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Altered Carbon

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Altered Carbon
AltCar poster 1.jpg
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Channel Netflix
Genre Action
No. of Seasons 2
No. of Episodes 18
Main Cast
Character Actor
Takeshi Kovacs Joel Kinnaman , Byron Mann, Will Yun Lee
Kristin Ortega Martha Higareda
Laurens Bancroft James Purefoy
Reileen "Rei" Kawahara Dichen Lachman

Altered Carbon is a 2018 Netflix original neo-noir/sci-fi detective series set in the year 2384. Takeshi Kovacs, a rogue Special Forces operative turned terrorist/rebel played by multiple actors, is 250 years into an infinite prison sentence when he is brought back to investigate a suspicious death. As he investigates, events play out both in the present and as he flashes back to his past.

The following weapons were used in the television series Altered Carbon:


The basic premise of Altered Carbon is that a technology called Digital Human Freight (DHF), a mind-uploading method which stores a digitized version of a human's memories, personality and consciousness on a device called a "stack", which is kept at the top of the spine. Said stack can be plugged into any body, with the body simply referred to as a "sleeve". As a result of such technology, the death of the body can be survived by uploading the stack to a new one, and even the destruction of the stack itself ("Real Death, or "getting RD'd") can be survived (after a fashion) by those rich enough to maintain backups.

As a result, a character can be played by multiple actors, and the main character of Takeshi Kovacs is played by four actors. Morgan Gao plays him as a boy (credited as "Young Tak") Will Yun Lee playing his "birth sleeve" (as "Stronghold Kovacs"), Byron Mann plays him in an older body (as "O.G. Kovas"), and Joel Kinnaman plays the body he uses in 2384 ("Takeshi Kovacs"). Additionally, Byron Mann appears as a body won by another character in 2384, and Joel Kinnaman is the "birth sleeve" of a police officer.

For purposes of the page, "Kovacs" refers to all incarnations of the character, though specific names are sometimes used.


Heckler & Koch Mk. 23

A modified Heckler & Koch Mark 23 fitted with a large sight mount is seen used by Kovacs and other characters.

Heckler & Koch Mark 23 - .45 ACP
"OG Kovacs" (Byron Mann) aims his Mk.23 at CTAC Praetorians on the other side of a wall in "Out of the Past" (Episode 1).
A badly wounded Sarah (Olga Fonda) reaches for the dropped Mk.23
A Mk.23 is seen by a Sun Jet as Quellcrist Falconer (Renée Elise Goldsberry) lectures on the weakness of weapons at close quarters in "Nora Inu" (Episode 7).
Jimmy DeSoto (Teach Grant) attempts to fight Falconer with a Mak 23.
A Mk.23 is dropped during the fight.

Timecop Beretta

An unidentified pistol in a "Timecop Beretta" shell seems to be the standard-issue Envoy handgun, known as the "Sun Jet".

"Sun Jet 2030. Classics never go out of style" Vernon Elliott (Ato Essandoh) picks out a handgun during the gun buying scene in "In a Lonely Place" (Episode 3
The handgun is confiscated by security at a party.
"I would have left it in the car, but I really don't trust this neighborhood" Kovacs snarks at the security guard at Sunshine House (which is several thousand feet up.)
Young Tak (Morgan Gao) holds what appears to be a Sun Jet after RDing his father to save his sister in "Nora Inu" (Episode 7)
A Yakuza thug with a Sun Jet gets hit during a shootout in "Nora Inu"
Quellcrist Falconer (Renée Elise Goldsberry) tells the Envoys they must learn the weakness of weapons, prompting Kovacs to note that that is "easy to say with a Sun Jet in you hand".

Steyr M9-A1

The Steyr M9-A1 with external modification is used by police officers.

Steyr M9-A1 - 9x19mm
In a flashback, Riker (Joel Kinnaman) interrogates a suspect with his M9-A1 in "The Wong Man" (Episode 5).
The grip is seen as Ortega talks him down, identifying the weapon.
Riker holds his M9-A1 as he is arrested.
Captain Tanaka (Hiro Kanagawa), armed with a M9-A1, corners the Ghostwalker (Trieu Tran) in "The Killers" (Episode 10).

