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Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Terminator 2 Poster.jpg
Theatrical Release Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by James Cameron
Release Date 1991
Studio Carolco Pictures
Distributor Carolco Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
The Terminator (T-800) Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sarah Connor Linda Hamilton
John Connor Edward Furlong
T-1000 Robert Patrick
Miles Dyson Joe Morton
SWAT team leader Dean Norris
Enrique Castulo Guerra

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is the 1991 sequel to The Terminator. The second installment in The Terminator film series was co-written and helmed by original Terminator director James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as a different Terminator, this time reprogrammed and sent back to present day to protect the future leader of the Resistance from a new and more terrifying threat. Schwarzenegger would star again as the Terminator in a second sequel, 2003's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and aside from a cameo via CGI in 2009's Terminator Salvation, would not return to the world of The Terminator until 2015's Terminator: Genisys. In 2019, Schwarzenegger would once again be back in Terminator: Dark Fate, a direct sequel to T2 that ignores Terminator 3, Salvation, and Genisys. Dark Fate would also would mark the return of James Cameron, this time as producer, as well as Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor.

See the Discussion section for some interesting and detailed non-gun-related trivia on the film.

The following weapons were used in the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day:



Winchester 1887

Upon arriving in the present (believed to be 1995 in the film), the Terminator T-800 Model 101 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) enters a biker bar and takes the clothes and firearm off a biker. As he prepares to leave on the biker's Harley Fatboy, the T-800 is confronted by the bar owner (Peter Schrum), who fires a warning shot from his sawed-off Winchester 1887. The Terminator coolly walks over and snatches the gun from his hand. The Terminator keeps the gun as his main weapon for a good portion of the film until he comes upon Sarah Connor's (Linda Hamilton) armory, where superior weapons are at his disposal.

Three versions of the gun were used during filming. The first was the iconic "Rosebox Shotgun" with a sawed off barrel and stock and the trigger guard cut out. This is the gun seen through most of the film. The second version had a large lever loop so the gun could be flip cocked one-handed while riding a motorcycle (similar to the actions seen in True Grit and The Rifleman) - James Cameron says in the commentary how Arnold accidentally picked up the wrong shotgun and tried to flip cock it and nearly broke three fingers. The third gun was the rubber prop gun for stunt work. Despite having a five round tube magazine plus one in the chamber, the gun is often shown firing seven or eight rounds before reloading. It is possible to "hot-load" the gun to hold seven rounds by placing a round directly on the carrier after loading five into the magazine and then another round on top, so that closing the action will chamber said round. Doing so is fairly risky, as closing the action too quickly can discharge the gun.

Since Winchester had stopped producing the Winchester 1887 shotgun before the film, the armorers had to find pristine condition guns which were no longer in production! The guns in the film are indeed genuine Winchester shotguns and not a foreign copy such as the Norinco YL1887L (which wasn't released until 2002) or any of the Aldo Uberti copies (they weren't producing an 1887 shotgun at the time). The report of the shotgun is said to be two cannons firing at once, or a mixture of a rifle, a cannon and a lion's roar.

Sawed-off Winchester 1887 with cut out trigger guard used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie - 10 gauge. This picture comes from a 2013 auction listing by Heritage Auctions.
The sawed-off Winchester 1887 with large-lever loop used by Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator - 10 gauge. Note the metal plate on the lever for better handling during flip-cocking.
Another angle of the sawed-off large-lever loop Winchester 1887 used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie. This is the one on the right in the picture below.
The three prop Winchester 1887 shotguns used in the film. The one on the left is the "Rosebox Shotgun", the one in the center is the rubber stunt prop, and the one to the right is the large lever loop shotgun for one-handed flip cocking.
The Terminator takes the shotgun from the bar owner (Peter Schrum).
The Terminator protects John Connor (Edward Furlong) from the T-1000's (Robert Patrick) bullet barrage. Note the Winchester "RA" (Repeating Arms) insignia on the receiver.
The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) flip-cocks his Winchester 1887.
The Terminator fires his Winchester 1887 shotgun at the T-1000 as he pursues John with a Freightliner truck.
The Terminator chambers a live round after the Freightliner truck blows up from gas leakage and an electrical spark (which in reality wouldn't happen like that with Diesel fuel). Shortly thereafter in a nearby alleyway the Terminator ejects a shell and it makes the distinctive sound of an empty shell when it hits the pavement.
The Terminator shoots the T-1000 in the mental hospital. Note how the Stan Winston prop is already falling apart before it is shot.
John reloads the Terminator's shotgun in the backseat of a stolen police cruiser. Since this film was back in the good old days when you could tell a shotgun shell by its color, these rounds are clearly slugs.
The Terminator shoots the T-1000 off the back of their car.
The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) points his 1887 shotgun at Enrique (Castulo Guerra).


Director James Cameron fires the large lever 1887 shotgun.
"The Rifleman would be proud."

