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Politics & IMFDB

May I ask why we are giving a page to one of the most anti gun shows in history?

Because this is not a political site. The political stance of a movie on gun use do not concern us; indeed, given how anti-gun Hollywood tends to be, this site would probably not exist at all if politics factored in. -MT2008 13:53, 7 August 2010 (UTC)

Maybe a disclaimer that we dissaprove of the shows message would be good like was done on the page Redacted.

the show was idioticly anti gun, but

Was there an ongoing overt political message? I didn't watch the show on a regular basis, I thought it was really stupid, but I did watch the series finale and the entire thing with idiot boy MacGyver taking out a bad guy, kicking away the gun but not taking it or throwing it into a lake or something and then having the guy get up and shoot MacGyver's friends was inexcusable in its stupidity. If there was ALWAYS an on going 'message' about how guns were evil, then we 'could' put up a disclaimer, but I don't think it was that obvious to the casual viewer. As per myself, I always thought of it as trying to force the show to come up with weird and nonstandard solutions to problems. Richard Dean Anderson DID use tons of guns later in Stargate SG1 and he used them correctly! (i.e. when he shot bad guys, he shoots to kill). MoviePropMaster2008 16:52, 7 August 2010 (UTC)

If I remember correctly he handled them well too. I remember he had good trigger discipline in at least one episode because I remember his finger being rested on the trigger guard on an MP5 in at least one scene on a Goa'uld mothership. --cool-breeze 19:31, 11 July 2011 (CDT)

Richard Dean Anderson

The reason for all the anti-gun BS is Richard Dean Anderson. This jackass is on the board of directors of "Handgun Control, Inc" and insisted after the pilot that his character never use a gun.

Hi Mr Anon first, sign your posts! Second, get your facts straight. The series was originally developed with the character not using guns because they wanted to create a character who would use his mind to get out of situations instead of just shooting someone. They wanted something different than the tons of other spy shows that were out there and MacGyver delivered. The series wasn't anti gun, anything that went on behind the scenes doesn't matter when it comes to the actual show. --cool-breeze 05:30, 27 June 2011 (CDT)

Politics and the movie/television Industry

I agree with MT2008. Everyone knows that Hollywood (and probably many of the other movie folks in other countries) tend to be rather knee jerk in their left leaning politics. Especially when it comes to firearms. But IMFDB is about firearms in movies,television etc. If we used political beliefs as the criteria most of the actor pages that I've created over the past two years would be gone. The fact of the matter is that MacGyver was on television for many years and firearms were used. Yes in the real world MacGyver would be dead. But then so would James Bond and all of the heroic characters that Bruce Willis has played over the years.

For the record, Bruce Willis is a proud gun owner and gun rights supporder

The discussion page is for just that. We need to keep the actual page free of political content. IMFDB is a reference site. Not an extension of the NRA or GOA. And I am a card carrying member of the NRA incidentally. --Jcordell 03:12, 8 August 2010 (UTC)

We did the disclaimer on the Redacted page because we have tons of veterans (who deserve our respect) who were truly offended by that movie. It was a rare instance, and in only rare and outrageous instances will we do that. MacGyver is idiotic, but seriously, the politics were only really present behind the scenes, not on the screen. MoviePropMaster2008 03:52, 8 August 2010 (UTC)

Well, I watched the show growing up, the only reason MacGyver doesn't use a gun was due to his tramatic childhood of accidently shooting one of his best friends. Many of MacGyver's close friends and allies (many are government agents or police officers) used guns and MacGyver never make any objection. Only when civilians without training picked up guns dropped by the bad guys when MacGyver stopped them.--Wildcards 19:06, 11 July 2011 (CDT)

Valmet M71S

That second picture with the pilot firing the weapon. Maybe it's me but the thing looks like an AK series weapon (maybe a Type 56) rather than the Valmet. --Charon68 (talk) 19:38, 1 February 2017 (EST)

Murdoc's Scoped Rifle from S3E08

Rear sight block
Rounded trigger, plenty of checkering of the stock. Yellow arrow is to point the rear sight which blends to background a bit
Shape, pretty long stock
Rifle has front sight

Currently guessing Remington Model 600 TrickShotFinn (talk) 07:29, 8 July 2018 (EDT)

Going with Mauser 98 Sporter with custom stock TrickShotFinn (talk) 10:47, 11 July 2018 (EDT)

In the early seasons (that is 1-3) of original MacGyver, P9S appears quite frequently as the gun of choice of most villains and their underlings. When the production moves to Canada for later seasons, the Taurus PT92 and/or Beretta 92F become the dominant bad guy guns.