Beretta Px4 Storm

Jaeger (Daniel Bernhardt) carries a Beretta Px4 Storm fitted with a laser module in "Out of the Past" (Episode 1). Takeshi Kovacs (Will Yun Lee) carries a similar pistol while serving as a Colonial Tactical Assault Corp (CTAC) Praetorian. He is seen with it holstered in "Nora Inu" (Episode 7), where it is drawn and used by Rei (Dichen Lachman) during a shootout. Kovacs then keeps the handgun while serving with the Envoys. Other CTAC troops carry the Px4 as well, suggesting that is the standard weapon.

Beretta Px4 Storm - 9x19mm
Jaeger holds his Px4 as he checks Sarah's bullet-riddled sleeve in "Out of the Past"
Rei draws her brother's Px4 after losing her KSG during a gunfight in "Nora Inu".
A slightly blurry shot as Rei reloads her Px4.
Kovacs prepares to mercy kill another Envoy after a Rawling Virus attack.

Police Handgun

Police Lieutenant Kristin Ortega (Martha Higareda) carries a prop handgun that doesn't seem to be based on anything and has no ejection port for empty cases

Lt. Ortega holsters her weapon as she attempts to talk down Riker in "The Wrong Man" (Episode 5)
Ortega pulls her pistol on Dimi #2 (Matt Biedel) in an attempt to make him talk.
A nice view of the pistol as she lays it on a table
The pistol falls to the floor as Ortega fights the Ghostwalker during the elevator fight later on.
Mr. Leung, AKA "Ghostwalker" (Trieu Tran), picks up the bloodspattered weapon to finish the job
Lieutenant Ortega (Martha Higareda) searches a clone vault with her weapon drawn in "Clash by Night" (Episode 8)
A closeup of the front as she comes around a corner
She engages another clone. Side note, it was hard to screenshot anything without getting a couple naked Rei clones in the shot.
Muzzle flash. The slide does not appear to move at all when fired. Also note Ortega's back holster.
The pistol is seen again in "The Killers" (Episode 10) on a table. "Bay City" is what San Francisco is known as in 2384.


Dimitri "Dimi the Twin" Kadmin (Tahmoh Penikett) carries a "Second model Nemex" energy pistol when he attempts to abduct Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman) in the first episode. Kovacs takes the weapon for himself after Dimitri's death and carries it for the rest of the series. It is implied to be a high-end and fairly rare weapon by several other characters. While it appears similar to the Chiappa Rhino revolver, and some concept art is based on the Rhino, it does not appear to have any any actual firearm as its base.

Dimitri puts his Nemex to Kovacs's head in "Out of the Past" (Episode 1)
Kovacs draws his Nemex in "Fallen Angel" (Episode 2)
After the weapons dealer nearly shoots Vernon, Kovacs draws his Nemex on him in "In a Lonely Place" (Episode 3).
"Nice piece of custom you got. You mind?" The dealer asks to examine the Nemex after demonstrating the Ingram's recall feature.
Ortega borrows the Nemex to end a zero-G deathmatch later in the episode
Kovacs holds the weapon as he checks Ortega's parent's house in "Rage in Heaven" (Episode 9)

Concept Art

The revolver is based on a modern-day Chiappa Rhino, with a futuristic twist. Instead of a traditional 6-round cylinder, this design features a high capacity fuel cell, transforming the gun into an energy weapon.

AltCar concept 7.jpg

Ingram-40 Fletchette Pistol

Takeshi Kovacs Joel Kinnaman obtains a "Ingram-40 flechette gun" from a weapons dealer in Episode 3, "In a Lonely Place". It is describe as a C-TAC prototype firing flanged armor-piercing homing rounds from a 10-round clip. The flechettes are magnetically fired, and can be recalled to the weapon, allowing for functionally infinite ammo and the ability to hit targets from the rear.

