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Olympic Arms OA-93

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OA-93 - 5.56x45mm
OA-96 - 5.56x45mm
OA-98 - 5.56x45mm

The OA-93, OA-96 and OA-98 Pistols

  • 1993: Olympic Arms made an AR-15 pistol called the OA-93 which had a barrel shroud and the first model Phantom flash hider. The OA-93 was unique in that it sported a 6.5" barrel and the distinctive recoil assembly above the upper receiver, which eliminated the need for a buffer tube with spring. Then the Omnibus Crime Bill of 1994 (also known as the Clinton Federal Assault Weapons Ban) outlawed the OA-93 a short while after its introduction. However, the OA-93 was still made available available to Title II dealers and Law Enforcement in both semi and select fire modes.
  • 1996: As a result of the banning of specific cosmetic details, Olympic Arms released the OA-96 Pistol, which had a permanently pinned 10 round magazine (which "looked like a 30 round magazine"), thus not being 'detachable' the OA-96 could keep the barrel shroud and flash hider. Sales were dismal however, and few were made. No one wanted a pistol that you had to disassemble in order to reload. There are no documented cases of an OA-96 appearing in any film or television show.
  • 1998: In an attempt to built another pistol that 'could' have a detachable magazine, Olympic Arms released the OA-98 Pistol, which had the look of a 'skeleton' in that most of the metal and plastic had been cut away, to keep the pistol under the arbitrary "50 oz. weight limit" imposed by the Clinton Ban. Once under this weight limit, they could add the detachable magazine and still not be an assault weapon. But the flash hider and barrel heat shield had to go. Arguably one the ugliest pistols on the planet (and called that by many firearms authors), it too did not sell well. There are no documented cases of an OA-98 appearing in any film or television show so far.

What is interesting is that in most (if not all) appearances of the Olympic Arms OA-93, there is a small buffer tube attached to the lower receiver, a feature that is NOT part of the OA-93 system. In order to allow the pistol to function fully-automatic, a small tube had to be added to the rear of the lower receiver in order that there was room for a full-auto bolt carrier to cycle within in the pistol. The tube itself has nothing to do with the recoil spring assembly which was still housed along the operations rod atop the barrel. Contrary to some reports, movie armorers never had had difficulty making the OA-93 cycle blanks. As a matter of fact, it cycles so well and so fast that it had a tendency to burn out the gas tubes in short order. Also note that the factory OA-93 lower receiver did not have the cut or threading to accept a receiver extension for a buffer; this means that all of the documented OA-93 appearances in film and television show an OA-93 upper receiver group fitted to another manufacturer's lower receiver. The vast majority of Hollywood appearances of the OA-93 are weapons from the Stembridge Gun Rentals arsenal that were originally converted for Clear and Present Danger - these guns are in fact OA-93 uppers fitted to transferrable full-auto M16A1 lower receivers.



Type: Compact carbine (legally a pistol)

Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO

Feed System: STANAG Magazines

Fire Modes: Safe/Semi

The Olympic Arms OA-93 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Notation Date
Clear and Present Danger Willem Dafoe John Clark 1994
Bad Boys Will Smith Detective Mike Lowrey 1995
Batman Forever Various actors Two-Face's thugs 90-round drums with neon detailing. Hybrid with M16A1 1995
Batman Forever Tommy Lee Jones Two-Face 90-round drums with neon detailing. Hybrid with M16A1 1995
Strange Days William Fichtner Officer Engelman 1995
Mercenary Nils Allen Stewart Bad Dave 1996
Bulletproof Various actors Colton's thugs 1996
The Long Kiss Goodnight Various Assassins . 1996
Spawn Michael Jai White Spawn 1997
Lethal Weapon 4 "Human Tank" 1998
Once Upon a Time in Mexico Various actors Cucuy's thugs 2003
Once Upon a Time in Mexico Antonio Banderas El Mariachi 2003
Miami Vice Yero's henchman Fitted with a carbine stock and a C-More red-dot sight 2006
Miami Vice Justin Theroux Zito 2006
Looper Henchman 2012


Show Title Actor Character Note/ Episode Air Date
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Various actors Bank robbers "Inside the Box", Fitted with telescoping stock 2000-???
True Detective Andy Mackenzie Ivar 2015

Video Games

Game Title Appears As Mods Notation Release Date
F.E.A.R. "SM15 Machine Pistol" Heckler & Koch HK416-style handguard, top rail and front sight OA-93, full-auto capable, only available in Xbox 360 version 2005
Punisher 2005

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