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North American box art
Release Date: December 2018 (JP)
June 2019 (WW)

September 2022 (WW)

Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
Publisher: SEGA
Series: Yakuza
Platforms: PS4, PS5, XBOX Series S/X, PC
Genre: Brawler, Investigation

Judgment (JUDGE EYES:死神の遺言 Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon, lit. "Judge Eyes: Reaper's Testament") is a videogame released in December 2018 in Japan and worldwide in June 2019. The PC versions of Judgment and its sequel Lost Judgment were delayed due to reservations by the talent agency managing Takuya Kimura, the voice actor and likeness of protagonist Takayuki Yagami, about the game being on PC. However, these differences were resolved, and the games were released on PC via Steam in September 2022.

Judgment features an ex-lawyer-turned-private-detective called Takayuki Yagami, who sets out to investigate a serial killer known only as "The Mole," whose calling card is gouging his victims' eyes out. It is a spin-off of the Yakuza franchise, set in the series' staple location of Kamurocho, based on Tokyo's red-light district Kabukicho. Unlike all other Yakuza games, the player cannot purchase or equip any sort of weapon; Yagami only fights unarmed or with weapons he finds on the street. Nevertheless, a considerable number of ranged weapons appear in the hands of other characters in the game. One interesting new feature of this game is that of "Mortal Wounds," injuries that cannot be healed by regular recovery items. This is quite pertinent as far as firearms go, as bullets will always inflict mortal wounds. This adds an element of realism compared to previous Yakuza games, where getting shot often had less effect than being punched or kicked.


The following weapons appear in the video game Judgment:


Colt 1911 type pistol

A handgun based on the Colt 1911 is seen in the hands of Matsugane Clan captain Kyohei Hamura. He tries to shoot family patriarch Mitsugu Matsugane, but Yagami's friend Masaharu Kaito steps in the way to protect his former Oyabun and is shot in the abdomen. Later on, Yagami wrestles the gun off Hamura and gives it to Matsugane. After another altercation, Yagami takes the gun back and points it at Hamura's head. He then pulls the trigger, but the gun had been unloaded by Matsugane during the altercation. Even if it had been loaded, it would not have gone off. The hammer was not pulled back, and the single-action trigger of the Colt is evidenced by the lack of a "click" as Yagami pulls the trigger. The fact that there are five rounds in Matsugane's hand after Hamura had fired twice, once to shoot Kaito, and once during Yagami wrestling the gun off him, shows that it has the correct 7-round capacity. The 3D model itself appears to be the regular Yakuza series Colt handgun, which most closely resembles the Para Ordnance LDA 7.45.

Para Ordnance LDA 7.45 - .45 ACP
Hamura with the Colt, alongside subordinates with Makarovs. Hamura was remodelled and re-voiced after his original VA Pierre Taki decided to take the whole "Yakuza" thing a bit too seriously and was caught with drugs.
Rear view of the gun.
Later on, Hamura threatens Kaito again.
Yagami wrestles the gun off Matsugane. Being a clever clogs, he works out that holding the slide as the Colt fires will stop Hamura from being able to fire again without racking the slide.
Yagami about to pull the trigger on Hamura...
...but the gun doesn't go off because it's not loaded. The rounds themselves look to be of the .45ACP FMJ variety, but with longer cartridges.

Makarov PM

The Makarov PM is a ubiquitous firearm of the Kamurocho criminal underworld, heavily used by yakuza members in-game. The developers have remodelled this version from previous Yakuza games so that it no longer has an extended barrel. However, there is one scene where an individual uses the "old" Makarov model with the extended barrel. Note that the safety is locked in the safe position at all times, even when the gun is firing.

Baikal IJ-70, a version of the Makarov in stainless finish - 9x18mm Makarov.
Hamura tries to get his subordinate Kengo to shoot Yagami.
A robber holds a Makarov on an oblivious Masaharu Kaito, revealing that the gun's model has the safety on.
Hamura threatens Matsugane family subordinate Toru Higashi with a Makarov.
Yagami bemoans the fact that criminals don't follow laws.
Scene showing the "old" Makarov model with the extended barrel. The man shouts "SHINE!" (she-nay), meaning die, as he fires.

Smith & Wesson 3913

Tokyo Metropolitan PD Detective Kazuya Ayabe has a pistol based on the Smith & Wesson 3913 as his service weapon. He is arrested after the bullet used to kill Shintani matches its rifling marks. Main antagonist "The Mole" also uses a very similar pistol, the difference being Ayabe's has an exposed hammer like the earlier 3904 model, whereas The Mole's has the correct recessed hammer. In one scene, he kills five people with 10 shots, even though as a pistol with a single-stack frame, the 3913 only holds up to 8 rounds. For some strange reason, the cocking serrations are at the front of the slide rather than the back. The use of the 3913 may be inspired by the fact that Japan's Special Assault Teams employ the 3913 as one of their sidearms.

Smith & Wesson 3913 - 9x19mm.
The gun rendered at the beginning of the game, note the odd front serrations.
Ayabe with his model, which has the exposed hammer. With an appearance like that, it's no wonder The Mole decided to frame him as a serial killer.
Front of the gun.
Yagami discovers that pleading with a sociopathic serial killer not to shoot someone is somewhat of a futile gesture. This gives a good view of the single-stack frame and smaller size of the 39xx series.
The Mole puts a poor yakuza's lights out permanently with the 3913.
A man takes The Mole's gun off him. This gives a clear view of the 3rd-gen wraparound grips and the handgrip extension on the 3913's magazine. Also note the hammer, which for this gun sits flush with the slide when de-cocked, like the actual 3913.


