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Talk:Deadliest Warrior - Season 1

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Whoa....is that shit on the AR 15??????

It's mud... -_- Spartan198 21:38, 28 May 2010 (UTC)
But, but, doesn't everyone use an AR-15 for toilet paper!? ;) LOL MoviePropMaster2008 04:56, 19 July 2010 (UTC)
I thought that was why most AKs had brown furniture...? :P Spartan198 12:34, 13 October 2010 (UTC)

Why is this marked for deletion? It has the category "Delete" applied to it. If that doesn't mean what I think it does, please correct me. Otherwise, this show would fit the IMFDB article criteria, right? SJ Commander 11:00, 12 October 2010 (UTC)

Don't know why it's been tagged for deletion, but to be honest, most of us just think it's a crappy show (uh... no pun intended). Spartan198 12:34, 13 October 2010 (UTC)

Season 2

How come they deleted the Deadliest Warrior season 2 page there should be one?

More to the point, the link that claims to lead to the later seasons just goes to "Deadliest Warrior" - which in turn redirects right back to "Deadliest Warrior - Season 1". Awmperry 13:06, 27 August 2011 (CDT)

Nazi SS vs uhh.....Viet Cong ep.

Can someone add the Nazi vs Viet Cong ep in this article? I'd love to see some of the inaccuracy's pointed out on that ep because I was soo mad that that one.-The Gunslinger 3 15:12, 29 October 2011 (CDT)

Crazy Horse vs Pancho Villa

When do you think they will add this episode because it used some classic guns?

Probably never, unless someone who wants to cap the rest of the series comes along. Spartan198 05:07, 16 April 2012 (CDT)


So, on a scale of 1 to bullshit, how accurate is the show? I watched an episode or two, and the some of the "experts" seem... questionable, at best. Are they at least correct on the weapon specs? Sentient6 17:23, 15 April 2012 (CDT)

Minus Sonny and the other Spetsnaz expert, and maybe the Spartan expert, most of the first season was straight up pants-on-head retarded IMHO. They got a bit better in the second season for sure, and I didn't watch enough of the third to form an opinion, save for the fact that the Vampire v Zombie episode was one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. The Kaptain 23:40, 15 April 2012 (CDT)

The third season got a tad better with the introduction of tactical behavior (a major problem with the first two seasons, which were almost nothing but raw data on equipment and some luck), but it still remained woefully inaccurate at times. The Vickers, for example, is famous for its extreme reliability to the point of firing thousands of rounds nonstop with no malfunctions. And yet it lost points for jamming during the test, a relatively rare occurrence with a good gun that was likely caused by operator error, under the assumption that the gun famous for reliability.....wasn't reliable. The Gatling gun was given the edge for resistance to malfunctions simply because it failed to malfunction during a single session of firing 250 rounds and its rate of fire (which would likely be lower than the Vickers in practice due to the lack of belt feed). Chitoryu12 07:40, 16 April 2012 (CDT)

DW has been canceled

We can rejoice now! :D Spartan198 01:52, 27 May 2012 (CDT)

Time for a change

We either need to add a season two and three page or rename the page to just deadliest warrior, no season 1. Pick your poison :oSith Venator 12:17, 27 May 2012 (CDT)

A while ago, I tried to make this all into one page, but then they divided it up, and then they deleted it. This is a complete waste of time Excalibur01 23:32, 17 July 2012 (CDT)

It needs to just be deleted. It's clear no one has any desire to finish this series. I'm going to go ahead and add the no effort tag. Spartan198 (talk) 00:08, 17 April 2015 (EDT)


Deadliest Warrior - Season 1, 2 & 3 (2009)

The following weapons have appeared in the first season of Spike TV series Deadliest Warrior:


This early shotgun like weapon was used by the pirates in the Pirate vs. Knight episode. It appears to be a version of the classic Brown Bess style blunderbuss.


Flintlock Pistol

This weapon was also used by the pirate in the Pirate vs. Knight episode.


M1928/M1928A1 Thompson

The M1928A1 Thompson was used by the Sicilian mafia in the Mafia vs. Yakuza episode.