Remington 870 with Folding Stock

Near the end of the film, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) engages the T-1000 using a Remington 870 with Folding Stock she took from a SWAT van, outfitted with a high-capacity magazine tube and a spare shotshell holder on the stock, each shot knocking her opponent progressively closer to the pit of molten steel in the mill, until running out of ammo, frustratingly close to knocking the T-1000 into the pit. One of the police officers outside Cyberdyne is also seen using one.

Remington 870 Folding Stock with high-capacity magazine tube - 12 gauge
A police officer takes cover from the Minigun barrage with a Remington 870 folder in hand. Judging by the way he holds the weapon in one hand, swinging it around even while taking cover, the shotgun is actually a lightweight rubber replica used for stunt work.
Sarah takes one of the two Remington 870 folders out of the SWAT van.
Sarah loads a slug into her Remington 870 folder as the T-1000 approaches.
Sarah (Linda Hamilton) shoots the T-1000 with the 870 folder. This is kind of an awkward way to hold it, but she had to quickly chamber a shell and fire as the T-1000 was approaching.
Sarah tries to load another round into her 870 but the T-1000 stops her.
Sarah picks up the 870 after the T-1000 starts to fight with the T-800 instead. A notable piece of continuity in this scene involves the number of rounds Sarah has left - before being overpowered and disarmed by the T-1000, Sarah drops one shell trying to reload, chambers another (but never gets the chance to fire it), and in this shot five more are visible in the shotshell holder atop the gun, making for a total of seven rounds. Later, when she fires on the T-1000 and almost knocks it into the pit, she does indeed discharge seven rounds before running dry.
"Get out of the way, John!"
Sarah shoots the T-1000 when he imitates her in an attempt to lure John to him. While Linda Hamilton plays Sarah in these closeup shots, in the far shots showing both Sarah and the T-1000's copy, Linda's twin sister Leslie Hamilton Gearren plays the real Sarah Connor while Linda actually plays the role of the imitator. More info about this bit of trivia can be read here.
Sarah continues to fire at the T-1000 with her Remington 870 folder. This is blank flame.
The gun clicks empty with the T-1000 just inches from the ledge.


Linda Hamilton fires a Remington 870 folder during weapons training.

Mossberg 590

Enrique (Castulo Guerra) is seen carrying a Mossberg 590 shotgun when Sarah, John, and the Terminator arrive at his home in the Mojave desert. Later on, a SWAT officer is seen firing a 590 at the SWAT van Sarah, John, and The Terminator use to escape from Cyberdyne in.

Mossberg 590 with bayonet lug and heat shield - 12 gauge
Enrique jumps out with his Mossberg 590 at the ready.
Enrique with his Mossberg. Note the Vietnam Era M1955 USMC vest.
Enrique (Castulo Guerra) with his Mossberg 590.
A SWAT officer fires his Mossberg 590 at the SWAT van.

High Standard Model K-1200 Riot Standard

Several High Standard K-1200 Riot Standard Model Shotguns are seen in the Mojave Desert armory. The Terminator is seen carrying a few out.

High Standard FLITE KING K-1200 Riot Standard Model (Catalog #8111) - 12 gauge
Several High-Standard K-1200 shotguns are seen on the armory wall.
The Terminator picks up a High Standard shotgun.

Franchi SPAS-12

In a surveillance footage photo shown to Sarah, a Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun is seen in the left hand of the Terminator during the assault on the police station from the first film.

Franchi SPAS-12 - 12 gauge
A surveillance footage photo shows the Terminator from the first film wielding a Franchi SPAS-12.

Franchi SPAS-15

A future resistance soldier is seen firing a Franchi SPAS-15 during the future battle scene.

Franchi SPAS-15 - 12 gauge
A resistance soldier readies his Franchi SPAS-15.
A resistance soldier fires his Franchi SPAS-15.

Remington 870

Several LAPD officers outside the Cyberdyne building are armed with standard Remington 870 shotguns.

Remington 870 - 12 gauge
An LAPD officer aims his Remington 870.
Another officer aims his Remington 870.

Ithaca 37

Other LAPD officers outside the Cyberdyne building are seen armed with Ithaca 37 shotguns.

Ithaca Model 37 Deer Slayer Police Special (note the rifle sights and riot-length barrel) - 12 gauge
An LAPD officer readies his Ithaca 37.


Colt Series 70/Detonics 1911 Hybrid

When the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) first arrives in the present, he enters a biker bar and asks The Cigar Smoking Biker (Robert Winley) to give him his clothes, his boots, and his motorcycle. After a fight breaks out, the Terminator throws the biker on a stove's hot burners and burns him badly. He then tries to draw his custom Colt Series 70/Detonics 1911 Hybrid but is unable to chamber it and has the gun taken from him. Later when John and the T-800 break Sarah out of the mental hospital, she takes the Colt/Detonics 1911 and fires it at the T-1000 and keeps it as her sidearm until she retrieves her own custom Detonics 1911. During the shootout at Cyberdyne, the T-800 uses the 1911 to wound all of the SWAT officers in the lobby before the gun goes empty and he tosses it away. Even though he is never seen picking it back up, he somehow has it tucked in his pants and ready to shoot the T-1000, frozen in liquid nitrogen, at the end of the film. In all scenes but one, the pistol is reloaded after every 8 rounds fired.

