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NOTE: In order to properly identify which version it is, please use the following rules: (if there are no indications that it is another version, please add it under Leuchtpistole)

Leuchtpistole: standard version, smooth bore

Leuchtpistole Z/Kampfpistole Z: has the letter Z stamped into the left side of the barrel, has a rifled bore

Sturmpistole: has a shoulder stock and added iron sights

The Leuchtpistole and its variants have appeared in the following films, television series, anime, and video games used by the following actors:



The Leuchtpistole ('flare pistol') was a smooth bore flare gun introduced to the Reichswehr in 1928. Naturally it was also used by the German Armed Forces in WW2 (Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, Waffen-SS, Kriegsmarine). Initially designed for use with illumination and signal ammunition, the German army issued an order to develop high explosive ammo, which was introduced in 1942.

There are multiple models of flare guns under this design. The earliest designs are known as Model Heer 26 (or simply Model 26; Heer stands for Army, while 26 indicates the year of design, 1926), and are somewhat similar to the WWI-era Hebel flare pistol. They are noted by their much longer 232 mm barrel, giving a total length of 324 mm. The barrel length ended up making them rather cumbersome to use, so many examples had their barrels "amputated" and later production versions had a shorter 155 mm barrel, giving a total length of 247 mm. Surviving long-barreled versions are relatively rare. Short versions can be distinguished from later variants by their smaller trigger guard, though mystery hybrid models with later versions are known to exist.

The second model to appear is Model Heer 34 (or simply Model 34). The original's steel material was replaced with the lighter duralumin (an aluminum alloy), the walnut grip on the Model Heer 26 was replaced by Bakelite brown or black colored wooden grips, and the trigger guard is expanded to make it easier to use with a glove.

The third model appearing in 1940 after WWII begins is known simply as Model Heer. This version is different in some details, such as a different and thinner hammer and the presence of a load indicator. This model was manufactured from 1940 to 1943, when its material duralumin was replaced with zinc to reduce manufacturing costs, creating Model Zink.


Leuchtpistole - 26.65mm
Leuchtpistole - 26.65mm
Leuchtpistole - 26.65mm
  • Country: Germany
  • Manufacturer: Walther (primary), Erma, Bernard Berhauss
  • Calibre: 26.65mm
  • Date of Manufacture: from 1928 onwards
  • Barrel Length: 155 mm (smoothbore)

The Leuchtpistole appears in the following movies:


Title Actor Character Note Date
The Stolen Border (Uloupená hranice) Rudolf Deyl Sgt. Vrba 1947
The Secret Brigade (Konstantin Zaslonov) Soviet underground fighters 1949
The Third Flare (Tretya raketa) Stanislav Lyubshin Pvt. Loznyak 1963
Where is the General? (Gdzie jest general?) Boleslaw Plotnicki Sgt. Panasiuk 1964
The 10th Victim (La decima vittima) The "hunter" on the plane 1965
The Adventures of Werner Holt (Die Abenteuer des Werner Holt) Klaus-Peter Thiele Werner Holt 1965
Krepkiy oreshek Nadezhda Rumyantseva Sgt. Rayisa Oreshkina 1967
The Battle of Neretva German troops, Yugoslavian partisans 1969
The Battle of Neretva Ljubisa Samardzic Novak 1969
Soldier of Orange Eddy Habbema Robby Froost 1977
Judge Fayard Called the Sheriff François Dyrek José Bouvine With the adapter for smoke grenade. 1977
Judge Fayard Called the Sheriff Thugs 1977
Les Morfalous A German soldier 1984
The Detached Mission (Odinochnoye plavanye) Vitaliy Zikora Jack Harrison 1985
Stray Dog: Kerberos Panzer Cops PSF agent with wire stock and firing HE rounds 1991
Into the White Florian Lukas Lt. Horst Schopis 2012
Stalingrad German soldiers 2013
Fury Daniel Dorr Lt. Schmidt 2014


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Czterej pancerni i pies German officer 1980
Archiv des Todes German officer "Die Spur geht verloren" 1980


Character Title Note Date
Noa Izumi Patlabor: The Movie Incorrectly referred to as a percussion revolver 1989
Police officer Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade 1998
Najica Najica Blitz Tactics 2001
Lila Najica Blitz Tactics 2001
Mireille Noir 2001
Leon Trinity Blood 2005

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
Time Crisis 3 2003
Time Crisis IV 2006
Sniper Elite 4 Flare Gun 2017

Leuchtpistole Z / Kampfpistole

To increase the range of Leuchtpistole, the Leuchtpistole Z (referring to 'Züge', meaning 'grooves' in German), also known as the Kampfpistole ('battle pistol') was introduced in 1941. It was also commonly nicknamed Kampfpistole Z. These are often Model 34 or Heer Leuchtpistole converted with a rifled bore. The main visual difference between the standard Leuchtpistole and the Leuchtpistole Z was a letter Z stamped on the left side of the weapon. This weapon could fire either the standard ammunition (same as Leuchtpistole, smooth bore 26.65mm) or specially designed rifled ammunition.

Some of the Kampfpistole have a small inclinometer sight attached on the left side of the pistol.


Kampfpistole - 26.65mm
  • Country: Germany
  • Manufacturer: Walther, Erma
  • Calibre: 26.65mm
  • Date of Manufacture: from 1941 onwards
  • Barrel Length: 155mm (rifled bore)

The Leuchtpistole Z or Kampfpistole appears in the following movies and video games:


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Mob City Jon Bernthal Detective Joe Teague "A Guy Walks into a Bar"(S1E01) 2013

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Kampfpistole With Sturmpistole indirect fire sights 2010
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Kampfpistole With simple iron sights 2015


In 1942, a HEAT (High-Explosive Anti-Tank) projectile known as the 'Panzerwurfkörper 42 LP' was developed for the Leuchtpistole/Kampfpistole. It was designed for use with additional accessories attached to the pistol, including an indirect firing sight, a shoulder stock to resist the high recoil of the projectile, and a special rifled bore insert placed into the barrel from the rear. Thus the Sturmpistole ('assault pistol') was born. The Sturmpistole can use normal Leuchtpistole/Kampfpistole rounds by removing the bore insert.


Sturmpistole - 26.65mm / 23mm. This one appears to be made from a Kampfpistole and can thus also use Kampfpistole ammunition.
Sturmpistole with stock folded - 26.65mm / 23mm
  • Country: Germany
  • Manufacturer: Walther, Erma
  • Calibre: 26.65mm, 23mm (with bore insert)
  • Date of Manufacture: from 1942 onwards
  • Barrel Length: 155mm (smooth or rifled bore)

The Sturmpistole appears in the following movies:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Stalingrad German soldiers 2013

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
Time Crisis IV modified, double barreled 2006
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker 2010
Deadfall Adventures "Panzer Wurfkorper" 2013
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades 2016

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