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Die Hard

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Die Hard
Die hardposter.jpg
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by John McTiernan
Release Date 1988
Studio 20th Century Fox
Distributor 20th Century Fox
Main Cast
Character Actor
John McClane Bruce Willis
Holly Gennaro Bonnie Bedelia
Hans Gruber Alan Rickman
Karl Alexander Godunov
Sgt. Al Powell Reginald VelJohnson
FBI Special Agent Johnson (AKA Big Johnson) Robert Davi
Deputy Chief Dwayne T. Robinson Paul Gleason
Uli Al Leong
Joseph Yoshinobu Takagi James Shigeta
Richard Thornburg William Atherton

Die Hard is the 1988 action film starring Bruce Willis as John McClane, an NYPD detective who arrives in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve to visit his estranged wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) during an office party at the business tower where she is a vice president. When terrorists led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) seize the tower and hold Holly and 30 others hostage, McClane then finds himself the only one who can thwart the terrorists' plans. The film, which was directed by John McTiernan, spawned four sequels and helped establish Willis as an action movie star. In addition, the basic plot of a single person taking on terrorists while trapped in a confined space would serve as the basis for a great number of action films in the following decades. In 2017, it was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry.

The following weapons were used in the film Die Hard:



Beretta 92F

The Beretta 92F features prominently in the film as the sidearm of Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis). At one point, Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) is seen holding the Beretta. Karl (Alexander Godunov) gets ahold of it during a fight near the end of the film as well. Another Beretta can also be seen being carried by one of the SWAT officers involved in the ill-fated raid on the Nakatomi Building. It is worth noting that the main character in the book "Nothing Lasts Forever", on which the movie is based, carries a Browning Hi-Power rather than the Beretta 92F (which did not yet exist in 1979). Also, the Beretta 92F was never authorized for carry by NYPD officers.

Beretta 92F (9x19mm) used by Bruce Willis in Die Hard. This is the screen-used gun from the film as well as Lethal Weapon (1987); note the extended mag release and slide release, which were modifications made specifically for Bruce Willis.
In the beginning of the movie, a fellow plane passenger cautiously eyes McClane's 92F in his shoulder holster, but McClane assures him he's a cop.
John McClane (Bruce Willis) holds the Beretta 92F while hiding in the Nakatomi boardroom.
McClane draws his Beretta 92F when confronted by Hans Gruber's henchmen in the boardroom.
McClane fires over 15 rounds from his Beretta 92F. Two rounds were fired on the terrorist first entering the room, and about 15 were fired through the table. According to the director, the proximity of the gun to Willis' ear during this scene caused permanent hearing loss for Willis. He is also visibly hit in the face by spent casings as he blasts away.
A SWAT officer with a Beretta 92F. It's hard to tell, but the trigger guard is squared off, not curved as on a 92SB.
McClane loads another mag into his Beretta.
McClane pretends to chamber a round into his Beretta. Note his finger is on the slide release so it doesn't lock.
Hans Gruber holds Detective John McClane at gunpoint with McClane's own Beretta 92F.
McClane with his Beretta 92F drawn while taking cover from incoming fire from both Hans and Karl. Clearly visible in this image (if enlarged to full-size) is the extended slide release - compare to the picture of the screen-used gun above.
Karl goes to grab McClane's Beretta during their fight.
"Happy Trails, Hans..."
McClane blows away the smoke from the barrel of his 92F.

Heckler & Koch P7M13

Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) carries a hard chromed Heckler & Koch P7M13 as his main weapon, notably using it to threaten Joseph Takagi (James Shigeta) and Harry Ellis (Hart Bochner), and then brandishing it at the climax of the film, holding McClane's wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) at gunpoint. When he first brings out the weapon while threatening Takagi, he is shown removing a matching suppressor from the barrel, thus indicating it's not a P7M13SD because there is no threaded barrel to use a suppressor. (The threads to attach the suppressor were actually inside the barrel of the gun, as there were no live rounds fired out of it.) According to the script, Hans was supposed to carry a Walther (likely a PPK, but it's not specifically identified) It is assumed that the P7M13 was used in place of this, as it bears resemblance to a Walther PPK, and both firearms are German, like Hans himself.