Nambu Model 60

Police officers in the game have Nambu Model 60 revolvers holstered in waist holsters. Although very little of the weapon is visible, the fact that they are Model 60s can be deduced from the distinctive lanyard ring that is attached to the butt of the weapon, as well as context.

Nambu Model 60 Snub-nose - .38 special.
A member of Tokyo's finest with the holstered Nambu. Note the distinctive shape of the butt and its lanyard ring.
An officer sleeps off his fight against The Mole.

Smith & Wesson Model 10/Colt Detective Special

Returning from Yakuza 4 is this hybrid of a Smith & Wesson Model 10 with the barrel and handgrips from a third-gen Colt Detective Special. It also features a handgrip adaptor. Compared to the original Y4 model, it has been enhanced with high-definition textures to suit the newer game. Higashi uses one to threaten Yagami and his own kyoudai Kaito in the Charles gaming arcade. Yagami then wrestles the gun off him and fires off all six shots into the ceiling. It also appears to be a stand-in for the aforementioned Nambu when seen in the hands of police officers. Unfortunately, the developers decided not to have an empty holster model for officers who were aiming their guns. The shape of the trigger guard is more like a Model 36, which is the basis for the Nambu, but it is of course a 6-shot revolver. The cylinder release lever has been reshaped, almost giving it the look of those found on Astra revolvers.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 snub-nose - .38 Special
Colt Detective Special third-gen - .38 special.
Higashi, having ditched his Salaryman look after his altercation with Hamura the year before, threatens Kaito with the S&W. The six-shot cylinder is visible here.
Yagami unloads the revolver, preferring a more "hands-on" approach. This gives us a good look at the revolver's profile.
Officer using the S&W model as a stand-in for the Nambu, the big giveaway here being the lack of lanyard ring.
Officers pointing their revolvers at "The Mole." Note how the officer in the background to the right clearly still has his Nambu in his holster despite apparently aiming at the same time.
Officers finally open fire on the mole after Kaito urges them to, having nearly been knifed by him. It's possible that the writers of this game with this scene were voicing their concerns over whether Japanese police officers are prepared to use lethal force when necessary. Again, the rightmost officer can be seen with a Nambu in his holster.


Cane Shotgun

This rather unusual shotgun is used by a mysterious assassin known only as "Cane Man." He insists on attacking Yagami on a regular basis during chapter 10 using canes that convert into various weapons. In one instance, he transforms his cane into a pump-action shotgun.

Cane Man's cane converting itself into a shotgun. Where the shells are supposed to eject from is anyone's guess.
Cane Man with the shotgun.
Yagami does what any self-respecting washed-up lawyer would do when faced by a guy with a shotgun pointed at his face, which is to rush him.
After failing to kill a 35-year-old chain-smoking private eye with a shotgun, Cane Man considers a change of weapon, and hopefully career. Note how one blast from the shotgun has inflicted a "Mortal Wound" on Yagami, reducing his overall health.

Submachine Guns

"Kiwami Machine Gun"

This love child of an Ingram MAC-10 and Brügger & Thomet MP9 from previous Yakuza games is occasionally used by enemies in the Dice & Cube VR minigame.

Ingram MAC-10 - 9x19mm.
Brügger & Thomet MP9 with stock extended - 9x19mm.
Yagami about to bring a virtual beatdown on "Agent E," who is armed with the "Kiwami Machine Gun." This shows how Yakuza series characters hold onto the MP9-style foregrip with their front hand.

Other Man-Portable Weapons

Rail Gun

In the "Dice & Cube" minigame, Yagami may be given a virtual rail gun to fight virtual bad guys. The gun comes in two colour schemes: white with red glowing parts for fights in the Millennium Tower lobby, and gunmetal with blue glowing parts for fights on Showa Street.

Yagami with the white-and-red virtual rail gun
Yagami using the gunmetal-and-blue VR rail gun to send some virtual baddies to the Recycle Bin


M26 Grenade

There is an arcade game in-game called "Kamuro of the Dead." As well its setting and enemy character models, the grenade icons in this game are taken from Yakuza: Dead Souls. Specifically, they are the "Heavy Grenades," which are based on the M26 hand grenade. As a point of interest, the name and gameplay mechanics of this arcade game are based on SEGA's House of the Dead series of horror-themed rail-shooter video games (although conventional controllers/keyboard and mouse are used rather than a light gun).

M26 High Explosive Fragmentation Grenade
Screenshot from "Kamuro of the Dead," with M26 grenade icons (left)

Stun Grenades

Another grenade model making a return from Dead Souls is the "Stun Grenade," which is loosely based on the Model 7290 flashbang grenade. These are used by AI partner Ryan Acosta, who occasionally helps Yagami out in fights after completing his friendship quest. The grenades have different effects, sometimes working as flashbangs, concussion, or electric shock grenades.

Model 7290 Flashbang
Acosta throwing some stun grenades. Despite having nearly a million yen (approx. US$9200) in his account, Yagami claims he can't pay his rent

Unknown Fragmentation Grenade

This grenade appears in various scenes throughout the game.

Kajihara member pulls pin on the grenade
Grenade mid-flight
Kaito, Yagami, and Sugiura in the process of crapping their pants at the incoming grenade.
Yagami returning the grenade to sender. With footie skills like this, why he doesn't pack in the private detective game and go play for FC Tokyo instead is anyone's guess.

Drone-mounted Weapons

Flare gun

Some side-cases call for the use of this rather weird gun. How exactly it operates, where the "flares" or whatever type of ammunition it fires is stored, or whether this weapon is even remotely legal in Japan is unknown.

Yagami using the drone gun to take down Spider-perv.

Laser Gun

In the "Dice & Cube" minigame, drone battles are fought with a laser gun.

Yagami firin'hislayzzzzzorrzzz in the Dice & Cube minigame.

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