M1928A1 Thompson with 50-round drum magazine - .45 ACP
In reality it holds 50 or 100 rounds in a drum, not 45.
clearly a rubber mock up!

Sawed-off Double Barrel Shotgun

This shotgun was used by the mafia in the Mafia vs. Yakuza episode.

Who carries a baseball bat to a gun fight?

The one that managed to survive taking a knife to one... :P


looks more like a coach gun then a sawed off

Sten Mk.II Submachine Gun

This Sten was used by the yakuza in the Mafia vs. Yakuza episode.

Sten Mk II Sub Machine gun 9mm Parabellum
24RPM? That's like a revolver's speed!

Walther P38

A Walther P38 was used by the Yakuza in the Mafia vs. Yakuza episode.

Walther P38 pistol (manufactured at the Mauser Factory) - World War Two dated - 9mm
What are the odds of it jamming at THAT moment just so the two can whip out an ice pick and a pair of sais?


A Luger P08 seen as an example image incorrectly as the P38 when it clearly wasn't. Probably an editing issue on their part, but most likely because when someone thinks of a German WWII pistol, they immediately think of the infamous Luger. You'd like to think that they would be paid well enough to tell them apart, but nooooo. It can also be assumed that the majority of the producers on this show have no knowledge of firearms as the most of the "experts" brought to the show have poor trigger and muzzle discipline and little respect for firearms.

Luger P08 9x19mm
Can't they tell the difference between a P38 and a Luger?

Colt Official Police

One of the Mafia experts was examining one of these revolvers. It appears to be a Colt Official Police.



A 1911 variant was seen on a shelf and in the hands of one of the actors posing as the Mafia despite the fact they didn't mention this as part of the Mafia's list of weapons. It probably didn't make the cut.

COLTM1911 1913.jpg

Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless .32 ACP

Why would the mafia guy in the scenario be trying to load his weapon during the actual fight?

Kimber Desert Warrior

What appears to be a Kimber Warrior in the hands of one of the Green Berets, but was never ID or pointed out.

Pose for the camera.


The M4A1 is primary weapon of choice for the Green Berets. It has been shown with EO-tech sights, laser aiming systems and other accessories. Matt's M4, according to him, has the ability to select full auto and burst. For more info on the 4-position selector for AR15/M16-type rifles, check the talk page. And yes, they do exist.

Colt M4A1 - 5.56x45mm.
Missing the carrying handle.
The same one from above, but now it suddenly replaces an IRA member's AR15

CQB-R / Mk. 18 Mod 0

A CQBR George had was confused as an M4 since it does have the same specs, but with a shorter barrel. When fired with live ammo on a shooting course with dummies, George's was equipped with a suppressor, but the sound editing made it seem like it wasn't fired suppressed.

Mk. 18 Mod 0 5.56x45mm with RIS handguard
George's CQB-R without suppressor and for some reason without ammo
Firing with suppressor, but the sound editing made it sound unsuppressed.
AK-74 5.45x39mm


Featured as the Taliban's firearm in the "IRA vs Taliban" episode, and as a stand-in for the AK-74 in the "Green Berets vs Spetznaz" episode. And is also used by the Somali Pirates.

AKM, Stamped Steel Receiver w/ slant muzzle brake 7.62x39mm
A man holds an AKM not an AK-74
So does this one. Note also the absolute confusion of gear: VSR camo (issued for Russian armed forces and GRU Spetznaz up to 1998), Chicom chest rig (used for the last time in 1994 in Chechnya by infantrymen and not Spetznaz) and red beret, issued for MVD Spetznaz, who did not use neither VSR (they use modernized KLMK, Partizan and Kamysh) nor Chicom (not since the beginning of Afghan War, when it was replaced by Lifchick)


The Spetsnaz used this Izhmash Saiga-12 in the episode. Apparently this beats the Mossberg simply because it can fire in semi-auto. Is in a hunting configuration. As found common on this show, the winning "Warrior" is usually determined by the show's poor understanding of weapon spec's as opposed to skill, training, and luck on the soldiers behalf.