The pistol is built with a Colt Series 70 slide and Detonics frame with Pachmayr grips, an ambidextrous safety, and chambered in 9mm (because .45s didn't cycle well as blanks at the time).

The Colt Series 70/Detonics 1911 hybrid pistol used in the film - 9x19mm
Scan from the DVD extras showing the custom built Colt Series 70/Detonics 1911 that was used in the film.
The Biker tries to chamber his Colt/Detonics 1911, but his hands are too burnt to do it. A smart man keeps his 1911 "Condition One" - chambered, hammer cocked, with the safety on. This "cocked and locked" method of carry, however, is not recommended to anyone who hasn't been properly trained to do so.
The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) pulls the slide back on the "Coltonics" 1911.
The Terminator chambers the Colt/Detonics 1911 when he tries to terminate Jock #2 (Gerard G. Williams) before John intervenes. Note the tapered barrel, confirming that the slide/barrel is from a 9mm converted Colt MK IV Series 70.
Sarah takes the Colt/Detonics 1911 and fires it at the T-1000 on the roof of the elevator at the mental hospital. During this scene, Linda Hamilton didn't put her earplugs in properly and suffered permanent hearing damage - This is no surprise since shooting a gun in an elevator leaves no place for the sound to dissipate except right into the shooter's ears. The Terminator's shotgun being fired didn't help either.
Sarah orders an officer to get out of his cruiser. Note how the safety is on yet a split-second prior she fired a shot into his windshield.
Sarah fires the Colt/Detonics 1911 at the T-1000 as he pursues their car.
Sarah keeps the Colt/Detonics 1911 tucked in her pants. Unlike the biker, she is smart enough to keep the gun "Condition One".
Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) points the Colt/Detonics 1911 at Enrique.
The Terminator wounds the SWAT officers in the lobby with the Colt/Detonics 1911, and then tosses the empty gun to the ground. This appears to be a continuity error as the Terminator still has the pistol in the factory.
"Hasta la vista, baby."
The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) prepares to fire the "Coltonics" 1911 at the T-1000, which eventually shatters him into pieces after he is frozen in liquid nitrogen. (Note "Coltonics" is a slang for the use of Colt and Detonics pistols to build the custom handgun he uses, it is not an industry accepted term.)


Weapons instructor Uzi Gal (not to be confused with Uziel Gal, the Israeli weapon designer, and namesake of the Uzi featured in the previous film, who moved to the U.S. just around the time the movie was made) teaches Linda Hamilton how to fire a 1911.
Linda fires the 1911.

Beretta 92FS

When the T-1000 (Robert Patrick) first enters present day Los Angeles, he is seen taking a Beretta 92FS off a fallen LAPD officer. He is then seen notably firing the pistol at John Connor (Edward Furlong) during the confrontation with the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in the back hallway of the mall. It should be noted that Patrick's 92FS is modified to have a left-handed magazine release button; a reversible magazine catch became a standard feature for the 92 series since the 92F model, and now is almost mandatory for any modern pistol. LAPD officers outside of the Cyberdyne building are also seen with their issued Beretta 92FS. Two kids outside the Mojave Desert gas station can be seen playing with a pair of toy Beretta 92FS' as well.

When Robert Patrick was training to portray the T-1000, in addition to learning how to hold an entire conversation without changing the tone of his voice, not blinking at all (he blinks only once in the entire film), breathing without his chest moving, and running without noticeably breathing, he conditioned himself to fire his gun without flinching, and to fire and reload both and left and right-handed, since as a robot wouldn't be left or right-hand dominant like a human. This training was all his idea, to give the impression of inhumanity.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
The T-1000 (Robert Patrick) checks the chamber on the officer's Beretta 92FS. When he releases the slide, the sound of a slide racking back and forth is heard.
The T-1000 readies his Beretta 92FS at the sight of John.
The T-1000 fires his Beretta 92FS. Robert Patrick does an excellent job of not flinching in the film and thoroughly convinces the viewers that he is an emotionless killer and not some wimpy actor who's touching a gun for the first time. The odd thing is that, when fired, his pistol sounds like it's silenced, even though it's obviously not.
Despite inaccurately firing about 21 shots from a 15 shot magazine, the T-1000 does an excellent reload, grabbing a fresh magazine while dropping out the empty one at the same time. Note that while the shot is not inverted (as can be seen from the position of slide release and trigger bar) the T-1000 releases the empty magazine with his left thumb, thanks to his 92FS's inverted magazine release button.
Two kids in the desert fight with two toy Beretta 92FS'.
Officers outside of Cyberdyne with their Beretta 92FS' drawn.
Two SWAT officers armed with Berettas try to take down the T-800.
A SWAT officer fires one last shot from his Beretta at the Terminator, before turning to run and getting hit in the back with a tear gas grenade.


Behind the scenes footage shows Robert Patrick firing a full-auto Beretta 92FS blank gun as instructor Uzi Gal looks on.
Robert Patrick fires the full-auto Beretta.

