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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (2003)
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - Team Sabre (2004)

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is a first-person shooter video game and the sixth installment of the Delta Force series, developed and published by NovaLogic and released on March 2003 for the PC, Mac OS X, PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

The storyline takes place in the year 1993, during both Operation Restore Hope and Operation Gothic Serpent, as part of the Somalian Civil War. On the first missions, the player takes the role as Task Force Ranger and 10th Mountain Division soldier, later as a Delta Force operator.

On January 20, 2004, an expansion pack called Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - Team Sabre was released, featuring two new single-player campaigns taking place in Colombia and Iran, also introducing a few more weapons and vehicles.

The following weapons appear in the video games Delta Force: Black Hawk Down and Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - Team Sabre:


Beretta Hybrid

An indistinct model of the Beretta 92, identified as the M9, is the main sidearm of Task Force Ranger and the 10th Mountain Division, featuring a 15-round magazine and higher accuracy than the M1911A1 in exchange for less power per-shot. Delta Force operators are seen with M9s in leg holsters. Despite its in-game name, the actual base 92FS model that had been issued as the M9 is not present; the inventory image shows it with the shortened barrel and slide of the Centurion. The in-game model likewise appears to be a hybrid of the earlier 92S and 92SB, featuring a rounded trigger guard, with the safety/decocker only modeled on the left side like the 92S, but with its reload animation suggesting the magazine release button is at the base of the trigger guard like the 92SB.

Beretta 92SB - 9x19mm. From this angle, it differs from the 92S only by the location of its magazine-release button.
Beretta 92FS Centurion - 9x19mm
The Beretta in the gear selection menu. The pistol in the image appears to be that a 92FS Centurion rather than a standard M9/92FS.
In-game Beretta.
Reloading the hybrid Beretta. Note the rounded trigger guard. The player character's fingers never move enough to actually show the mag release, though they do move in a way that suggests it's at the trigger guard.


The M1911A1, called "Colt .45" in-game, is the main sidearm of Delta Force. It is more powerful than the Beretta but less accurate.

World War II issued Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
M1911A1 in gear selection menu. Given this pistol's particular features (straight grip at the rear, short beavertail, trigger and hammer), it is possible this is an image of an older M1911 rather than a M1911A1.
In-game M1911A1.
Reloading the M1911A1 in-game. Note the oddly-angled trigger guard on the game model.


Remington Model 870

The Remington Model 870 is the only available shotgun in the game. Not accurate but very powerful. Can be found under the secondary weapon category.

Remington 870 New Police tactical Model with Magpul CTR telescoping stock - 12 Gauge
Remington 870 in gear selection menu - note the Choate side folding stock.
In-game Remington 870.
The third person model of the Remington 870 with a heatshield not present in first person.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

A Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with a tri-lug suppressor simply appears as the "MP5" in-game. It is the only submachine gun featured, and is specific to the Delta Force CQB class. It has a rather oddly-modeled handguard, size-wise resembling either the wide "tropical" or SD style of handguard with the stippled pattern of the early "slimline" forend.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with S-E-F trigger group and "tropical" forearm, stock extended - 9x19mm
Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with original "slimline" forearm, stock extended - 9x19mm
"MP5" in gear selection menu.
The MP5 in first person. Reloading reveals a visible barrel with an attached sound suppressor rather than the SD's contiguous integral suppressor.

Rifles / Carbines

Colt Model 727

The Colt Model 727, incorrectly called "CAR-15" in-game, is the main weapon of Delta Force, featuring Aimpoint CompM2 red dot sight and available only to Delta Force. A version with M203 grenade launcher is also featured in-game. Of note is the in-game weapon model is that of a Model 727, while the selection screen shows a GAU-5/A carbine (AKA the Colt Model 610 - The U.S. Air Force adopted version of the XM177) for the standard rifle. A 727 is correctly shown for the M203-mounted version.

Colt Model 727 - 5.56x45mm NATO
In-game Model 727.
Colt Model 727 (5.56x45mm) with M203 grenade launcher - 40x46mm
Model 727/M203 in gear selection menu. Note how the image appears to be a reversed shot of the above image - The selector is shown on the right side here while the ejection port, forward assist and mag-release is not.
In-game Model 727/M203.


The GAU-5/A appears as the selection screen image for the Model 727.

Colt Model 610 / GAU-5/A - 5.56x45mm
"CAR-15" in gear selection menu. This image is actually that of an Air Force GAU-5/A carbine, with the older CAR-15/XM177-style flash moderator. It can be noted as the USAF GAU-5/A and not an XM177E1 due to the lack of a forward assist.


The M16A2, called simply the "M16" in-game, is the main weapon of Task Force Ranger and 10th Mountain Division soldiers, and can be fired on semi-auto and 3-round burst. A version with an M203 grenade launcher is also featured in the game. Note that the standard M16A2 has an incorrect 14.5" barrel like the Colt Model 727, though the M16A2/M203 combo version has the right 20" barrel. Another note of interest are two modeling mistakes: The first one is that the M16A2's right side is actually the mirror of the left, meaning it lacks the forward assist, brass deflector, ejection port and its dust cover and magazine release button, and the second one is while the NPCs are firing their weapons on 3-round burst, their fire selector switch is set on semi-auto.

M16A2 Rifle - 5.56x45mm NATO
M16A2 in gear selection menu. Note this also appears to be a reversed image, given the lack of forward assist and ejection port shown on this side of the rifle.
In-game M16A2.
A 10th Mountain soldier with his M16A2. Note that the selector is set to semi-auto.
M16A2 (5.56x45mm NATO) with M203 grenade launcher - 40x46mm
M16A2/M203 in gear selection menu.
In-game M16A2 with M203.

