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Grand Theft Auto III
Official Box Art
Release Date: 2001
Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: 2K Games
Series: Grand Theft Auto
Platforms: Playstation 2
Genre: Third-Person Shooter

The following weapons were used in the video game Grand Theft Auto III:


SPOILERS.jpg WARNING! This article contains plot spoilers


Colt M1911A1

The first firearm Claude uses is the Colt M1911A1. It is used by the Liberty City Police Department and every gang in the city. The notable exception being the Diablos in the beginning of the game, they only carry bats until Claude betrays them for King Courtney's Yardie Posse. It is erroneously referred to as a "nine" by Luigi Gotterelli (Joe Pantoliano), Joey Leone (Michael Rapaport), and even the clerk at AmmuNation. It has a twelve round magazine capacity. It is first seen when Catalina shoots Claude in the opening bank robbery, then is later given to Claude in either Pump-Action Pimp or Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong, depending on which mission the player chooses first, and becomes available for purchase at the Portland AmmuNation afterwards.

Colt M1911A1
Colt M1911A1
Colt M1911A1


Remington 870 Folding Stock

The shotgun in the game is a Remington 870 Folding Stock. It has a slow rate of fire, but is very powerful at close range. It is used by the Leone mafiosi (after Claude assassinates Salvatore Leone (Frank Vincent), the clerk at AmmuNation, Curly Bob in Cutting The Grass, and the guy (Carlos) who kills Marty Chonks at the end of Her Lover. They can be found with five rounds of ammunition inside of the LCPD police cars, or can be purchased from Phil Cassidy. It first appears in the hands of Claude during the opening bank robbery, then later in the hands of the Pump-Action Pimp.

Remington 870 Police Magnum with stock folded - 12 gauge
Remington 870 Police Magnum with stock folded
Remington 870 Police Magnum with stock folded

Submachine Guns

IMI Micro Uzi

The IMI Micro Uzi, with the folding stock removed and the muzzle painted orange (like an airsoft gun), is carried by the LCPD SWAT team, the Yakuza, the Colombians, and the Southside Hoods. The Leones and the Triads go bananas on each other with Micro Uzis during Triads And Tribulations. Claude uses it to perform drive-by shootings. It is first seen being used by Pump Action Pimp's Diablo bodyguard and is available for purchase at the Portland AmmuNation after Cipriani's Chauffeur, and later at the Staunton Island AmmuNation. It features an orange tip on the muzzle, a feature usually reserved for toy weapons, though real life criminals often disguise their weapons by painting the muzzle orange. It has a 25-round magazine capacity.

IMI Micro Uzi with 32 round magazine - 9x19mm
Micro Uzi
Micro Uzi

Assault Rifles


Referred to as an AK-47, it more closely resembles a Romanian version, the WASR-2. (Note the black pistol grip, and the slightly curved, thinner, solid black magazine.) It is used by the Colombians and, strangely, the FBI. It can be purchased at the AmmuNation on Staunton Island. It is first seen in Bomb Da Base, being used by the carteleros guarding the freighter.

Romanian WASR-2 AK clone.
AK-47 in GTA III
AK-47 in GTA III


Referred to as an M16, it more closely resembles the similar Armalite AR10. (Note the design of the forearm, the shape and thickness of the barrel, the lack of a forward assist, and the relative thickness of the magazine). It can be manually aimed in first-person mode. It has a 60-round magazine in-game, along with a ridiculously high rate of fire. It is carried by Phil Cassidy, Colombian gangsters, and the U.S. Army National Guard. Making its first appearance when the Colombians ambush the prisonbound police convoy to kidnap the Oriental Gentleman, it first appears in actual gameplay during Under Surveillance in the hands of the Leones' vengeful hit squad. It can be purchased from Phil Cassidy after rescuing him from the Colombians.

AR-10 standard rifle - 7.62mm NATO
The "M16" from Grand Theft Auto 3.
The "M16" from Grand Theft Auto 3.

Sniper Rifles

Remington 700

The Remington 700 must be manually aimed to be fired. It is first used by Claude to cover 8 Ball while he rigs the cartel's freighter for scuttling during Bomb Da Base. It can be purchased from the AmmuNation on Staunton Island.

Remington 700 .308 Winchester
Remington 700

Heavy Weapons


The M72 LAW must be manually aimed. Claude holds it backwards and uses the endcap as a grip. He uses one to shoot down Catalina's helicopter in the final mission in the game, The Exchange. It is available for purchase from Phil Cassidy after Claude rescues him from the Colombians.

M72A2 LAW 66mm


A flamethrower appears in the game, and can set anything flammable on fire. It can be purchased from a garage in Shoreside Vale. Claude uses it to stir fry some triads in Trial By Fire.



M67 Grenade

The standard hand grenade in the game is the M67 HE-Frag. First gifted to Claude by Toni Cipriani (Michael Madsen) in Taking Out The Laundry. They are available for purchase at the Staunton Island AmmuNation.

M67 fragmentation grenade

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