Detonics SpeedMaster

Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) retrieves a Detonics SpeedMaster with Pachmayr grips from the armory in the Mojave desert and takes it with her on her mission to kill Miles Dyson (Joe Morton). Sarah manages to wound him with the gun before she realizes what she is doing and stops. She later uses it to keep a SWAT team at bay during a shootout at the Cyberdyne building.

The SpeedMaster was a custom-built Detonics model featuring a ScoreMaster frame with a CombatMaster slide, as well as an extended barrel with a barrel weight, giving it the appearance of a long slide. In a touch of irony, the pistol was originally made for the Tom Selleck film Runaway, intended by its producers to be the big sci-fi action blockbuster of 1984 but which was thoroughly eclipsed by the debut film from a then-unknown director called The Terminator.

Detonics SpeedMaster - .45 ACP
Sarah Connor points her Detonics SpeedMaster at the Dyson family. She shows us an excellent high grip here.
Sarah aims her Detonics SpeedMaster at Tarissa Dyson (S. Epatha Merkerson). Note forward mounted rear sight.
Sarah points her Detonics SpeedMaster at Miles Dyson.
Miles stares down the barrel of Sarah's 1911.
Sarah squeezes the trigger on her Detonics SpeedMaster.
Sarah disarms the lobby guard Gibbons (Abdul Salaam El Razzac) at Cyberdyne with her 1911 in hand.
Sarah takes cover as the Terminator blows open a door.
Sarah (Linda Hamilton) takes cover from the SWAT team as they fire on her.
Sarah fires her 1911 into the air to keep the SWAT team down. If you listen closely, you can see that the last round she fires doesn't make a sound. Note also how the forward part of the slide doesn't move with the rest of the slide when fired.

Browning Hi-Power

The T-1000 takes a Browning Hi-Power Mark III off Lewis (Don Stanton), the guard he kills in the mental hospital, and uses it to shoot at Sarah, John, and the Terminator before discarding it when it runs dry. During much of this sequence the T-1000 is mimicking Lewis; Don Stanton's twin brother Dan Stanton plays the T-1000's imitation.

Browning Hi-Power Mk III - 9x19mm
The T-1000 in the form of Lewis the guard (Dan Stanton) checks the chamber on his Browning Hi-Power.
The T-1000 materializes through the bars but forgets the gun is not like him, and gets stuck.
The T-1000 pulls the Browning Hi-Power through the bars.
The T-1000, now back to the original form, pursues the group as the T-800 fires his shotgun at him.
The T-1000 (Robert Patrick) fires his Browning Hi-Power at the T-800. He fires about 23 shots from a 13 round magazine before throwing it away. Note how he is wearing a "liquid metal squib", a flower like piece of foil created by Stan Winston to open up like a gunshot wound.
Sarah removes the slugs from the T-800. These look pretty authentic, they even have rifling marks on the rounds; These slugs are real - James Cameron himself fired a Browning Hi-Power at some kind of plate steel to get the 'smushed' effect.


The gate guard at the mental hospital tries to draw an M1911A1 with a nickel finish and pearl grips before he is shot in both kneecaps by the Terminator. He then takes three magazines off of him, which are clearly loaded with .45 ACP rounds. This would make them useless in his 9mm 1911 but the viewer isn't supposed to know his gun is a 9mm.

Rock Island Armory M1911A1 Pistol with bright nickel plating and pearl grips - .45 ACP.
The guard drops his M1911A1 when he is shot by the Terminator.
The Terminator takes three mags off the guard, which are loaded with .45 ACP hollow points. In reality, his 9mm gun would not accept these. Also note how only four rounds are loaded in each mag to conserve dummy rounds (you can only see brass in two of the five holes, meaning there is only four rounds in each).

Taurus PT99AFS

Guards in the Cyberdyne lobby keep nickel-plated Taurus PT99AFS pistols as their sidearms. (Note: These weapons were initially mis-identified as the Beretta 92FS Inox, but close inspection of the pistol in Gibbons' (Abdul Salaam El Razzac's) holster indicates that it has the frame-mounted safety/decocker of Taurus PT92-series pistols, and the adjustable rear sight of the PT99.)

Taurus PT99AFS (nickel) - 9x19mm
Sarah pulls a Taurus PT99AFS out of Gibbons' (Abdul Salaam El Razzac) holster.
Moshier (Mike Muscat) draws his Taurus PT99AFS when he finds Gibbons tied up in the bathroom.

Grenade Launchers

M79 grenade launcher

The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) takes an M79 grenade launcher from Sarah's arsenal in the Mojave desert. During the assault on the Cyberdyne building, the T-800 uses the M79 grenade launcher, first to blast open a locked door, then to destroy several of the police cars assembled outside, then during the ensuing car chase when the T-1000 pursues the protagonists in a commandeered tanker truck, the Terminator scoring a direct hit on the engine with the M79, though the truck miraculously continues running. He also tries to use it on the T-1000 during the fight in the steel mill, eventually using it to knock the T-1000 into the pit of molten steel. By this point, part of the launcher's stock has been shattered during the fight, but enough remains for the weapon to be usable. In reality, 40mm HE rounds have a safety mechanism in which they will not detonate until they have flown a certain distance. The more modern types arm after at least 14m. Earlier types, such as the M381, have a 2-3m arming range. However, in the film, rounds detonate as little as 3-5 feet from the muzzle. The M79 presents a nightmare of continuity problems. The bandolier varies both in quantity of grenades and arrangement of remaining grenades as the movie heads toward its climax. At the end of the day the bandolier started with 11 rounds which somehow translated to firing 7 before running out of ammo.