Saiga 12

Mossberg 590

The Mossberg 590 was the shotgun of choice for the Green Berets demoing this weapon against the Russian Saiga. The one that was used in the live fire demo had a pistol grip and telescopic stock. Again the Mossberg losing the competition solely because the Saiga was semi-auto, the show once again forgetting that a weapon's specs are solely dependent on the skill of the operator using it.


M203 grenade launcher

At least one M203 grenade launcher was seen mounted to some of the Green Berets' rifles but never used or pointed out their advantages in combat.

M203 grenade launcher 40mm

GP-25 grenade launcher

A GP-25 was seen attached to an AK47 but never used or pointed out in the episode on how it can help in combat. It's more than likely a poorly-constructed mock-up due to the shaping of the trigger, noticeable lack of a pistol grip, and length of the barrel.

GP-25 40mm mounted on AKM 7.62x39mm

Dragunov SVD

The SVD Dragunov is the sniper rifle for the Russians

SVD Dragunov sniper rifle - 7.6x54mm R
Dragunov stats.
Maxim checking the Dragunov.
Maxim prone with the Dragunov.
Simulated Spetsnaz operator armed with a Dragunov after sniping a G3A3ZF-armed IRA guerrilla. It has a straight magazine inserted. It could possibly be a Chinese NDM 86.

M24 Sniper rifle

The M24 sniper rifle is the Green Berets' sniper rifle of choice. Despite being shown to us, it was not used in the "simulation" between actors.

M24 sniper rifle 7.62x51mm NATO or .300 Winchester Magnum

almost looks more like a Remington 700P, but granted you can't see the butt end of the stock when the "green beret" is firing it during tests

Beretta M9

The Beretta M9 sidearm of choice for the Green Berets in the episode, though I thought special forces uses 1911s. The tester looked out of practice from the fact he missed multiple times.

Army Special Forces aka Green Berets use mainly the Beretta, while SFOD-D Operators are use M1911A1 variants. -The Winchester
Not totally sure where you get your info from Winchester but Green Berets have always used a M1911A1 variant.
This appears to be a Beretta Centurion as opposed to an M9. Not surprising given the amount of notable goofs this show has experienced.
Don't look at it, reload damn it!


The Makarov PM was the sidearm of choice for the Spetsnaz.

Makarov PM 9x18mm PM


What appears to be one of the AKMS variants was seen in the hands of actors playing the Russians and was in the stats of the AK74. Sonny was demoing one with a grenade launcher attached. It was never pointed out in the show. These were also seen in the hands of actors portraying Taliban.

AKMS 7.62x39mm
Not an AK74

Type 69 RPG

Seen in the hands of "terrorists" in one of the reenactments and in the hands of the Taliban. Strangely in the show, it was called the RPG-7. It has a PGO-7 scope attached to it.

These are actually the real RPG-7's descriptions!
The Taliban reenactor with the Type 69 RPG.
Great, he's got his finger on the trigger. Indoors. With a highly explosive rocket. That's nice and safe, isn't it?
The Type 69 RPG in close inspection.
The Type 69 RPG in the hands of the shows Taliban team.
The Taliban actor maiming the weapon.
The Taliban about to fire the weapon.
A point of view when someone is going to shoot you with an RPG!
A closer view of the weapon.
The Type 69 RPG and its warheads on the table.
The Type 69 RPG on the left.
The Type 69 RPG.

Benelli M1

One of the Green Berets appears to be holding a Benelli M1 Super 90 but it isn't cleared on what it is.

Benelli M1 Super 90 in synthetic straight stock configuration, ghost ring sights - 12 Gauge
If Saiga won just for being semi-automatic, a good Benelli M1 would have clearly and easily won

Heckler & Koch G36K

A G36K was seen in the background with the rail top and a beta drum magazine inserted. Also it was used by the GSG-9 without the beta drum.

Heckler & Koch G36C with Rail top - 5.56x45mm

Norinco Type 56

Norinco Type 56 (Imported into the U.S. as the Norinco AKS-47 or AKS-47 Sporter) - 7.62x39mm. Rather than having the underfolder pig sticker Bayonet assembly, this has the standard Bayonet lug underneath the gas block as the AKM and later variants.

Colt AR15A2 HBAR/M16A2 (AR-15 rifle)

Reportedly the rifle for the IRA.

