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Bravo V

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Bravo V
Bravo V (2015).jpg
Bravo V poster
Country MAL.jpg Malaysia
Directed by M. Hitler Zami
Release Date September 10, 2015
Language Malay
Studio KaryaPrima Production
Distributor Empire Film Solution
Main Cast
Character Actor
Lieutenant Azri Remy Ishak
Trooper Karim Beto Kusyairy
Corporal Ah Chia Xavier Fong U-Shin
Corporal Morgan Sashi Tharan
Sergeant Unya Frank Peterson
Sidek Tapa Sofi Jikan
Commander Lim Yatt Kin Wah Chew

Bravo V or Bravo Five is a 2015 Malaysian war film directed by M. Hitler Zami, starring Beto Kusyairy and Remy Ishak. Set during 1989 Communist Insurgency, Lieutenant Azri Haji Manaf, a Malaysian Army 21st Grup Gerak Khas Regiment (21st GGK) commander who leads a team of commando patrol to locate Malayan Communist Party guerrillas trying to undergo hostile activities in the central Peninsular Malaysian region. Unfortunately, their communications gear is destroyed during the shootout with the communists. Without other military reinforcements, they are forced to fight against with nearly 200 MCP guerrillas.

The following weapons were used in the film Bravo V:

Commando Weapons


Heckler & Koch P9S

A Heckler & Koch P9S is carried by Corporal Kamal (Fairil Desa) after being introduced. Trooper Karim Abdullah (Beto Kusyairy) uses a P9S to kill two of Sidek's bodyguards before he engages Sidek (Sofi Jikan) in a hand-to-hand fight.

Heckler & Koch P9S, post 1973 model with hooked trigger guard - 9x19mm
A close up of Corporal Kamal's H&K P9S.
A close up of Trooper Karim's H&K P9S.
Corporal Kamal aims his H&K P9S at Lim Yatt before he's captured by MCP forces led by Sidek.
Trooper Karim lay down his P9S slowly before use the imitation style.
Karim use the imitation to shoot his P9S at Sidek's bodyguards.


Remy Ishak holsters the P9S while shooting a scene.


Franchi LAW-12

Trooper Karim (Beto Kusyairy) is seen armed with a Franchi LAW-12 with a folding stock.

Franchi LAW-12 – 12 Gauge
The Franchi LAW-12 seen used by Trooper Karim while infiltrating a communist camp.
Karim with his LAW-12 comes to the aborigine's hut.
Karim with a Franchi LAW-12 rendezvous with Lt. Azri after the aborigines are rescued.
A close up of Karim's Franchi LAW-12.
Karim fires his Franchi LAW-12 at the MCP guerrilla fighters.

Rifles / Carbines

Colt Model 653 "M16A1 Carbine"

Several 21st Commando troopers are seen with Colt Model 653 "M16A1 Carbine". Lieutenant Azri (Remy Ishak) and Corporal Ah Chia (Xavier Fong U-Shin) are seen using it several times.

Colt Model 653 "M16A1 Carbine" - 5.56x45mm
21st GGK commander Lieutenant Azri has a slung Colt Model 653 "M16A1 Carbine" during the mission briefing in the army bootcamp.
Lieutenant Azri with his Colt Model 653 "M16A1 Carbine" signals to his fellow soldiers.
Corporal Ah Chia holding the Colt Model 653 "M16A1 Carbine" while infiltrating a communist camp.
Corporal Ah Chia fires his Colt Model 653 "M16A1 Carbine" at MCP guerillas.

Colt M16A1 w/ M203 grenade launcher

Sergeant Unya Anak Gawing (Frank Peterson) carries an M16A1 with M203 Grenade Launcher throughout the film.

Colt M16A1 (5.56x45mm) with M203 40mm grenade launcher.
Sergeant Unya has a slung M16A1 with an M203 40mm grenade launcher during the mission briefing.
Sgt. Unya with his M16A1 with an M203 40mm grenade launcher, covering each other.
An M16A1 with an M203 40mm grenade launcher shouldered by Sgt. Unya when they spotted the enemy.
Sgt. Unya fires his M16A1 with an M203 while retreating to strategic position.
Sgt. Unya marches behind Cpl. Morgan.
Corporal Kamal fires Unya's M16A1 before he gets shot by MCP forces.

Machine Guns

Zastava M77

A Zastava M77 light machine gun are used by Corporal Morgan s/o Murugan (Sashi Tharan) in the film.

Zastava M77 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Corporal Morgan has a slung Zastava M77 during the briefing in the army bootcamp.
Corporal Morgan holding his Zastava M77 with 20-round straight magazine.
Cpl. Morgan with his Zastava M77 light machine gun while infiltrating a communist camp.
Corporal Morgan fires his Zastava M77 at the communist guerillas.
The M77 shouldered by Corporal Morgan during a raid.

Sniper Rifles

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

Sergeant Unya (Frank Peterson) uses an Accuracy International Arctic Warfare during training.

Accuracy International AW - 7.62x51mm NATO
Sgt. Unya aiming his Arctic Warfare sniper rifle.
Sgt. Unya chambers another round.

Communist Weapons


Enfield No.2 Mk.1*

The Enfield No.2 Mk.1* revolver is used by Commander Lim Yatt (Kin Wah Chew) and his henchmen, Sidek Tapa (Sofi Jikan) as well as Sidek's female bodyguard. The Enfield No.2 Mk.1* was also seen in the hands of Corporal Ah Chia to execute Commander Lim Yatt for avenged his father's death.

