive perk upgrade is bought (downplayed from an absurd 100 in its original incarnation). When it is fully upgraded, Leon can reload the entire Striker by inserting one shell in. The Striker is best used if one is not planning to install exclusive upgrades on their shotgun, as while it has the most powerful non-exclusive damage of all them all, it subsequently becomes the weakest amongst all the shotguns once exclusive upgrades are factored in as all of them have power upgrades. The Striker also has the worst accuracy amongst all the shotguns, having the widest spread available. This is a double-edged sword that makes it effective against stunning and knocking back multiple enemies, but bad at precision damage outside of point-blank range.

The Striker itself also makes as appearance as a charm trinket for the attaché case, increasing Leon's movement speed by 8%. This is a reference to the well-known "Ditman Glitch", wherein the Striker (or more accurately, a hybrid of it) is used to make all of Leon's actions perform faster than usual; which makes it a common sight in speedruns of the original game.

Penn Arms Striker-12 with 12" barrel - 12 gauge
RE4R Striker 1.jpg
RE4R Striker 2.jpg

Submachine Guns

TMP ammo in the original game is now compatible with other submachine guns in the remake.

Steyr TMP

The Steyr TMP returns as well, under the "TMP" name as before. It can be bought from the Merchant starting in Chapter 3 and available right off the bat in Separate Ways, an early game automatic firearm in both circumstances. Like before, the TMP fires 9mm submachine gun ammunition, which cannot be exchanged with the pistol ammunition commonly found in-game, and it can be fitted with a stock to improve its accuracy. While its magazine is shortened from its original incarnation, it does not reflect the 30 round capacity that it starts off with, which can be increased up to 70 with upgrades. It is modeled after its true-to-life variant, and as an result, it does not have the mounted laser sight on the grip. The TMP's stock must now be purchased with spinels rather than pesetas. It's exclusive upgrade gives it x1.5 damage, which makes it the second-most powerful SMG in the game once installed. It is Krauser's and Ada's (in the Dress outfit) firearm of choice in The Mercenaries and the main game.

Interestingly, while not in the full game itself, the TMP can also be acquired as a hidden weapon in the Chainsaw Demo, under the requirement that the player must empty the inventory before proceeding to village proper, and finding it in a well at the south area of the village.

Steyr TMP - 9x19mm Parabellum
Steyr TMP with stock and M68 Aimpoint sight - 9x19mm Parabellum
Right side of the TMP with stock fitted.
Left side.
Leon holding the TMP without a stock, displaying excellent trigger discipline.

Heckler & Koch MP5A5

New to Resident Evil 4, the HK MP5A5 makes an appearance as the "LE 5", being an alternative to the TMP which can be first obtained for free by solving the optional freezer puzzle in Chapter 13. It is an altered version of the MP5A3 of the Resident Evil 2 remake, with a Navy 3-round burst trigger group (thus, identifying it as an A5, with its extending stock) and the deletion of the checkering texture seen in the original "slimline" MP5 variants and its original optic; though other optics can be attached to the weapon for better accuracy. It still doesn't have its iron sights, however, even when optics are removed from the weapon. The bolt of the weapon also never opens when fired or when the cocking lever is locked back during reloading.

Compared to the TMP, the MP5 has penetration power, like the FN Five-seveN (with its exclusive upgrade having 5x penetration power; again, just like the Five-seveN), at the cost of raw power and reload time. It holds 20 rounds in the magazine when not upgraded, though it can hold 30 with the level 2 capacity upgrade, all the way to 60 when maxed out. The MP5A5 is chambered in 9mm Parabellum (as it shares ammunition to the aforementioned TMP, with the SMG ammo box explicitly mentioning this), unlike the Resident Evil 2 remake where it is oddly chambered in .380 ACP. This does not explain the weapon's piercing capabilities - although a plausible explanation does exist in the fact that the MP5 has an extra 3 inches of barrel length over the TMP, resulting in a slightly higher muzzle velocity - however; though it could be for gameplay purposes, to make the MP5 more distinct from the available TMP. Instead of the custom MP9 in the original game, HUNK now uses the MP5A5 as his only firearm in The Mercenaries.

Heckler & Koch MP5A5 - 9x19mm
RE4R LE5 1.jpg
RE4R LE5 2.jpg

M1A1 Thompson

The Thompson "Chicago Typewriter" makes its appearance once again, now under the name "Chicago Sweeper". As the Separate Ways side-story isn't included in the remake game's release, the Thompson can be unlocked instead by completing the game in the Professional difficulty with at least an A rank. It is obtained for free of cost once it is unlocked, as it is stored in the typewriter storage. As before, the Thompson is depicted as the GI M1A1 variant, with a stick magazine, side-charging handle and streamlined, but winged sights. It is considered as a "bonus weapon", and using it voids unlocking the Handcannon.

