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Operation Condor

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Asia Cover for Armour of God II: Operation Condor (1991)
US DVD Cover for Operation Condor (1991)

Operation Condor is a 1991 action comedy film starring Jackie Chan as a secret agent who teams up with an operative from the United Nations to locate a secret cache of gold. This film is actually a sequel to Jackie's 1987 film Armour of God and was released in Hong Kong under the title Fei ying gai wak or Armour of God II: Operation Condor. The film was subsequently re-dubbed into English and released in the US several years later as Operation Condor.

The following weapons were used in the film Operation Condor:


Colt Pocket Model Hammerless

Tasza (Jonathan Isgar) draws a .25 caliber Colt Pocket Model Hammerless at the beginning of the film in Elsa's apartment. Asian Hawk - Condor (Jackie Chan) commandeers this gun and uses it to force the men to retreat. Elsa (Eva Cobo de Garcia) later has it taped to the inside of a dinner plate lid from which Condor retrieves it again but finds it unusable because the overuse of tape.

Colt Pocket Model Hammerless - .25 ACP
Tasza (Jonathan Isgar) entering Elsa's apartment with a .25 ACP Colt Pocket Model Hammerless.
Tasza holding the gun while doing some sort of frowny face.
Condor holding the Pocket Model Hammerless pointed at Tasza and Amon.
Elsa (Eva Cobo de Garcia) shows Condor the .25 caliber Colt Pocket Model Hammerless which is taped to the inside a dinner plate lid.
Condor holds the Pocket Model Hammerless at one of the men while telling the other to drop his gun.
He soon realises that the gun has to much tape on it and has turned unusable.
Asian Hawk gives the gun up when the men realise it's unusable.

Walther P88

At the beginning of the film a Walther P88 is used by a thug to intimidate Asian Hawk - Condor.

Walther P88 - 9x19mm.
Thug waves Condor to the side with his Walther P88.

Daisy SoftAir Model 59

His gun directly turns into a Daisy SoftAir Model 59 (detailed airsoft replica of the Smith & Wesson Model 59 made in the late 80s by Maruzen) and is kicked out of his hand by Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) who picks it up, scaring away the thugs. After accidentally scaring a bystander, he throws it in the garbage. Another one is seen tucked down in the waistband of one of the men in the bunker, which Condor manages to commandeer. The gun then turns into a different pistol which he uses to hold Adolf (Aldo Brel Sánchez) at gunpoint with after firing a shot into the air.

Daisy SoftAir Model 59.
Thug holding the Daisy SoftAir Model 59 on Asian Hawk demanding the key.
The gun landing on the stairs after being kicked away by Condor.
Condor picks up the gun.
Momoko (Shôko Ikeda) and Ada (Carol Cheng) takes the guards weapons, including a Daisy soft air gun.
Daisy SoftAir Model 59 is seen tucked down the pant of one of the men in the bunker.
Asian Hawk - Condor taking the gun from the man.

Colt Commander (Seecamp Converted)

Guard #4 (Bruce Fontaine) is using an early Seecamp converted Colt Commander while at the hotel to which he attaches a suppressor. Asian Hawk - Condor (Jackie Chan) handles it briefly but it is returned to the man rather quickly. It is later seen again when the men return to the hotel the next day to threaten the hotel manager.

Colt Combat Commander - 9x19mm. Seecamp conversion done in the early 1970s.
Guard #4 (Bruce Fontaine) with his Seecamp converted Colt Commander, lit up by the white background.
He attaches a suppressor to the pistol.
Pistol aimed at Ada and Condor.
The gun lying on a shelf over the TV.
Asian Hawk mid-air preparing to kick the gun.
Condor holding the suppressed gun at the man.
Elsa (Eva Cobo de Garcia) arriving dressed as an Arab servant.
The men holding their suppressed guns at Condor again.
As they are back the next day their weapons are lacking suppressors.

Smith & Wesson Model 669

Guard #1 (Ken Goodman) is first seen with a Smith & Wesson Model 669 before it changes to a CZ Model 75.

Smith & Wesson Model 669 with old bobbed hammer - 9x19mm
Guard #1 takes his gun out.
Guard #1 is sneaking around the corner.

CZ Model 75

Guard #1 (Ken Goodman) now carries an older CZ Model 75 in nickel finish with suppressor and it's later seen thrown around between Elsa (Eva Cobo de Garcia) and Ada (Carol Cheng). Day after when they are back at the hotel another guard is seen with one tucked inside his waistband. It's also seen used to execute some people in a desert camp, and in the bunker carried by the black guard. Mark's (Vincent Lyn) gun briefly turns into one after Condor and the girls open the security doors but it quickly changes back.

CZ Model 75 in nickel finish - 9x19mm
Guard #1 (Ken Goodman) looking out from a corner with his CZ Model 75.
Hotel manager visits asking if Condor and Ada need a condom.
Other guard holding his comrade suppressed pistol.
Ada (Carol Cheng) holding the magazine-less CZ Model 75 during a toss around of the gun.
Another guard with a CZ Model 75 inside his waistband.
CZ Model 75 used to execute a man in the desert camp.
Black guard, out of view, holds a CZ Model 75 and a flashlight in the bunker.
Mark (Vincent Lyn) holds a CZ Model 75 due to a continuity error while in the bunker.


