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George of the Jungle

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George of the Jungle (1997)

The following weapons were used in the film George of the Jungle:


Beretta 950 Jetfire

Lyle Van de Groot (Thomas Haden Church) uses a real stainless Beretta 950 Jetfire with pearl grips to shoot George (Brendan Fraser), believing it was a cigarette lighter. Later the narrator (Keith Scott) explains that George can't die because he is a hero. The cigarette lighter model can be seen wielded by several Swahili guides.

Nickel Beretta 950 Jetfire - .25 ACP
A Swahili guide finds two Beretta Jetfires in his backpack. Note that one has the cigarette lighter marking on it.
Lyle Van de Groot (Thomas Haden Church) draws out his Beretta Jetfire.
Lyle fires his Beretta Jetfire at George (Brendan Fraser).

Smith & Wesson Model 10

A Swahili prison guard is seen with a holstered Smith & Wesson Model 10 with black grips when he releases Max (Greg Cruttwell) and Thor (Abraham Benrubi).

Smith & Wesson Model 10 - .38 Special
A Swahili prison guard with a holstered Smith & Wesson Model 10 on his right thigh.

Winchester Model 70

Max (Greg Cruttwell), Thor (Abraham Benrubi) and several Swahili guides carry Winchester Model 70 rifles with and without telescopic sights. Kwame (Richard Roundtree) carries the Extreme Weather SS model.

Modern update of classic Winchester Model 70 with open sights - .30-06
Thor (Abraham Benrubi) holds his Winchester Model 70. Note the scope has disappeared, only to reappear in next shots.
Winchester Model 70 fitted with sniper scope - .30-06
A Swahili guide on the left is armed with a Winchester Model 70.
A Swahili guide holds his Winchester Model 70. On the right, Kwame (Richard Roundtree) also drops his backpack with a Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS slung on his shoulder.

Palmer Cap-Chur Long Range Projector

Several Swahili guides carry Palmer Cap-Chur Long Range Projector air rifles. Thor (Abraham Benrubi) also uses one with a tranquilizer dart to neutralize Ape (John Cleese).

Palmer Cap-Chur Long Range Projector with red dot scope
Thor (Abraham Benrubi) loads up his tranquilizer rifle.
Thor looks through the sniper scope to find George (Brendan Fraser) wrestling with an ape. Note the unusual reticle and inside view of the sniper scope, possibly for dramatic purposes.
Thor aims his tranquilizer rifle before firing it at Ape (John Cleese).

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