M79 grenade launcher - 40mm
The Terminator inspects the bore on an M79 grenade launcher in the armory.
"Let me try mine."
The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) shoots a locked door with the M79 grenade launcher from a ridiculously close distance. In the DVD commentary, James Cameron mentions that his brother (who was a Marine) later told him that the range wasn't far enough for the grenade to arm itself.
The Terminator fires the M79 at the police cruisers outside Cyberdyne.
The Terminator reloads his M79.
The Terminator fires the M79 at the liquid nitrogen truck the T-1000 is driving. If a .44 Magnum can crack the engine block of a truck like this, a 40mm HE grenade would certainly stop it from running.
The Terminator tries to reload the M79 but drops the 40mm round when the T-1000 rams their pickup truck.
The Terminator readies his M79 as he searches for the T-1000 in the steel mill.
Close up on the M79 seconds before the T-1000 knocks it out of his hands and shatters the stock. Note how this is rubber prop since the gun is about to be thrown across the room.
The Terminator tries to reach for the damaged M79 before the T-1000 spears him with a metal rod, damaging his main power source.
The Terminator rides a cog until he has a clear shot at the T-1000. When the 40mm round hits him, its detonation is delayed for some reason. When the round goes off, he is blown up and falls into the molten steel behind him.

MM1 grenade launcher

An MM1 grenade launcher is used by one of the SWAT officers inside the Cyberdyne building to fire gas canister grenades at Sarah, John, and the T-800. It is then picked up by the T-800 after incapacitating the officer using it and then used by him to fire CS grenades around the police blockade.

Hawk MM1 rubber stunt prop used in the film. This picture comes from a 2013 auction listing by Heritage Auctions.
A SWAT officer fires the MM1 launcher at Sarah, John, and the T-800.
The Terminator picks up the MM1.
The Terminator fires the MM1 at the SWAT officers.
That looks like it hurts.
The Terminator walks out of Cyberdyne with his MM1.
The Terminator fires CS canisters at the police with the MM1.
The Terminator fires his MM1.
The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) firing the MM1. Close examination of the image will reveal that, in this shot, the MM1 appears to have been fitted with the folding hook buttstock from a SPAS-12. The stock was possibly used with the hook on Arnie's arm to assist in one-handed firing. Do gas canisters usually produce such large muzzle flashes?
The Terminator fires his MM1.

Rifles / Carbines

Colt "Commando" CAR-15 Variants

Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) is seen inspecting and later taking one of her own Colt "Commando"-type CAR-15 style carbine (in reality a Colt Sporter II Carbine mocked up as Colt Model 629) out of the armory from the Mojave desert in an attempt to eliminate Miles Dyson (Joe Morton) when she learns he started the project which lead to the machines being built, the rifle however later appears to have been replaced by the Colt Model 653 (as evidenced by the 16 inch barrel and full magazine fencing lower receiver) when she arrives at Dyson's residence (which is either due to continuity error or the Colt 653 is simply standing in for the mock Commando Sporter I carbine Sarah intended to use for her mission). During the incident at the Cyberdyne System Headquarters, some of the LAPD SWAT officers are seemingly armed with these similar mock Colt Commando rifles, notably one SWAT officer carries one fitted with a Colt 4x20 scope during the raid and during the sequence when they open fire on the Terminator in the lobby. When Sarah, John, and the T-800 try to escape in a SWAT van as the T-1000 pursues in a police chopper, Sarah uses two Commando carbines, one a mock Commando Sporter II the other a slab-side AR-15 Sporter I carbine converted to look like a Commando as well. The last instance a Colt Commando is used is when the Terminator takes a Mock Sporter II and climbs onto the front of the liquid nitrogen truck the T-1000 is driving and fires it through the windshield. James Cameron commented how foolish this stunt was because it was done exactly as it is seen in the film - from a moving truck with no wires attached. All the CAR-15 style rifles appear to be based on or are the same weapons used from the movie The Dogs of War.