Colt Government Model HBAR, the A2 version of the AR15 Civilian Rifle - 5.56x45mm (note the lack of a third position for burst mode for the selector switch)
Close up shows this is a M16A2 semi-auto rifle since the Auto marker is missing
A terrible thing to do to an AR-15
Geoff with the AR-15
An IRA member fires his M16A2/AR-15 at Spetsnaz soldiers in the Season 2 "Back for Blood" special


A couple MAC-11s were seen but not used or pointed out

MAC-11 .380 ACP

Lee-Enfield SMLE

Seen in the hands of Taliban actors. Also used by Lawrence of Arabia's men and The Gurkas.


Webley Mk V

It is seen in a reenactment during the "IRA vs. Taliban" episode.



A Tokarev TT-33 Pistol was seen in the hands of Fahim Fazli, one of the Taliban experts. It was never pointed out or used. And is also used by the Vietcong and Pol Pot.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Pre-1947 version.

And, still more fingers on the trigger. Wonderful gun safety here, boys and girls.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

Heckler & Koch MP5A3s were seen in the hands of actors trying to portray British soldiers. Though typically, the British army were never armed with MP5s, only the SAS/SBS, Royal Marines, and the British Military police.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 9mm


Was seen in a table in the Back for Blood episode.

FAMAS on the left side of the table. On the right is a Heckler & Koch MSG-90. M4 Carbine in the middle.

Heckler & Koch G3SG/1

Seen on the right side of the table. And also used by the IRA when they fight against the Spetsnaz

Heckler & Koch G3SG/1 - 7.62x51mm NATO
On the right side of the table is a Heckler & Koch G3SG/1.

Assorted Weapons

Seen on the table during the Back for Blood episode.

From left to right, Top row: Heckler & Koch MP5K, Heckler & Koch MP5, FAMAS. Middle row: M79, M1928 Thompson, M4 Carbine. Bottom: Heckler & Koch MSG-90.

M136 AT4

Seen in the table of weapons from Taliban vs IRA episode. Though never said it was used by the IRA, it is unknown why it'd be in the weapons table set of the IRA. It's also not included in the IRA weapons Set. Strangely enough it was not pointed out why it was ever there.

M146 AT-4 - 84mm.
The AT4 on the IRA's weapons table on the right side.
The AT4 lying on the table.
The AT4 on the table.
The AT4.
The AT4 on the right
Close up of the AT4.


Seen in the episode Taliban vs IRA. The weapon featured in the episode was a Type 69 RPG the Chinese copy of the RPG-7 but then, when there going to test the weapon in the firing range it strangely swaps to the original RPG-7 launcher. It also has a PGO-7 scope attached to it. It's interesting to note that whoever did the visual effects for the RPG firing clearly had never seen an actual RPG fired, instead going with the classic movie rocket-whoosh effect.

Russian RPG-7 - 40mm
He forgot to mention that this is the real RPG-7 and not the Type 69 RPG version.
Max holding the RPG.
Max looking through the scope.
Holding the weapon.
A closer look at the PGO-7 scope.
A look through inside the scope.
Closer detail of the weapon.
The destruction the RPG allegedly made.


Seen in the episode French Foreign Legion vs The Gurkas in season 3.

MAS-36 7.5x54mm French

Henry 1860

Seen in the episode Crazy Horse vs Pancho Villa in season 3.

Henry 1860 brass-frame - .44 Rimfire (RF).


Is seen being used By Theodore Roosevelt and his rough riders in Theodore Roosevelt vs Lawrence of Arabia in season 3.

1896 U.S.Krag-Jorgensen carbine,.30-40 Krag

Winchester 1894

Seen in episode Pancho Villa vs Crazy Horse in season 3.

Winchester 1894 - .30-30.

Charleville Musket

Used by Napoleon men in George Washington vs Napoleon Bonaparte in season 3.

Charleville Musket - .69 caliber

Browning Automatic Rifle

Seen in the episode French Foreign Legion vs The Gurkas in season 3.

Browning Automatic Rifle - .30-06

Bren Gun

Used by the Gurkas in French Foreign Legion vs The Gurkas in season 3.