Archived Data



The M1911A1 has a high volume of appearances through-out the series.

M1911A1 .45 ACP

Custom M1911

Appears in "Strictly Business" (S6E19), it is Murdoc's (Michael Des Barres) main carry pistol through-out the episode. This M1911 is distinguishable with chrome finish, black controls (slide stop and safety), black spur hammer, brown/wood grips with emblem, slightly angular trigger guard, harsh angular slide top and slightly protruding barrel.

It first appears in the beggining sequence when Murdoc goes to a hearing with HIT top executives. Though first he is asked to remove all weapons and Murdoc lays the M1911 on the hood of his car. He uses the gun again at MacGyver's houseboat. He first keeps it in his holster and takes it out when Mac gets out of the trap. After blowing up Mac's rental car with FIM-43 Redeye, Murdoc chases Mac to the forest with the M1911 at hand. He later is seen screwing a suppressor on to it in order to shoot a lock and enter a cabin without alarming Suzanne Walker. He withdraws when he hears the little girl using a secret entrance to cabin. Once he manages to get alone with MacGyver, he has a camera setup where the pull of the M1911's trigger will activate the camera and take a photo of MacGyver's death. After foiled by distraction by Amy and chairshot from MacGyver, Murdoc fires at the two of them. He is last seen with the pistol holding Suzanne Walker hostage with it.

Stainless Colt Government Model M1911A1 - .45 ACP
S6E19 - Murdoc (Michael Des Barres) watching mom and daughter take MacGyver to shelter. Pretty much the best shot of the gun in the episode.
S6E19 - Murdoc screwing a suppressor on M1911
S6E19 - Murdoc with M1911 with suppressor on.
S6E19 - Murdoc humoring Suzanne with M1911 on hand.

Heckler & Koch VP70

A Heckler & Koch VP70 is handled by a little boy that sparks a flashback in "Blood Brothers" (S4E02).

Heckler & Koch VP70Z with spare magazine - 9x19mm
A little boy handles the Heckler & Koch VP70 in a hunting store in "Blood Brothers" (S4E02).

Taurus PT92AFS

Taurus PT92AFS has multiple appearances. The Taurus was a pistol more readily available to Canadian armorers, so when the production moved to Vancouver in later seasons, it became the gun of choice for most villains and their underlings during seasons 4-7, taking over H&K P9S's duty from season 1-3.

Taurus PT92AFS (Stainless) with Slimline Black Factory Grips - 9x19mm
Nicolas Von Leer (Kai Wulff) with the suppressed Taurus PT92AFS in "Eye of Osiris" (S6E14).
A suppressed Taurus PT92AFS was used by Nicolas Von Leer (Kai Wulff) in "Eye of Osiris" (S6E14).
A Taurus PT92AFS was held by Nicolas Von Leer (Kai Wulff) in "Eye of Osiris" (S6E14).

Beretta 92F

The Beretta 92F is used throughout the series

  • "Halloween Knights" (S5E06) - Wielded by a freelance assassin named Hank Gregg (Scott J. Ateah), who is used as a guinea pig for Nicholas Helman's "Death Row" trap gauntlet to test it's effectiveness against a skilled assassin on par with Murdoc.
  • "Strictly Business" (S6E19) - When Murdoc sets off a metal detector at HIT hearing early in the episode, he told to remove the rest of his hidden weapons. One of these weapons is a Beretta 92F.
S5E06 - Mr. Gregg (Scott J. Ateah) with his Beretta 92F ready to take on the Death Row
S5E06 - Mr. Gregg (Scott J. Ateah) with his Beretta 92F, pinned down at the machine gun nest trap. You can just see the slide-mounted safety, indicating that it's a Beretta and not a Taurus
S6E19 - Murdoc laying the second batch of weapons after triggering the metal detector. Beretta 92F on the left.

Beretta 84

Eunice (Claire Vardiel) uses a Beretta 84 in "Legend of the Holy Rose, Part 2" (S5E02). Erich Von Leer (Christopher Neame) appears to use a stainless model in the same episode.