Colt AR-15 Sporter 1 Carbine mocked up as CAR-15/XM177 "Commando" - 5.56x45mm NATO
XM177E2 Carbine aka Colt Model 629 (shown for comparison) - 5.56x45mm NATO
Commercial CAR-15 semiautomatic Rifle (a reference of what a mock up Commando Sporter II looks like) - 5.56x45mm NATO
Colt Commando variants are seen in the desert armory.
Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) pulls back the charging handle on a mock Colt Commando while examining a table of rifles from Enrique's armory.
Sarah carries her mock Colt Commando as she goes out to kill Dyson.
Sarah chambers her Commando/CAR-15. Here the gun appears to be the mock CAR-15 Commando from earlier as it has an SP1 lower receiver as evident by the lack of magazine fencing, but changes back to a Colt 653 (see next section below).
On the far left, a SWAT officer is armed with a Commando/CAR-15 fitted with a scope as they prepare to engage the Terminator in the lobby.
On the right, the SWAT officer goes down while holding the CAR-15.
Sarah loads up two CAR-15s while in the back of the SWAT van.
Sarah fires a Colt Commando mocked-up from a slab-side Sporter I carbine with an SP1 lower receiver at the T-1000. Note lack of magazine fencing.
Sarah fires her slab-side Sporter I CAR-15 at the T-1000 in a police helicopter.
Sarah then switches to the Sporter II CAR-15 when her slab-side runs out.
Strangely, the gun switches back to a slab-side when Sarah gets wounded.
The T-800 takes a Sporter II off the dash board to shoot the T-1000 with.
The Terminator fires the Sporter II mockup at the T-1000 through the windshield. This scene shows quite a dangerous stunt as stuntman Peter Kent climbs off one truck to another, no strings attached as the trucks are speeding down the road.

Colt Model 653

In an attempt to eliminate Miles Dyson (Joe Morton) at his home, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) is seen prepping up and using a Colt Model 653 with a 16" barrel which appears she has removed the flash hider upon arriving and adds a sound suppressor. The carbine is also outfitted with a laser sight on the barrel and an Trijicon ACOG scope on the carrying handle rear sight. Sarah attempts to assassinate Miles at first with semi auto fire, but after Danny (DeVaughn Nixon) unintentionally makes his dad duck for Sarah to miss her shot, she then switches to full auto and empties two magazines at him before she tosses the Colt 653 on the pool side wall to go finish Miles off with her Detonics 1911. It may appear to be a continuity error as Sarah leaves earlier with a Colt "Commando"-type carbine (actually a Colt Sporter II Carbine mocked up as a Commando) for the assassination attempt or that the Colt Model 653 was standing in for the CAR-15 Commando that Sarah was inspecting earlier.

TRIVIA: In earlier drafts of the screenplay, Sarah was supposed to use an FN FAL in the attempt to kill Dyson, though the weapon was changed to a "CAR-15" (referred to as such) in later drafts.

Colt Model 653 "M16A1 Carbine" modified with a 16" barrel - 5.56x45mm
Sarah sets the Colt Model 653 carbine down with the flash hider removed and threads a sound suppressor in place. Note the 16 inch barrel and threaded screw where the barrel lacks the birdcage flash hider.
Sarah activates her laser sight on the barrel of the Colt Model 653 carbine as she aims it at Dyson. While using a visible laser sight on a sniper rifle could be deemed tactically unsound, the reason for this was to show the red dot pointed at Dyson's head, much like how she had one pointed at her own head in the first film.
Sarah squeezes the trigger on her Colt carbine, which is correctly set to semi auto when she attempts to assassinate Miles. The full auto notch is also seen here.
After missing Dyson because he ducked down, Sarah switches to full auto and begins to relentlessly fire automatically.
Sarah reloads her Colt 653, with what appears to be an empty magazine. Note how the carbine now has a magazine fencing instead of lacking one from earlier. The fire selector also appears to be set on semi auto despite firing on full auto seconds earlier.
Sarah fires the carbine on full auto on her second magazine before tossing it away after it runs dry.

Armalite AR-18

When the doctors at the mental hospital show Sarah pictures of the Terminator from surveillance cameras in the police station during 1984 (keep in mind that security cameras weren't installed in police stations at this time), the Terminator is seen wielding the two guns we saw him use in the first film. In his right hand, he is holding an Armalite AR-18.

The Armalite AR-18 used in the first film - 5.56x45mm.
The Terminator from the first film wields what is assumed to be an AR-18 in his right hand (to stay accurate to the first film).

Muzzelite MZ14 Bullpup

Human Resistance fighters during the Future War scenes are armed with Ruger AC556 rifles fitted into Muzzelite bullpup stocks with scopes as plasma guns. A few of these rifles appear to be the same props previously used in Total Recall (1990), with the removed front sight, added Imatronic LS45 laser sights and shortened barrels.

Muzzelite MZ14 Bullpup - 5.56x45mm
A resistance squad leader is seen holding a Muzzelite MZ14 Bullpup. Note the ejection port and charging handle are missing, indicating this is a reversed shot.
A resistance fighter fires a Muzzelite MZ14.
A resistance soldier salutes the future John Connor with a Muzzelite MZ14 in hand.
The fighter behind Connor holds the custom Ruger. This appears to be fitted with an Imatronic LS45 laser sight and with the short barrel configuration seen in Total Recall (1990).


When going through the armory in the desert, John checks the chambers on several AKM rifles (extended edition only). Sarah can also be briefly seen carrying one.

AKM - 7.62x39mm
AKM rifles are seen on the armory wall.
John (Edward Furlong) checks the chamber on an AKM rifle in the armory (extended cut).
Sarah places an AKM on the table.
John passes the Terminator an AKM as they load their car up with weaponry.


A number of M16A1 rifles can be seen on the armory wall.

