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Stevens Model 77 Shotgun Series

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J. Stevens & Co. was a small firearms company founded by Joshua Stevens, W.B. Fay and James Taylor in 1864. They were based in Chicopee Falls, MA. The company's most notable achievement was purchasing, and marketing, one of John Browning's shotgun designs. (See: Stevens Model 520/620).

In 1920, Stevens Arms was purchased by Savage, but continued to produce firearms under the Stevens brand (with Savage as the parent company).

First appearing in 1954 as a long-barreled sporting shotgun, the Stevens Model 77 was the first shotgun of this design, replacing the Stevens Model 620. The design was also licensed by Springfield and by Savage. For the most part, the Model 77, Model 30, Model 67, Model 69, and Model 79 guns were virtually identical in appearance and functioning (differences were mostly cosmetic and related to the finish) and may be regarded as identical for their purposes.

It is worth noting that until 1969, shotguns were produced with safety near the trigger, which was subsequently moved to the top of the receiver.

The Stevens Model 77 Shotgun Series and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


(1954 – 1989)

  • Caliber: 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, and .410 gauge
  • Action: Pump Action
  • Feed system: 4, 6 (Model 69RXL) round tube magazine (+1 chambered)

Savage/Stevens Model 77/Model 30

Stevens Model 77 riot gun - 12 gauge
Savage/Stevens Model 30E - 12 gauge

The Model 77 was the first shotgun of this type, first cataloged in 1954. Early in the Vietnam War, the Stevens Arms Company received orders for military Model 77E riot guns from the Department of Defense. The shotgun saw wide usage during U.S. involvement in Vietnam, especially among Military Police, though with infantry and other units as well. Some also went to the Vietnamese. Reportedly, 60,920 Model 77E riot guns were delivered to the U.S. Armed Forces or allies beginning in 1963. Though originally intended primarily for the Vietnamese, the need for shotguns by U.S. troops resulted in thousands being issued to U.S. personnel. Widely used during the Vietnam War the model is relatively unknown outside of U.S. shotgun collectors (of military shotguns).

The Model 30 is basically a model 77 except it came with added features like the engraving and checkering, later shotguns also featured an elongated ergonomic forend. The Model 30 was first offered in 1959 and was discontinued in 1978. This was continued by the virtually identical Model 79.


Title Actor Character Note Date
In Cold Blood Robert Blake Perry Smith Model 30 1967
Scott Wilson Dick Hickock

Savage/Stevens Model 67/Model 69

Savage/Springfield Model 67 - 12 gauge. This is the same firearm, built under contract by Savage, but branded 'Springfield' for 3rd party sales
Stevens 67 - 12 gauge

In 1967, Stevens offered the "budget grade" pump action Model 67, then manufactured by their parent company Savage, but sold in many markets under the Stevens name. Another closely related model was the Stevens 69, introduced around 1969 and is primarily intended for police purposes. They are superficially indistinguishable, so some of the Models 67 listed here may actually be a Model 69 (with the exception of the RXL special edition). The Model 67 and 69 pump action shotguns ceased production in 1989.


Title Actor Character Note Date
Papillon (2018) Henchman "Trench Gun" 2018
I'm Not Ashamed David Errigo Jr. Eric Harris Sawed-off barrel and stock, duct-tape on grip 2016
Green Room Imogen Poots Amber Sawed-off stock 2015
Anton Yelchin Pat
Alia Shawkat Sam
Jacob Kasch Bartender
Mason Knight Kyle
Samuel Summer Jonathan
The Wolverine Yakuza With a sawed-off barrel, black pistol grip and foregrip 2013
Priest of Evil 2010
L: Change the World Megumi Satô Hatsune Misawa 2008
Zero Woman R extremist 2007
Sniper 3 2004
The Matrix Reloaded Zion guard With a sawed-off barrel, black pistol grip and foregrip 2003
The Rundown Hatcher's men 2003
Formula 51 Stephen Martin Walters Blowfish With heat shield and sawed-off stock 2001
Boondock Saints, The Prison guards 1999


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
The Professionals Hit squad (S02E09) "Blind Run" 1977-1981
The Walking Dead - Season 1 "Vatos" (S1E04) 2010
The Mentalist Simon Baker Patrick Jane With pistol grip /(S6E06) "Fire and Brimstone" 2013
The Outsider Max Beesley Seale Bolton "Must/Can't" (S1E10) 2020
Better Call Saul - Season 5 Adrienne Lovette Mouse Sawed-off; "Magic Man" (S5E01), "50% Off" (S5E02) 2020

Savage/Stevens Model 69RXL

Savage Model 69RXL - 12 gauge

The special version of the Model 69, featuring an extended 6-round magazine. This was produced in 1982 - 1989.


Title Actor Character Note Date
Papillon (2018) Henchman 2018
Extreme Justice girlfriend of the getaway driver With sawed-off stock 1993
Carnosaur Harrison Page Sheriff Fowler 1993
RoboCop 3 Sgt. Reed 1993
Blue Desert D.B. Sweeney Steve Smith 1991
The Willies Ralph Drischell Farmer Horace Spivey 1990
Black Rain Michael Douglas NYPD Detective Nick Conklin With sawed-off stock 1989
The Female Executioner (L'exécutrice) A guard 1986
My New Partner (Les ripoux) Police 1984

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