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Delta Force: Land Warrior

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Delta Force Land Warrior(2000)

Delta Force: Land Warrior is the third game in the Delta Force series of games by NovaLogic.

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The following weapons appear in the video game Delta Force: Land Warrior:


Heckler & Koch Mk 23 Mod 0

The Heckler & Koch Mark 23 appears as the standard sidearm of Delta Force, fitted with its usual (though unusable in-game) laser aiming module and able to optionally take its suppressor. It is almost universally the recommended sidearm for all missions, only ever replaced by the P11 when underwater combat is expected. Like most other weapons in the game, it is a one-shot kill on most enemies (even when silenced), though it and the rest of the sidearms suffer from only holding a small handful of extra magazines.

Airsoft Heckler & Koch Mk 23 Phase II Prototype (note front cocking serrations, deleted from production models) with Tokyo Marui replica of a Knight's Armament suppressor and prototype Laser Aiming Module - (fake) .45 ACP

Glock 18

The Glock 18 is an alternative choice to the Mark 23, and is generally the pistol used by tangoes when they're not equipping a heavier rifle. Though its inventory image depicts an early compensated Glock 18C, with an extended barrel, the in-hand sprite is a non-compensated version. While not having the option of a suppressor, it competes with a higher magazine capacity, featuring a slightly incorrect 32 rounds (31 and 33 round magazines exist, though the in-game weapon is depicted with flush-fitting 18-rounders), and the ability to change fire modes between full-auto and semi-auto.

Glock 18 (2nd Generation) with protruding compensated barrel - 9x19mm
Note the absence of the fire selector and barrel extension; the weapon was likely modeled off of a standard Glock 17.

Heckler & Koch P11

The Heckler & Koch P11 is featured as a pistol meant for underwater combat. While real underwater firearms are designed primarily for usage underwater and suffer from short range whether above or below water, the P11 is instead presented as essentially the equivalent of any other handgun, trading off magazine capacity for the ability to be fired underwater with the same extreme range and accuracy. It is also incorrectly depicted as being able to keep a round in the chamber after a reload, despite the real weapon featuring a five-barrel design that is swapped out to reload.

Heckler & Koch P11 - 7.62x36mm

Calico M950A

A Calico M950A is featured, and treated as a secondary submachine gun due to its selective-fire nature. It carries 100 rounds per magazine (which do exist, though in game it's visibly fitted with the 50 round magazine), but in return is less accurate and slower-firing than the other SMGs.

Calico M950 pistol - 9x19mm


Pancor Jackhammer

The Pancor Jackhammer is the only standalone shotgun available in the game. Apparently in the Delta Force universe Pancor was able to actually produce working versions of the weapon, as it is available to Delta Force and shows up frequently in the hands of bad guys, typically when in or around buildings and other cramped quarters. Like nearly every other weapon in the game, it is incorrectly shown to keep a round in the chamber when reloaded before being emptied, despite the fact that the chamber in question is tossed out with the magazine whenever it is reloaded.

Pancor Jackhammer toolroom prototype - 12 gauge

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5SD3

The standard submachine gun of Delta Force is the Heckler & Koch MP5SD3. It is the most commonly-suggested secondary weapon, only loud missions where combat is actively required (e.g. defending an area from waves of hostiles, rather than infiltrating an enemy stronghold to destroy ammo dumps or rescue hostages) suggesting either of the non-suppressed alternatives. Its suppressor gives it slightly lower power than the other submachine guns, requiring a shot to the head to kill in a single bullet. Like most other select-fire weapons it features semi-, full-auto, and three-round burst fire modes, implying it is fitted with an original Navy-style trigger group.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD3 - 9x19mm

Heckler & Koch UMP

The Heckler & Koch UMP45 is a higher-powered and louder alternative to the MP5. It sacrifices the MP5SD3's suppressed nature and has a slightly lower capacity of 25 rounds in favor of higher power, killing in a single bullet. It has the same fire modes as the MP5, including an incorrect three-round burst, rather than two rounds as in reality.

Heckler & Koch UMP45 - .45 ACP

Assault Rifles

Colt Commando

The Colt Commando is incorrectly referred to as the "M4", fitted with a short-range scope (which can be zoomed in from 2x to 4x) and an underbarrel Knight's Armament Masterkey shotgun. It can be fired in burst-fire or semi-auto, with the Masterkey presented as the third fire mode. The Masterkey is incorrectly given a 5+1 capacity, rather than its real 3+1, and is also treated as if it is fed via detachable magazines, with a non-empty reload dumping every shell still in the tube to replace them with new ones.

Colt Commando - 5.56x45mm
KAC Masterkey - 12 gauge

APS Underwater Assault Rifle

The APS Underwater Assault Rifle, alternately referred to as the UAR, UAW, or "Water Rifle", is the second of two underwater firearms available in the game. Like the P11, it is incorrectly shown to be equally effective both above and below water, and is also given a 30-round magazine capacity, four more than the real magazines hold.

APS underwater assault rifle - 5.66x39mm MPS


As expected, the AK-47 features as one of the most common automatic weapons in use with various hostiles. Primarily meant as a bad-guy weapon, it does not have any sort of accessories and has a restricted rate of fire. Like most other selective-fire weapons in the game, it is incorrectly depicted as having a burst-fire setting between full- and semi-auto.

AK-47 - 7.62x39mm

Steyr AUG

The Steyr AUG A1 features as a companion to the Model 733, fitted with an underbarrel M203 grenade launcher. As with most other games to feature select-fire capability, the AUG is shown as having a standard fire selector rather than a two-stage trigger due to game mechanics and limitations in gaming peripherals. In return for the longer range and higher power of its underbarrel launcher, its scope is fixed at 2x magnification.

