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Remington Model 31

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Remington Model 31 - 12 gauge
Remington Model 31 Field Model - 20 gauge

The Remington Model 31 is an American pump-action shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms. It is the successor to the bottom-ejecting John Browning designed Remington Model 17 pump-action shotgun, and is in essence a scaled-up Model 17 with a solid frame as opposed to a takedown design, along with side-ejection as opposed to bottom-ejection. It was conceived as a competitor to the hugely popular Winchester Model 1912. Model 31 "riot guns" were produced for the US military during World War II, but no true "trench guns" were mass produced. Although finely built and well-received, sales were still unable to compete with that of the Model 1912. Remington ceased manufacturing the shotgun in 1949 due to its high manufacturing cost compared to its modest sales. Its cheaper to produce successor, the Remington Model 870, would go on be one of the most widely used shotguns in history.


(1931 - 1949)

  • Type: Shotgun
  • Caliber(s): 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge
  • Weight: 6.8 lb (3.1 kg)
  • Length: 40 in (101.6 cm)
  • Barrel length(s): 20 in (50.80 cm), 26 in (66.04 cm), 28 in (71.12 cm), 30 in (76.20 cm), 32 in (81.28 cm)
  • Capacity: 3, 4
  • Fire Modes: Pump-Action


Title Actor Character Note Date
Thunder Road Gangsters 1958
Ma Barker's Killer Brood Kelly's thugs 1960
Get Carter Tony Beckley Peter cut-down 1971
The Ruffian A security guard 1983
Sheena: Queen of the Jungle Nick Brimble Wadman 1984
A View to a Kill Tanya Roberts Stacey Sutton Field Model 1985
Yes, Madam! (Huang jia shi jie) Michelle Yeoh Inspector Ng 1985
Yes, Madam! (Huang jia shi jie) Security guards of armored car 1985
Malibu Express John Brown Luke Field Model 1985
Malibu Express Darby Hinton Cody Abilene Field Model 1985
Club Paradise revolutionaries and police 1986
In the Line of Duty III: Force of the Dragon Michiko Nishiwaki Michiko Nishiwaki 1988
Married to the Mob U.S. Marshal 1988
In the Line of Duty 4: Witness Police 1989
Violent Cop Hakuryû Kiyohiro MGC Replica 1989
Death Warrant A prison guard 1990
Normal Life Policemen 1996
Lonely Hearts Police Officers 2006
The Raid 2 Henchmen airsoft 2014
The Raid 2 Arifin Putra Uco airsoft 2014
The Raid 2 Alex Abbad Bejo airsoft 2014


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Hill Street Blues Seen on a shelf / "Shooter" (S02E17) 1981 - 1987
Psych SWAT officer 2006-present
KochiKame Mokomichi Hayami Yosuke Asari (Ep 08) 2009
Ryôhei Suzuki bank robber
Haven Emily Rose Audrey Parker Field Model 2010-Present
Eagleheart 2011-present

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Notation Release Date
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Used in Xbox version only 2001
The Suffering: Ties That Bind 2004
Eternal Damnation "Pump-Action Shotgun" Pistol-gripped 2006

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