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Campion 1989 DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country UKD.jpg UK
Channel BBC
Creator John Hawkesworth
Genre Crime
Broadcast 1989 (S1)
1990 (S2)
No. of Seasons 2
No. of Episodes 16
Main Cast
Character Actor
Albert Campion Peter Davison
Magersfontein Lugg Brian Glover
Detective Inspector Stanislaus Oates Andrew Burt

Campion is a British detective TV series based on the novels by Margery Allingham. The plot is set in 1930s. Albert Campion (Peter Davison), an aristocratic amateur detective and adventurer, solves the problems of people from high society. He is aided by his manservant, former burglar Magersfontein Lugg (Brian Glover).
The first season aired in 1989, and the second in 1990. Eight novels were adapted, each of which was broadcast as two separate hour-long episodes.

The following weapons were used in the television series Campion:



Smith & Wesson Mk II Hand Ejector

Albert Campion (Peter Davison) draws a Smith & Wesson Mk II Hand Ejector revolver from the suitcase in "Look to the Lady: Part 1" (S01E01). The revolver that Campion uses in the night scene in "Police at the Funeral: Part 2" (S01E04) looks similar to the one used in "Look to the Lady" and possibly is the same model or even the same prop reused.

Smith & Wesson Mk.II Hand Ejector - .455 Webley
Campion draws the revolver from the suitcase in "Look to the Lady".
Albert Campion: This is a gun, and as soon as I've read the instruction leaflet I won't hesitate to use it.

The revolver is seen on Campion's nightstand in "Police at the Funeral".
Albert Campion readies his revolver when in the night he spots a man in the garden.
Campion holds the revolver. It looks large enough for .44 caliber.

Smith & Wesson Military & Police

Albert Campion (Peter Davison) holds a Smith & Wesson Military & Police revolver in "Sweet Danger: Part 2" (S02E02). He gives the revolver to Amanda Fitton (Lysette Anthony) who in turn passes the gun to Guffy Randall (David Haig). A Military & Police revolver is also used by Albert Campion in "Flowers for the Judge: Part 2" (S02E06).

Smith & Wesson Military & Police Revolver with 5" Barrel - .38 Special
Campion holds a Military & Police revolver in "Sweet Danger".
He gives the revolver to Amanda Fitton.
Amanda holds the revolver, being pursued by gangsters.
Amanda gives the revolver to Guffy Randall.

Campion holds his revolver in "Flowers for the Judge".
Another view of the same scene.
Campion carefully opens the door, revolver in hand.

Webley .455 Mk VI

A nickel plated Webley .455 Mk VI is used in "Police at the Funeral" (S01E03/E04) for the suicide staged as murder. What appears to be a Webley revolver, very likely a Mk VI, is seen in hands of a British officer in the final scene in "Sweet Danger: Part 2" (S02E02).

Webley Mk VI, nickel plated - .455 Webley
In the opening scene in "Police at the Funeral" Andrew Seeley (John Franklyn-Robbins) covertly takes the revolver from the box where is was stored after the Great War.
The flashback scene reveals Andrew Seeley preparing the revolver for the staged murder.
Seeley ties a rope to the lanyard ring.
He holds the revolver at his head.
George Faraday (Tim Wylton) finds the revolver that is caught on the railing of the bridge.

An officer aims his revolver at arrested gangsters in "Sweet Danger: Part 2".


M1911-style Pistol

When Campion's car is stopped on the road by the gang in "Look to the Lady: Part 1" (S01E01), Natty Johnson (Alan Cody) threatens Campion with a pistol that is supposed to be an M1911 or M1911A1.

For reference: Original Colt M1911 (dated 1913) - .45 ACP
Natty Johnson aims his pistol at Campion.

Beretta M1934

A compact pistol with typical Beretta open-top slide is used by Brett Savanake (Iain Cuthbertson) in the climactic scene in "Sweet Danger: Part 2" (S02E02). The pistol is seen only in the darkness but what is seen allows to guess that this is a Beretta M1934.

Beretta M1934 - .380 ACP
Savanake aims his pistol at Campion.
Another view of the same scene.
Savanake prepares to fire.

Unidentified pistols

Alistair Barber (Robert Robinson) uses a pistol in the climactic scene in "Mystery Mile: Part 2" (S02E08). The gun is seen only in darkness.

Barber fires at Campion.
A dark and unclear view of the pistol still allows to make a very speculative conclusion that the pistol way be a Walther PPK.

One of Savanake's henchmen holds a pistol when the gang stop the car in "Sweet Danger: Part 2" (S02E02). The pistol is seen very briefly and unclear; possibly this is an M1911.


Submachine Guns

Thompson Submachine Gun

Three of Savanake's henchmen are armed with Thompson Submachine Guns in "Sweet Danger: Part 2" (S02E02). All Tommy Guns have drum magazines and foregrips so they may be M1921A/AC or M1928.

Colt M1921AC Thompson with 50-round drum magazine - .45 ACP
A gangster holds a Thompson when the gang combs the countryside in search of Campion. The drum magazine is seen.
Another gangster holds a Thompson.
A gangster holds a Thompson.
Three Thompson-wielding gangsters stop a car on the road.


Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III

In the final scene in "Sweet Danger: Part 2" (S02E02), when a unit of British army is summoned against the gangsters, a Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III rifle is seen in hands of a soldier.

Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III* - .303 British
A soldier at the background holds a rifle.
Another view of the same scene.


Double Barreled Shotgun

Swithin Cush (Geoffrey Bayldon) commits a suicide with a Double Barreled Shotgun in "Mystery Mile: Part 1" (S02E07).

The shotgun lies near the dead body. A rope is tied to the triggers.

Other Weapons

Mills Bomb

'Squire' Mercer (Nicolas Chagrin) produces a Mills Bomb in the climactic scene in "Dancers in Mourning: Part 2" (S02E04).

No. 36M Mk. I "Mills Bomb"
Mercer produces a grenade and pulls the pin.
Another view of the same scene.
Mercer demands to let him go, threatening to blow the grenade.
A close-up of the Mills Bomb.

Smoke Bomb

Albert Campion (Peter Davison) uses a canister-type smoke bomb with a match cord during the liberation of Biddy Pagett in "Mystery Mile: Part 2" (S02E08). The body of the smoke bomb has markings "W.D. MK VII 8/15". "W.D." means "War Department", so this must be a military piece but the exact model is unknown.

Campion ignites the cord.
He prepares to throw the smoke bomb in the room where Biddy is interrogated by the abducters.

Spray Gun

Alistair Barber (Robert Robinson) uses a spray gun, loaded with strong acid or alkali, in the climactic scene in "Mystery Mile: Part 2" (S02E08). The spray gun is constructed from a syringe mounted on a pistol grip with a trigger mechanism that drives the piston.

Barber draws a spray gun.
He aims it at Campion.

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