Enfield No.2 Mk.1* - .38 S&W
Sidek aiming his Enfield No.2 Mk.1* to the little girl before he executes her.
Commander Lim Yatt aiming an empty No.2 Mk.1* at Corporal Ah Chia.
Corporal Ah Chia fires a loaded No.2 Mk.1* at Lim Yatt's guards.
A wounded Ah Chia with the No.2 Mk.1* aimed at a downed Lim Yatt.
Sidek aiming his empty No.2 Mk.1* at Karim.
A female bodyguard of Sidek holds an No.2 Mk.1* is shot by Karim.

Colt Python

The Colt Python is used by one of the MCP guerillas when they attack the Lieutenant Azri's family.

Colt Python Stainless Steel variant with 4" Barrel and Colt marked rubber combat grips - .357 Magnum
MCP guerilla with Colt Python aimed at Lieutenant Azri's father before he executes him.

Luger P08

The Luger P08 is used by Commander Lim Yatt (Kin Wah Chew).

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
Commander Lim Yatt with his Luger P08 after he detains local aborigines.
Commander Lim Yatt threatens Ah Chia's father with his P08 during Ah Chia's flashback 20 years ago.
Commander Lim Yatt executes Ah Chia's father with the P08.


Double Barrel Shotgun

Two MCP guerillas can briefly be seen with a full length Double Barreled Shotgun.

Baikal hammerless side by side shotgun - 12 Gauge.
MCP guerilla on the right aiming his Double Barrel Shotgun at Corporal Kamal.
One of the MCP guerillas with a Double Barrel Shotgun guards the aborigine village.

Submachine Guns

Vigneron M2

The Vigneron M2 is used by one of the MCP guerillas.

Vigneron M2 - 9x19mm.
One of the MCP guerillas is holding his Vigneron M2.

Sten Mk II

The Sten Mk II submachine guns used by the MCP guerrillas

Sten Mk II - 9x19mm.
A close up of the MCP guerrilla's Sten Mk II.
One of the MCP guerrillas is seen holding his Sten Mk II while marching to the bridge.
Trooper Karim sneaks up on a MCP guerrilla armed with the Mk II.


Arisaka Type 38

The MCP guerilla is seen has a slung Arisaka Type 38 rifle.

Arisaka Type 38 - 6.5x50mm Arisaka
The MCP guerilla has a slung Arisaka Type 38 rifle while he drags Cpl. Kamal into the prison.

Arisaka Type 99

The Arisaka Type 99 last-ditch rifle are used by one of the MCP guerrillas at their camp.

Arisaka Type 99 - 7.7x58mm
The MCP guerilla standing at the camp with a Type 99 rifle.
MCP guerilla fire at 21st GGK commandos with an Arisaka Type 99.

Lee-Enfield No. 5 Jungle Carbine

The Lee-Enfield No. 5 Jungle Carbine are seen used by one of the MCP guerrillas after get the message letter from their informers.

Lee-Enfield No. 5 Jungle Carbine - .303 British
MCP guerrilla with No. 5 Jungle Carbine.

Unknown Rifle

One communist guerilla on the right is seen carries an unknown rifle after their camp was destroyed by artillery fire.

MCP guerrilla with his rifle.


At least one MCP guerilla is seen with the L1A1 SLR during the introduction sequence.

L1A1 SLR - 7.62x51mm NATO. This is the later, typical version of the L1A1 which used black fiberglass furniture.
MCP guerrilla aiming his SLR at Corporal Kamal.
MCP guerrilla armed with the SLR while standing guard.


An MCP guerilla uses the CETME Rifle battle rifle. Apparently, this is the Model B variant with a retractable stock.

CETME Model B - 7.62x51mm NATO.
The MCP guerilla aiming his CETME Model B battle rifle at Corporal Kamal.
The MCP guerilla on patrol with his CETME Model B with a retractable stock.
The MCP guerillas dragged Cpl. Kamal into their camp. The guerilla on the left has a slung CETME Model B rifle.
The MCP guerillas pick up his CETME Model B rifle after they set a booby-trap. The stock of this rifle is extended.

M16A1 assault rifle

M16A1 assault rifles are used by MCP guerillas during the shootout with 21st GGK commandos

M16A1 with 30 Round magazine - 5.56x45mm.
MCP guerillas opens fire with M16A1s at 21st GGK commandos.
The aborigine fires his captured M16A1 at MCP guerrillas before he gets killed.


Malaysian Army soldiers searches an abandoned MCP camp. The scene doesn't appear in the final cut.


OTO Melara Mod 56 105mm Pack Howitzer

An OTO Melara Mod 56 105mm Pack Howitzer is seen in the film during scenes depicting them providing artillery fire support.

OTO Melara Mod 56 - 105mm Pack Howitzer.
A Malaysian Army artillery crew moves an OTO Melara Mod 56 howitzer to provide artillery support against communist positions.


An OTO Melara Mod 56 howitzer being fired during a film shoot.


M26 Hand Grenade

M26 hand grenade are used by both Sergeant Unya and by MCP guerillas. They're used to commit suicide to take out their enemy.

M26 "Lemon" hand grenade.
Dying Unya trying to throw the grenade before getting shot in the arms, taking three communist guerrillas with him.
A wounded guerrilla drops the primed M26.

Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk 1*

A couple of Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk 1*s are mounted on the wall of the senior officer's mess.

Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk 1 - .303 British.
Two Lee-Enfield rifles in a cross position can be seen mounted on the wall during the soldier's family rendezvous with the Chief of Malaysian Armed Forces.

Heckler & Koch HK416

The Heckler & Koch HK416 is used by Amy Search in the film's music video. The HK416 is fitted with an AN/PEQ-2 laser sights, EOTech red dot sights, an desert-camo pistol grip, desert Magpul MOE carbine stocks, desert vertical forward grip and tactical lights.

Heckler & Koch HK416 with 14.5 inch barrel - 5.56x45mm NATO.
The HK416 in the music video "Redha Kemenangan" (English: Accepted The Wins) by Amy Search.

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