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Zastava Arms

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Zastava Arms


Zastava Arms (Serbian: Застава oружје, romanized: Zastava oružje) is a Serbian (formerly Yugoslavian) weapons design and manufacturing company. The company originates from the Kragujevac Cannon Foundry "Topolivnica" founded in 1853 in the Serbian city of Kragujevac, a major manufacturer of military ordnance, including small arms, for the militaries of Serbia and later Yugoslavia.

In the early 20th century, the Kragujevac plant opened up production facilities for automobiles, which it gradually expanded in the coming years. After WWII, the Kragujevac plant was renamed to Red Flag Factories (Serbian: Заводи Црвена Застава, romanized: Zavodi Crvena Zastava). In 1953, the Zastava plant began to focus on producing automobiles exclusively, and it seems that the ordnance production facilities at Zastava were spun off into their own entity. Though the details of Zastava's split isn't clear, it is clear that two distinct manufacturers bearing the Zastava name emerged from this split: Zastava Automobiles, a major Serbian automobile manufacturer, and Zastava Arms.


Founded: 1853

Country of Origin: Serbia

Products: Pistols, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns



Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Produced Variants Image
M83 .357 Magnum
.38 Sp
6 1983 - ???? M83/87, M83/92 ZastavaM83 1.jpg


Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Produced Variants Image
CZ99 9x19mm
.40 S&W
1990 - Present Cz99-1.jpg
M88 9x19mm 8 1987 - Present ZastavaPistol.jpg
M57 7.62x25mm Tokarev 9 ?? - Present YugoM57.jpg

Submachine Guns

Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Produced Variants Image
M56 7.62x25 mm 32 1956-???? Zastava M56.jpg


Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Produced Variants Image
Zastava LP 12 PAS 12 gauge 5+1 1993 - 2010 Zastava LP 12 PA
(also known as Zastava M93 12/70)
Zastava LP 12 PAS.jpg

Assault Rifles

Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Produced Variants Image
M70 7.62x39mm 30,75 1970 - Present Numerous Zastava M70B1.jpg
M85 5.56x45mm 30 1985 - Present M85 5 12.jpg
M92 7.62x39mm 30 1992 - Present ZastavaM92.jpg
M21 5.56x45mm 30 2004 - Present Zastava M21 s.jpg
LKP PAP 7.62x39mm 10, 30 1990 - Present Zastava LKP PAP.jpg
M19 7.62x39mm
6.5mm Grendel
30 2020 - Present Zastava-m19.jpg

Rifles & Sniper Rifles

Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Produced Variants Image
M48 7.92×57mm IS 5 1948 - 1965 M48A

PAP M59 7.62x39mm 10 1964 - ??

M76 8x57mm IS 10 1976 - ???
Zastava M93 Black Arrow .50 BMG 5 1998-present
Zastava M93.jpg
M07 7.62x51mm 5 2007 - Present
Zastava Sniper Rifle M07.jpg

Machine Guns

Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Produced Variants Image
M53 7.92x57mm Mauser 50, 250 1950s - ???? Zastava M53.jpg
M72 7.62x39mm 30,75 1972 - Present M72B1 ZastavaM72.jpg
M77 7.62x51mm 20,75 1970s - Present M72B1 Zastava M77 LMG.jpg
M84 7.62x54mm R 100, 250 1980s - Present Zastava-m84.jpg
M02 12.7x108mm R 700 1980s - Present Zastava M02 Coyote.jpg
M55 20x110 mm 3x60 1955 - ???? Zastava M55 Triple 20mm.jpg


Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Produced Variants Image
M93 30mm 29 2000-Present Zastava BGA.jpg

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