Kovacs examines the flechette gun at the gun dealer's place.
"Don't put your hand there." Kovacs almost covers the recall slot with his hand before being warned not to.
The dealer demonstrates the recall function.
Kovacs opens fire with the Ingram in the VR torture facility in "Force of Evil" (Episode 4). Note the grenade beside the backpack.
A view of one of the rounds embedded in a wall.
Kovacs goes guns akimbo with the Nemex as the Ingram recalls a round.
Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman) loads the ammo clip as he loads up for a raid in "Rage in Heaven" (Episode 9)

Zoraki 925

Sarah (Olga Fonda) uses a Zoraki 925 blank-fire-only machine pistol in a shootout with CTAC in "Out of the Past" (Episode 1). Rei (Dichen Lachman) attempts to draw another during a training session in "Nora Inu" (Episode 7) but is disarmed. Interestingly, concept art shows the 925 as the base for a proposed police handgun.

Zoraki 925 fitted with barrel extension and high capacity 25 round magazine - 9mm P.A.K. blanks
The Zoraki 925 lies on the bed with a Heckler & Koch Mark 23, several spare Mk.23 mags, and a container of stacks in "Out of the Past" (Episode 1)
Sara holds both handguns as CTAC forces storm the room.
Another view of Sarah's 925 as she tries to avoid incoming fire.
Rei (Dichen Lachman) tries to draw a Zoraki 925 on a seemingly-distracted Falconer.

Concept Art

AltCar concept 6.jpg

Accles & Shelvoke "Cash Special" captive bolt pistol

Vernon Elliot (Ato Essandoh), undercover as a General, is issued a bolt pistol to kill his prostitute at the Head In The Clouds brothel in "Rage in Heaven" (Episode 9). The weapon is an Accles & Shelvoke "Cash Special" captive bolt pistol fitted with a trigger guard and a shroud over the rear of the action.

Accles & Shelvoke "Cash Special" captive bolt pistol - .22 blanks
Vernon, disgusted with the lethal whorehouse, kills the Concierge with his bolt gun.
He later uses it to breach a door by shooting the lock out.
Once inside, Venon holds the weapon on Rei.
As the raid goes sideways, Rei holds Ortega at gunpoint with the weapon.

Particle Blaster

A "particle blaster" energy weapon belonging to Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy) is used in his suicide/suspected murder that sets the series's events in motion.

In a possible version of Bancroft's death, he is forced to kill himself with his own weapon. Unfortunately, this is the only clear shot.

Umarex Elite Force Racegun

Reileen "Rei" Kawahara (Dichen Lachman) uses an enormous handgun firing some sort of blaster bolts. She first uses it in "Man With My Face" (Episode 6) when rescuing Kovacs from Fight Dome and the weapons shows up later in "The Killers" (Episode 10) This is an airgun made by Umarex, called the Elite Force "Race Gun" with a futuristic shell covering everything except the grip.

The Umarex Elite Force Race Gun.
Rei orders Kovacs to kill one of his friends with the weapon in "The Killers".
A closeup of the grip as she hands it over.
Kovacs holds the handgun, showing the pistols's odd M1911-style trigger.

Unidentified pistol 1

Several criminals are seen with an unidentified handgun similar to concept art for a police handgun.

Thugs corner Kovacs in the lobby of The Raven Hotel in "Out of the Past" (Episode 1).
Another shot from the same episode.
A thug holds the pistol as he storms the lobby with a bit more success in "The Killers" (Episode 10).

Concept art

AltCar concept 1.jpg

Unidentified pistol 2

Some odd handguns are seen holstered in scenes where they are not drawn.

Lieutenant Ortega (Martha Higareda) carries a different pistol from her usual in a hip holster in "Out of the Past" (Episode 1).
Her partner, Samir Abboud (Waleed Zuaiter) carries the same weapon as they examine the grisly aftermath of Kovacs's rampage/escape through the VR torture facility in "Force of Evil" (Episode 3).

Unidentified pistol 3

Lizzie Elliot (Hayley Law) shows her parents the gun she is practicing with in VR in "Clash by Night" (Episode 8).