Beretta 84 (earlier version with round trigger guard) .380 ACP
Eunice (Claire Vardiel) uses a Beretta 84 in "Legend of the Holy Rose, Part 2" (S5E02).
Erich Von Leer (Christopher Neame) appears to use a stainless model in "Legend of the Holy Rose, Part 2" (S5E02).

Beretta M1934

Appears in episode "Halloween Knights" (S5E06). When Sonia Chapel (Jo Bates) catches Murdoc and informs that MacGyver is disguised as one of the HIT board members, Nicholas Helman (Daniel Davis) draws what appears to be stainless Beretta M1934 on MacGyver. After the Mac and Murdoc manage to get through the Death Row, Helman rushes to confront Murdoc with the Beretta.

Beretta Model 1934 Stainless - .380 ACP.
S5E06 - Helman (Daniel Davis) draws a Beretta Model 1934 on MacGyver, whose cover has just been blown
S5E06 - Helman (Daniel Davis) pointing his Beretta M1934 on Murdoc

Browning Hi-Power

In Episode "Widowmaker" (S3E08), Murdoc (Michael Des Barres) makes his final cliffside attack with what appears to a Browning Hi-Power pistol. He loses it when fast-acting Nikki Carpenter (Elyssa Davalos) karate kicks the pistol out of his hands (!!)

Due to weak video quality murking the details, it's kinda hard to tell it's Browning Hi-Power. The shape of the gun is easier to tell in motion that with screen captures.

Commercial Browning Hi-Power Mark III - 9x19mm
Murdoc: "Mind if I drop in!?"
Murdoc with what appears to be a Browing Hi-Power.
Murdoc's got his Browning Hi-Power right at MacGyver, but is about to be disarmed by Nikki Carpenter's hi-keeba move. Brave woman, I wouldn't try crane kicks on cliffside.


Colt Detective Special (3rd Gen)

Colt Detective Special has multiple appearances:

  • "Halloween Knights" (S5E06). Unknown assilant uses a Colt Detective Special to shoot the rear wheel of MacGyver's old Chevrolet pick-up truck. Even though the assilant turns out to be Murdoc, it cannot be confirmed that his actor - Michael Des Barres - is firing the revolver.
Colt Detective Special 3rd Gen - .38 Special
S5E09 - Mystery assilant shoots the rear wheel of MacGyver's old Chevy pick-up with a 3rd gen Colt Detective Special

Colt Single Action Army

Appears in "Halloween Knights" (S5E06). A cowboy at Helman Club's costume party has a two holstered, ivory-gripped Colt SAA(s) as part of his costume.

Colt Single Action Army w/ 4.75" barrel, referred to as "Quick-Draw" or "Civilian" model, custom engraved with ivory grips - .38 Special
S5E09 - Helman Club party participant dressed as a Cowboy with two Colt SAA(s) in his holsters. The revolvers are highlighted by yellow arrows.

Smith & Wesson Model 10

In "Blood Brothers" (S4E02), a flashback to 1961 shows what appears to be a Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver used by MacGyver's friend in the incident that explains Mac's aversion to guns.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 with 6" barrel - 38 special.
In "Blood Brothers" (S4E02), a flashback shows MacGyver's friend about to use the revolver.

Smith & Wesson Model 36

A Smith & Wesson Model 36 is used in several episodes.

  • "Cleo Rocks" (S4E09) - Murdoc (Michael Des Barres) uses a nickel S&W Model 36 with pearl grips during the episode. First appears when Murdoc is using it to force Pete Thorthon (Dana Elcar) into a cage for a future trap for MacGyver. He is later shown with it when he lures MacGyver to a trap with Penny Parker (Teri Hatcher). He loses it when tied-up Penny kicks it off his hands.
Smith & Wesson Model 36 - .38 Special.
S4E09 - Murdoc forces Pete Thorthon into a cage a with a S&W Model 36
S4E09 - Murdoc holds Mac at gunpoint while taunting him
S4E09 - Good shot of Murdoc's S&W Model 36 before Penny kicks it. Hammer appears uncocked and likely so due to safety reasons, so that the kick won't by chance set off the revolver.
S4E09 - S&W Model 36 on the ground after Penny kicks it away. Notice the pearl grips

Unknown Smith & Wesson

Appears in "Halloween Knights" (S5E06) - Used by HIT executive Sonia Chapel (Jo Bates).