Unlike the original version of the weapon, the Thompson does not come with its infinite ammunition by default, as this property is now an exclusive perk upgrade; which means the Thompson incorrectly uses 9mm submachine gun rounds until the exclusive upgrade is obtained. Despite using stick magazines, these hold 50 rounds in the magazine in-game, which is the capacity used in the 50-round Thompson drum magazines for the 1921 and 1928 variants. This can be upgraded into an absurd 70 rounds when fully upgraded. Obtaining the infinite ammunition upgrade changes the stick magazine into the aforementioned drum magazine (despite the real M1 and the M1A1 Thompsons being unable to utilize drum magazines), which makes the magazine model no longer tied to Leon's current costume; though the "reload" animation when using the Mafia (now known as Pinstripe) costume remains.

It is an available weapon for Pinstripe Leon in The Mercenaries mode, pre-upgraded to hold 60 rounds instead of 50.

M1A1 Thompson - .45 ACP
The Thompson in the inventory menu; since it is not possible to view the Thompson with stick magazines through the model viewer.
RE4R M1A1 2.jpg
1921 Thompson - .45 ACP
RE4R M1A1 3.jpg
RE4R M1A1 4.jpg


Rifle-type firearms are aimed in a first-person perspective, even when the optics are removed. They also have an exclusive property of having 3x damage multiplier to enemy weakpoints. All rifles are chambered in 55-grain .223 Remington cartridges and it can pierce through enemies.

Springfield M1903A4

The Springfield M1903A4 bolt-action rifle returns in the remake, now known as the "SR M1903" instead of the generic "Rifle" designation, and once again it has been converted to use .223 rounds instead of the larger .30-06. It is purchased relatively early in the game, as before, at Chapter 2. Buying the weapon during the said chapter will come with an ACOG sight (that is incorrectly able to switch between two magnification levels) for free. When sights are mounted to the weapon, the rifle will be fitted with a Picatinny rail. While its maximum firepower mentioned in its stats no longer exceeds that of the magnum-type handguns featured in the game (even when its exclusive perk upgrade was purchased), it is still capable as a suitable long range weapon with raw power in mind, especially when hitting enemy weakpoints.

It holds 5 rounds by default, though it can hold up to a maximum of 13 through upgrades. All rounds are correctly loaded individually instead of using stripper clips, to further make itself distinct from other rifles of its class. Its exclusive power doubles the firepower, heavily increasing the weapon's damage and making it the most powerful rifle available. It is the longarm of choice for the newcomer Luis in The Mercenaries. It can be obtained in Chapter 1 of Separate Ways, along with an ACOG sight.

Springfield M1903A4 - .30-06
RE4R M1903 1.jpg
RE4R M1903 2.jpg

Springfield M1903A3

Detaching the current scope of the M1903A4 turns it into the Springfield M1903A3 variant, as both of its iron sights are attached to the model to make aiming in the first-person perspective more viable. The weapon is still reloaded round-by-round, however.

Remington-manufactured M1903A3 Springfield - .30-06 Springfield

Heckler & Koch SL8 hybrid

Changed from the generic "Semi-Auto Rifle", the "Stingray" makes an appearance as one of the available rifle options. It bears much more resemblance to the Heckler & Koch SL8 in real life compared to how it was in the original game. Specifically, the game depicts the SL8 as a hybrid variant of the US import SL8-1 (the crimping in magazine well and single-stack magazine being notable giveaways), but with the shortened rail of the European/Canadian variant SL8-4, albeit without the G36 handguard. It is available in the Merchant's wares starting from Chapter 7. It is available in Leon's and Ada's (Dress outfit) loadout in The Mercenaries.

While not the fastest-firing of its kind anymore (which was taken over by the Model 933), it remains as a great ammo-conserving variant, also allowing rapid precision fire to enemy weakpoints in close to medium ranges. It initially holds 10 rounds, which is the correct capacity of the proprietary magazine that the SL8-1 (and the SL8-6) is loaded in. This can be increased up to 18 rounds with the highest capacity upgrade. Its exclusive upgrade doubles the rate of fire.

Heckler & Koch SL8-1 - 5.56x45mm
Heckler & Koch SL8-4 - 5.56x45mm
RE4R Stingray 1.jpg
RE4R Stingray 2.jpg

Colt Model 933

Coming from the Resident Evil 3 remake, the Colt Model 933 returns as the "CQBR Assault Rifle". Its designation "CQBR" as well its A2 standalone sight, aren't anachronistic this time, as they have been in service as per the game's setting - 2004. It is first obtainable for free in Chapter 10, but requires the player to lower a secret staircase in the library during Ashley's segment of the game to allow Leon to later access the secret compartment containing the weapon. If not obtained there, it can be purchased from the Merchant starting from Chapter 11, with a limited-time discount all throughout the aforementioned chapter. Unlike RE3R, this incarnation of the carbine doesn't come with its sling swivel, but the charging handle is fully modeled.