Glock 17

Vidura (Katie Stuart) is seen with Glock 17 well hidden in a futuristic shell after the Rawling virus strike in "Nora Inu" (Episode 7)

First gen Glock.
Vidura chambers a round as the virus hits.
She grasps the handgun after falling dead.


Winchester Model 1897

Poe (Chris Conner), the AI proprietor of The Raven hotel, uses a Winchester Model 1897 riot gun to defend his establishment.

Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun - 12 gauge
Poe opens fire on Dimi's team with his Model 1897.
Having shot the last mercenary, he then takes a break to have a drink. Terrible trigger discipline, but then he is an AI who thinks taking a drink break in a firefight is a good idea.
"Ask this of your microwave, miscreant". Poe holds his shotgun after finishing Dmitri and gives us a nice view of the receiver, which is clearly a pre-model 1901 based on the cutout over the ejection port that was omitted with the upgrade to smokeless powder.
Poe absently points the shotgun over his shoulder, finger still on the trigger, after deciding not to shoot Mickey in "Rage in Heaven" (Episode 9).

Kel-Tec KSG

Reileen "Rei" Kawahara (Dichen Lachman) is seen with a Kel-Tec KSG shotgun in a flashback to her time in the Yakuza on Harlan's World in "Nora Inu" (Episode 7). She uses alongside her brother in a shootout before abandoning it for the Envoy blaster.

Kel-Tec KSG with Magpul RVG foregrip - 12 gauge
Rei blasts her own boss with the KSG in "Nora Inu".
Kovacs and Rei stand together as they fight CTAC and the Yakuza at the same time
Another shot, giving a better view of the forward grip/weaponlight.
Rei blasts another Yakuza, and gives us a great view of Kovacs's gear.


C-TAC Praetorians use the UTAS UTS-15 shotgun.

Gen 2 UTAS UTS-15 - 12 gauge
CTAC troops, some armed with UTS-15s, corner a wounded OG Kovacs in "Out of the Past" (Episode 1).
Praetoians with UTS-15s chase Stronghold Kovacs through a burning forest in "Nora Inu" (Episode 7)
A BTS shot giving a better view of the shotguns and armor. The apparent odd foregrip on the rear UTS is actually just a CTAC AK-74 based rifle behind it.

Submachine Guns

TDI Vector

Yakuza on Haralan's World use TDI Vectors during a shootout with Kocavs and Rei in "Nora Inu" (Episode 7).

TDI / KRISS USA Gen I Vector - .45 ACP
A Yakuza with a Vector is attacked by a katana-wielding Rei.

Assault Rifles

Shocktrooper AK (AKS-74U)

A heavily modified 5.45mm AK-pattern rifle (probably an AKS-74U) is the standard C-TAC assault rifle in flashbacks. According to concept art, it uses conventional ammo with a secondary magnetic rail to increase velocity. At least one firing prop was made, as Kovacs's rifle is seen cycling.

TRIVIA: A conventional firearm with an integrated coilgun system to increase velocity is a widely used concept in near-future science fiction. The idea is that using a relatively weak round means low recoil with the same performance you could get from a much more powerful one. The only issue with this is that it is completely wrong, and not how physics works whatsoever. It doesn't matter how the projectile is launched, because of Newton's third law, firing a projectile of a certain weight at a certain velocity with a coilgun system will give you identical recoil to firing that same projectile at that same velocity with gunpowder. The ONLY advantage this would have would be being slightly quieter, and perhaps the logistical benefits of being able to retrofit preexisting rifles for different roles, as the additional components would make for an extremely heavy and expensive weapon.

AKS-74U - 5.45x39mm
A Praetorian storms OG Kovacs's room in "Out of the Past" (Epsiode 1)
Another soldier opens fire at Kovacs's position.
Stronghold Kovacs (Will Yun Lee) holds his Shocktrooper rifle in a flashback in "Nora Inu" (Episode 7). Note the selector on Safe.
Kovacs clears a room with his rifle, now on Semi.
He and Rei go back to back in a gunfight.
The pair engage Yakuza from behind concealment. Rei's Px4 can be seen just beginning to cycle and the laser is on.
The rifle cycles and ejects a casing, confirming that it is in fact a blank-fire weapon and not a prop.
A closeup of the receiver as Kovacs reloads. Note the warning stickers on the battery, Protectorate insignia on the barrel housing, and coolant canister for the rail gun integrated into the angled fore grip.