S5E06 - Sonia has Murdoc at gunpoint with her S&W, while calling to inform Nicholas Helman about the situation


Double Barrelled side-by-side Shotgun

Double Barrelled side-by-side Shotgun makes multiple appearances through-out the series.

Stoeger/IGA Coach Gun Supreme Blue with Stainless Receiver - 12 gauge

"Halloween Knights" (S5E06)

Barbershop dummy in Death Row's street section is armed a double barrelled side-by-side shotgun, complete with a motion detector accessory atop the front sights. It's hard to see it when Mr. Gregg first goes through the Death Row, but is seen much clearer when MacGyver and Murdoc go through the Death Row later in the episode.

"Strictly Business" (S6E19)

Significant gun for the episode. The Double Barrel Shotgun first seen in hands of (Kristen Meadows), when her daughter Amy (Rochelle Greenwood) is approached by seriously injured MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson). After being told by Murdoc (Michael Des Barres) that the amnesiac MacGyver is dangerous killer, Suzanne rushes to aquire the shotgun, fearing for Amy. However, she is stopped by Murdoc from doing anything rash. Murdoc ends up smooth talking Suzanne into giving the shotgun to him.

When Suzanne and Amy try to escape with a car, Amy - distrusting Murdoc - runs to MacGyver to warn him. Suzanne rushes to get the shotgun left behind by Murdoc. She encounters Murdoc whom she sees shooting at Amy and MacGyver. She confronts Murdoc and attempts to shoot him. However, Murdoc had removed the shells out of the gun prior and she was in too much of rush to notice. With Suzanne taken hostage, Amy grabs the shotgun but is stopped by amnesiac MacGyver, who takes the gun for himself. MacGyver finds Murdoc in the mineshaft with tripwires between the two. The amnesiac MacGyver attempts to shoot Murdoc, but can't. He then unloads the shotgun uses it for a MacGyverism to get through the tripwires.



Another rifle used in the series is an M16/SP1.

M16 aka SP1 (flat "slab side receiver") with an A1 "birdcage" Flash hider - 5.56x45mm
A customer tries out the M16/SP1 in a hunting store in "Blood Brothers" (S4E02).

Mauser 98 Sporter

Appears in "Widowmaker" (S3E08). Having lost the M9 Flamethrower, Murdoc (Michael Des Barres) goes to his pick-up truck to get some gear, including a scoped, customized sports rifle. The rifle appears to be a unique military-to-sporter conversion of a Mauser 98 variant bolt-action. Murdoc eventually catches up to MacGyver and Nikki, with MacGyver up a telephone circuit trying to send an SOS with his usual MacGyvering. Murdoc tries to shoot Mac, but Mac by chance slips a bit an Murdoc misses. Mac and Nikki flee going up the mountain and Murdoc gives chase. Murdoc catches up to them at the top, but Mac and Nikki have descended down the Widowmaker's cliffs. Murdoc has discards the rifle off-screen, as it would be too cumbersome to use in close quarters.

Makes a quick appearance in episode "Cleo Rocks" (S4E09) when Penny Parker (Teri Hatcher) is looking through file photos of Murdoc.

Mauser 98, military-to-sporter conversion - 8mm
Mauser 98 Sporter with scope - 7.92x57mm Mauser
S3E08 - Murdoc checking the chamber. Yellow arrow is to point the rear sight which blends to background a bit
S3E08 - Murdoc catches up to MacGyver
Murdoc: "MacGyver... You are about to be disconnected!"
S3E08 - Scope view of Murdoc aiming at MacGyver's noggin'
S3E08 - Murdoc with the rifle sees Mac and Nikki climbing down the cliff.
S4E09 - File photo of Murdoc's Widowmaker appearance, posing with the rifle

Submachine Guns


The Uzi was a frequently used gun in the series.

IMI Uzi - 9mm
The French Police Nationale are armed with the Uzi in "Thin Ice" (S3E13).


The MP40 is seen in the hands of one of the boat crew members as they attempt to steal oil from a pipeline in "Ghost Ship" (S3E04).

MP40 - 9x19mm
The MP40 is seen in the hands of one of the boat crew members in "Ghost Ship" (S3E04).

M1A1 Thompson

Appears in "Halloween Knights" (S5E06) - Dummy in gangster clothes at the Death Row's street section is armed with a Tommy Gun, that has a motion sensor attached to beneath of the muzzle. The tommy gun is actually a M1A1 Thompson, since the bolt actuator is on the right side of the reciever and not on top, as with the the M1921 and/or M1928 models that were associated with 20's/30's gangsters. Also it has the A1 model's rear sights.

