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Sakura Taisen: Le Nouveau Paris

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Sakura Taisen: Le Nouveau Paris (2004-05).

The following weapons were used in the OVA Sakura Taisen: Le Nouveau Paris:


Flamethrower Pistol

A blonde MI-6 agent in Paris uses a flamethrower pistol as his main weapon when he fight Hanabi before he was disarmed in "Mell-Ci-Spy".

Note the lighter attached at the pistol's barrel.


Revolver Cannon

The iconic Revolver Cannon makes a return from Sakura Taisen 3 (and the École de Paris OVA), being used in the episode "One Night Only Circus" to transport Paris Assault Force Kohbu units when Kaijin forces attack Paris.

The Arc de Triomphe changed into a giant revolver cannon during the events of Sakura Taisen 3.
The revolver cannon's chamber turning to load up a bullet, which serves as a transport capsule.
Firing the revolver cannon to launch a bullet capsule from the Arc.
Loading up on another bullet capsule into the revolver cannon.

Webley Mark VI

MI-6 agents operating in Paris use Webley Mark VI revolvers as their standard sidearm, with one of them having nickel plating in the episode "Mell-Ci-Spy".

Webley Mk. VI - .455 Webley.
A MI-6 agent wields dual Mark VI revolvers in an antique shop when Lobelia attacks a fellow agent.
A suit-wearing MI-6 agent aims his Mark VI at Coquelicot before his arm gets tangled up in a gymnastic ribbon.
Webley Mk. VI, nickel plated - .455 Webley.
The nickel Mark VI aimed at Mell's head in a deserted casino.

Submachine Guns


Returning from Sakura Taisen 3 (and the École de Paris OVA) is the Gabriel, which is one of Erica Fontaine's main weapons. Mell uses this when Erica gives it to her near the end of "Mell-Ci-Spy". It has some visual basis from the actual Bergmann MP18.

Bergmann MP18/I "System Schmeisser" - 9x19mm. Some parts of the "Gabriel" are visually based on the MP18.
Erica engages the Kaijin attacking Circus De Europe with the Gabriel.
Erica wields the Gabriel when she leads the team into the deserted casino.
A good closeup of the front iron sight of Gabriel. Note Erica getting ashamed since she forgot that the Paris Assault Force's existence is a national secret.
Erica getting her game face on. You can see a closeup of the Gabriel's bolt and rear iron sight.
On the left side, you can see Mell is armed with the Gabriel.
Mell aims the loaded Gabriel at a disarmed MI-6 agent.


Another signature weapon of Erica is the Raphael, which is another submachine gun she uses whenever she's on foot alongside the Gabriel. Ci is given the Raphael near the end of "Mell-Ci-Spy". Like the Gabriel, the Raphael has some visual basis on the Bergmann MP18.

A replica of the Raphael submachine gun.
Bergmann MP18/I "System Schmeisser" - 9x19mm. Some parts of the "Raphael" are visually based on the MP18.
Erica searches the deserted casino for signs of enemies while armed with the Raphael.
Ci receiving the Raphael from Erica without a magazine.
Ci prepares to load the Raphael with a magazine. Note that her right index finger is on the trigger, which is a no-no for gun safety. Although it's justified since Ci serves in a non-combat capacity in the Paris Assault Force.
Ci opens fire with the Raphael at the disarmed MI-6 agent.


Ci Caprice is seen in a next episode preview video of "One Night Only Circus", armed with a PPSh-41 while standing behind Mell Raison.

Soviet PPSh-41 Submachine Gun - 7.62x25mm Tokarev.
Ci armed with the PPSh-41 with a loaded drum magazine.


The PPS-43 makes an anachronistic appearance in the hands of MI-6 agents in "Mell-Ci-Spy" against Erica and the other girls of the Paris Assault Force.

Soviet PPS-43 Submachine Gun - 7.62x25mm Tokarev.
Three suit-wearing MI-6 agents armed with PPS-43s. Note the design, which doesn't look anything the PPS-43 except for the weapon's shape. Also note that they are holding the weapon via magazine.

Sten Mark II

Mell Raison is seen in a next episode preview video of "One Night Only Circus", armed with a Sten Mark II while standing next to Ci Caprice.

Sten Mk II - 9x19mm.
Mell armed with the Sten Mark II. Do note that the barrel appears to be animated with a much more longer barrel than the actual model.

Machine Guns

General Dynamics M197

A tri-barreled machine gun resembling the General Dynamics M197 Vulcan has an anachronistic appearance as one of the main weapons of Erica's Kohbu-F2, seen in "Spire of Lightning".

General Dynamics M197 Vulcan - 20mm.
Erica's Kohbu-F2 fires the M197-like gatling gun to shoot out the floor of the Eiffel Tower's main observation area.
The Kohbu-F2 preparing to take aim at a Kaijin crystal in the Eiffel Tower.
Erica kneeling down in front of her Kohbu-F2 as she uses her spirit powers.

Rocket Launchers

Steampunk Rocket Launcher

Glycine uses a steampunk rocket launcher loaded with smoke missiles to block out the vision of a Kaijin-powered Eiffel Tower near the end of "Spire of Lightning".

Glycine aims the rocket launcher from the confines of the Paris Assault Force's transport truck.
Taking aim at the Kaijin-powered Eiffel Tower to launch a smoke missile.
Glycine with the rocket launcher while Hanabi is armed with the Yumi to provide Erica some cover to launch her Kohbu-F2.



Hanabi Kitaoji is once again seen with a Yumi alongside her Kyudo gear as her main weapon when on foot.

Hanabi fires the Yumi while disguised as a Circus De Europe performer.
Engaging a Kaijin attacking Circus De Europe with an arrow infused with Hanabi's spirit energy.
Hanabi about to fire an arrow at a MI-6 agent armed with a flamethrower pistol.
Hanabi launches multiple arrows when the MI-6 agent burns one of them with his flamethrower pistol.
Providing cover fire alongside Glycine for Erica to launch in her Kohbu-F2.

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