M16A1 with 20 Round magazine - 5.56x45mm
M16A1s are seen in the armory furthest on the rack.
M16A1s are seen on the armory wall.

Machine Guns

Handheld M134 Minigun

In one of the more notable scenes of the film, the T-800 engages the police assembled outside the Cyberdyne building with a Handheld M134 Minigun, destroying the police cars while leaving the police themselves unharmed (the police helicopter pilot namechecks the weapon by hysterically shouting, "That's a damn Minigun!"). In the screenplay, the Terminator was supposed to use a MAC-10 to shoot at the police, but shortly before filming, James Cameron decided to revisit the gun used in Predator, and the scene was accordingly re-written as a longer and more dramatic shootout. The gun in T2 is the same one from Predator and used the same custom Y-frame as the previous picture, but with some modifications. The modified M60 foregrip assembly was removed in its entirety. To replace it a "chainsaw" grip was mounted on the Y-frame and the M16-style carry handle was removed. This style of carry has become the "standard" for handheld Miniguns in movies and video games. The Y-frame still attaches to the weapon's mounting lugs, though with no carry handle, the weapon lost its sling attachment point, forcing Arnold to carry all the weight of the weapon in his hands. In order to fire it, the Terminator carries a duffel bag full of ammo and possibly the batteries as well, as there are some shots that show what appear to be cables leading from the gun and into the duffel bag. It is also possible that the duffel bag was simply used to hide the fact that the cables trailed off set to the power supply and gun control unit, as on Predator.

Airsoft handheld M134 Minigun with 'Chainsaw grip' to handle the recoil force. This variant was seen in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. This is an airsoft version which retains the half-circle attachment point for the M60 foregrip from Predator; the real T2 Minigun did not have this.
The actual GE Minigun used in Predator and now modified for use in T2 - 7.62x51mm. Signed "Harry Lu T-2 1990" on the front grip, since Harry Lu was the Weapons Master for the film.
The Terminator unveils and takes the handheld Minigun in the desert armory. Unlike the M60 foregrip on the Minigun in Predator, a chainsaw grip is used on the gun. In order to attach the chainsaw grip, the carrying handle/sling attachment point from the Predator gun had to be removed. It is still evident in the T2 gun where the old carry handle used to attach to the hand grip carriage. The small T-grip is not a pull starter like some mistakenly believe but a bolt handle holding the gun to the handgrip frame.
John Connor: "That's definitely you."
The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) smirks as he picks up the Minigun.
The Terminator fires the Minigun at the police cruisers.
This Minigun has a relatively slow rate of fire (you can see the barrels rotate). According to the ad when it was sold when Stembridge went under the rate of fire was geared at 1,250 rounds per minute.
Few handheld weapons can chop a car roof clean off!
The Minigun runs dry.
The Terminator drops the Minigun. In this particular shot, this appears to be a stand in prop for the real gun. Notice that the nub is missing from where the Predator carry-handle was machined off, there is a sling attachment clip instead of the T-grip that holds on the real gun's Y-frame, and the rear portion of the Y-frame looks different from the actual gun pictured at the top of this section. The finish on the Minigun in this scene looks different from than that of the actual gun.
This is a rubber prop Minigun used in Terminator 2. The handhold assembly is the same as in the above screenshot, which is different than the live firing weapon. However, the gun body is significantly different from the prop in the above shot, making it unlikely this prop was the one that Arnold dropped. Given the lack of quality, it was probably only used in wide shots or in the scenes where Arnold carries it inside the duffel bag and only the muzzle is protruding.


Director James Cameron fires the Handheld Minigun during a pre-production shooting session. Note that the weapon is pre-T2 configuration (as seen in Predator) with the carry handle and the M60 foregrip assembly. Cameron is holding it by the carry handle similarly to how the Terminator holds it by the chainsaw grip in the film.

GE M134 Minigun

A standard GE M134 Minigun is mounted on the back of a truck in the future battle scene. A soldier next to the future John Connor (Michael Edwards) is also seen manning a Minigun. This is not the same Minigun as the handheld one above, as some believe.

GE M134 Minigun - 7.62x51mm
A resistance soldier fires a GE M134 Minigun at a Hunter-Killer.
The resistance soldier fires a Minigun.
A soldier next to the future John Connor (Michael Edwards) mans a Minigun. Note the other soldier behind Connor with a short-barreled MZ14 Bullpup.

Browning M2HB

Among the weapons seen in the hidden weapons cache in the Mojave Desert is a Browning M2HB heavy machine gun.

Browning M2HB - .50 BMG (12.7x99mm)
The Terminator unveils a Browning M2HB in the armory.
The Browning M2HB in the armory.


Three M60 machine guns can be seen inside the Mojave desert armory.

M60 - 7.62x51mm
John pulls the cover off the wall to reveal M60 machine guns.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5K

While fleeing from the Cyberdyne building, the Connors and the T-800 find themselves being pursued by the T-1000 piloting a stolen police helicopter and brandishing a Heckler & Koch MP5K. A SWAT officer can also be seen using one.

