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Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

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Beverly Hills Cop
Beverly hills cop.jpg
Cinema poster
note the Colt 1911 Eddie Murphy is holding has the ejection port
on the wrong side, indicating a flipped image.
In the film, the pistol carried was a Browning Hi-Power.
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Martin Brest
Release Date 1984
Language English
Studio Paramount Pictures
Distributor Paramount Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Axel Foley Eddie Murphy
Det. Billy Rosewood Judge Reinhold
Sgt. Taggart John Ashton
Jenny Summers Lisa Eilbacher
Lt. Bogomil Ronny Cox
Victor Maitland Steven Berkoff
Mikey Tandino James Russo
Zack Jonathan Banks
Inspector Todd Gilbert R. Hill

Beverly Hills Cop is a 1984 action comedy directed by Martin Brest (Midnight Run) and starring Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley, a Detroit Police detective who travels to Beverly Hills to investigate the murder of one of his old friends. Sylvester Stallone was originally cast as Foley, but script problems caused him to leave the production (Stallone would later use some of the elements he developed for this film for his 1986 action movie Cobra). Murphy then was quickly cast in the role, and the film, which turned out to be a huge blockbuster, helped him become one of the biggest movie stars of the 1980's. Murphy would return as Foley in three sequels: Beverly Hills Cop II (1987), Beverly Hills Cop III (1994) and Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F (2024).

The following weapons were used in the film Beverly Hills Cop (1984):



Browning Hi-Power

Detroit PD Detective Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) carries as his sidearm a Browning Hi-Power pistol. The manufacturer, FN, switched from an internal extractor to the external extractor in 1963 and switched from a ring hammer to a spur hammer in 1972, which confirms Foley's gun as a post-WWII model. The Hi-Power would continue to be his weapon of choice in the subsequent sequels.

Browning Hi-Power - 9x19mm. This is the actual Hero gun - The screen-used BHP held and fired by Eddie Murphy in the film.
Detroit PD Detective Axel Foley pulls his Browning Hi-Power when he finds his Detroit apartment broken into.
Axel with his Browning.
"Gun, partner!"
A Beverly Hills Police Department officer holds Axel's Browning Hi-Power. (In reality, police officers are trained to only say "gun!" when immediate defensive action is required, shouting this after simply finding one on a suspect could mislead his partner into thinking the suspect is attacking.)
Detroit PD Detective Axel Foley opens fire with his Browning Hi-Power.
Axel and Taggart (John Ashton) fire at an Uzi-wielding henchman.
Axel reloads his Browning Hi-Power.
Axel fires his Browning Hi-Power at a henchman.
Axel with his Hi-Power.
Axel blind-fires at Zack.
Axel, wielding his Browning Hi-Power, sees Zack about to fire at him.
Axel aims his Hi-Power at Maitland.

Smith & Wesson 639

A Detroit police officer at the beginning of the film uses a Smith & Wesson 639 as his sidearm. Detective Jeffrey Friedman (Paul Reiser) can be also seen with one tucked in his waistband. Casey (Michael Champion) also uses one to hold Axel and gunpoint, and later to shoot at Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold). Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil (Ronny Cox) uses this as his primary sidearm, as seen during the climax of the film. It is likely that the same gun was used in all scenes because they all have wood grips and adjustable sights.

Smith & Wesson 639, early model with rounded trigger guard - 9x19mm
The officer on the far left is armed with a Smith & Wesson 639.
Jeffrey Friedman (Paul Reiser) follows Axel around with his S&W 639 tucked in his waistband.
Jeffrey talks to Axel at the police station with his Smith & Wesson in his waistband.
Casey (Michael Champion) holds his Smith & Wesson 639 to Axel's head. Note the large S&W adjustable sights and the lack of safety on the right side.
Casey (Michael Champion) holds his Smith & Wesson to Axel's head.
Casey holds the 639 while Axel talks to Maitland.
Lt. Bogomil (Ronny Cox) aims his Smith & Wesson 639 at Maitland.