Hard Chrome Heckler & Koch P7M13 - 9x19mm. This is the screen-used firearm carried by Alan Rickman in the film Die Hard. Thanks to James Georgopoulos.
Screen Used H&K P7M13 with Suppressor (from execution Scene) - 9x19mm. This is the screen-used firearm carried by Alan Rickman in the film. (Photo by MPM2008)
Hans Gruber taking the suppressor off his P7M13.
Hans Gruber prepares to use his H&K P7M13. When he fires, the camera smash-cuts to another shot, presumably because, according to director John McTiernan, Alan Rickman could not help flinching.
Closeup of the P7M13.
"How nice to make your acquaintance!"
Hans fires his H&K in the air.
Another shot of Hans Gruber holding Holly Gennaro at gunpoint with his Heckler & Koch P7M13.
Holly Gennaro with Hans Gruber's Heckler & Koch P7M13 to her head.
Hans falls from the 30th floor of the Nakatomi Building while still holding his Heckler & Koch P7M13. The look on his face is authentic as Rickman was dropped prematurely when performing the stunt.

Walther PPK

During the takeover of the Nakatomi Building, Karl (Alexander Godunov) can be seen using a suppressed Walther PPK to kill the security guards at the front desk and by the elevators. He later has it without the silencer when he hears McClane leave following Takagi's death and goes to investigate.

Suppressed Walther PPK - .380 ACP
Karl (Alexander Godunov) holds the suppressed Walther as he takes out the security guard at the front desk. It's worth noting that in reality, even a suppressed pistol would still be perfectly audible to the other guard standing around the corner a few yards away; even if it wasn't identified as a gun, the noise would likely warrant investigation.
Karl (Alexander Godunov) with his suppressed Walther PPK in one hand and a hockey puck flash bang in the other before taking out the second security guard.

Smith & Wesson Model 15

At the end of the film, McClane finally gets to meet Sergeant Al Powell (Reginald VelJohnson) in person and is introducing him to his wife when Powell has to pull his Smith & Wesson Model 15. He is seen firing 5 rounds. The Model 15 was the standard sidearm of the LAPD from 1971 to 1988.

Smith & Wesson Model 15 - .38 Special
Closeup of Powell's Model 15 as he fires.
Sergeant Al Powell (Reginald VelJohnson, right) with his Smith & Wesson Model 15.

Walther P5

The terrorist Heinrich (Gary Roberts) is seen pulling what appears to be a Walther P5 as he and Marco confront McClane in the boardroom.

Walther P5 - 9x19mm
Heinrich pulls his pistol on McClane as Marco tries to get out of the way.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch HK94 (chopped and converted)

Another frequently-seen weapon in the film is the Heckler & Koch HK94s chopped and converted to look like MP5A3s. The Heckler & Koch MP5 was often considered the Rolls Royce of submachine guns when it was first widely introduced to the market in the late 1970s/early 1980s, and are used primarily by Gruber's men (and occasionally Gruber himself). McClane manages to commandeer one from one of the terrorists, Tony Vreski (Andreas Wisniewski), informing his comrades of this by leaving a note on Tony's corpse saying "Now I have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho.". At one point, McClane extends the stock hoping to use it as an anchor so he can descend down the ventilation shaft via the sling, though the sling doesn't support his weight for long, soon coming undone and sending him falling into the shaft before he catches himself on the opening of an air vent. He then procures another MP5 from another slain terrorist, using it until he runs out of ammunition during a gun battle with Karl. He then procures yet another MP5 from a terrorist on the roof, firing it into the air to scare the hostages brought up. He discards it when it runs out of ammunition before the final battle with Hans. By the way, in the book "Nothing Lasts Forever", on which the movie is based, the main character first uses a Thompson Submachine Gun and later an AK47. Fun fact: In the book, the note reads "Now we have a machine gun", in order to confuse the terrorists.

Heckler & Koch HK94A3 chopped and converted to resemble an MP5A3. Note the lack of a paddle magazine release, a lugged barrel, and a push pin set - 9x19mm
The terrorists arrive at the party wielding Heckler & Koch HK94A3's. Note excellent trigger discipline.
Tony Vreski (Andreas Wisniewski) searches for McClane while armed with the HK94.
McClane holds the converted HK94 while attempting to evade Karl and his men.
Closeup of the barrel of the "MP5A3" as McClane uses it to hold back a ventilation fan. Note the lack of barrel lugs; this shows it to be a converted HK94.
McClane uses the converted HK94 as an anchor in the shaft. Note lack of paddle magazine release and push pin set.
"No more Table! Where are you going, Pal? Next time you get the chance to kill someone, don't hesitate!"
Note that Marco (Lorenzo Caccialanza) uses the button release to eject the magazine.
McClane with his HK94 when he talks to Hans Gruber on the walkie-talkie.
Uli (Al Leong) is armed with the HK94 as he prepares to repel the SWAT officers.


