MacGyver (1985 TV Series)

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Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Channel ABC
Genre Action-Adventure
Broadcast 1985-1992
No. of Seasons 7
No. of Episodes 139 + 2 TV Films
Main Cast
Character Actor
MacGyver Richard Dean Anderson
Pete Thorton Dana Elcar
Jack Dalton Bruce McGill
Murdoc Michael Des Barres
Nikki Carpenter Elyssa Davalos
Harry Jackson John Anderson

MacGyver was an television adventure series that aired on ABC from 1985 to 1992 and starred Richard Dean Anderson as the title character, a government troubleshooter who uses his wits as well as everyday items to get himself out of precarious situations. The show was also notable for the main character's aversion to shooting guns (attributed to a tragic childhood incident). While the character never was operating weapons (save for the pilot episode), that didn't preclude him from using them in a non-lethal manner. The series would continue in several made for television films and was subsequently "rebooted" in 2016 with a new CBS television adaptation.

The following lists the seasons of the series MacGyver:

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