Colt MK IV Series 70 (Nickel)

Inspector Todd (Gil Hill) carries a nickel Colt MK IV Series 70 in his waistband. It is identified as a MK IV Series 70 by its grips.

Colt MK IV Series 70 (nickel finish) - .45 ACP
Inspector Todd (Gil Hill) walks through the locker room with his Colt MK IV Series 70 in his waistband. Note the Colt Series 70 grips, confirming its identity as a MK IV Series 70. A trivia note - Gil Hill was an actual homicide detective with the Detroit Police Department at the time.


Colt Detective Special

BHPD Detective William "Billy" Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) carries a nickel 1st generation Colt Detective Special as his primary weapon.

Colt Detective Special (Nickel) 1st Generation - .38 Special
Billy Rosewood aims his Colt Detective Special at Casey.
Billy Rosewood shoots Casey with his Detective Special, trying like hell to keep his eyes open.
"Drop it!"
Detective William "Billy" Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) aims his nickel Colt Detective Special at one of Maitland's thugs.
Billy stares in amazement at the almighty power of the .38 Special cartridge.
"Police! You're all under arrest!"
Billy shows his badge and gun to Maitland's submachine gun-wielding thugs.
Billy aims his Detective Special at the thugs, happy to see that they finally surrender. The officer behind him holds an Ithaca 37 shotgun.

Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snub Nose

Sergeant John Taggart (John Ashton) uses a Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snub Nose as his primary weapon.

Smith & Wesson Model 19 - .357 Magnum
Taggart fires his Smith & Wesson Model 19 next to Axel.
Taggart fires his Smith & Wesson at the thugs alongside Axel, firing his Browning Hi-Power.
Taggart fires his S&W Model 19 Snub alongside Billy, who is seen firing his Colt Detective Special.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 (Custom Mag-na-ported)

Victor Maitland (Steven Berkoff) uses a custom Mag-na-ported Smith & Wesson Model 629 with a 2.5 inch barrel at the end of the film. This is likely the same revolver used by Powers Boothe in the film Extreme Prejudice.

Standard Smith & Wesson Model 629 Snub with 3" barrel - .44 Magnum
Victor Maitland (Steven Berkoff) shoots at Axel with his Smith & Wesson Model 629.
Maitland searches for Axel with his Smith & Wesson.
Maitland with his Model 629.
Maitland holds his Smith & Wesson to the head of Jenny Summers (Lisa Eilbacher) .
"Be careful, old boy. You might hit me."
Maitland holds the revolver.
Maitland (Steven Berkoff) fires his custom Smith & Wesson Model 629 at Bogomil and Foley.

Smith & Wesson Model 10

In the opening chase, several Detroit police officers are armed with Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolvers. They are noted as Model 10's by their lack of a rear adjustable sight. The Model 10 was the standard issue duty sidearm for the Detroit Police Department at the time the movie was shot. Also technically accurate is the fact that all the revolvers carried by the Detroit Police have a nickel finish.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 Revolver - .38 Special. An actual surplus Detroit Police S&W Model 10.
On the center left, a Detroit police officer is armed with a Smith & Wesson Model 10.
The Detroit police officer on the left armed with a Smith & Wesson Model 10, once they realize that Axel is in fact, Detective Axel Foley.

Smith & Wesson Model 67

In the opening scene, one Detroit police officer is armed with a Smith & Wesson Model 67 revolver, the stainless version of the Model 15. It is noted as a Model 67 by its rear adjustable sight, which the other officers Model 10s lack.

Smith & Wesson Model 67 - .38 Special
The Detroit police officer on the right aims his Smith & Wesson Model 67. If you look closely, you can see the rear adjustable sight.

Charter Arms Undercover

Zack (Jonathan Banks) kills Axel's friend Mikey with a Charter Arms Undercover revolver.

Charter Arms Undercover - .38 Special
Zack pulls a Charter Arms Undercover from his coat pocket as he prepares to kill Mikey.

