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Treasure Island (Ostrov sokrovishch) (1971)

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Treasure Island (Ostrov sokrovishch)
Ostrov sokrovishch 1971 Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Release Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Yevgeni Fridman
Release Date 1971
Language Russian
Studio Gorky Film Studio
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jim Hawkins Aare Laanemets
Long John Silver Boris Andreyev
Dr. Livesey Laimonas Noreika
Squire Trelawney Algimantas Masiulis
Captain Smollet Juozas Urmanavicius
Ben Gunn Igor Klass
Blind Pew Andrey Fayt

Treasure Island (Ostrov sokrovishch) is a 1971 Soviet screen adaptation of famous adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, directed by Yevgeni Fridman. The movie was filmed on Gorky Film Studio in Moscow but most actors are of Estonian and Lithuanian origin.

The following weapons were used in the film Treasure Island (Ostrov sokrovishch) (1971):


M1809 Russian Flintlock Pistol

While most flintlock pistols in the movie are mockups (see below), some genuine pistols are also seen. They appear to be of Russian M1809 model that was manufactured until 1830s in vast numbers. In firing scenes these pistols are replaced by mockups.

Russian Cavalry Pistol M1809 - .70 cal
A pistol, tucked at the belt of Captain Smollett (Juozas Urmanavicius), appears to be a genuine according to the shape of the grip (mockups have more simple grips) and a small plating on the grip that is a place for the Russian Empire coat of arms.
During the scene on board of Hispaniola one of Jim Hawkins' (Aare Laanemets) pistols switches from mockups to genuine pistols (a real flint lock can be seen on the pistol at the right).
Long John Silver (Boris Andreyev) gives Jim Hawkins a pistol that appears to be an Officer's M1809 model with slightly longer barrel than the standard Cavalry model. Another pistol, tucked at Silver's belt, is also an M1809. Next moment, in the firing scene, these pistols switches to mockups.
One of George Merry's (Vytautas Tomkus) pistols also appears to be a genuine.

Double Barreled Flintlock Pistol

What appears to be a double barreled flintlock pistol (possibly a mockup) is seen in one scene.

Double-Barrel Flintlock Pistol by Durs Egg 18th Century - .55 cal
The double barreled O/U pistol lies on right corner of the treasure map, below Smollett's hand.

Tap-Action Flintlock Pistol

An quadruple Tap-Action Flintlock Pistol is briefly seen in several scenes.

Four Barrel Tap Action Flintlock Pistol, made circa the late 1700s to early 1800s - .40 caliber
The quadruple pistol is seen on the table at the left in the scene when Trelawney and Livesey uncover Billy Bones' papers.
The quadruple pistol lies on top left corner of the treasure map.

Belgian E.I.C. Pattern

What appears to be a Belgian E.I.C. Pattern flintlock pistol is seen in hands of Jim Hawkins (Aare Laanemets) and then taken from him by Ben Gunn (Igor Klass).

Belgian E.I.C. (East India Company) pattern flintlock pistol - .69 cal
Jim Hawkins sleeps with a pistol in hand.
Ben Gunn holds Jim's pistol.

Izhmekh IZh-18 (mocked up as flintlock pistol)

Most flintlock pistols in the film are IZh-18 shotguns with sawed-off barrels and buttstocks and fake flint locks, mocked up after M1809 Russian model. They are often seen firing, but the locks doesn't move, dispalying that they are mere mockups. Such pistols are used by most characters, including Jim Hawkins (Aare Laanemets), Long John Silver (Boris Andreyev), Dr. Livesey (Laimonas Noreika), Squire Trelawney (Algimantas Masiulis), Captain Smollett (Juozas Urmanavicius), Billy Bones (Kazimieras Vitkus), and George Merry (Vytautas Tomkus).

Dr. Livesey "loads" a pistol. Some more pistols and swords togethew with powder horn and ramrod are seen on the table in Hispaniola cabin.
Pistols, swords and navigation tools lie over the treasure map.
Captain Smollett holds mutineers at gunpoint with a pair of pistols. The mockups are perfectly seen here.
Captain Smollett puts the pistol at his belt.
Squire Trelawney's manservant Redret (Robert Ross) fires his pistol during the attack on the stockade.
Jim Hawkins surprises Israel Hands (Antanas Pikelis) with a pair of pistols.
George Merry carries a pistol. Againt note a very crude grip, made of sawed-off buttstock of the shotgun.
Silver and Jim hold pistols while George Merry in anger shows a single coin that the pirates could find.


Izhmekh IZh-18 (mocked up as flintlock musket)

Like pistols, flintlock muskets in the film are also visually modified IZh-18 shotguns. There are two models; first one, more often seen, has a shorter barrel and slightly flared muzzle; the second has intact long barrel of the original shotgun. Their flint locks also doesn't move when these guns fire.

Baikal MP-18M-M, a modern version of IZh-18
Redret (Robert Ross) holds a long-barreled version at the left.
In the following scene Redret holds a short-barreled musket.
Squire Trelawney (Algimantas Masiulis) readies to return fire to pirates on Hispaniola. Note the spur on the trigger guard, typical for IZh-18. Barrels of more muskets are seen in the boat.
Dr. Livesey (Laimonas Noreika) fires a musket during the attack on the stockade.
Richard Joyce (Vladimir Grammatikov), another Squire Trelawney's manservant, fires an engraved musket.
Old Morgan (Harijs Avens) fires a musket during the attack on the stockade.
A good view of firing musket in hands of Squire Trelawney.
Pirates carry muskets while moving toward the treasure. George Merry (Vytautas Tomkus, in center) just cocks the lock of his gun.
The climactic scene: Squire Trelawney, Dr. Livesey, Abraham Grey (Juris Plavins, at the left), and Ben Gunn (Igor Klass, at the right) surprise the pirates. Each of them, escept for Livesey, holds a pair of muskets. Note powder horns, a detail that is often forgotten in historical movies.
A good view of several fake muskets that are seen among supplies for the three remaining mutineers, marooned at the island.


A naval cannon, used by pirates to fire at Captain Smollett's boat, appears to be not a mockup but a genuine carronade, Russian Navy model of early 19th century, supposedly in 8-pounder caliber.

Israel Hands (Antanas Pikelis) readies to fire at the boat.

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