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Hellsing (Television Series) (2001 - 2002)

Hellsing, like many anime, started as a manga series. Written by Kouta Hirano, the story revolves on an English organization called Hellsing, based on the original Van Helsing. The organization's mission is obvious; to hunt down vampires and other supernatural threats to England.

The first anime adaptation of the franchise was in the form of a 13 episode long television series from Gonzo Studio in 2001. The result was somewhat tame compared to the manga, and wound up moving past all of the material that Hirano had written approximately halfway through its 13 episodes. This meant that Gonzo was forced to fabricate their own ending which differed greatly from the manga. The series also suffered from uneven animation quality as a result of budget issues. An OVA remake, Hellsing Ultimate, followed the original manga's storyline.

The following weapons were used in the anime series Hellsing:



Hellsing Arms .454 Casull

Alucard's signature weapon is the Hellsing Arms .454 Casull (unofficially known as the "Joshua"). This weapon is the first custom handgun made by Hellsing, and was specifically designed by Walter. It's essentially a very big semiautomatic pistol, with a length of 39cm. It's chambered for the mighty .454 Casull round, which finds use primarily in hunting large game, such as deer and bears. Of course, these bullets are special, being made out of silver obtained from melted holy relics, with an exploding property as well, making for a rather devastating cartridge against the legions of the night. The Casull is believed to be based upon the Colt 1911 (or its variants like the longslide), however it also bears a resemblance to early model Colt pistols. In some close ups, one may note that the hammer is never fully cocked, indicative of either a double action or fast-action mechanism similar to the Daewoo DP51. The lengthy barrel and slide gives this gun incredible accuracy, and the weight at the front of the gun makes the massive round significantly more controllable. Something this extreme suits Alucard perfectly.

Trivia: During the flashbacks to World War II (specifically 1945) seen in much of the OVA's promotional material, Alucard is seen using this same weapon. This is anachronistic, as the .454 Casull round was developed in 1957.

Non-firing model replica of Hellsing Arms "Joshua" seen in the manga Hellsing.
Alucard's .454 in the original anime


Alucard's second handgun is the Jackal, which was also made especially for him. The Jackal was made by Walter after Alucard's first encounter with Anderson - in fact, it likely was specifically designed with him in mind, considering the phrase "'Jesus Christ is in Heaven Now'", a variation on a similar statement on Anderson's equipment, is engraved on the side. The Jackal has an overall length of 39cm (the same length as the Casull), is made from pure silver, and weighs 16kg. The slide covers the entire top frame, and there are thus no creases or lines on the top part of the gun, making room for the engraving. Obviously, no human could possibly use this gun without being blown away by it. The breech also faces the left, instead of the right, so it's more of a sister gun to the .454, though its magazines can hold about the same amount of bullets that the Casull is capable of. The bullets are different as well, being a bigger 13mm, with a gold casing, a reinforced core for armor penetration, a mercury explosive and each bullet being baptized. Compared to the Casull, the Jackal is distinctly lacking in terms of aesthetic features, and is devoid of any contours on the side or frame save for the grip. This suggests that Walter designed the weapon immediately after Alucard's encounter with Anderson and did not have time to improve its appearance.

This gun is of fantastic proportions. No 13mm round was ever produced. A .50 alone would equal 12.7mm, meaning each bullet must be manufactured by Hellsing alone. It's curious as to how this weapon can weigh 16kg when a full size 7.62X51mm machine gun only weighs 11kg, the weight is probably necessary to control the 13mm rounds, though with a gun this heavy you could probably fire a .50cal BMG round and still have the same desired effect.

Airsoft replica of Hellsing Arms "Jackal" seen in the manga Hellsing. This is a conversion kit for the Tokyo Marui Beretta M92F airsoft gun.
The Jackal in the original TV series

Heckler & Koch Mark 23

Seras's sidearm is a Heckler & Koch Mark 23 in the original television series. It was replaced by a more sensible P226 in the OVA.