Concept Art

The modified AK is used in the show's flashback sequences. It features an updated barrel which increases the bullet's velocity using a magnetic rail.

About the only thing that didn't end up on the real rifle was the integrated light on top.
Note that even the later iteration of the concept art shows a more curved magazine akin to a mag for 7.62x39mm-chambered AK, whereas the final version has a 5.45x39mm mag. This change was likely done because the firing prop would have been easier to make by simply gluing 3D printed plastic components to a functioning AKS-74U, then shortening down any other type of 7.62x39mm AK (which would require actual gunsmithing) and then attaching the plastic components.

Envoy Blaster (Tippmann Cronus)

The standard weapon of the Envoy special forces is a assault rifle/blaster built off of a Tippmann Cronus paintball marker. It is fitted with a side-folding stock, EOTech 3X-FTS magnifier as a dot sight, plenty of rails, a light/laser combo, and a "shark teeth" style muzzle device.

Tippmann Cronus
An Envoy with his blaster as they ambush Kovacs and Rei's campsite in "Nora Inu" (Episode 7). Note how the yellow disk in front of the sight is flipped up in this scene. Considering it is seen down in all other scenes, it may be some sort of night-vision aid/device. Also, the light is too far to the rear to actually do anything, as the user's hand blocks the light.
Envoys, including Vidura (Katie Stuart) (at right), hold blasters as they secure a bridge being used as an improvised holding cell.
Another Envoy moves up to cover Quellcrist Falconer (Renée Elise Goldsberry) as she speaks with Kovacs.
Falconer holds her blaster as the team exfiltrates from a Protectorate facility.
A close-up of the grip as a blaster is maintained by a worker.
A close-up as Kovacs engages CTAC troops after the fall of Stronghold. If you couldn't tell yet, Episode 7 is the "Wounded Character Exposits Backstory Via Flashback" episode.
A high-quality BTS photo gives a clear view of the gun. It is apparently made by the in-universe company "NKO ARMS".

Magnetic Assault Rifle

Vernon Elliott (Ato Essandoh) uses a magnetically fired assault rifle, described by Kovacs as a "TAC Marine standard-issue AR". The prop itself proclaims it to be a "DUAL STAGE MAG-TIC RAIL". Concept art refers to it as a "Shock Trooper Railgun" and states that it is a refined evolution of the AK-74-based weapon used 250 years earlier.

Vernon hold the weapon in a video death threat in "Fallen Angel" (Episode 2)
One Zoom and Enhance later, the serial number is visible-as Kovacs notes, "you might as well have signed your name" (as apparently the Protectorate allows soldiers to keep their issue railgun when they retire). The cut-off text at the top right reads "PROTEC.(Protectorate) USE ONLY."
Vernon confronts Kovacs when the later barges through a locked door.
Kovacs wins the ensuing fight and gives us a nice view of the side.
Vernon hold the assault rifle as he arrives a bit late to rescue Kovacs, who has clearly got the situation (and Dimi the Twin's other half) well in hand.

Concept Art

The railgun used by the Protectorate builds on the technology used in the AK and streamlines it into a single unit, with additional stack-interfacing optics.

Concept art of the Magnetic Rifle. It is apparently made by "BIOT-SAART Rail system Weapons" and is chambered in 7.6x34mm. Neither detail made it to the final prop. If the "20KJ" on the barrel is the muzzle energy, that would put the weapon somewhere between .50BMG and 14.5x114mm Soviet in power. Assuming an 8 gram/123 grain projectile (in line with other rounds of the same size), this would put muzzle velocity at around 2236m/s, breaking the sound barrier an obscene six times over.
Its not really clear why the concept art has a bunch of missile names on the side, or why the Soviet missile designations switch between Soviet and NATO naming convention. 96K6 is the Pantsir (NATO name SA-22) anti-air system and SA-19 is the 2K22 Tunguska, which predates Pantsir.

