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Hands of a Murderer

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Hands of a Murderer
Hands of a Murderer DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country UKD.jpg UK
Directed by Stuart Orme
Release Date 1990
Studio Greeen Pond Productions
Storke Enterprises
William F. Storke & Robert E. Fuisz
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sherlock Holmes Edward Woodward
Dr. John Watson John Hillerman
Prof. James Moriarty Anthony Andrews
Sophie DeVere Kim Thomson
Mycroft Holmes Peter Jeffrey
Col. Gould Warren Clarke
Inspector Lestrade Terence Lodge
Jeremy Stubb Christopher Fairbank

Hands of a Murderer (also released as Sherlock Holmes and the Prince of Crime) is a 1990 British made for TV adventure movie directed by Stuart Orme and starring Edward Woodward as Sherlock Holmes, John Hillerman as Dr. John Watson, and Anthony Andrews as Prof. James Moriarty.

The following weapons were used in the film Hands of a Murderer:


Webley RIC No. 1 First Pattern

Sherlock Holmes (Edward Woodward) uses a Webley RIC No. 1 First Pattern revolver throughout the movie. In several scenes same revolver is used by Dr. John Watson (John Hillerman), and once - by Prof. James Moriarty (Anthony Andrews).

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Webley RIC No. 1 First Pattern - .442 Webley
Holmes readies his revolver before leaving.
Watson drops the revolver when he avoids Jeremy Stubb's (Christopher Fairbank) sword-cane.
Holmes raises his revolver at Moriarty who suddenly visited the great detective.
Holmes holds Moriarty at gunpoint.
Another good view of Holmes' revolver.
Moriarty aims Holmes' revolver.
Holmes in disguise surprises Watson.
Watson holds the revolver in the scene in Moriarty's secret hideout.
Another view of the scene.

Webley RIC No. 1 Second Pattern

Prof. James Moriarty's (Anthony Andrews) main handgun is a Webley RIC No. 1 Second Pattern revolver with deep blue finish.

Webley RIC No. 1 Second Pattern - .442 Webley
Moriarty holds kidnapped Mycroft Holmes (Peter Jeffrey) as hostage when Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson break in the villain's secret hideout.
Another view of the scene.
The back of Moriarty's revolver is seen. The cylinder stop notches on the rear of the cylinder allow to identify Second Pattern revolver.
Moriarty in disguise aims his revolver at Holmes, also in disguise, in the scene of fake funeral of Holmes.
A good view of Moriarty's revolver.
Moriarty and Holmes grapple for the revolver in the coach.

Webley Metropolitan Police

Colonel Gould (Warren Clarke), the head of Secret Service, carries a compact revolver that is seen only in darkness. It appears to be a version of Webley RIC revolver, like a Webley Metropolitan Police.

Webley Metropolitan Police - .450
Col. Gould holds his revolver during the chase after Moriarty's henchman safecracker Jeremy Stubb who stole secret documents from Mycroft Holmes' office.
Col. Gould holds his revolver after a well aimed shot at Moriarty's henchman Kasim who clashed with Holmes on the rooftop.

Beaumont-Adams Revolver

Inspector Lestrade (Terence Lodge) carries a revolver that is supposed to be a kind of Beaumont-Adams (or maybe Tranter) revolver, cap and ball or converted into breach loading version.

Beaumont-Adams, c.1860s - .44. This version of Adams has a plate arm along the barrel, like the screen gun.
Lestrade holds his revolver when police break in Moriarty's secred hideout.
Lestrade fires at an attacking cobra on the floor. Note the plate arm along the barrel, common for cap and ball and conversion revolvers.
Lestrade holds the revolver when he runs to help Mycroft Holmes.
Lestrade's revolver is seen when he is in the carriage during the pursue after Moriarty.
A better view of Lestrade's revolver in same scene. The plate arm along the barrel can be seen.
Another view of the scene.
The top of Lestrade's revolver is seen.

Unidentified revolver

In the scene of the fake funeral of Holmes, Moriarty's aide Sophie DeVere (Kim Thomson), disguised as a Quaker boy, holds a revolver. This gun has a frame, similar to Tranter M1868 but the extractor under the barrel looks very different.

Sohie DeVere holds a revolver.
A side view of the revolver.


One of Lestrade's constables (Steve Ellis) who hides on a fir tree during the fake funeral, is armed with a top-break Webley-style revolver that turns out to be a Webley-Wilkinson Model 1892 or Model 1900, based on Webley WG model.

Webley-Wilkinson Model 1892 - .455/476
Plainclothes policeman holds his revolver. While it looks similar to Webley WG, difference in the shape of the frame and the cylinder to frame lock can be seen.


Mauser C96

German spy Oberstein (Nickolas Grace) carries a Mauser C96 pistol. When Oberstein is killed by Watson's accurate shot, Colonel Gould (Warren Clarke) takes the pistol. While C96 already existed in 1900 when the story is set, the screen gun has smooth rails on each side of the barrel extension and side-to-side lanyard ring, both signs of post-WW1 models.

Mauser C96 M1930 - 7.63x25mm Mauser. The screen gun looks similar, except for the lack of stepped barrel.
Oberstein draws his C96. Note the smooth rails and side-to-side lanyard ring.
He aims at Holmes and Watson...
...but drops the pistol, being gunned by Watson.
Gould picks the Mauser.
Gould runs with the pistol in hand.


When Watson reads The Illustrated London News newspaper, several pictures with rifles and cannons are seen.

Three rifles are seen in center; the top and bottom may be Lee-Metford or Lee-Enfield Mk.I. A field cannon of Victorian era is seen on a picture below.

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