The M1911A1 pistol is standing in for the CZ Model 75 as the gun is thrown up into the air during a fight and lands on the floor discharging.

Colt M1911A1 nickel plated - .45 ACP
CZ 75 turns into an M1911A1 mid-air.
The gun lies on the floor after having discharged when it hit the floor.

SIG-Sauer P220

Mark (Vincent Lyn) uses a SIG-Sauer P220 at the desert camp to execute some people. Amon (Daniel Mintz) has one as well as they are threatening Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) and the girls in the desert. Condor later takes this pistol from him and throws him down a sand hill. Somehow the men are later seen having it again at the end when they demand some water from Condor and the girls. It is probably either the MGC or the Y. T. Corp. model gun.

SIG-Sauer P220 - .38 Super.
Mark holds his P220.
Mark holds his P220.
Mark holds his P220.
Amon holds his P220.
A P220 on the right.
Condor has commandeered the SIG-Sauer P220.

Walther P38

One Walther P38 is briefly seen being used by one of the guards in the bunker who is forced to drop it on the floor as Asian Hawk holds a AK on them.

Walther P38 with synthetic grip - 9x19mm
Guard in the middle with a Walther P38.
Walther P38 is seen in the man's hand.

Smith & Wesson Model 659

Mark (Vincent Lyn), the leader of the guards who turn on Adolf, starts out using the Smith & Wesson Model 659 while in the bunker. After continuity errors where he's seen using different guns it changes back to a 659 in the gold storage room.

Smith & Wesson 659 - 9x19mm
Mark with his Smith & Wesson Model 659.
Mark points his pistol at Condor and the girls, as he's about to kill them, before realising he needs them to open the vault door.
Mark in the gold storage room with his gun.
Guard #1 (Ken Goodman) with the gun in the gold storage room.

Smith & Wesson Model 639

Mark's gun first changes to an Smith & Wesson Model 639 as he tells Asian Hawk and the girls to open the vault door.

Smith & Wesson Model 639 - 9x19mm
Smith & Wesson Model 639 pointed at Condor and the girls.
Mark with his gun.

Llama Model XI

The Daisy Model 59 that Condor takes from one of the guards becomes a Spanish Llama Model XI that he holds at Adolf (Aldo Brel Sánchez) threatening to kill him.

Llama Model XI - 9x19mm.
Condor holding the Llama Model XI to Adolf's head, threatening to kill him.



Returning to the hotel to question the hotel manager, some of the guards are seen with AK-47 rifles. These are also seen in the desert camp, and later when the AK-74 Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) takes from one of the guards becomes an AK-47 as he demands them to drop their weapons. He later gives it to Elsa (Eva Cobo de Garcia) who stumbles and fires it uncontrollably at the men before knocking its magazine out after which she abandons it.

Type II AK-47 (note stock mounting bracket) with prototype slab sided magazine - 7.62x39mm
The barrels of two AK-47s are seen as the guards visit to question the hotel manager.
Asian Hawk holding the men at gunpoint in the bunker with an AK-47.
Elsa holding the AK-47 before she stumbles.


AK-74 is carried by most of the villains in the underground Nazi bunker. Condor takes one from a guard but it directly turns into an AK-47 as he holds them at gunpoint.

AK-74 - 5.45x39mm
The henchman holds his AK-74.
The henchman holds his AK-74.
The henchman gets ambushed by Condor.
The henchman holds his AK-74.
Momoko (Shôko Ikeda) and Ada (Carol Cheng) takes the guards weapons, including the AK-74.
The henchman holds his AK-74.
On the left, the henchman holds his AK-74.

Ottoman Musket

Several Ottoman Muskets are used by Arabs in the desert who abduct Ada and Elsa and try to sell them in exchange for camels.

Ottoman musket
Ottoman Musket on the left.
The Arab leader holding his Ottoman Musket as he watches Condor faking to be killed by a scorpion.
One of the Arabs and the Arab leader with his Ottoman Musket as they watch the scorpion that Condor used to fake his death with.

Machine Guns

FN Minimi

The hotel manager retrieves an FN Minimi from a store room and sells it to Elsa (Eva Cobo de Garcia) on the spot who subsequently fires it blindly spraying the entire courtyard to drive off the two men. One is also seen later in the bunker storage room, strangely as it would have been an anachronism if it was supposed to have been left there by the Nazis.

FN Minimi - 5.56x45mm
The hotel manager retrieves an FN Minimi when he is told that there are robbers in his hotel.
Elsa firing the FN Minimi uncontrollably in the hotel.
Elsa firing the FN Minimi uncontrollably in the hotel.
FN Minimi is lying between to other guns on the floor in the bunker.

Vickers Gun

The Vickers Gun is seen in the gold storage room in the bunker.

Vickers - .303 British
The Vickers Gun is standing next to an FN Minimi on the floor.

Unknown Machine Gun

Some other type of machine gun is also seen in the gold storage room.

The machine gun is seen lying on the floor next to the FN Minimi in the middle.

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