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Beta / Removed Weapons

Silver Ghost

Chris uses a modified version of Leon's custom handgun called the Silver Ghost [1]. The reason it appeared in trailer might be the project was set in the same time with Resident Evil 4 PlayStation 2 port, that is also why early images are seen with PlayStation 2 or GameCube graphic quality.

Due to Capcom's other projects which caused Resident Evil 5 development delayed almost 2 years, this very handgun disappeared. Since E3 2007, the 2 official trailers showed Chris using a modified 1911 as his main weapon instead (the 1911 was later replaced by Beretta 92FS).

In 2008 interview, Producer Jun Takeuchi also mentioned the Resident Evil 4's weapon system received good feedback, however most fans wanted the new guns to be more realistic, that makes no reason to remain it in the official game. Eventually Albert Wesker's main weapon is switched back to Beretta 92FS "Samurai Edge" despite he used this silenced variant during the last event of Umbrella Chronicles.

Chris aims the "Silver Ghost", Teaser's final moment.


In first two Official Trailers (E3 2007), with most prototypes removed, the Silver Ghost was totally replaced by a slightly modified M1911 as Chris's primary weapon. Despite both it and Beretta 92FS co-exist during the same FMVs, it was the only handgun seen being firing by Chris until E3 2008 when the Beretta took its place. The 1911 never appeared again in any later cutscenes.

It appears to be a relatively standard 1911 with a stainless, threaded barrel, fixed sights, a commander-style hammer and what looks like A1 cocking serrations. Some interesting points are that the magazine release, trigger and trigger guard seem to be taken from the Beretta 92FS, implying a customized, fictional weapon like the "Silver Ghost" from the previous game.

The 1911 in the E3 2007 Trailer, a moment before the first Majini encounter, resembles 2005's Teaser final moment. The scene later appears in official game, but Beretta 92FS equipped instead.
E3 2007 Extended Trailer, Chris alone, encounters a town Majini group. Note Majini never appear this many in the console versions of the official game, but possibly from a Bench-Mark. They can spawn like this in the Mercenaries No Mercy, though.
Chris with the 1911. Note the threaded barrel, double-action trigger, and hooked trigger gaurd.

"Dead Rising" Hybrid Assault Rifle

An assault rifle Chris wields to battle against town Majinis, a hybrid version that originally appears in Dead Rising. It caused a lot of identification mistakes for Resident Evil fans who never play Dead Rising before because of its mixed parts. The rifle itself is not an actual Colt M4, Heckler & Koch G41 nor FN SCAR, even SIG SG 556. It features a FN FAL-style fixed stock, G41/SCAR body, STANAG magazine, R.I.S handguard with red-dot sight and 40mm Grenade Launcher module attached.

An early screenshot in the official strategy guide's "Development" section shows Chris holding this weapon near the (at one point not a static object, and overturned) bus on Public Assembly. Curiously, its waiting animation at this point has Chris with both hands on the grip, with the weapon aimed straight up at the 12 o'clock "High Ready" position, just like the default handgun animation.

Hybrid Assault Rifle, as it originally appears in Dead Rising
E3 2007 Extended Trailer, Chris use the Hybrid weapon against Majini, probably in Public Assembly. While the grenade launcher has been retained from Dead Rising (complete with its nonexistent trigger), the ANPEQ is now gone, and an EOTech holosight (similar to the one equipped to the Sig 556) has been added in place of the scope.

Alternate Benelli M3

In the early trailers for the game, Chris can bee seen blasting huge groups of Majini with a stockless version of the Benelli M3. The weapon's utility is unknown, thought judging by the location it's seen used in it seems to have been replaced by the Ithaca 37. Whether or not the weapon was present at the same time as the Merchant is also unknown, so it's possible the weapon would've been upgradeable with a stock (as some weapons in RE4 were). As a final note, the model used here appears to be a higher resolution version of the one seen in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, complete with wooden furniture. This would make it the third "throwback" weapon present, alongside the Samurai Edge and the heavily customized Desert Eagle from Resident Evil 2.

Benelli M3 Super 90 Shorty - 12 gauge
Chris fires the Benelli atop an early build of "Public Assembly." The distinctly different profile of the Benelli versus the Ithaca 37 (magazine tube flush with the barrel, different butt plate, different sights) can be clearly seen here.
The Benelli in full recoil as Chris pumps it. Here we can see the laser, which is mounted where it would be on the full-size Benelli in the final version of the game. The pump appears to be wooden, like the one in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

Additional Images

5th Anniversary Edition manufactured in 2001 ("Kendo Custom Shop" engraved on the case)
15th Anniversary Edition manufactured in 2011 (Barry appears in the box)


Additon Weapons:

Though not seen but confirmed: (Asking for confirmation on other weapons.)

