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SG1 - S2EP4REM.jpg
You, your families, your friends and your countries are to be exterminated by the common decision of a few brutal but powerful men.
To please these men, all the private affections, all the public hopes, all that has been achieved in art, and knowledge and thought
and all that might be achieved hereafter is to be wiped out forever.
Our ruined lifeless planet will continue for countless ages to circle aimlessly round the sun unredeemed by the joys and loves,
the occasional wisdom and the power to create beauty which have given value to human life.
- Bertrand Russell

Pages I have contributed to


La Linea - The Line Created, work in progress

Driven to Kill Created, complete

The Kingdom Replaced some screenshots

Demolition Man Contributed screenshots and captions

V for Vendetta Contributed screenshots and captions, minor reformatting

National Treasure Replaced all screenshots

Children of Men Screenshots updated

Ip Man Created, complete

Sgt. Bilko Created, complete

Ong-bak Created, work in progress


Stargate SG-1 - Gary Jones aka Chevron Guy

Star Trek: Voyager Contributed screenshots, minor additions

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Contributed screenshots, minor additions

A-Team, The Reorganized, updated all screenshots

Stargate: SG1 Contributed screenshots, minor edits

Stargate Atlantis Minor edits

Hogan's Heroes Created, work in progress

Torchwood Contributed screenshots, minor edits

The Wire Contributed screenshots, minor edits

Star Trek: Enterprise Contributed screenshots, minor edits

The Avengers (1961) Created, work in progress



George Peppard Reformatted, Updated

Ben Browder Created

Ed Lauter Reformatted, Updated

Richard Dean Anderson Reformatted, Updated

Christopher Judge Created

Bob Crane Created

Robert Clary Created

Richard Dawson Reformatted

David Dayan Fisher Created

Felice Orlandi Created

Tim Pigott-Smith Created

Eric Breker Created

Beau Bridges Created

Igor Jijikine Created

John Banner Created

Larry Hovis Created

Howard Caine Created

Bernard Fox Created

Hans Conried Created

Bob Hastings Created

Frank Marth Created

Shibuya Tenma Created

Daryl Mitchell Created

Michael Mahonen Created

Clayton Murray Created

Vince Corazza Created

Eve Myles Created

Burn Gorman Created

Naoko Mori Created

Gareth David-Lloyd Created

Werner Klemperer Created

Ivan Dixon Created

Suchao Pongwilai Created

Rosalind Chao Created

Eddie Velez Created

Roy Dotrice Created

Joseph Sirola Created

John Saxon Created

Peter Bryant Created

Cliff Osmond Created

Don S. Davis Created

Gary Jones Created

Alistair Abell Created

Matthew Bennett Created

Jack Ging Created

Claudia Black Created

Corey Parker Robinson Created

Russ Tamblyn Reformatted

Steve Makaj Created

Mitchell Kosterman Created

Gordon Lam Ka-tung Created

Judy Geeson Created

Karen Kopins Created

James Parks Created

Sergio Calderón Created

Gerrit Graham Created

Nico Minardos Created

John Dehner Created

Chad Coleman Created

Michael Potts Created

Patrick Macnee Created

Nigel Davenport Created

Roland Curram Created

Teryl Rothery Created

Tom McBeath Created

Colin Cunningham Created

Peter Flemming Created

Frank Roman Created

Dave Morick Created

Fred Stillkrauth Created

Michael Nowka Created

Slavko Štimac Created

Tony Amendola Created

Spencer Maybee Created

Peter Wyngarde Created

Hilary Wontner Created


Armalite AR-18 Reformatted

Beretta 950 Jetfire Reformatted

Colt Detective Special Reformatted

Weatherby Mark V Created

Smith & Wesson Model 637 Added tables

CZ-550 Reformatted

Bren gun Reformatted

Webley Mk V Added tables

Smith & Wesson SW99 Reformatted

Smith & Wesson Model 640 Centennial Reformatted

Smith & Wesson Model 13 Reformatted

Hotchkiss "Type Universal" Reformatted


Team Fortress 2 - Ithaca 37 This also happens to be yours truly.

Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising Pictures. LOTS of pictures. Also reformatted the whole thing.

