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I'm Not Ashamed

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I'm not Ashamed
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Release Date 2016
Language English
Studio PureFlix
Main Cast
Character Actor
Rachel J. Scott Masey McLain

I'm Not Ashamed is a 2016 biopic dramatizing the events of 1999's Columbine High School massacre, specifically focusing on the final moments of the first victim, Rachel Scott.

The following weapons were used in the film I'm Not Ashamed:


Intratec TEC-9 Mini

Dylan Klebold (Cory Chapman) is seen carrying an Intratec TEC-9 mini. This is accurate to the real gun used by Klebold, although various media outlets at the time described the weapon as a full-sized TEC-DC9 or original TEC-9. Near the end of the film, Eric Harris (David Errigo Jr.) uses the weapon to threaten Rachael Joy Scott (Masey McLain), the film's primary subject matter.

Intratec TEC-9 Mini - 9x19mm
Dylan Klebold (Cory Chapman) holds his TEC-9 mini at the ready after firing several rounds.
Eric Harris (David Errigo Jr.) uses the TEC-9 mini to threaten Rachael Joy Scott (Masey McLain).
The TEC-9 mini in the trunk of a car; this particular shot only appears in the film's trailer.


Hi-Point 995 Carbine

As was the case in the actual shooting, Eric Harris is seen carrying a Hi-Point 995 Carbine in the film. Dylan Klebold also briefly holds it. The carbine seen in the film is an early model like the one used in the actual shooting by Eric Harris, albeit this one features a muzzle brake and the real one did not.

Hi Point 995 carbine - 9x19mm
Eric Harris (David Errigo Jr.), on the left, carries his Hi-Point carbine in the school parking lot.
While Eric talks to a wounded Rachael Joy, Dylan is seen holding the Hi-Point carbine.
The Hi-Point 995 in the trunk of a car alongside the duo's other weapons in this trailer-only shot.
Eric Harris aims his Hi-Point Carbine in the film's trailer. This particular shot does not appear in the finished film.


Stevens Model 67

Eric Harris is seen using a Stevens Model 67 shotgun throughout the film, which is once again accurate to the actual shooting. Like the actual weapon used, the Model 67 here has had the barrel sawed-off. Harris' actual Model 67 also had the stock removed and the make-shift pistol grip wrapped in duct tape. Although the film depicts the removed stock, the pistol grip is not taped.

Note: Eric Harris was rumored to have named this particular weapon "Arlene", after a character that appeared in a set of novels based off of the video game Doom.

Stevens Model 67E with sawn-off stock - 12 gauge
Eric Harris practices using the weapon by firing at bowling pins.
The Model 67 rests on Eric's head as they film their infamous pre-shooting tapes.
The Stevens Model 67, "Arlene", is best scene during this trailer-only shot in the trunk of a car.
This is an alternate take of the above basement scene that appeared in the film's trailer. The primary difference between the two is how actor David Errigo Jr. holds the weapon.

Savage 311-D Double Barreled Sawed-Off shotgun

Dylan Klebold is seen carrying and shooting a sawed-off shotgun in the film. Klebold used a Savage/Springfield 311-D during the actual shooting. Though not immediately clear in the film, it appears that the shotgun that actor Cory Chapman uses may very well be a 311-D, or at least a similar variant.

Stevens 311R (sawed-off) - 12 gauge. This is a similar weapon to what Klebold actually used.
Dylan Klebold brandishes the sawed-off shotgun as he records one their infamous pre-shooting tapes.
While Eric mugs his home video camera, Dylan points his sawed-off shotgun.

Archival Footage

News coverage footage from the actual shooting appears at different points in the film, featuring the real firearms used during the event.

Various rifles and SMGs in the hands of police officers. The officer in front carries what appears to be a bullpup rifle.
Officers rush towards the school with a pump-action shotgun in hand.
Dylan Klebold's TEC-9 mini.
Dylan Klebold's 311-D shotgun.
Eric Harris' Hi Point 995 carbine.
'Arlene,' Eric Harris' Stevens Model 67. Note the duct tape wrapped around the grip.
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in the school cafeteria, with all four firearms in plain sight (From left to right: Hi-Point 995 carbine, Stevens Model 67 shotgun, TEC-9 mini, sawed-off Savage 311-D double-barreled shotgun).

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