H&K Mk 23 Mod 0 - .45 ACP
Seras with her Heckler & Koch Mk 23 Mod 0.
Another shot of Seras with her H&K Mk 23 Mod 0.
Seras aims her H&K Mk 23 Mod 0 at a vampire giving her a creepy smile.
Clearly this vamp is not intimidated by her .45 ACP weapon.

Walther PPK

Integra uses a Walther PPK on the shooting range and against Yan in the meeting room in the TV series. It is loaded with a fictive incendiary mercury round.

Walther PPK in 7.65x17mm Auto (.32 ACP)
Integra fires the Walther PPK. Here in this shot, the shell looks far too small to be a .32 ACP shell.
Integra flips the safety of the Walther PPK.
The Walther PPK lays on the bench next to a box of .32 ACP rounds.

Walther PPK/S

Luke Valentine's sidearm is a Walther PPK/S concealed within his sleeve in episode 6.

Nickel plated Walther PPK/S with wooden grips-.380ACP
Luke draws his PPK/S...
...and drops it after emptying the mag. Note that the slide is forward and the hammer isn't cocked although the magazine has run dry.

Beretta 92FS

A Beretta 92FS is seen the hands of a Hellsing turncoat in the TV series.

Beretta 92FS - 9mm
The Hellsing turncoat as seen with his Beretta 92FS

Beretta 93R

Integra is seen firing a Beretta 93R at a shooting range in the TV series.

Beretta 93R - 9mm
Integra fires the Beretta 93R. In this sequence, the three shells ejecting is correct since the 93R is also a 3-round burst weapon.
The Beretta 93R after Integra fires it.

Glock Pistols

Seras uses a couple of Glock's as her sidearms when she joined Hellsing in the Anime. One is a Glock 38.Other reassembles an early Glock 17.

1st Generation Glock 17 - 9x19mm
Glock 38 w/OD frame-.45 GAP.
Seras pulls the trigger on her 1st gen Glock 17 .
Another shot of Seras as she readies her Glock.
Seras with her Glock 17.
Seras fires her Glock 17pistol.

Submachine Guns

Customized FN P90s

Yan Valentine wields a pair of heavily modified FN P90s. Both have part of the stock and handle removed, with a more conventional pistol grip placed instead. A silencer has been added, along with an underbarrel laser dot sight. Of course, his eye sigil also adorns the side of the weapon. In the TV series, one had a long scope attached to it and the other a red dot sight.

Fabrique Nationale P90 - 5.7x28mm
Here in this artwork, we see Yan Valentine's customized FN P90s without the red dot sight and long scope.
Yan's P90s in the TV series.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

Both Hellsing members and London police officers are seen with H&K MP5A3s.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with Surefire 628 dedicated forend weaponlight and Navy trigger group
Police officers turned ghouls with their MP5s.
Another police officer turned ghoul is seen with his MP5.

Skorpion SA Vz 61

One of the vampire teens in the TV series uses a Skorpion SA Vz 61. In the OVA, it was replaced with a Micro Uzi.

Skorpion SA Vz 61 - .32 ACP.
The teenage vampire with his Skorpion SA Vz 61 at the ready, as Alucard approaches.
Another teenage vampire pulls out the Skorpion SA Vz 61 that was tucked in their pants.

Steyr MPi81

Enrico Stivaletti grabs a Steyr MPi81 from a police station in the TV series when he attempts to escape.

Steyr MPi81 Submachine Gun - 9x19mm. This varies from the MPi69 in that the cocking handle is more conventional, and not a combination 'cocking handle/sling mount'
Stivaletti with his newly acquired Steyr MPi81.
Enrico gives a half-demented smile as he aims his Steyr MPi81, while the weapon slung on his back is an Ithaca 37 "Stakeout" shotgun.
The Steyr MPi81 lays discarded on the ground.


Seras's Rifle (Hellsing Anti-Midians 13.7mm)

This unnamed rifle was used by Seras before she was given the Hallconnen. She also used it with a drum magazine later on in the TV series. This weapon is clearly manufactured by the Hellsing organization for anti-vampire combat, though it is uncertain who was intended to wield it before Seras joined. The stock engraving reads "Anti-Midians" and gives the caliber of the round as a massive 13.7mm.It's also mentioned that it's extremly heavy,as it weighst 50 kilograms unloaded.