Bren Mk2 - .303 caliber

Benelli M4

Used by Swat in Swat vs GSG-9 season 2.

Benelli M4 Super 90 with collapsed stock - 12 Gauge

Heckler & Koch PSG1

Used by GSG-9 in Swat vs GSG-9 season 2.

Heckler & Koch PSG-1 - 7.62x51mm NATO


Used by Swat in Swat vs GSG-9 season 2.

LWRC PSD with Magpul CTR stock, MIAD pistol grip, & PMAG magazine - 5.56x45mm NATO

Glock 19

This was used by the Israeli Commandoes in season 2.

Glock 19 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm

This is incorrect. The Navy SEALs used the Sig-Sauer P226 in 9mm. The Israeli Commandoes used the Glock.

Browning Hi-Power

This was used by Saddam Hussein and his Elite Guard.

Classic Commercial Browning Hi-Power (Belgian Mfg) - 9x19mm

Gatling Gun

This weapon was used by Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Riders.

An 1897 Gatling Gun.

Micro Galil

This gun is used by the Israeli Commando in season 2.

IMI Galil MAR - 5.56x45mm

Colt Bisley

This gun was used by Pancho Villa in season 3.

Bisley model Colt Single Action Army w/ 7.5" barrel - 45 Colt.


This Gun is wielded by the Viet Cong in season 2.

MAT-49 Submachine Gun - 9x19mm

F-1 Hand Grenade

This was used in The Viet Cong in season 2.

F-1 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade


This was used in season 2 in Waffen S.S. vs Viet Cong but they referred to it as a Bouncing Betty.

S-Mine 35. Note the fuze is in the centre of the mine body; the later S-Mine 44's fuze was instead offset.

POMZ-2 anti-personnel mine

The Viet Cong used this weapon in season 2.

POMZ-2M anti-personnel mine

Flammenwerfer 41

Is used by the Waffen S.S. in season 2.

Flammenwerfer 41 flamethrower


This was used by CIA operatives in season 2.

Ingram MAC-10 open bolt submachine gun - .45 ACP

LPO-50 Flamethrower

This was used in season 1 by the IRA.

LPO-50 flamethrower

M18A1 Claymore

This was used in season 3 by the US Army Rangers.

M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel mine

M60 Machine Gun

This is used by the Medellin Cartel in season 2.

M60E4 machine gun - 7.62x51mm NATO

Mini Uzi

This is used by the Medellin Cartel in season 2.

IMI Mini Uzi with stock folded - 9x19mm

MP28 Submachine Gun

This was used by the Waffen S.S. in season 2.

Haenel-Schmeisser MP28/II Submachine Gun - 9x19mm

PSL Sniper Rifle

This was used by the North Korean Special Operations Force in season 3.

Romanian FPK/PSL sniper rifle - 7.62x54mm R.

Mk 2 Hand Grenade

This was used by Al Capone in season 2 but it is referred to as a pinapple bomb.

Mk 2 "Pineapple" High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade

Remington 700

This is used by the Swat in season 2.

Remington 700PSS with Leupold Mark 4 scope and Harris bipod - .300 Win Mag

Remington 870 shotgun

This is used by the GSG-9 in season 2.

Remington 870 Police Magnum with Black Synthetic Furniture - 12 Gauge

RPK Light Machine Gun

Is used by Saddam Hussein and his royal guard in season 3.

RPK Light Machine Gun with 40 round magazine - 7.62x39mm

RPD Light Machine Gun

Is used by Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge in season 3.

RPD Light Machine Gun - 7.62x39mm

Sig Sauer P226 pistol

Was used by the Navy Seals in season 2.

A factory black (K-Kote) SIG-Sauer P226 pistol chambered in 9x19mm.

Sa. Vz.61 Skorpion

Is used by the KGB in season 2.

Sa. Vz. 61 Skorpion - .32 ACP

Knight's Armament SR-25

This was used by the US Army Rangers in season 3.

M110 SASS with Harris bipod, Leupold Mark 4 scope, and tan paint scheme - 7.62x51mm NATO

PKM Machine Gun

This is used by the Somali pirates in season 2.

PKM with classic (most seen) version of the flash hider - 7.62x54mm R

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