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The SAAs

They're almost surely Ubertis, for the reason you said, but also look at the image of Bradley with his two SAAs. The bluing on the cylinder and the color of the frame look identical to my dad's Uberti SAA clone. -MT2008
Very likely since Uberti was the number one western arms supplier from the 50s to today. But you never can be 100% sure, so I only say they are likely Uberti guns. Unless I hear it from the armorer, I never can assume. Personally Ubertis are great for movies but they aren't made to last, just made to look good. They almost look too good for movies. Like I said, those guns took rough beatings in the frontier and these guns looking freakin' beautiful! -Gunmaster45
Probably why my dad is so obsessed with his. He's let me fire it only once, and he doesn't shoot it much himself. Of course, it's also because he obsessively worked on it for years (changing the bluing, adding a scratchbuilt adjustable sight, replacing the grips with his own, etc.) and mostly bought it for collector purposes. -MT2008

The only Uberti gun I own is an Remington Rolling Block in .357 mag/.38 spl. It is an accurate little gun. It has a color-case hardened frame and is a little too stout with .357s so I put .38s through it.

I can't believe how many screencaps I took and their is only 11 guns in the movie! Seem like with all that work there would be more. I'm gonna try to get some extra Desperado caps I have saved on the site this week, then I'm finally back to my original schedule. I'll soon add Jarhead, more sin city shots, and more Punisher shots. Than I got the Sergio Leone westerns to do. Then some lesser works. I have Last Man Standing, The Quick and the Dead, and a Pefect World coming via Ebay soon. As Schwarzenegger would say, "I need a vacation." Let me know if you figure anything on the unknown revolver MT, same goes to anyone else reading. I have the bible of firearms guide books and I still can't find it. If someone can't figure it out, at least tell me what company makes it, then it becomes far easier to find in the book.

It kind of bugs me how my western pages are some of the hardest to make but not nearly as many people view them. So I added some to the front page, at least popular, well aclaimed films (to be fare) so they would have to see them. I guess the old west has lost favor to modern weaponry. I find it all fascinating. Oh well, I'm rambling. Hope everyone likes the page. -GM45

Unknown Revolver

Anyone know what Paden's crap revolver is? It's driving me crazy. -GM

It's a Webley No.5 Express with an Adams patent ejector rod, and it's actually better made than a Colt of that era.

Thanks very much for figuring that out revolver, I'm very glad that is fixed -GM

Paden and Cobbs guns

Anyone else notice that Cobb and Paden's guns are Ying Yang to each other. Paden's is blued with white grips and Cobb's is Silver with black grips. Just something I noticed on my last viewing.--Westernman1987 10:26, 8 November 2011 (CST)

I can't understand who is writing this stuff about a Yellowboy being mocked up to look like a Henry. Danny Glover uses a Henry Transition model which was the precursor to the 1866 Yellowboy. This was an actual model back in the early 1860's, developed by the then, plant manager Nelson King. It was also used by Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The model was still made by Uberti until recently. There were not many made, back then or recently, but they do exist.

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