Sera's rifle in the Original TV series
Seras when she first receives her rifle.

"Mare's Leg" M1 Garands

Luke Valentine's weapon of choice is a pair of extremely short M1 Garand rifles. The stock is cut down and the barrel and gas piston almost halved in length, making them resemble a "Mare's Leg" short pistol / carbine. Such a conversion in real life would essentially require a complete rebuild of the working parts of the rifle, since the Garand's operating piston is a rod that runs almost the entire length of the barrel, and a Garand gas piston shortened this much while firing the same round would probably explode.

M1 Garand - .30-06
An artwork frame of Luke Valentine's "Mare's Leg" M1 Garand rifles.
Luke Valentine aims one of his M1 Garands at Alucard, as Alucard expresses some annoyance.
Luke's M1 in the TV series.
Luke's M1 in the OVA.

M16A1s Rifle

The M16A1 rifle is used by Hellsing forces in the original TV series.

M16A1 - 5.56x45mm
The Hellsing Forces seen armed with their M16A1's in the original TV series.

Sniper Rifles

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

Both Seras and assorted Hellsing members use Accuracy International Arctic Warfare sniper rifles. Seras was told to not equip hers with a scope because, as a vampire, she can see farther than any human could.

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare - 7.62x51mm NATO.
Seras as seen with an AW sniper rifle. Here, we see that no scope is mounted on the rifle since she is a vampire and doesn't need the scope since she can see farther than a human can.
Another shot of Seras from the TV show taking aim with an AW sniper rifle. Here again, there is no scope mounted on the rifle.
Here a member of the Hellsing Organization takes aim with an AW rifle of his own.


Ithaca 37 Stakeout

An Ithaca 37 "Stakeout" is taken by Enrico Stivaletti as he tries to escape from a morgue.

Ithaca 37 "Stakeout"
The vampire with his newly acquired Ithaca 37 "Stakeout" as he attempts to escape the police station.

Heavy weapons

Harkonnen cannon

Seras Victoria gets this fictional cannon later in the series. This is the weapon that Walter gives Seras in episode 5, "Brotherhood" and the OVA shows the same scene as well, in the 2nd episode. This weapon's name is rendered as "Hallconnen" but actually pronounced "Harkonnen" and is a reference to the primary antagonists of the novel Dune, House Harkonnen (the spelling discrepancy is the result of the Japanese pronunciation of "Harkonnen"). The cannon is almost hilariously oversized, but Seras soon handles it like a normal rifle because of her strength as a vampire. Walter says that it uses depleted uranium shells, and high explosive rounds. The Harkonnen fires 30mm cannon shells.

This is effectively an artillery piece scaled down to so a person can hold it like a rifle, which Seras does from time to time. It operates using a traditional breech-action system.

Hallconnen (a.k.a., Harkonnen) - 30mm
Seras loads in a 30mm shell into the Harkonnen.
Seras's cannon in the original anime.

Incognito's Armscor 40mm MGL

This is a fictional multi-shot grenade launcher based off the South African Milkor MGL. The weapon does not fire normal explosive grenades (though a wide range of ammo can be used, Incognito loads them with special shells containing multiple dart-like objects that have some magical property, which Alucard describes it as "magic from the dark continent"). As with Incognito himself, this weapon only appears in the television series.

An artwork page of Incognito's Armscor-based grenade launcher.
Incognito takes aim with his Armscor-based grenade launcher.


Luke Valentine uses a M202 FLASH to break into the Hellsing compound in the TV series.

M202 FLASH - 66mm
Luke Valentine takes aim with the M202 FLASH launcher.

Arwen 37

Seras uses an Arwen 37 grenade launcher several times in the TV series.

Arwen 37 - 37mm
Seras takes aim with the Arwen 37. It appears that the folks at Gonzo forgot to draw the actual grenades in this thing.

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