MGC M-16 Model Gun Corp Replica Rifle

When the SWAT team makes their ill-fated raid on the Nakatomi building, they can be seen carrying MGC M-16 Model Gun Corp Replica Rifles. Some M16's can be seen with 20-round magazines, while others appear to have 30-round magazines.

MGC M16 replica.
A SWAT officer with an MGC M-16, as noted by the bolt insert. Note the magazine, which appears to be too long for a 20-round model, but too short for a 30-round.
SWAT officers in the crowd with M16s.

Steyr AUG

One of the more unusual weapons (for the time) in the film, the Steyr AUG assault rifle is used by Karl (Alexander Godunov) throughout the movie. It was likely chosen as the writers wanted to contrast the terrorists' exotic European weapons with the more traditional American firearms used by the LAPD. Being bullpup in design, the AUG features a decent barrel length in a compact design, and is also fitted with an integrated scope. The AUG is fired repeatedly by Karl during his personal mission to get revenge against McClane after he killed the first terrorist, who happened to be Karl's brother. In a memorable scene at the end of the film, a revived Karl emerges from a body bag with his AUG in hand for one last-ditched attempt to kill McClane (which begs the question why he was wrapped up inside a body bag alongside his gun).

Steyr AUG - 5.56x45mm
Karl assembles his Steyr AUG on the elevator.
Karl shoots at the vents with Steyr AUG hoping to hit McClane.
Karl with his Steyr AUG to McClane's head. The AUG appears to be a rubber prop here, as the scope seems to be filled in and no glass can be seen. It is also knocked away soon.
A bloodied Karl wields his Steyr AUG at the end of the film.

Steyr SSG 69

Mistaking McClane for a terrorist shooting hostages, FBI Special Agent Johnson (Robert Davi) is seen taking aim with what appears to be a Steyr SSG 69 fitted with an AN/PVS-3 Starlight night-vision scope.

Steyr SSG 69 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Special Agent Johnson #1 AKA 'Big Johnson' (Robert Davi) readies his sniper rifle.
Special Agent Johnson #1 (Robert Davi) rides in the gunship with his sniper rifle.
Johnson #1 aims his sniper rifle at McClane.
Another shot of Johnson #1 with the sniper rifle as the roof is blown. Note that the rifle appears to have a magazine attached to it.

Machine Guns


Another weapon in the terrorists' arsenal, an M60E3 Machine Gun is the weapon used by Alexander to turn Sgt. Al Powell (Reginald VelJohnson)'s police car into "swiss cheese" after McClane throws Marco out of a window and onto the hood of his car. It is also used to shoot out spotlights during the attempted SWAT raid on the Nakatomi building.

M60E3 machine gun - 7.62x51mm NATO
The terrorist Alexander (Joey Plewa) fires the M60E3 at Powell's police car.


The gunner on the Huey helicopter carrying FBI Special Agents Johnson and Johnson is seen opening fire on McClane with a full-sized M60 machine gun.

M60 machine gun with bipod folded - 7.62x51mm NATO
"Nail that sucker!"
Special Agent Johnson #1 (Robert Davi) orders the US Army UH-1 Huey doorgunner to open fire with his M60 machine gun on McClane (whom they thought was one of the terrorists).


"Hockey Puck" Flash Bang

During the takeover of the Nakatomi building, Karl uses flashbang grenades shaped like hockey pucks to disorient the guard by the elevators. The flashbang is also used by Karl during the gun battle that ensues after a confrontation between McClane and Gruber.

Karl (Alexander Godunov) with his suppressed Walther PPK in one hand and a hockey puck flash bang in the other before taking out the second security guard.
One of the "Hockey Puck" flash-bangs moments before detonating and disorienting a security guard.

Custom Rocket Launcher

When the building is surrounded by the police, Hans has his men set up a custom rocket launcher. The launcher is fitted onto a tripod mount that is seen being bolted down before firing. It's fired twice to take out a SWAT APC.

The launcher is seen being taken out.
The launcher is loaded by James (Wilhelm von Homburg).
"I see him!" Alexander (Joey Plewa) uses the sight to line up the target.
Firing the launcher.
Alexander fires the rocket launcher at the APC a second time. Note that the glass that was shattered by the terrorist's previous shot is shattered again (because this is just an alternate angle of the first launch).


The screenplay was based on the Roderick Thorp novel Nothing Lasts Forever and the character of John McClane is an evolution of the character Joe Leland, a role portrayed by Frank Sinatra in the 1968 film The Detective.

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