TRIVIA: The screenplay referred to this weapon - somewhat incorrectly - as a "Hoechler and Koch MPK machine pistol". The screenplay also implied that the T1000 acquired the MP5K from Enrique (Castulo Guerra), who fired the weapon at T1000 during a confrontation scene in the desert that was included in the script, but never filmed.

Heckler & Koch MP5K - version with SEF Plastic Trigger Pack - 9x19mm
A SWAT officer fires his Heckler & Koch MP5K at Sarah Connor.
The T-1000 with the MP5K.
The T-1000 (Robert Patrick) fires his MP5K through the hole in the helicopter windshield. A pilot needs to use both hands to fly a helicopter but this isn't a problem for the T-1000, since he just grows two more arms to drive with.
The T-1000 reloads his MP5K as his spare arms drive. Note that this image reveals that the weapon is an MP5K and not, as stated on earlier revisions of the page, an SP89; the hole for the assembly pin in the trigger pack which attaches it to the receiver is visible here. SP89s, including the partial-conversions seen in many Hollywood productions, have the permanently attached trigger pack, which doesn't have the pin to separate the trigger pack from the receiver.
The T-1000 fires his MP5K at the SWAT van the Connors and the T-800 are escaping in.
The T-1000 fires his MP5K. Note how it has two left hands in this scene: the second one is holding the flight controls.


Robert Patrick tries out a live-fire MP5K. The video is too low quality to positively discern so but this appears to be a partial conversion of an SP89.

Heckler & Koch HK94A2/A3 (chopped and converted)

The SWAT teams that assaults Cyberdyne are mainly armed with Heckler & Koch HK94s with the 16" barrels chopped down and converted to full auto to resemble MP5s. The most notable ways to tell are the lack of the 3 barrel lugs, the lack of a paddle magazine release, and the lack of a push pin lower receiver. Some of these guns are the collapsing stock HK94A3s (standing in for MP5A3s) while others are the fixed stock HK94A2s (standing in for MP5A2s).

Heckler & Koch HK94A3 chopped and converted to resemble an MP5A3 - 9x19mm
Heckler & Koch HK94A2 chopped and converted to resemble an MP5A2 - 9x19mm
A SWAT officer fires his chopped and converted HK94A3 at the Terminator.
SWAT officers fire their chopped and converted HK94A3s.
A SWAT team breaches the Cyberdyne building armed with HK94s (the leader has a full stock model HK94A2). James Cameron said in the commentary that of the SWAT officers, all but one were real SWAT guys. It can be assumed that it is the guy with his gun pointed at the leader.
SWAT officers fire their HK94A3s at Sarah Connor.
The SWAT leader (Dean Norris) reloads and performs the "HK slap" on his HK94A3.
The SWAT officer with his HK94A2.
A SWAT officer fires his HK94A3 at the Terminator.
SWAT officers fire their HK94A3s at the Terminator.
Three HK94A2s are seen in the SWAT van.


John Connor (Edward Furlong) picks a MAC-10 submachine gun while the Terminator examines the M79.

Trivia: In the screenplay, the MAC-10 was supposed to be the weapon that the Terminator used during the shootout at the Cyberdyne Building, before James Cameron decided that the Terminator should use the handheld Minigun instead.

Ingram MAC-10 - 9x19mm
John picks up a MAC-10 while the Terminator examines the M79.


FIM-43 Redeye

A future resistance fighter on the back of a truck takes out an Aerial Hunter-Killer (H-K) drone with an FIM-43 Redeye missile launcher.

Dummy FIM-43 Redeye Block I/II with sling - 70mm
A resistance fighter fires an FIM-43 Redeye at an Aerial H-K.
A resistance fighter prepares to fire an FIM-43 Redeye.

Endo Battle Rifle

The fictional Endo Battle Rifle is seen being used by the endoskeleton Terminators in the future scenes of the film. This weapon was built on the Calico Liberty 100 9mm submachine gun. These walking endoskeletons are among the most famous of Stan Winston's animatronics, right up there with the T-rex from Jurassic Park and the Alien Queen from Aliens.

A printed Endo Battle Rifle rendering illustrated by Steve Burg. Image from Prop Store.
Calico Liberty 100 - 9x19mm. Note the extended barrel with no muzzle brake which confirms it was this version used.
A Terminator armed with an Endo Battle Rifle.
A human resistance soldier fires a captured Endo Battle Rifle in the background.
A Terminator fires the rifle.
A Terminator fires a pair of Endo Battle Rifles.
The Terminator wields two rifles akimbo style.

General Dynamics RBS-80

The General Dynamics RBS-80 from the first Terminator film returns very briefly and is seen used to blow up a machine. It looks like it is built from a British Vickers gun (As a toggle lock is seen at one point in T1) or the Colt variant of the Browning M1917 machine gun hence the spade grips.

A soldier fires a General Dynamics RBS-80 at an Aerial H-K.


A group of M72 LAW launchers can be seen when John and the Terminator first enter the armory.

M72 LAW - 66mm
A cluster of M72 LAWs seen right when they first enter the armory.
Another shot of the M72 LAWs.

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