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Jezail Musket

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Afghani Jezail Musket
Moroccan Moukhala Musket
Turkish Shishane Miquelet
Albanian Tanchica Miquelet
Caucasian Khirimi Miquelet

A Jezail is a type of long-barrel muzzle-loading musket made in Afghanistan. It is often incorrectly used as a blanket term for various muzzle loading long guns from the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and India. Since Jezails were made to order by individual craftsmen they are not standardised, having either matchlock or flintlock mechanisms and often using Brown Bess Flintlock Musket lockwork, and sometimes having rifled barrels, but are typically identified by their unusual horn-shaped stock. They were similar to American Frontier-era hunting rifles but were typically heavier and larger, with calibres in the .50-.75 range, and were used in a similar role to modern sniper rifles. Their heavy weight and long barrel led to a much greater effective range than standard infantry muskets, and they were used to fearsome effect by Afghan snipers during the Anglo-Afghan wars in the 19th century.

As with most antique weapons, Jezail muskets seen in live-action productions are quite likely to be modern replicas or non-functional props.


(? - 19th Century)

Type: Muzzleloading black powder musket

Caliber: Various

Capacity: 1

Fire Modes: Single Shot

The Jezail Musket and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Tarzan of the Apes Arabian slavers Ottoman 1918
Jánošík Turkish, hanged on the wall 1921
Dzhulbars Nikolay P. Cherkasov Sho-Murad 1937
Treasure Island (Ostrov sokrovishch) Irish rebels 1937
Gunga Din Thuggee cultist 1939
Beau Geste Tuaregs 1939
Legend of the Lost Tuaregs 1957
Lawrence of Arabia Bodyguards 1962
Greed in the Sun (Cent mille dollars au soleil) Hangs on the wall 1964
The Yellow One Ralf Wolter Hadschi Halef Omar 1964
The Yellow One Renato Baldini Barud 1964
The Yellow One Dusan Janicijevic Omar Ben Sadek 1964
The Yellow One Dusan Antonijevic Bandit 1964
The Yellow One Bandits 1964
The Unvanquished (L'Insoumis) Decoration on the wall 1964
The Naked Prey Slavers 1966
Khartoum Hangs on the wall 1966
The Phantom of Morrisville (Fantom Morrisvillu) Wall decoration 1966
Viy or Spirit of Evil hangs on the wall 1967
Kill Me Gently 1967
Untamable Angelique Mezzo Morte guards, Arab hijackers 1967
Angelique and the Sultan Henri Cogan Simon Bolbec 1968
Angelique and the Sultan Prison guards, sultan´s soldiers 1968
Colonel Wolodyjowski Turkish soldiers 1969
White Sun of the Desert (Beloye solntse pustyni) seen in a pile of antique firearms 1970
You Can't Win 'Em All Bandits 1970
Young Winston Pashtun tribesmen; Mahdists 1972
The Man Who Would Be King Boy 1975
The Wind and the Lion Berber warriors 1975
March or Die Bedouins 1977
Flatfoot in Egypt Bedouins 1980
Sahara John Rhys-Davies Rasoul Hanging in a tent 1983
The Beast of War Jason Patric Konstantin Koverchenko 1988
The Beast of War Afghan Mujahideen 1988
Appointment with Death On the wall in Col. Carbury's office 1988
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade soldiers of the Republic of Hatay Ottoman 1989
Operation Condor Arabic kidnappers 1991
With Fire and Sword (Ogniem i mieczem) Andrzej Pieczynski Czeremis 1999
Peter Pan Jason Isaacs Captain Hook 2003
Peter Pan Seen in the arsenal 2003
Hidalgo Tribesmen 2004
The Turkish Gambit (Turetskiy gambit) Bashi Bazouks 2005
The Golden Mean (Zolotoe sechenie) Arabian man 2010
Green Zone 2010
The Three Musketeers 2011
Day of the Falcon (Or noir) The tribal warriors, Auda´s men 2011
September Eleven 1683 Ottoman soldiers 2012
American Sniper Hanging on wall 2014
Mad Max: Fury Road Melissa Jaffer The Keeper of the Seeds 2015
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Seen in armory 2019


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
The Adventures of Sir Michael (Przygody pana Michala) Ottoman soldiers 1969
The Adjutant of His Excellency (Adyutant ego prevoskhoditelstva) Seen in Startsev's collection; Ottoman musket 1969
The Twentieth Century Approaches (Dvadtsatyy vek nachinaetsya) Seen on the wall 1987
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Indian rebels (S01E05) 1984
Soldier Soldier Ottoman Musket "Shifting Sands" (S3E1) 1991-1997
The Caravan of Sailors Turkish Bedouins 2006
Banshee - Season 2 Antony Starr Sheriff Lucas Hood seen in Proctor's illegal weapon arsenal / Episode 8 2014
Emerald City Stefanie Martini Princess Langwidere customized 2017
Emerald City Stefanie Martini Princess Langwidere "Lions in Winter" (E08) customized 2017
Kingdom of Ev. Wizard's and the Wizards soldier customized
Mandalorian, The - Season 1 Tusken Raider Chapter 5: The Gunslinger; visually modified as a Cycler Rife 2019
Mandalorian, The - Season 2 Tusken Raiders Chapter 9: The Marshall: visually modified as a Cycler Rifle 2020
W. Earl Brown Mos Pelgo Bartender
Temuera Morrison Boba Fett "Chapter 9: The Marshall" and Chapter 14: The Tragedy"; visually modified as a Cycler Rifle, with a mounted scope
Bill Burr Miggs Mayfeld "Chapter 15: The Believer"; visually modified as a Cycler Rifle, with a mounted scope

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
Battlefield: 1918 2004
Team Fortress 2 "Bazaar Bargain" With laser pointer and scope, converted to fire center-fire rifle cartridges 2007
Assassin's Creed Unity Non-Lethal Long Rifle 2014
Rainbow Six Siege Unusable 2015
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Short Barreled 2016


Title Character Note / Episode Date
Hellsing Ultimate Rip Van Winkle Fires magic bullets. 2006-2012
The Empire of Corpses Afghan peasants 2015


Title Characters Notation Date
The Adventures of Tintin Marines 2011

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