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Eye of the Tiger

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Eye of the Tiger
Eye of the Tiger Poster.jpg
Cinema Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Richard C. Sarafian
Release Date 1986
Distributor Scotti Brothers Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Buck Matthews Gary Busey
Christie Matthews Denise Galik
Jennifer Matthews Judith Barsi
Sheriff Seymour Cassel
J.B. Deveraux Yaphet Kotto
Blade William Smith

Eye of the Tiger is a 1986 action movie directed by Richard C. Sarafian and starring Gary Busey as Buck Matthews, a Vietnam veteran and ex-inmate who wages a war against a cruel biker gang in his native town.

The following weapons are seen in the movie Eye of the Tiger:


Colt Detective Special

Sheriff (Seymour Cassel) carries a nickel plated Colt Detective Special revolver with pearl grips.

Colt Detective Special 1st Gen with nickel finish and pearl grips - .38 Special
The revolver is seen in holster at sheriff's side.
The sheriff aims his revolver at Buck Matthews.
Another view at the revolver.

Unidentified Revolver

Police officers are seen with holstered revolvers. Due to the shape of the grip and the size of the holster the revolvers are most likely snub nose versions of Smith & Wesson Model 15 or Model 19.

The service police revolver is seen in holster.

Colt Government Model

J.B. Deveraux (Yaphet Kotto) personal weapon is stainless Colt Government Model. It is seen mostly in holster.

Stainless Colt Government Model M1911A1 - .45 ACP
Stainless Colt Government is seen in holster at Deveraux's side (at the left).

Suppressed Pistol

A biker is seen with a suppressed pistol during the attack on the hospital. The pisol is seen only from the muzzle and cannot be identified.

Eye of the Tiger-SuppPistol-1.jpg

Intratec TEC-9

One of the biker is seen with Intratec TEC-9.

Intratec TEC-9 - 9x19mm
Eye of the Tiger-TEC9-1.jpg


Double Barreled Shotgun

In several scenes Buck Matthews (Gary Busey) is seen with a double barreled shotgun.

Matthews inspects his shotgun.
Matthews with his shotgun.

Mossberg 500 Cruiser

Several bikers are armed with Mossberg 500 Cruiser shotguns.

Mossberg 500 Cruiser - 12 Gauge
A biker loads his shotgun.

Ithaca 37

One of the civilian volunteers is seen with Ithaca 37 shotgun in the final scene.

Ithaca Model 37 riot version - 12 Gauge
A volunteer holds his shotgun.
Buck Matthews (Gary Busey) holds a shotgun with pistol grip in the final scene.

Unidentified shotguns

A biker holds his shotgun.
Police officers with shotguns.

Assault Rifles

Colt CAR-15

Many bikers are armed with Colt CAR-15 carbines in the final scene.

Commercial CAR-15 semiautomatic Rifle - 5.56x45mm
A fat biker in green holds a CAR-15
A wounded biker falls with CAR-15 in hand.
Two CAR-15 are mounted on J.B. Deveraux's (Yaphet Kotto) airplane.


Many bikers are armed with M16A1 rifles in the final scene.

M16A1 with 30 round magazine - 5.56x45mm
Bikers fire their firearms at Matthews' car.
Bikers fire their firearms at Deveraux's airplane.

Machine Guns

Browning M2

A Browning M2 is seen in the bikers camp. It was destroyed before anyone could fire it.

Browning M2HB on vehicle mount - .50 BMG
Eye of the Tiger-M2-1.jpg

Other weapons

M67 hand grenade

During one of Matthews' encounters with biker a biker tries to blow Matthews' Dodge Ram with M67 hand grenade. In the final scene J.B. Deveraux (Yaphet Kotto) uses M67 grenades for air bombing during the attack on bikers camp. As usual, M67s are depicted by M69 training grenades.

M67 fragmentation grenade
A biker readies M67 grenade.
Deveraux readies M67 grenade.
Another of Deveraux's grenades.
Deveraux throws a grenade on bikers heads.


Matthews' Dodge Ram

The black Dodge Ram is Buck Matthews' main weapon in his war against the biker gang. The car is armored and armed: it has four machine guns and four rocket launchers mounted at the rear and two machine guns mounted in front.

The firearms at the rear of the car. The launchers are simply tubes with pyrotechnic charges. The machine guns can also be props that "fire" by using pyrotechnic.
Two machine guns fire from the front of the car. The muzzle fire look acetylene powered.

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