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Theatrical poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Lawrence Kasdan
Release Date 1985
Language English
Studio Columbia Pictures
Distributor Columbia Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Paden Kevin Kline
Emmett Scott Glenn
Jake Kevin Costner
Malachi 'Mal' Johnson Danny Glover
Sheriff Cobb Brian Dennehy
Ezra Johnson Joe Seneca
Deputy Tyree Jeff Fahey
Deputy Garth Sam Gauny
Ethan McKendrick Ray Baker
Dawson James Gammon

The following weapons were used in the film Silverado:



Single Action Army

The gun used by just about everyone in the film is the Single Action Army revolver in various barrel lengths and calibers. Many look to be in far too good condition to be the guns of Frontiersman and have obviously newer color case hardening as evidenced by the fact that it isn't worn in the slightest. During the 19th century, they used Cyanide to harden the color case, unaware of how unsafe it was to use. Today, more conventional and longer lasting methods are used. It is likely these guns were supplied by Aldo Uberti Inc., a major manufacturer of replica 19th century firearms. Due to the extreme frequency of these guns' appearances in the film, there are a lot of screenshots for them.

Colt Single Action Army w/ 5 1/2" Artillery barrel. -.45 Long Colt. This model has a color case hardened frame and the original hard rubber grips. (Great pic MoviePropMaster2008).
Colt Single Action Army Artillery Model w/ 5.5" barrels - .38-40 Winchester.
Emmet (Scott Glenn) packs a 4 3/4" barrel "Quickdraw" model Single Action Army with a color case hardened frame. Here he fires it at assassins trying to kill him in his shed.
Emmet follows the shadow outside the shed with his SAA.
Emmet with his SAA at the ready.
Paden (Kevin Kline) tries to buy a nickel plated 5.5" Artillery SAA in the gun store after having his own gun stolen, but doesn't have nearly enough for the gun.
Jake (Kevin Costner) keeps two matching Nickel plated 4 3/4" Quickdraw SAAs with pearl grips in a fancy Mexican holster rig. Costner was clearly taught how to spin like a pro.
Jake fires his two SAAs at a town member, shooting out the steps as he rushes to climb up them. Obviously not being stealthy, Paden turns to him and says, "Shhh!".
Paden fires his Quickdraw SAA with Ivory grips at a town member shooting at him.
Note the Ivory grips on Paden's SAA.
Dawson (James Gammon) fires his 5 1/2" Artillery SAA with a color case hardened frame. A rare sight to see, he uses a two handed grip in a western.
Sheriff Cobb (Brian Dennehy) fires his Nickel Artillery SAA with original hard rubber grips at Kelly (Richard Jenkins) after Cobb fires him from the bar and Kelly comes back to kill him.
Jake fires his SAAs from the hip.
Emmet fires his SAA.
Paden pulls Deputy Tyree's (Jeff Fahey) SAA from his holster and holds it on him.
Deputy Garth (Sam Gauny) is armed with a 7.5" SAA before having his hand shot. Note how he is clearly wearing fake skin to hide the blood squib.
"I think we should do like he says."
Deputy Charlie (Bill McIntosh) pretends to surrender, then goes for his SAA and gets blasted off his horse, dropping his pistol on his poor horse's head.
Ethan McKendrick (Ray Baker) points his Quickdraw SAA with color case hardened frame at Jake.
J.T. Hollis (Earl Hindman) fires McKendrick's dropped Quickdraw SAA. Note how half his face is covered up, a strange foreshadowing of his later-famous work on Home Improvement, where half his face was always hidden.
Malachi 'Mal' Johnson (Danny Glover) uses Deputy Garth's foot to try to reach around Garth's dropped 7 1/2" Cavalry SAA and retrieve the keys to his jail cell, so he can help his sister.
The wounded Emmet uses a Cavalry SAA while hiding in Mal's cave.
Emmit points the SAA at Mal.
Scruffy (Pepe Serna) at the McKendrick ranch wears Jake's SAA holster rig.
A Deputy holds Augie Hollis (Thomas Wilson Brown) hostage with his SAA.
Paden with his SAA at the ranch.
Hoyt (Ted White) with a Quickdraw and Artillery akimbo style.
Jake takes out Tyree and Kyle (Ken Farmer) with his two SAAs.
Emmet is grazed in the leg and drops his SAA. Note color case hardened frame and how new and unworn it looks.
Close up of Paden's SAA during the showdown with Cobb.
Close up of Cobb's SAA during the showdown with Paden.
Paden holsters his SAA after beating Cobb.