M1A1 Thompson with 30-round magazine - .45 ACP
Softair M1A1 Thompson in black synthetic furniture with 50-round drum magazine - .45 ACP.
S5E06 - Gangster dummy with M1A1 about to open fire
S5E06 - Gangster dummy with the M1A1 Thompson SMG. Notice that the bolt actuator is on the right side of the reciever and not in top, as with the "true tommy guns" like M1921 and/or M1928. Also it has the A1 model's rear sights.
S5E06 - Close up of the M1A1 and the motion sensor

Machine Guns


  • "Halloween Knights" (S5E06) - an automated Browning M1919 machine gun with a motion sensor appears in the jungle section of the Death Row.
Browning M1919A4 on an M2 tripod - .30-06 Springfield
S5E06 - M1919 idle
S5E06 - close up of the M1919 and the motion sensor


M9 Flamethrower (w/ M2 Wand)

M9 Flamethrower with M2 wand appears appears in the episode "Widowmaker" (S3E8). It is wielded by Murdoc (Michael Des Barres) who launches an all-out attack on MacGyver and Nikki Carpenter when they are talking their problems at a forest cabin near the Widowmaker mountain. Murdoc breaks in the cabin and attacks MacGyver and Nikki, engulfing the entire cabin in flames and burning it down. MacGyver and Nikki manage to escape by using a thick mattress to block the flames/liquid fuel. When MacGyver and Nikki set off Murdoc's booby-trap on Nikki's SUV, Murdoc goes to investigate. MacGyver disables the flamethrower by perforating the propellent tanks with a makeshift arc-welder, causing it to catch on fire and forcing Murdoc to abandon it as the propellent tanks explode.

The scene with Murdoc attacking the cabin with the flamethrower is reused in multiple flashbacks and slideshow episodes, including "Strictly Business" (S6E19)

M9 Flamethrower with M2 wand
MacGyver: "That's Murdoc. He's not your normal professional killer."
Murdoc sprays fire over the cabin with the M9 Flamethrower. Notice the M2 Wand
Murdoc continues to attack. Notice the M9 backpack/propellent tanks
Murdoc with his M9 Flamethrower is all glee, seeing that his SUV booby-trap went off. The M2 wand is nicely visible here.

M67 Hand Grenade

M67 hand grenade has multiple appearances

  • "Halloween Knights" (S5E06) - When Macgyver is trying to figure out how to bypass the finger-print detector, Murdoc (Michael Des Barres) humors Mac by offering to blow it up with a M67 grenade. Murdoc later uses a one in Death Row, having spared it for a special occassion.
  • "Strictly Business" (S6E19) - When Murdoc sets off a metal detector at HIT hearing early in the episode, he told to remove the rest of his hidden weapons. Amongst the weapons, he put off two M67 grenades to the platform.
M69 training grenade - an inert version of the M67 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade. The real live version has a more brownish color and has painted factory markings on the body.
Murdoc: "Maybe this will open it"
S5E06 - Murdoc pulls out a M67 grenade while Mac is trying to figure out how to open a high-security door.
S5E06 - Episode finale with Murdoc planning to do something with a M67
S6E19 - Murdoc laying the second batch of weapons after triggering the metal detector. One M67 grenade on right and Murdoc is putting another one on the platform.

FIM-43 Redeye

Appears in "Strictly Business" (S6E19). As MacGyver is travelling on road to wilderness by car, Murdoc (Michael Des Barres) ambushes him by using his pick-up truck as a road-block and armed with a FIM-43 that's decked with additional parts. Murdoc fires the launcher and blows up MacGyver's car and badly injures him.

This FIM-43 is decked out with an additional see-thru plastic blast shield in front and oversized pear seal in rear. It could be that these parts were added to protect the actor Michael Des Barres from the pyrotechnics of the prop. It could also be to make the rocket launcher more unique looking.

FIM-43 Redeye - 70mm
S6E19 - Murdoc atop of his pick-up truck, armed with the FIM-43.
S6E19 - Launcher front.
S6E19 - Launcher rear
Murdoc: "So long MacGyver! Rest in pieces!"
S6E19 - Murdoc after firing the Redeye.

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