Six to Seven pistols can be obtained including a .357 magnum possibly a Colt Python.

Currently there is seven pistols (including magnum type weapons), these include the Beretta 92FS, H&K USP, SIG P226, Beretta M93R, S&W M29, Desert Eagle, S&W M500. Unknown weapons such as the Beretta PX4 and other weapons have not yet been found. Draco122

There are several secret weapons that can be obtained as well. According to a recent Gamepro article, these weapons range from new to old tech. It is unknown how many there are.

Also, several shotguns (unknown number) have been confirmed. This includes a single barreled pump action (possibly the one we've seen in pictures.), a semi auto and a double barreled shotgun. It has also been confirmed there will be a three barreled shotgun that can do extreme damage.

There are roughly four shotguns currently, the Ithaca Model 37, Benelli M3 and Striker which is currently named the Jail Breaker, the Hydra shotgun is the fictional shotgun with 3 barrels. Draco122

All weapons can be upgraded much like the weapons in Resident Evil 4 in terms of capacity, damage, fire rate and reload rate.

My biggest problem with this game

The intense gunplay is cool and fun, but when you come face to face with enemies with AK-74s and RPGS and turrets, having the ability to walk while shooting will go a long way, but the creators didn't want to do that because it takes away the intense quick aiming you have to do. Bullcrap. They did it because they don't want their game to feel like Metal Gear Solid 4 or Gears of Wars. I wouldn't have made this complaint if all enemies don't shoot back with full auto assault rifles. Bows and arrows and crossbows are ok, but when AKs are shooting at you, I like a better cover system and moving while shooting or aiming so I can peer around corners and take out threats. Excalibur01 12:04, 3 April 2009 (UTC) Ditto here, there is nothing more frustraiting to just sit there and try to shoot back when one has trained IRL to shoot while moveing. Rockwolf66

I have to agree. While I hugely enjoyed the game, having to freeze while shooting kind of sucked. However, it'd probably best to stay put when blasting away with the Gatling Gun. M14fanboy 06:16, 31 August 2009 (UTC)
I have to disagree 100%. Resident Evil is supposed to be a survival horror game, not Metal Gear Solid, Halo, or Gears of War. It's not supposed to be a shooter. The franchise I loved for so long has begun to die since the day RE4 was released thanks to incorporating too many shooter elements. Spartan198 02:10, 21 December 2009 (UTC)
look, there's survival horror in the sense that you are having to feel the horror and surviving it. But the gameplay is not realistic. And RE5 is more action than horror. It's saying Alien is horror and Aliens is action horror. RE5 is more action oriented and should have the capabilities of the 3rd person, on the move shooting. Look, if the creators wanted more Survival horror in RE5, they should have made the theme and story less action pack genre and more like the previous games before 4. Give it a more scare aspect. Fighting hordes of enemies isn't horror, it's annoying Excalibur01

RE4 should have never been made. How the HELL did they get RE4 after making RE1 GC (the gold standard of RE survival-horror; RE2 exceeds it in its novelty of new elements, but RE1 GC did everything by the book and perfectly), Zero, and Outbreak? Anyway, it's almost stupid easy to kill the AK gunmen in RE5, because they waste ammunition on cover (letting you headshot them while they reload) and don't fire while moving (if you can't beat RE5's AK AI, then you probably aren't good at GoW or any other shooter either). They get the same HP as standard Majini, so all you need to do is save grenades and just blind-toss them. I liken RE4/5 to the RE movies in that while they have the same "context", they just suck as RE games.

Resident Evil 5 is what happens when Capcom has a commercially successful game: they try to figure out what made it so good but actually drop all the elements. They did the same thing to the REmake with Resident Evil 0. Let's scrap talented actors, good writing, replayability, and scary enemies in favor of broken mechanics and a completly retarded story. Resident Evil 4 was generally well paced and so much more fun than any game in the series since Resident Evil 3; 5 is too action heavy and its, on top of that a horrible port on the PC. Everything that worked in 4: the weapon set, characterization, item management, and enemy intelligence has been completely thrown out the window: the real time inventory is BS, the guns are extremely dull, the characters are mostly bland (the only BSAA character I actually cared about was Josh), there are way too many instant death attacks (just about every boss has one; the Reaper is pretty much nothing but those), and the button mashing got tiresome really fast. Then, of course, there's the fact that Wesker has at some point decided he's God. From what I've read, Capcom did the same thing to Re4 they did to Revelations: they took a great game and ruined it in the sequel (5 for 4, 6 for Revelations). While I haven't gotten to play 6 outside the demo yet, everyone seems to hate it (granted everyone includes the subset of the population that things CoD 4 is the greatest thing ever made). I think it's just something we, as fans of the series, are going to have to accept.

