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The Lost World (1925)

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The Lost World
The Lost World 1925 Poster.jpg
Theatrical Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Harry O. Hoyt
Release Date 1925
Studio First National Pictures
Distributor First National Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Professor Challenger Wallace Beery
Sir John Roxton Lewis Stone
Paula White Bessie Love
Edward Malone Lloyd Hughes
Professor Summerlee Arthur Hoyt
Austin Francis Finch-Smiles
Zambo Jules Cowles
The Apeman Bull Montana

The Lost World is a 1925 B&W silent film, a screen adaptation of the famous novel by Arthur Conan Doyle, directed by Harry O. Hoyt and starring Wallace Beery as Professor Challenger, Lewis Stone as Sir John Roxton, Bessie Love as Paula White, and Lloyd Hughes as Edward Malone. This is the first of a number of The Lost World films and TV series.

In 2017, the film underwent a major restoration, for which fragments were collected from various sources, since the original nitrate copy has not been preserved. The film is currently in the public domain and can be watched online.

Note: various fragments of the movie are colorized differently - greenish, yellowish, blueish. The reason of such colorizing is unclear.

The following weapons were used in the film The Lost World:


Webley Revolver

During the expedition, Sir John Roxton (Lewis Stone) carries a Webley Revolver. Judging by the size, barrel length and the shape of the front sight, the revolver is supposed to be a "WG" Army Model but this is not for sure. Major Hibbard (Charles Wellesley), the head of the Geodetic Survey expedition, carries a typical Webley holster. In the final scene when the Brontosaurus breaks free and causes havoc in London, police constables hold revolvers that are also supposed to be Webley models.

For comparison: Webley "WG" Army Model - .455 Webley
Sir John's revolver holster is seen.
Sir John draws his revolver.
He shoots in air to signal to Austin and Zambo who stayed in the camp at the foot of the plateau.
One more view of the revolver. It is supposed to be a "WG" model but not for sure.
Major Hibbard carries a Webley holster.
A revolver, possibly a Webley, can be seen in hands of a London police constable.

Unknown revolver

Professor Challenger (Wallace Beery) also carries a revolver in holster. He never draws the gun, and only a small part of the grip (ivory or pearl) can be seen. Its shape allows to guess that the revolver may be some Smith & Wesson top-break (like New Model No.3) or early swing-out cylinder (like .32 Hand Ejector) model.

Prof. Challenger carries a holster on his belt.
A small part of the grip is seen.



Professor Summerlee (Arthur Hoyt) carries an M1911 pistol. At first the pistol is seen in holster, and later the holster disappears, and Summerlee carries the pistol tucked into his belt. In the final scene when the Brontosaurus causes havoc in London, a man saves a woman from below the giant's leg and fires a pistol that is also supposed to be an M1911.

Original Colt M1911 (dated 1913) - .45 ACP
Prof. Summerlee carries a US M1916 holster on his belt.
Prof. Summerlee now carries his 1911 tucked into the belt.
Summerlee's 1911 is seen in another scene.
A good view of the pistol.
A Londoner shoots the Brontosaurus in the leg, saving a woman who fell on the roadway.

Luger P08

Edward Malone (Lloyd Hughes) carries a characteristic holster for Luger P08. He never draws the gun, and only a small part of the grip can be seen.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
A good view of Malone's Luger holster. A small part of the grip can be seen.
Malone's holster is seen when he climbs on a great tree.


Winchester Model 52

During the expedition, Sir John Roxton (Lewis Stone) and Professor Challenger (Wallace Beery) are armed with Winchester Model 52 rifle (funny that Sir John calls this .22 caliber rifle an "elephant gun" which would be true according to the plot, but does not correspond at all to what we see in the film). In the original novel, Sir John used a double rifle in "Bland's .577 axite express".

Winchester Model 52 - .22 LR
Sir John holds his rifle while swimming on the river through the jungle.
Sir John with a Winchester Model 52 and Ed Malone with a Winchester Model 1895 watch with trembling the fight between Allosaurus and Trachodon dinosaurs.
Sir John: My elephant gun might as well be a bean-shooter!
Another view of Sir John's rifle in the same scene.
Sir John (at the left) and Prof. Challenger (at the right) hold their rifles during the night attack of the Allosaurus.
The bolt of Challenger's rifle is opened, the bolt handle is seen. Note Challenger's revolver holster, in this scene it appears to be flat and empty.
A good view of Sir John's rifle.
Challenger holds his rifle when he and Summerlee are watching the life of dinosaurs.
A good view of Sir John's rifle.
Professor Challenger (Wallace Beery) holds the rifle on a promotional image.


In the scenes when Sir John Roxton (Lewis Stone) and Professor Challenger (Wallace Beery) fire their guns, one or both Winchester Model 52 rifles switches to a Krag-Jorgensen Model 1896 or 1898 rifles.

US Model 1898 Krag-Jorgensen Rifle - .30-40 Krag
Challenger (at the left) and Sir John (in center) hold Krag-Jorgensen rifles.
The buttstock with the straight grip of Challenger's rifle is seen.
Sir John holds his rifle at the foreground.
The expedition members fire at the Allosaurus.
Sir John with the Krag-Jorgensen rifle.
He takes aim at the Apeman who attacks Malone on the tree.
Sir John kills the malicious Apeman with a precise shot.

Winchester Model 1895 Sporter

Edward Malone's (Lloyd Hughes) rifle is a Winchester Model 1895 Sporter.

Winchester Model 1895, sporting version
Malone holds his Winchester at the left.
Malone readies his rifle but Sir John stops the young man from firing at a colossal prehistoric beast without a dire need.
Malone holds the Winchester during the night attack of the Allosaurus.
Malone fires his rifle at the right.
Malone holds his rifle while sneaking through a burning forest during a volcanic eruption.

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