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Case Closed - Season 32

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This show is currently airing.

This article or section is for a series that is Ongoing, or currently on the air and thus is a continuous work in progress.
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The following weapons were used in Season 32 of the anime series Case Closed:


Beretta 92FS

The Beretta 92FS is seen with Gin in "The Black Organization's Scheme (Landing)", even though he had the suppressed USP.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm.
Gin chambers a round in his pistol in "The Black Organization's Scheme (Landing)".

Heckler & Koch P7

A Heckler & Koch P7 is seen with Black Organization agent Vodka, which he now uses.

Heckler & Koch P7M10 - .40 S&W
Vodka searches a shop in "The Black Organization's Scheme (Identity)".

Heckler & Koch P7M8

A stainless Heckler & Koch P7M8 is seen in the ED sequence, "You & I", with National Police Agency Security Bureau (NPA SB) officer Rei Furuya aka Black Organization Agent Bourbon aka Toru Amuro.

Heckler & Koch P7M8 (Nickel) - 9x19mm
The holstered P7M8 seen with Rei Furuya in the ED sequence, "You & I".

Heckler & Koch USP

A Heckler & Koch USP with a suppressor is now the sidearm of Black Organization agent Gin, first seen in "The Black Organization's Scheme (Hunt)".

Heckler & Koch USP with suppressor - 9x19mm
Gin prepares to take out a FBI agent in "The Black Organization's Scheme (Hunt)".


The M1911A1 is seen with London-based Black Organization agents. A suppressed version is used in a murder case in "Chihaya and Jugo Matchmaking Party (Part 1)" and "Chihaya and Jugo Matchmaking Party (Part 2)".

Screen used Auto Ordnance M1911A1 - .45 ACP.
The M1911A1 aimed at Mary from the back in "The Birthday Party of Divine Punishment (Part 1)".
M1911A1 with removable suppressor - .45 ACP.
A recently fired (and suppressed) M1911A1 found by police in "Chihaya and Jugo Matchmaking Party (Part 1)".
Visual retelling of the suspect using the suppresed pistol.

SIG-Sauer P220

A SIG-Sauer P220 is seemingly used throughout "The Holed-Up Sensation".

SIG-Sauer P220 - 9x19mm.
The P220 used in "The Holed-Up Sensation" by a masked Yuichi Beppu.
The shot here shows the big buldge on the receiver.
In Kogoro Mori's deductions in Sleeping Kogoro mode (actually done by Conan), he mentions that the pistol used by Beppu is just a model gun. Which was given to him...
by a shinobi shozoku-clad Mitsusada Dogo.
Dogo proceeds to assassinate Yayoi Arima and Beppu for scamming him in the past.

SIG-Sauer P230

The SIG-Sauer P230 was used by Mary Sera in a flashback to London near the end of "The Birthday Party of Divine Punishment (Part 1)".

SIG-Sauer P230SL with spare magazine and unfired rounds - .380 ACP
Mary aims the P230 at a man who's not her real husband near the end of "The Birthday Party of Divine Punishment (Part 1)". The black bars in the screenshot are done on purpose.
Another angle of Mary using the pistol.

Tokarev TT-33

The Tokarev TT-33 is used by bad guys in the season.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
Professor Agasa has a TT-33 aimed at his head in "Chihaya Hagiwara, Goddess of the Wind (Part 1)".
A shot of Daiya Chien with the TT-33.
Surveillance video in a bank shows an armed man with a TT-33 in "The Suspicious 20 Million Yen".

Trump Gun

Kaitô Kid uses the Trump Gun as his personal sidearm.

Kaitô Kid's Trump Gun made by Red Spyce.
Kid with the TG in the OP sequence, "Unraveling Love ~Sukoshi no Yūki~".
Conan has a flashback on remembering his first encounter with KK in "Kid vs. Amuro: The Queen's Bangs (Part 1)".

Walther P38

A pistol lighter based on the Walther P38 is seen throughout "The Figure of Revenge" with Kazuya Shiraishi. A spring air gun version is used in "Kid vs. Amuro: The Queen's Bangs (Part 1)" by Jirokichi Suzuki.

Denix non-firing replica of Walther P38
Genta sees the P38 replica in "The Figure of Revenge".
The replica glows when the lights to the room was shut off.
Kazuya uses the pistol lighter to prove that it's not a real gun.
The dropped replica in a crime scene since it was used to start a fire.
Jirokichi shows off the spring P38 air gun in "Kid vs. Amuro: The Queen's Bangs (Part 1)".
He prepares to fire it at a glass display cover in order to show its anti-theft measures against the likes of Kaito Kid. Little did he know...