Steyr AUG with M203 - 5.56x45mm NATO & 40x46mm

Heckler & Koch G11K2

Another rare prototype weapon presented as a success, the Heckler & Koch G11K2 is not only available to Delta Force, but is somehow in the hands of various terrorist forces as well, such as the opposing forces of the first quick mission. Its caseless nature presents it with advantages such as a higher capacity than any other assault rifle, at 45+1 rounds. Though the real G11's system limits it's full-auto firerate to a rather slow 450 rounds per minute, the in-game weapon is the fastest firing weapon in the game no matter if on burst or auto. It also has extremely low recoil, even at full auto. However, like the AUG, its integrated scope is fixed at 2x magnification.

Heckler & Koch G11 - 4.73x33mm

Machine Guns

M249 SAW

The M249 SAW is one of two portable machine guns available to the player. It features an extremely high capacity in return for below-average accuracy and heavier recoil than smaller weapons. As with almost every other weapon in the game, it incorrectly keeps a round from the previous belt in the chamber when it is reloaded, despite the fact that as an open-bolt, belt-fed weapon, no round is ever in the chamber until the trigger has already been pulled to fire that round.

M249E2 SAW - 5.56x45mm NATO


A heavier alternative to the M249, the M240 machine gun, specifically the M240G used by the Marine Corps, is the second of two machine guns available for the player's loadout. Like the M249, it too is shown as able to keep a round from the previous belt when reloaded midway through.

M240G, USMC style with no heat shield - 7.62x51mm NATO

Browning M2HB

The most common mounted weapon in the game is the Browning M2HB. Contrary to most mounted-gun use even in other tactical shooters, the M2HB has limited ammunition as well, though it is at a hefty 200 rounds per belt, with one in reserve per gun, with its high accuracy and low rate of fire combining well with the usual one-shot-kill power to make those 400 rounds go a long way. As with the other two weapons, it too is shown to keep a round from the last belt after being reloaded despite its belt-fed nature.

Browning M2HB - .50 BMG

Sniper Rifles


The M40A1 is the standard sniper weapon system used by Delta Force, and the only bolt-action sniper rifle in the game. Its low capacity of 5 rounds and longer time between shots is offset by having a fairly powerful scope that can vary from 2 to 10x magnification and a generous supply of extra ammunition. Like all other weapons in the game, it is treated as if it is fed via detachable magazines, meaning it not only keeps a round in the chamber after every reload (despite the fact that the chamber has to be opened, and thus emptied, to start reloading) but any other rounds left in the internal magazine are dumped on a reload.

M40 - 7.62x51mm NATO

Barrett M82

The Barrett M82A1 is present in the game as well. Its higher-capacity magazines trade off for having just a bit more than half as much ammunition in reserve, but it is otherwise a straight upgrade over the M40A1 in every way, with higher power, a faster rate of fire, longer range, and an even more powerful scope that can be magnified up to 14x.

Barrett M82A1 - .50 BMG
Note the HUD referring to the gun as "M82AL"; the 1 was possibly mistaken as a lowercase L.

Heckler & Koch PSG-1

An integrally-suppressed Heckler & Koch PSG-1 is the third of three sniper rifles available in the game. It features more ammunition than the Barrett, with 20 rounds per magazine and carrying more in reserve, but in return it is noticeably shorter-ranged than the other two - its scope only features the same 4x magnification as the Colt 733, and its suppressor and subsonic bullets not only cause those bullets to drop off faster at longer ranges, but also make it the only weapon with any noticeable bullet-travel time.

Heckler & Koch PSG-1 - 7.62x51mm NATO


Hawk MM1

The Hawk MM1 grenade launcher is available as a primary weapon, featuring an extremely slow rate of fire in return for the massive power of its 40mm grenades. Interestingly, due to its status as a revolver-type grenade launcher, it is the only weapon in the game that ignores the usual rules regarding chambered rounds. It does, however, still dump any unfired rounds still in those chambers as if the player character was swapping a box magazine.

Hawk MM1 - 40x46mm

M136 AT4

The M136 AT4 fits into an explosives slot, carried as a tertiary weapon behind the primary rifle or machine gun and secondary submachine gun. It is the recommended weapon in its slot in the majority of missions, save for those where satchel charges are required, primarily because the player cannot go without a weapon in every slot unless they drop it at an armory mid-mission. It nevertheless sees an important use as the player's only option against attack helicopters in missions where they are present, as a single well-placed hit will knock them out of the sky.

M136 AT4 - 84mm

Mk 19

Much rarer than the M2HB, the Mk 19 grenade launcher is a noticeably more powerful alternative. Like the M2, it too has an actual ammo supply that can be exhausted despite its role as a mounted weapon in a video game, which also keeps a round in the chamber when reloading.

Mk 19 - 40x53mm



Essentially the mascot weapon of the game, the XM29 OICW is featured, referred to in the armory as the "OICW Landwarrior". The rifle can be fired in three-round bursts or semi-automatic, and its integrated grenade launcher is included as well as a third firing mode. It also features a scope, which as with the real weapon can reach 6x magnification. While its armory description does make note that the weapon is heavier than similar rifles (six pounds heavier than the M16A2 with M203 in reality, which was three more than the project's target weight), it is presented as an accurate and lethal weapon, killing enemies in a single bullet as most other weapons in the game do and being a viable option for long ranges or against massed groups of enemies with the grenade launcher.

XM29 OICW - 5.56x45mm NATO & 20x28mm

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