It doesn't really make a difference anyway, because now Capcom has to reboot the entire canon after TWO action-horror games. With the success of LIN and the dismal failure of RE5 in terms of popular approval (even critics are panning it, despite the fact that it's basically RE4 with all of the action-horror elements that they wanted; one site called RE4 "Game of the Decade" while making no mention of RE5), hopefully they do a total reboot and get rid of this action-horror nonsense.

I haven't heard much about "Lost in Nightmare." How is it better than base RE5?
I'll agree that the REmake on Gamecube was plenty scary, given elements like the Crimson Heads arising out of downed zombies you either didn't headshot, blow the knees off of, or burn, or "itChy iTchy sCoTT caMe uGLy FAce so KIlleD hiM. taSTy," or truly classic monsters like Lisa the Mutant, but you have to admit a lot of the difficulty in that game was because of the very wonky controls and the fact that you really couldn't aim very well. Those controls should stay in the past where they rightfully belong--I don't think gamers of today would take very kindly to not being able to dodge zombies due to poor controls. Sure wish we had a full-fledged remake of RE1 with the entire STARS team with today's tech though.--Mazryonh 01:07, 12 April 2010 (UTC)

The controls are used as part of the cinematic-emulating pacing elements; that's why you can't move while you shoot or be able to directly aim for the head in RE1 GC. Don't think of them as merely games that are under the RE title, think of them as zombie-horror pieces in their own right. By definition, RE1 GC did practically everything right in terms of creating a zombie-horror atmosphere; the camera angles that acted like the ones in Romero's Living Dead, the lack of offensive capability, the shock of the protagonist characters, inclusion of human flaws as part of the game's theme (Wesker's hubris, Brad's cowardice), and overall ominous environment is still the best the series has in terms of an actual model.

And in reality, the controls have absolutely nothing to do with the "control" problem. The only difference between RE5 PS3 and RE1 PS3's controls are the Knife button and the Quick-Access button; the difference is the camera. Everyone flips for the OtS, but no one ever pays attention to the fact that it totally DESTROYS a game's cinematic value. What kind of movie do you know of that follows the protagonist around from 2 feet behind and 2 feet above? If used in a horror game in particular, it gives the player too much control and inherently destabilizes the effect altogether. Dead Space, which is the only real example of a workable SH game, only succeeded for its novelty; in order to use OtS, they had to balance the game against the player in other aspects, such as using claustrophobic-tight areas and exotic enemies, which took the average OtS player by surprise. Dead Space 2 isn't looking too good (as expected), because they reprised the protagonist as "taking the fight to them" and added rocket boots (which means that the player is going to face zero gravity with both the advantages of OtS/boots and prior experience, turning it into a mere formality), along with the fact that they have to TOP their previous game's enemy design to challenge the player's OtS advantage sufficiently. Silent Hill's take on OtS is obviously a one-time deal; it also did all of the horror elements properly, but its style cannot be repeated for important reasons (one, it takes away the combat aspect entirely, which is, as you said, a novelty nowadays, and two, it's more of an isolated intensity; it plays a unique way, and any further encroachment would just cheapen it).

The camera was designed to encourage the player to evade or avoid enemies instead of directly attacking them (which is how a counterpart in the Living Dead series would react as well). Just like in the Living Dead series, the protagonist has a difficulty getting a bead on enemies and is disoriented mentally relative to their situation.

LIN is a fair bit better than the base game in terms of survival-horror because it puts much greater emphasis on puzzle solving (granted, it's no RE3 or CV, but it's better than RE4 and eons ahead of RE5; some puzzles actually require some degree of examination) and greatly de-emphasizes gunplay (you start with Beretta 92Fs, and there is only one "chapter", meaning you cannot upgrade or purchase weaponry to improve firepower). You still have OtS, which still handicaps the survival-horror, but it is much better.

No kidding, most of the Keepers have to be dealt with without guns, instead of using enviroment kills (conveniently located around sewers). Actually, was there even a part where you were able to gun down those things? --AlkoTanko 18:09, 12 April 2010 (UTC)

Okay, after playing quite a bit of Silent Hill 3 to make its page on this wiki, I'll have to admit that while a third-person non-over-the-shoulder camera can definitely make for a more cinematic game, it can also make for a far-harder to control game, if the camera is not absolutely fixed in place like it was for the REmake on the Gamecube. In Silent Hill 3 there are demonic dogs that are fast-moving and hard to avoid because the camera can get in your way, and while the camera can be somewhat readjusted, this takes time (which is somewhat mitigated in Silent Hill 4 where camera readjustments are instantaneous), and I agree with one review's complaint about SH3's second boss fight, where "you end up fighting the camera more than the boss itself." While that kind of "intentionally implemented helplessness" can help with the feeling of horror, I find that it oftentimes leads to frustration instead.
Maybe a good compromise between "cinematic fixed-camera environments" and "ease of aiming" could be found in the following way - an absolutely fixed camera like REmake's for general movement, exploration and auto-aiming shooting, but a first-person aiming mode that is affected by your character's psychological and physical state, a bit like Metal Gear Solid 4's psyche system. Putting it into REmake terms, if you're hurt or poisoned, your first person aim wavers and you may not even be able to see straight in first person view if you're badly injured. Being up against several zombies will deplete your psyche and make aiming more difficult, more so if you're close to a zombie or an enemy that can really dish out the pain up close (like the Hunters, Crimson Heads, Yawn, Tyrant, etc.). This could be an effective compromise between those two gaming needs that I think has yet to be tried with the horror gaming genre. --Mazryonh 05:00, 7 May 2010 (UTC)

