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All About the Benjamins

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All About the Benjamins
Theatrical Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Kevin Bray
Release Date 2002
Distributor New Line Cinema
Main Cast
Character Actor
Bucum Ice Cube
Reggie Mike Epps

The following weapons were used in the film All About the Benjamins:



Glock 19

Bounty hunter Bucum (Ice Cube) carries a Glock 19 as his main sidearm. It is later used by Reggie (Mike Epps) who drops it in the ocean.

Glock 19 2nd Generation
Bucum (Ice Cube) draws his Glock 19.
A close up of Bucum's Glock 19.
Bucum aims his Glock 19 at Lil J.
Bucum gives Reggie (Mike Epps) his Glock 19 who later drops it in the ocean.

Glock 26

Bucum (Ice Cube) also carries a Glock 26 in the film.

Glock 26 - 9x19mm
Bucum (Ice Cube) draws his Glock 26 while searching for Reggie.
Bucum aims his Glock 26 at Reggie.
Bucum draws his Glock 26 after being bitten by Reggie.
Bucum's Glock 26 is dropped into a fish tank.
Bucum holds his Glock 26 on Ursula.
Williamson picks up Bucum's Glock 26.
A close up of Bucum's Glock 26.
Bucum fires his Glock 26 at Williamson.

Smith & Wesson SW99

The Smith & Wesson SW99 is used by Williamson (Tommy Flanagan) and Julian Ramose (Roger Guenveur Smith) suppressed and unsuppressed.

Smith & Wesson SW99 - 9x19mm
Julian Ramose (Roger Guenveur Smith) fires his suppressed Smith & Wesson SW99.
Julian draws his SW99 on Reggie.
A close up of Julian's suppressed SW99.
Williamson aims his SW99 at Reggie.
Williamson (Tommy Flanagan) holds his Smith & Wesson SW99.

Smith & Wesson Model 586

A Smith & Wesson Model 586 is used by Lil J's neighbor.

Smith & Wesson Model 586 - .357 Magnum
Lil J's neighbor fires a Smith & Wesson Model 586 at Bucum.

SIG-Sauer P230

The SIG-Sauer P230 is used by Ursula (Carmen Chaplin) and briefly used by Williamson (Tommy Flanagan) suppressed and unsuppressed.

SIG-Sauer P230 - .380 ACP (9mm kurz).
Ursula (Carmen Chaplin) fires her suppressed SIG-Sauer P230.
Williamson (Tommy Flanagan) fires his suppressed SIG-Sauer P230 at Julian.
Ursula fires her P230 at Reggie.

Taurus PT92AFS

The Taurus PT92AFS is used by one of Williamson's men.

Stainless Taurus PT92AFS - 9x19mm
One of Williamson's men holds a Taurus PT92AFS on Gina.
One of Williamson's men draws his PT92AFS.

Walther PPK/S

The Walther PPK/S is pick up by Reggie (Mike Epps) and later used by him in film.

Walther PPK/S - .380 ACP.
Reggie (Mike Epps) takes a Walther PPK/S from a safe.
Reggie picks up the PPK/S.
Reggie draws the PPK/S during the car chase.
"Who do I look like Mel Gibson?" Reggie fires the PPK/S at Williamson.
Reggie holds the empty PPK/S.
Reggie:"I ain't got no bullets in this gun man".
Bucum:"What you bring for?".
Reggie:"Scare them or somumm".
Gina (Eva Mendes) gives Pam (Valarie Rae Miller) the PPK/S.


Ithaca 37

A Ithaca 37 is used by Lil J's girlfriend.

Ithaca 37 - 12 gauge.
Lil J's girlfriend fires a Ithaca 37 at Bucum.

Sniper Rifles

Winchester Model 70

A Winchester Model 70 is used by one of Williamson's men at the dog track.

Modern update of classic Winchester Model 70 with open sights - .30-06.
One of Williamson's men chambers the Winchester Model 70.
One of Williamson's men holds the rifle as he is shot by Bucum.

Sako TRG-S

What appears to be a Sako M995 TRG-S is used by Bucum at the dog track.

Sako M995 TRG-S.
The Sako M995 TRG-S is seen in a briefcase.
Bucum assembles the Sako M995 TRG-S
Bucum (Ice Cube) takes aim with his Sako M995 TRG-S.
Bucum holds the rifle after firing it.



A M72 LAW is used by Williamson (Tommy Flanagan).

M72A2 LAW - 66mm
Williamson (Tommy Flanagan) takes aim with the M72 LAW.
Williamson fires the M72 LAW (Note:That the rocket is not coming out of the launcher).

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