Enfield Mk. II

Sheriff John T. Langston (John Cleese) uses an Enfield Mk II revolver, the predecessor to the Webley, as his sidearm in the film. As an English character, played by an English actor, it's appropriate that he carries an English revolver.

Enfield Mk II revolver - .476 Enfield
Sheriff Langston aims his Enfield Mk. II revolver at Mal while Deputy Kern (Todd Allen) aims his Winchester 1873 rifle.
Langston fires his Enfield Mk. II at Jake and Paden when they escape the prison.
Langston firing his Enfield Mk. II.
"Today, my jurisdiction ends here. Pick up my hat." Langston turns his horse away from pursuing Emmet, Paden, and Jake, Enfield Mk. II drawn, after Mal shoots his hat off his head.

Remington 1875

When Paden (Kevin Kline) tries to buy a gun in the gun store, several Single Action Armies are seen in the glass case, but one of the guns is a Remington 1875.

Remington 1875 - .45 Long Colt.
A Remington 1875 revolver is seen farthest to the left.

Remington 1866 Derringer

"Slick" Calvin Stanhope (Jeff Goldblum) keeps a Remington 1866 Derringer hidden in his sleeve and does a neat trick to flip the gun out, instantly readying it for use.

Remington 1866 Derringer - .41 R.F. Caliber. Polished Steel with yellow pearl grips
"Slick" whips out his Remington 1866 derringer from his sleeve.
Armed with his Remington 1866 derringer, Slick finds that Mal's sister is secretly being treated in a shed.
Slick then decides to wait for someone to come, and hides his Derringer back in his sleeve.
Slick tries to shoot Mal in the back with his Derringer but Mal catches him. In the struggle, Mal pushes the gun out of the way before it goes off, narrowly missing Rae.

Webley No.5

When Paden (Kevin Kline) runs into the gun-shop to buy a gun to kill the man who stole his horse, his lack of money leaves him with a worn-out Webley No.5 revolver which comes apart when first handled. The gun has an Adams patent ejector instead of the standard fixed rod. This would have been necessary for the shot where the cylinder falls out when the ejector rod is opened - the revolver would have been assembled without the cylinder arbor pin installed, thereby leaving the cylinder free to fall when the ejector was opened.

Nickel-plated Webley No.5 with Adams type ejector.
The gun shop owner (Marvin J. McIntyre) hands Paden the shoddy revolver.
Paden open the ejector rod and the cylinder falls off the gun.
Paden readies the revolver as the horse-thief approaches on his horse, gun blazing.
Paden shoots the horse-thief off his horse with the revolver.
Paden keeps the revolver tucked in his pants when he confronts the man who took his hat and gun.


Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" (mocked up as Henry 1860)

Malachi "Mal" Johnson (Danny Glover) uses a Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" rifle mocked up like a Henry 1860 by removing the fore-end. The dead giveaways are the loading gate on the receiver and the lack of a magazine tube slit and spring follower under the magazine tube. It is rather strange that he would use this fake Henry when his father uses an actual Henry rifle in the movie.

It's believed that this was done so Danny Glover didn't have to deal with the spring guide handle sliding into and pinching his finger while firing multiple rounds, multiple times during filming.