Heckler & Koch G36E

The Heckler & Koch G36E, called "G36" in the game, is a new assault rifle added in the Team Sabre expansion pack.

Heckler & Koch G36V (formerly G36E) with export optical sight - 5.56x45mm
G36E in gear selection menu.
G36E in-game.
Looking through the G36E's sight.

Heckler & Koch G3A3

The Heckler & Koch G3A3, called "G3" in the game, is a new battle rifle added in the Team Sabre expansion pack.

Heckler & Koch G3A3 with wide handguard - 7.62x51mm NATO
G3A3 in gear selection menu.
Holding the G3A3.
The G3A3's ironsights.


The AKM is used by Somali militia and Pakistani UN soldiers. Also used by Iranian soldiers and Pablo cartel gunmen in the Team Sabre expansion pack, it is not usable by the player.

AKM, Stamped Steel Receiver w/ slant muzzle brake - 7.62x39mm
A dead enemy holds his AK.
The Drug Lord of the Team Sabre Expansion carries a unique AK with white furniture.
General Kalb (and one enemy in a previous level using his model seemingly by mistake) in the Team Sabre Expansion carries a unique AK with red furniture.

Sniper Rifles


The M21 is one of several sniper rifles available in the game. It has the highest ammunition capacity, but is the weakest sniper rifle in the game.

M21 Sniper Rifle - 7.62x51mm NATO
M21 in selection menu.
M21 in-game.


The M24 Sniper Weapon System is one of several sniper rifles available in the game.

M24 SWS - .300 Winchester Magnum
M24 in-game.

Heckler & Koch PSG-1

The Heckler & Koch PSG-1 is another sniper rifle available in the game - Added in Team Sabre expansion pack and loaded with 20 round magazines.

Heckler & Koch PSG-1 - 7.62x51mm NATO
PSG-1 in-game.
PSG-1 reload.
PSG-1 scope.

McMillan MCRT Tactical

The McMillan MCRT is one of several sniper rifles available in the game. With a 4-round magazine, it has the lowest ammo capacity of all the sniper rifles in the game.

McMillan MCRT with Harris bipod - 7.62x51mm NATO
MCRT in-game.

Barrett M82A1

The Barrett M82A1, called "Barrett" in-game, is one of several sniper rifles available in the game.

Barrett M82A1 - .50 BMG
M82 in selection menu.
M82 in-game.

Machine Guns

M249E2 SAW

The M249 SAW, called "SAW" in-game, is one of several individual machine guns available in the game.

M249-E2 SAW - upgraded M249 with heat shield and full synthetic Stock equipped with an 200 round ammo drum - 5.56x45mm
M249 in gear selection menu.
M249 in-game.


The M60 machine gun is one of three available machine guns. A modeling mistake shows the weapon without its bipod or, more distressingly, its front sight. The M60 is also mounted on Iranian VBL APCs in the Team Sabre expansion pack (however, the real life counterpart features a DShK heavy machine gun as basic armament).

M60 - 7.62x51mm NATO
M60 in gear selection menu.
In-game M60. Note the lack of front sight, and that the rear sight is as such folded down.


The M240B is one of several individual machine guns available in the game.

M240B - 7.62x51mm NATO
M240B in gear selection menu.
M240B in-game. The model is shared with the M249 above, but with a different forend and barrel - both have Picatinny railed sections along the top cover, which is anachronistic for 1993.

Browning M2HB

The Browning M2HB is emplaced at certain points on a map or mounted to Humvees. Sometimes substitutes the DShK heavy machine gun.

Browning M2HB on vehicle mount - .50 BMG / 12.7x99mm
In-game M2HB.

Dillon Aero Minigun

The Dillon Aero Minigun is mounted on both MH-60 Black Hawks AH-6 Little Birds. Also mounted on MH-53 Pave Lows and used by Iranian soldiers in the Team Sabre expansion pack.

Dillon Aero M134 with flash suppressor - 7.62x51mm
In-game Minigun.


M136 AT4

The M136 AT4 is available in the game - It is the standard anti-tank rocket launcher.

M136 AT4 - 84mm
AT4 in-game.


The RPG-7 is used by Somali militiamen.

RPG-7 - 40mm
RPG in the hand of a dead Somali militant.

Mk 19 Grenade Launcher

Introduced in the Team Sabre expansion pack for the Columbia and Iran missions, the Mk 19 grenade launcher has a slow rate of fire that is compensated for by shooting a highly damaging grenade round.

Mk 19 grenade launcher on M3 tripod - 40mm

M18 Recoilless Rifle

A M18 Recoilless Rifle turret is introduced in the Team Sabre expansion pack. it appears in the final Iran mission, as the "EMCannon", likely meaning Emplaced Cannon.

M18 Recoilless Rifle with tripod - 57mm
M18 Recoilless Rifle in-game.
Using M18 Recoilless Rifle, the scope is not usable.


M67 Hand Grenade

The M67 is the main fragmentation grenade of the game.

M67 fragmentation grenade.
In-game M67.

M18 Smoke Grenade

The M18 is the main smoke grenade of the game.

M18 smoke grenade.
In-game M18.

M18A1 Claymore

The M18A1 Claymore is the main anti-personal mine of the game.

M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel mine.
Claymore in gear selection menu.

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