Nambu Model 60

The Nambu Model 60 is seen with officers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

Nambu Model 60 Snub-nose - .38 Special
Sato uses her revolver during an armed incident in "Behind the Scenes of the J League Finals".
Takagi with his sidearm out while his pockets are stuffed with Sato's heels.
Marushin-made airsoft replica of the New Nambu Model 60.
Murder suspect Junji Maruo got his hands on a Model 60 in a flashback sequence in "The Detective Boys' Test of Courage".

Smith & Wesson Model 36

FBI agent Jodie Starling is seen holding her Smith & Wesson Model 36 revolver during the OP sequence, "SPARKLE" and in the ED sequence, "Kuufuku".

Smith & Wesson Model 36 - .38 Special
Jodie with her Smith & Wesson in the OP sequence, "SPARKLE".
Jodie draws her revolver in the ED sequence, "Kuufuku".

Bolt-Action Rifles

Mosin Nagant Rifle

Several Mosin Nagant Rifles are found by Conan Edogawa and Morikawa Family butler Tomoka Tsukasa after Yuichiro Morikawa was killed in "Intrigue at Morikawa Mansion (Part 2)".

Russian Mosin Nagant M1891 3rd configuration - 7.62x54mm R.
The MNs in a gun locker in "Intrigue at Morikawa Mansion (Part 2)". There's a bullet hole on the door.

Sniper Rifles

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

The Accuracy International Arctic Warfare is seen with Akai as his primary weapon.

Accuracy International AW-F - 7.62x51mm NATO
Akai with the AW in the OP sequence, "SPARKLE".
Akai shouldering the AW in "The Black Organization's Scheme (Identity)".
In this shot, you can see the loaded mag, which appears to hold more than 10 rounds. It appears to be suppressed.

Heckler & Koch PSG-1

The Heckler & Koch PSG-1 is seen with Black Organization agent Chianti.

Heckler & Koch PSG-1 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Chainti scopes her target in "The Black Organization's Scheme (Hunt)".


A scopeless PTRS-41 is used by Gin to take out the kei car Camel uses in "The Black Organization's Scheme (Hunt)".

PTRS-41 with folded bipod - 14.5x114mm
Smoking PTRS-41 barrel in "The Black Organization's Scheme (Hunt)".
Attached bipod.
Gin gripping the rifle's pistol grip and magazine.
A collage of screenshots of Gin's rifle.

Remington M24

The Remington M24 is seen with Black Organization agent Korn.

Remington M24 - 7.62 NATO.
Korn scopes his target in "The Black Organization's Scheme (Hunt)".

SVD Dragunov

The SVD Dragunov is used by Yuzo Fukunaga in "Behind the Scenes of the J League Finals" while ambushing Meguro.

SVD Dragunov with scope removed - 7.62x54mm R
Fukunaga adjusts the scope's dials in "Behind the Scenes of the J League Finals".

Winchester Model 70

A Winchester Model 70 with a scope is found by Conan and Tsukasa after Yuichiro was killed in "Intrigue at Morikawa Mansion (Part 2)". FBI agents in Japan use them to flush out Chianti and Korn from "The Black Organization's Scheme (Hunt)".

Winchester Model 70 - .243 Winchester
No one's here.
Conan discovers the dropped Model 70 with a discharged cartridge on the ground near the end of "Intrigue at Morikawa Mansion (Part 2)".
Winchester Model 70 Alaskan - .30-06 Springfield.
FBI Special Agent Bill scopes out a parking lot in "The Black Organization's Scheme (Hunt)".
You can see the front sight while Chianti shoots FBI SA David.


Mk 2 hand grenade

The Mk 2 hand grenade is seen in "The Black Organization's Scheme (Identity)" with Gin to try and kill Camel by tossing the grenade into the ocean and use the pressure from the explosion.

Mk. 2 hand grenade replica.
Gin really likes to use that grenade in "The Black Organization's Scheme (Identity)".

M7 CS gas grenade

A M7 CS gas grenade is seemingly used by Sonoko while imagining herself as a heist thief in "Girls Day Mystery".

M7A2 CS gas grenade
Sonoko preps to toss the grenade in "Girls Day Mystery".



A crossbow is used in "Yoko Okino and the Locked Attic (Part 1)".

A dropped crossbow found in "Yoko Okino and the Locked Attic (Part 1)".

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