Sniper Rifles

Nemesis Arms Vanquish

A few Envoy soldiers are seen with Nemesis Arms Vanquish snipers rifles in "Nora Inu"

Nemesis Arms Vanquish - .308 Winchester
Vanquish sniper rifles are seen in silhouette.

SMK Synergy Syntarg

Envoy troops are seen with some sort of suppressed semi-auto scoped rifles in "Nora Inu" (Episode 7). The prop is actually a SMK Synergy Syntarg air rifle modified with a suppressor and a large dummy magazine mounted into the bottom of the stock between the trigger guard and palm swell.

SMK Synergy Suntarg - .22 pellet
An Envoy holds the rifle during the ambush.
The rifle is seen as Rei pulls her pistol on Falconer.
An ash-covered sniper rifle is seen after the viral strike.


EMP Grenade

Sarah (Olga Fonda) uses a prop grenade during a shootout in "Out Of The Past" (Episode 1). Judging by the blue-white explosion and "electrical arcs" effects on its targets, it seems to be an EMP grenade intended to fry an enemy's stack and RD them. Reileen Kawahara (Dichen Lachman) has a similar grenade on her gear in "Nora Inu" (Episode 7). Kovacs has several in the present as well.

Sarah pulls the pin on a grenade after running out of ammo for her Zoraki in "Out of the Past"
The grenade explodes. Note the blue-white effects and the beginning of "electrocution" effects on the helmet to the left.
A grenade is seen on Rei's gear as she and Stronghold Kovacs move through a forest in "Nora Inu". For some reason she has rifle rounds on her strap, despite carrying a shotgun.
Kovacs grabs a trio of grenades as he loads up in "Rage in Heaven" (Episode 9)

Blast grenade

Dimi (Byron Mann) uses some sort of less-lethal blast grenade in "Man with My Face" (Episode 6). Somehow it throws Kovacs and Ortega backward and through a window without killing them and, from all appearances, missing Dimi.

Dimi holds the grenade, a round device with blue lights


Rotary Machine Gun

Poe has a pair of rotary Gatling-style weapons in the ceiling of the lobby for defense and puts them to good use in "Out of the Past" (Episode 1). While resembling old-fashioned Gatling Guns with their brass bodies and general layout, they have electric drive and belt feed, with the old-fashioned look being continuation of the hotel's theme.

"Full guest amenities", The Raven style.
The weapon opens fire. Being AI-controlled, the laser sight is clearly there just for looks.

Taser pistol

A futuristic taser pistol is used to incapacitate Kovacs in "Nora Inu" (Episode 7)

The taser is fired

Breaching Charge

A Protectorate team uses a sci-fi breaching charge to breach a Yakuza stronghold in "Nora Inu" (Episode 7).

AltCar breach 1.jpg

Arms Cache

A weapons dealer in "In a Lonely Place" (Episode 3) shows off his stock, which appears as a What's What of Vancouver-filmed sci-fi props.

The dealer's wares. A Lewis gun at top, two Bone Jacks and a "Beefeater" Smith & Wesson Model 610 from the Blade trilogy, Detective Spooner's dressed-up Taurus Model 85 from I, Robot, an Arsenal Strike One, COP 357 Derringer, and a DA38 Derringer.
A Kel-Tec KSG, and a vaguely AK-based prop rifle are seen beneath the Bone Jack.
A wide view shows the second Bone Jack, a Sage Control Ordnance Deuce less-lethal launcher beneath it, and another AK-ish prop below. A Hawk MM1 grenade launcher is seen at right as well. All this firepower, and Vernon still derides it as "cheap and legal" and "available at any HugeMart".

Weapons Poster

A "Know which gun is legal" poster is seen in the police station, showing all the various weapons seen in the show.

AltCar bone 4.jpg

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