The Model 933 is considered as an expensive, fast-firing rifle option compared to the latter two rifles (which, as a result, has less firepower compared to the bolt-action M1903), best at single-target damage per second output against tougher enemies and bosses. It holds an underloaded 20 rounds inside the 30 STANAG magazine when not upgraded, up to a still incorrect 32 (sharing the capacity as with the counterpart in the Resident Evil 3 remake) when maxed out. Its exclusive upgrade increases firepower by 1.5x. Even though its usage of in-game rifle ammo is mostly correct (.223 Remington is near identical to 5.56 NATO), one will soon question the CQBR's longevity once you realize that having an automatic weapon use an ammo type meant for snipers will probably burn through already rare ammo reserves rather quickly. While it demands trigger and accuracy control, the 933 can surpass the SL8's damage with it's exclusive upgrade, making it slightly more powerful by .20 points. While this does not seem like much, the CQBR's ability to fire on full auto means it is capable of dishing out an astounding level of DPS with accurate fire.

Colt Model 933 with 4-position stock and thicker A2-profile barrel - 5.56x45mm
RE4R CQBR 1.jpg
RE4R CQBR 2.jpg

Machine Guns

M134 Minigun

The Huey gunship that Mike pilots is armed with the M21 Armament System. Twin M134 Miniguns and side-mounted 70mm rocket pods can be seen mounted on the helicopter.

M134 Minigun mounted on a M21 Armament Subsystem (along with a M158 rocket launcher), used on Huey gunships - 7.62x51mm NATO
RE4R M21Huey 1.jpg
RE4R M21Huey 2.jpg

Maxim MG08

Various Maxim MG08 emplaced machine guns with custom mounts are used by the Ganado in the early island levels, which can be commandeered by Leon. These carry limited ammo.

Maxim MG08 on 'sledge' mount - 7.92x57mm Mauser



The RPG-7 once again serves as the main rocket launcher throughout the game, featuring the same role as with the original iteration, along with its use of some of the Ganado in the later parts of the storyline. This time, the RPG-7 in the remake does not feature any sort of scope in all of its variants. The Infinite Rocket Launcher is available only in a New Game+ save file for 2,000,000 pesetas. Both rocket launchers can be used to bypass certain sections of the game and even one-shot bosses entirely. The regular rocket launcher is available to Ada's dress costume in The Mercenaries as part of her loadout.

Interestingly, during the final boss fight, the player cannot use any other weapon nor switch to other weapons once the special variant of the RPG-7 is dropped specifically to finish the boss, meaning it is no longer possible that the player can sell nor keep the Special Rocket Launcher during a NG+ playthrough. The regular/infinite Rocket Launcher can be used to finish the aforementioned boss off, but the Special Rocket Launcher will not be dropped. The Special Rocket Launcher also appears in Separate Ways, but while it is obtained as part of an objective, it is not usable.

RPG-7 - 40mm
RE4R RLRPG7 1.jpg
RE4R RLRPG7 2.jpg
RE4R RLRPG7 3.jpg
RE4R SRLRPG7 1.jpg
RE4R SRLRPG7 2.jpg

Heavy Weaponry


As before, a few cannon artillery pieces are stationed across the castle sections of the game. Leon himself can commandeer one in Chapter 7 as well as Chapter 8, using it to destroy the castle gate and a couple of catapults as well. Ada can also man them in Separate Ways. They have infinite ammo in all of these sequences. It is also usable in the castle portion of The Mercenaries mode, which contain very limited ammo (3 to be exact).


"Bolt Thrower"

Replacing the original "Mine Thrower" fictional arm gun in the original game, a modernized crossbow sorts of weapon known as the "Bolt Thrower" makes its appearance. This weapon can be purchased with 10,000 pesetas starting from Chapter 2, with the Merchant giving Leon a small discount upon going behind the church. As its name implies, the "Bolt Thrower" fires craftable bolt projectiles which can be retrieved after the projectile hits. Leon can attach the bolts with explosive mines, which detonate when an enemy is in its proximity or after a few seconds once it has been struck to the enemy.

Stealthy but slow-firing (especially not upgraded), the Bolt Thrower greatly benefits from exploration sections in the game, conserving ammunition for other weapons when they will be needed for the high combat sections later on.

RE4R BoltThrower 1.jpg
RE4R BoltThrower 2.jpg

Blast Crossbow

The remake's counterpart of the "Bowgun" is the Blast Crossbow, which functions similarly to its original incarnation. It can be found in Chapter 3 of Separate Ways, and not bought from the Merchant (unless Ada misses the crossbow there). It is available to Ada's default outfit in The Mercenaries.


M26 Hand Grenade

The M26 hand grenade returns from the previous remakes, this time as the "Heavy Grenade". This grenade functions as an upgraded version of the M67 "Hand Grenade" below, having more demolition power with a larger blast radius.

M26 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
RE4R M26.jpg

M67 Fragmentation Grenade

The M67 hand grenade makes its appearance, simply known as the "Hand Grenade", which replaces the original function of the M26 grenades in the previous remakes.

M67 hand grenade
The grenade in the model viewer.
Leon holding the grenade with his thumb depressing the spoon.

M84 Stun Grenade

The M84 stun grenade once again makes its return from the recent remakes, known as the "Flash Grenade". Its color scheme is altered compared to its previous appearance, with differing markings as well. Apart from stunning enemies that make them vulnerable to finisher attacks, the M84 is also able to instantly kill exposed plagas from non-boss enemies within its blast radius, as plagas are highly sensitive to bright lights.

M84 stun grenade
RE4R M84.jpg

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