Oh my god, listen to you people! You're all f*cking riciculous! It's a damn GAME! Get over it! Nobody's forcing you to play it, so stop bitching already, you all sound like a bunch of whining geeks anyway, jeez... Oh, and would it kill you guys to leave your signature here? This isn't a forum, the website doesn't check you in for you.--Zblayde 04:02, 13 April 2010 (UTC)

Oh my God, you're f*cking ridiculous! It's a damn DISCUSSION! Get over it. Nobody's forcing you to take part in it, so stop bitching already, you sound like a whining geek. Spartan198 01:30, 25 April 2011 (CDT)

Weapon Images

Can anyone get the Images for the weapons from the weapon upgrade screen that's between the chapters. I play it on the 360 and whatever screencaps I can make would be digital pics of a TV screen. Rockwolf66 06:21, 2 May 2009 (UTC)

Thank's ProtoAuthor for adding the in game weapon Images. I'm going to check my guide and start adding the various in game titles to those images.
You're welcome. I just found those online and figured the article could use them. Hadn't even read your request, to be honest. -protoAuthor 19:32, 7 October 2009 (UTC)

SVD Dragunov is not a sniper rifle

Why do folks here keep confusing it as such? It is a marksman/designated marksman rifle.

There isn't much distinction between DMRs and sniper rifles in terms of gameplay. Spartan198 02:12, 21 December 2009 (UTC)
It's classified as a "sniper rifle" ingame anyway.--PistolJunkie 03:21, 21 December 2009 (UTC)
The SVD has always been referred to as a sniper rifle. A DMR is basically as assault rifle with semi auto only and a specific barrel for better accuracy. Excalibur01

The russians themselves said it was a DMR, are you discrediting the makers? --FIVETWOSEVEN 23:14, 8 March 2010 (UTC)

Yes, but the U.S. Military and historians for years called it a sniper rifle. It WAS used in that role in Vietnam by NVA Snipers (as well as M91/30s) It CAN be used in such a role, however, in recent times, much more accurate (and larger caliber) weapons have been built. Calling it a sniper rifle is not ridiculous, though one can always make a note if they really want to be ultra specific about it on the various gun and movie pages. MoviePropMaster2008 00:42, 9 March 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, it really doesn't make much difference in-game. They all seem to have the same inherent accuracy, virtually no bullet drop, and every one of them is pre-zeroed to hit the same POI. So, it really doesn't matter what you call it. Although I find it really odd how this article says the the 7.62x54R has less power than the .308 Win based 7.62x51mm. I mean, you can SEE that the Soviet round has 3mm more case capacity, which means that it has a greater possible power level. In-game, the Russian round is the same as the .308 Win round, but that could be explained by downloading it. Again, I suppose it really doesn't make a difference.

Gold Edition

there is going to be a new gold edition to Resident Evil 5 and i think there might be some new characters and possibly some new guns

Erm...--PistolJunkie 05:56, 14 February 2010 (UTC)

The only aspect of the Gold edition I like is the mansion level which is a return back to Resident Evil 1 where you have limited ammo and a more darker aspect. It's more scary than RE5 would be. You can even change the camera to a fixed position like the RE games of old. Excalibur01

New guns: Barry's Samurai Edge, Barry's Revolver.

Too bad this isn't for the PC version Excalibur01

Barry's revolver only makes an appearance when he does a special move, it isn't an equipable weapon.

It should still be added to the page though.

H&K P8

It is a P8. Look at the safety.--ColonelTomb 00:42, 11 April 2010 (UTC)

Just added text to every thumbnail that didn't have text

No need to thank me. :P --Dannysaynoo 00:50, 28 June 2010 (UTC)

Barry's Revolver

I think it is a Python actually, not an Anaconda, judging by the screw placement above the trigger mechanism. Plus it looks like that in Resident Evil (2002 VG), the Python and Anaconda use the exact same model, just different ammo. Anyone not OK with changing it to Python? --bozitojugg3rn4ut 10:45, 18 May 2012 (CDT)

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