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" - .44RF.
Henry 1860 - .44 RF.
When the bartender refuses to serve Mal for being black, some men in the bar gang up on him and take his Winchester 1866 rifle. Note how it has a loading gate unlike a genuine Henry rifle.
Mal fires his Winchester 1866 rifle at the outlaws in the canyon. Note how it lacks a magazine tube slit and spring follower.
Mal fires his Yellow Boy.
Mal shoots Deputy Charlie (Bill McIntosh) with his Yellow Boy with a somewhat impractical hip shot.
Mal raises his Yellow Boy and his father's Henry 1860 rifle, declining Emmett's offer of a revolver. "This oughta do."
Mal sniping from the roof at the ranch with his Yellow Boy.
Mal comes to visit his sick sister in the shed with his Yellow Boy in hand.
Mal's mock Henry is seen resting against the wall as "Slick" Calvin Stanhope (Jeff Goldblum) dies from being stabbed with his own boot-knife.

Henry 1860

Ezra Johnson (Joe Seneca), Mal's father, uses a Henry 1860 rifle with an engraved receiver. When murdered by some of McKendrick's thugs, the gun is used by one of them until he is killed by Emmet (Scott Glenn). Emmet then uses the gun when preparing for a fight, shooting the prickers off a cactus plant. The rifle is then given to Mal and he uses both the Henry and his fake Henry (made from a Winchester 1866 rifle) during the gunfight at the ranch.

Henry 1860 - .44RF.
One of McKendrick's hired thugs wields Ezra Johnson's Henry 1860 rifle when they raid the townspeople's party. The gun is clearly only half cocked.
Emmet fires the Henry 1860 rifle and, like a smart shooter, wears a thick glove to protect his hand from the hot barrel (which is due to the lack of a fore-end). Note the engraved receiver.
Close up of the muzzle on the Henry as Emmet fires it.
Mal sits with his father's Henry in his lap.
The Henry rifle sits against the wall.
Mal holds both his father's Henry and his fake Henry.
Mal dives through the air firing the Henry rifle and unrealistically sends a thug flying off the roof.

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy"

An unmodified Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" is seen in the gun-shop on the wall rack along with a Winchester 1873 rifle and a side-by-side shotgun.

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" - .44RF.
A Winchester 1866 rifle on the top of the wall rack.

Winchester 1873

Both the Rifle and Saddle Ring Carbine versions of the Winchester 1873 rifle are seen used by several characters in the film, most notably Emmet (Scott Glenn) and Paden (Kevin Kline), who both keep the rifles as saddle guns.

Model 1873 carbine with 20" barrel - .44-40 WCF
Emmett racks the lever on his Winchester 1873 rifle after defeating all the assassins in the shed.
Sheriff Langston aims his Enfield Mk. II revolver at Mal while Deputy Kern (Todd Allen) aims his Winchester 1873 rifle.
Roscoe (Rusty Meyers), Hannah's husband, armed with a Winchester 1873 rifle.
Paden with his '73 rifle at the ranch.
Deputy Tyree (Jeff Fahey) armed with a '73 rifle in town when searching for Jake.
Emmet's '73 rifle is hit in the side, jamming the inside mechanisms, showing a nice close up of the color case hardened receiver. Note how a semi-camouflaged metal plate is attached to the receiver to protect the gun from the bullet squib.


Colt Model 1878

A Colt Model 1878 is seen used by several extras in the film.

Colt Model 1878 - 12 Gauge.
An assassin at the start of the film falls through the shed ceiling with his Colt Model 1878 shotgun, which somehow lands on top of him despite how his firing it means it would be under him. No reason to complain though, it gave us a clear shot of the gun.
Carter the bartender (Bill Thurman) tries to shoot Mal with his Colt 1878 shotgun but gets whacked with a statue.
When McKendrick's thugs attack the town member's party, they throw torches into the buildings. One member shoots a torch out of the air with his Colt 1878 but gets shot for his good deed.

J. Stevens & Company 1878

The two coach drivers who rob the waggon train keep a J. Stevens & Company 1878 shotgun with Indian decorations on the stock as their weapon.

J. Stevens and Company Side by Side Shotgun 1878 - 12 Gauge.
Baxter (Troy Ward), one of the waggon train drivers, armed with a decorated J. Stevens & Company 1878 shotgun.

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