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Merwin Hulbert Model Revolver

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Merwin, Hulbert & Co. Revolvers

Merwin Hulbert & Co. SA First Model Frontier Army with early "humpback" hammer and shortened barrel - .44 Merwin Hulbert
Merwin Hulbert & Co. Pocket Revolver - .32 caliber
Merwin Hulbert & Co. Pocket Army, 3rd Model - .44/40 WCF
Merwin Hulbert Pocket Army, 4th Model - .44/40 WCF
Merwin Hulbert & Co. Large Frame Double Action Revolver - .44/40 WCF
Actual Hero Merwin-Hulbert revolver used by Buck Taylor in Rough Riders - .45 Colt. Courtesy of NRA National Firearms Museum.
Merwin Hulbert SA First Model Frontier. Early production. Manufactured c. 1876

Merwin, Hulbert & Co. was one of the top four quality revolver manufacturers from 1876 to 1891, along with their famous counterparts, Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Remington. Though Merwin, Hulbert pistols were never manufactured in the large numbers of the other major manufacturers, the oustanding quality of their fit and finish made them desirable firearms in their day, and today as well. The most distinctive feature of Merwin Hulbert revolvers is their unique ejection system, in which the barrel and cylinder are twisted 90 degrees to the side and then pulled forward until the spent casings fall out. The barrel can also be easily removed, and as a result Merwin, Hulbert sold many of their revolvers with two interchangeable barrels, typically a 3ΒΌ-inch barrel for concealed carry and a 7-inch barrel for target shooting.

Merwin, Hulbert & Co. made several models of revolvers. The large frame revolvers, models one through four, were chambered for the proprietary .44 Merwin Hulbert, .44 Russian and .44-40 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) cartridges. The square butt versions were known as the "Frontier Army" model. The crested butt (also known as the "birdshead" or "skullcrusher" butt) versions, models two through four, were known as the "Pocket Army" model. Several single and double action medium and small frame pocket revolvers were chambered in .38MH (also fired .38 S&W) and .32MH (also fired .32 S&W) calibers. A seven shot .22 Short Rimfire caliber Derringer, which was identical to the Smith & Wesson Model One-Number Three derringer, was marketed by Merwin, Hulbert for a short time. .


Title Actor Character Note Date
Son of Paleface Jane Russell Mike 'The Torch' Delroy 1952
Blowing Wild Gary Cooper Jeff Dawson Army Frontier 3rd Model; With pearl grips 1953
A Gentle Creature (Krotkaya) Iya Savvina The Gentle Woman Pocket 3rd Model 1960
Andrei Popov The Pawnbroker
A Boy and His Dog Tim McIntire theater guard 1975
The Godfather Part II Bruno Kirby Young Clemenza 1974
The Long Riders Randy Quaid Clell Miller 1980
Heaven's Gate Isabelle Huppert Ella Watson 1980
Heaven's Gate Jeff Bridges John L. Bridges 1980
Tall Tale Patrick Swayze Pecos Bill dual-wielded 1995
Texas Rangers Alfred Molina John King Fisher 2001
American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James Peter Fonda Marshal Kane Seen only in holster, "skullcrusher" ivory or pearl grip 2010
Bone Tomahawk Patrick Wilson Arthur O'Dyer 2015


Title Actor Character Note/Episode Date
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (Sherlok Holms i doktor Vatson) Viktor Aristov Joseph Stangerson Pocket model; Ep. "Bloody Inscription" 1980
Nikolai Karachentsov Jefferson Hope
Rough Riders Buck Taylor George Neville 1997
Godless Samantha Soule Charlotte Temple Nickel plated First/Second Model, 5.5" barrel 2017

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