Half-Life 2 Minor additions

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Overhauled

Counter-Strike Overhauled

Day of Defeat: Source Screenshots

Dead Rising 2 Replaced Screenshots, minor edits

The Saboteur Added screenshots, minor edits

Just Cause 2 Recreated, original got taken down as {{noeffort}}

Team Fortress 2 Contributed screenshots

Sleeping Dogs Work in progress

Stargate SG-1 alien weapons

Milkovich Signature.jpg

The following is a summary of the most important Alien weapons featured on Stargate SG-1.


Teal'c, what about these?
They are intar.
Short for?
- Teal'c and Major Samantha Carter

Intars are training weapons used by the Jaffa that fire relatively harmless red energy bolts, meant only to stun, not kill. After the episode that introduced them the existing Intars, those that were made to look like Earth weapons, were taken to Stargate Command and stored. They saw use again in "Proving Ground" (Season 5, Episode 13). Interestingly, like weapons from a lot of other Science-Fiction franchises, the Intars too have a variable power setting. The user can choose the amount of pain they wish to inflict AND whether the weapon should knock an enemy out or merely make them incapable of fighting. During "Proving Ground", O'Neill sets his Intar to "Max", downing one of Elliott's (Courtenay J. Stevens) people in one shot, dealing a fair amount of pain, yet leaving the Soldier's motor control fully intact.

O´Neill eyes the ammunition used by the Intar weapons in "Rules of Engagement" (Season 3, Episode 9).
O´Neill fires an Intar, mocked up as a Heckler & Koch MP5, in "Rules of Engagement" (Season 3, Episode 9).

Transphase eradication rod

They are indeed invisible.
- Teal'c

First given to the SGC to combat the Re'tu in "Show and Tell" (Season 2, Episode 20). The Re'tu, a species of invisibles, decide that the only prudent course of action to combat the Goa'uld is to eradicate all possible hosts, e. g. all the people of Earth. The Tok'ra ended up giving the SGC the T.E.Rs. The lower part of the weapon emits a beam that makes the Re'tu visible to the naked eye, while the upper part fires an energy blast. The weapon would see use against Nirrti, a Goa'uld assassin and the super soldiers of Anubis.

Major Carter (Amanda Tapping) aims a T.E.R. in "Show and Tell" (Season 2, Episode 20).
Aris Boch (Sam J. Jones) holds a visually modified T.E.R. in "Deadman Switch" (Season 3, Episode 7).


We're exactly one zat gun short of actually having a zat gun.
Zat gun?
Drop the ni'katel.
I guess it does save a bit of effort.
- Aris Boch and Colonel Jack O'Neill

One of the favoured weapons of the Jaffa, named "zat gun" by Colonel O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) for the sake of simplicity. The weapon fires an energy bolt, the first hit disables a target, the second kills. As a bonus, shooting a target for a third time will disintegrate it and thus leave no visible remains. This last setting was used less and less as the series went on.

Two Zat'ni'katels lie next to a Goa'uld hand device in "Deadman Switch" (Season 3, Episode 7).
A Jaffa fires a Zat gun in "The Serpent's Venom" (Season 4, Episode 14).

Staff Weapon

This is a weapon of terror. It's made to intimidate the enemy.
- Colonel Jack O'Neill

Probably the most iconic piece of Goa'uld armament, the Staff weapon is the standard weapon for most Jaffa. It is usually carried deactivated. It can be activated by the push of a button and then fires a bolt of energy that will usually either gravely wound or kill a target. The weapon exists in two sizes, the normal one for infantry use and a heavier version which can either be assembled in the field or be carried as weaponry on the Goa'uld Death Gliders. While the average Jaffa can barely hit the broad side of a barn with it, more proficient shooters can take down faraway targets with relative ease.

Two Teal'c from alternate realities meet and promptly threaten each other with their Staff Weapons in "Point of View" (Season 3, Episode 6).
A Jaffa fires the heavy man-portable version of the staff weapon in "The Fifth Man" (Season 5, Episode 4).
Teal'c holds a cannon taken from a Death Glider in "The Fifth Man" (Season 5, Episode 4).

Goa'uld hand device

Put the hand down!
- Colonel Jack O'Neill

Like the staff weapons, this little doohickey was already present in the original Stargate movie. While primarily employed as a means of torture by the Goa'uld, it also serves as a weapon. The first member of the SGC ever to succesfully deploy it in the field was Samantha Carter in "Seth" (Season 3, Episode 2).

Korra "fires" his hand device at Teal'c in "Deadman Switch" (Season 3, Episode 7).

SG1 - S2EP4REM2.jpg

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