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Talk:Alien: Isolation

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Model 37-12 Gauge Pump Action

there is a generic 12 Gauge Pump Action called the Model 37-12 it seems to be based based on the SWATriplex-18 here is the link to another wiki with more info --Seekerdude (talk) 12:20, 4 August 2015 (EDT) http://avp.wikia.com/wiki/Model_37-12_Gauge_Pump_Action

Are the guns unrealistically weak?

I understand that having an unkillable Xenomorph was part of the whole horror routine in this game, but I feel there's a lot of things missing from the guns in this game.

To start, where are the speedloaders? In other words, why would a space station largely equipped with revolvers and tube-magazine-fed shotguns never issue speedloaders to their users? Speedloaders are not very expensive nor high-tech, whether for revolvers or for shotguns. Ripley taking the time to load rounds into a speedloader would be nice to see, and I don't think having to reload speedloaders has been done before in an FPS game.

The Bolt Gun was a nice touch (if a bit borrowed from the Dead Space series and its theme of improvised weapons made from high-powered tools), but would it be necessary if Ripley had access to shotgun slugs? Those are pretty old technology, and there are some versions capable of piercing car engine blocks. Having some of those should have let players do some real punch to the Xenomorph or Working Joes, and we could get something like a weaponized power drill or saw instead of the Bolt Gun. But in any case, unless the Working Joes have metal endoskeletons like T-800 Terminators, shooting one in the face with ordinary buckshot should nearly decapitate it.

Then there are those scenes in Aliens when characters kill Xenomorphs with pistols. You might handwave this by saying the USCMs had "military-grade pistol ammunition," but unless those are radically improved rounds they shouldn't be too different from ordinary pistol ammunition. The only way it makes sense to me is if the Sevastopol was deliberately supplied with low-penetration ammunition (such as birdshot for the ingame shotguns) to avoid puncturing certain walls with stray rounds and causing air leaks, but Sevastopol seems pretty solidly built compared to 20th-century space stations which had very thin walls.

By the way, Amanda Ripley herself is only mentioned in Aliens. I don't know if James Cameron invented her whole-cloth for that movie, but she certainly isn't mentioned in Alien.--Mazryonh (talk) 21:30, 6 May 2016 (EDT)

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