Dan Wesson Model 15

Several Beverly Hills Police Department officers use Dan Wesson Model 15 revolvers with enclosed ejector rod and ventilated rib, indicating that it is the standard issue sidearm for the Department. At first sight, it looks like a Colt Trooper, but looking closely, it can be identified as a Dan Wesson revolver.

Dan Wesson Model 15 with ribbed barrel - .357 Magnum
A Beverly Hills Police Department officer has a Dan Wesson revolver in his holster as he searches Axel.
The other police officer holds his Dan Wesson revolver at Axel when his partner finds Axel's Browning Hi-Power. Upon closer inspection, seen is the cylinder opening latch located ahead of the cylinder, confirming that it is a Dan Wesson revolver.
A police officer aims his Dan Wesson revolver at the two thugs in the van.


Ithaca 37

One of the strip club robbers (Paul Drake) is armed with an Ithaca 37 with rifle sights and the stock sawed-off. Axel distracts the robber, then overpowers him and takes the shotgun from him. Later in the film, Taggart arms himself with an Ithaca 37 when he enters Maitland's property - His Ithaca likewise appears to be the 'Police Special' version with the rifle sights and 18.5" barrel. Beverly Hills police officers are also seen wielding Ithacas.

Ithaca Model 37 Deer Slayer Police Special (note the rifle sights and riot-length barrel) - 12 gauge
A robber pulls out his Ithaca 37 in the strip club.
The robber (Paul Drake) aims his Ithaca 37 at Axel.
Axel pumps the Ithaca.
Axel (Eddie Murphy) holds the Ithaca 37 (note the blade sights) and gives Taggart an "Okay" when he apprehends the second robber. You gotta love this.
Sergeant Taggart (John Ashton) holding his Ithaca 37 before entering Maitland's property.
Taggart with his Ithaca 37.
Taggart and Billy take cover from an Uzi-wielding thug.
Beverly Hills police officers aim their Ithaca 37s at the two thugs shooting at Taggart and Billy, finally taking control of the situation.

Sawed-off Double-Barrel Shotgun

The second robber (Tom Everett) at the strip club uses a Sawed-Off Double Barreled Shotgun before being disarmed by Sgt. Taggart (John Ashton).

Remington Spartan Sawed-Off shotgun - 12 gauge
The second robber pulls out a sawed-off shotgun in the strip club.
The second robber holds his shotgun on the club patrons. Note Taggart shadowing the robber in the background.

Smith & Wesson 3000

Zack (Jonathan Banks) uses a pistol-gripped Smith & Wesson 3000 Shotgun during the climax of the film when he tries to kill Axel in Maitland's home.

Smith & Wesson 3000 shotgun with black synthetic furniture and folding stock - 12 gauge
Zack holds his Smith & Wesson 3000 as he sneaks up on Axel.
Zack (Jonathan Banks) aims his Smith & Wesson 3000 at Axel.
Zack fires his Smith & Wesson shotgun at Axel, who jumps out of the way in time. Actor Jonathan Banks does an excellent job of not flinching while firing what appears to be a full load.
Zack shoots at Axel with his Smith & Wesson 3000 Shotgun.
Zack (Jonathan Banks) wields his S&W 3000 Shotgun.

Submachine Guns


Maitland's thugs are armed with full-size Uzis during the final gunfight at the end of the film.

IMI Uzi - 9x19mm
One of Maitland's thugs fires the Uzi at the police.
One of Maitland's thugs peeking around the corner with a full-size Uzi.
One of Maitland's thugs (Mic Rodgers), Uzi in hand, gets shot by Axel.
Two of Maitland's thugs reload their Uzis.

Unidentified firearms

We can see a few handguns that are hard to identify precisely: A security guard (Rex Ryon) at the supply warehouse is seen with an unknown revolver in his holster.

The security guard walks over toward Axel with an unknown revolver in his holster.

During the climax, the two thugs in the security room are armed with unknown weapons.

The two thugs in the security room in Maitland's house have unknown weapons in holsters. The one on the right has an automatic and the one on the left has a revolver.

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