Tomb Raider III

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Tomb Raider III
Official Box Art
Release Date: 1998
Developer: CORE Design
Publisher: EIDOS
Series: Tomb Raider
Platforms: Playstation
Genre: Action-adventure

Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft is a British videogame developed by now-defunct CORE Design and published by EIDOS (Now part of Square Enix), released on PC and PlayStation in 1998, with a mini-sequel The Lost Artifact released in 2000 for the PC. It was added to the PlayStation Network in 2009, and as a PC digital download from Steam and GOG Games in 2012. The 3rd instalment in the Tomb Raider series follows British Archaeologist and Explorer Lara Croft as she travels the world to discover pieces of an ancient meteorite made from a strange material that grants its users special powers.



Browning Hi-Power

As in previous titles, a pair of nickel plated Browning Hi-Power pistols serve as Lara's main weapons, with unlimited ammo and, like most of the weapons she uses in the game, an infinite magazine size. The models used in the artwork and FMVs differ in finish from the in-game models, the former being an all-nickel finish, whereas the in-game models feature black slides and nickel frames.

Nickel plated FN Browning Hi-Power - 9x19mm
In-game model.
In-game model of one of the Hi-Powers. Note the black slides, which differ from the all-nickel models used in the game's artwork.
Official game artwork, clearly showing the distinctive front of the Browning Hi-Power. Note the lack of sights and ejection port.
Lara with her two-tone Browning Hi-Powers drawn.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark VII

A single Desert Eagle Mark VII chambered in .50AE is used as Lara's secondary pistol in the game. It is extremely powerful, capable of killing a human enemy with two shots and an armoured guard with three. However, it has a low rate of fire due to the high recoil and ammo is not easy to come by. The in-game model features a nickel-plated slide and barrel, and a black frame, a finish rarely seen on Desert Eagles in real life. Also, there appears to be a hole underneath the muzzle whose purpose is not clear.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark VII with nickel finish - .44 Magnum
Desert Eagle from Tomb Raider III & Tomb Raider: Chronicles.
Desert Eagle from Tomb Raider III's artwork.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark I

A wide-jawed American Military Police officer is shown with a Mark 1 Desert Eagle on the Nevada loading screen.

Satin nickel Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark I - .357 Magnum.

Nevada loading screen


Franchi SPAS 12

Lara's shotgun in the game is a short barreled Franchi SPAS-12, which can be seen by its distinctive foregrip and large vented heat-shield. The in-game model lacks a stock and also appears to have a hole in the front of the magazine tube, giving it the appearance of an "over and under" shotgun from the front. Although it has a combination action, it is only used as a pump-action shotgun by Lara.

Franchi SPAS 12 with no stock - 12 gauge
The SPAS-12 from Tomb Raider III.

Submachine Guns

Ingram MAC-10

Incorrectly referred to as "Uzis" in-game as in the previous games, a pair of MAC-10s are dual-wielded by Lara. Chambered in 9x19mm, these have the same power per shot as the Browning Hi-Power pistols, but are far more effective due to their increased rate of fire.

Ingram MAC-10 - 9x19mm
The in-game model.
Artwork showing Lara holding a pair of MAC-10s
Appearance in the In-game menu, note the incorrect "Uzi" label.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD6

The Heckler & Koch MP5SD6 used in the game can be identified from its integrated silencer, retractable stock, and more modern pictogram trigger pack (aka "Navy" trigger pack), as opposed to the older "S-E-F" trigger pack found on earlier models. The in-game model is modeled with a shorter than normal 30-round magazine. However, there is no reloading required, as with most other weapons in the game. There also appears to be some kind of red-dot scope attached to the top of the weapon, but this does not function in-game. Oddly, despite using the same 9x19mm ammunition as the MAC-10s and Hi-Powers, this gun does far more damage per shot than the other two weapons. In a render for the game, Lara can be seen holding a different type of MP5SD, without the optical sight and also using the S-E-F trigger pack. Also, the suppressor on the is slimmer and longer than the real life MP5SD design.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD6 - 9x19mm
MP5SD from Tomb Raider III.
Lara examines a computer with the MP5SD6 slung to her back
A render showing the different MP5SD design.


AKS-47-style Carbine

On the loading screen for the South Pacific Islands levels, a Royal Australian Air Force man is seen holding an AKS-style rifle with a shortened front barrel, including a gas cylinder which has apparently been truncated so it no longer sticks out of the front hand grip. This is rather odd, seeing as the Australian military use Steyr AUG rifles.

ype III AKS-47 with stock folded - 7.62x39mm
South Pacific Islands loading screen


Grenade Launcher

The in-game model of the hand-held grenade launcher appears to be based off the pistol-like model from Tomb Raider II, modified by adding an 8-round rotary chamber, like that of the Milkor MGL. The launcher essentially resembles a Milkor MGL with a shortened barrel and without the stock, foregrip and sights. Unlike TR2, the grenade launcher on this game does not have to be reloaded after every shot.

Milkor MGL fitted with Armson OEG reflex sight - 40x46mm.
In-game model. Note how there is a lack of any sort of front grip.
Lara using the grenade launcher to destroy a dog. Note how Lara is holding the weapon with her front hand behind the rotary chamber, due to the lack of a front grip.

Carl Gustav M2 Recoilless Rifle

The Carl Gustav M2 Recoilless Rifle used by Lara in the game appears to have a dark blue finish, rather than the olive drab finish of the standard rifle. Like the Browning Hi-Power, the Carl Gustav also saw extensive service in the British Army.

Carl Gustav M2 - 84x246mm R
The Rocket Launcher from Tomb Raider III.
Lara holds the Carl Gustav.

Mk 19 Grenade Launcher

The Mk 19 Grenade Launcher appears at the end of the Crash Site level, mounted to a crashed Australian Air Force plane and used by Lara to kill some dinosaurs. Although the in-game model is out of proportion with the real Mk 19 - the barrel and spade grips are much too large compared to the receiver- it is still recognizable by the muzzle brake and the sliding mechanism directly behind the barrel.

Mk 19 Grenade Launcher - 40x53mm
Mk 19 as it appears in-game.

Harpoon Gun

Lara's Harpoon gun in the game is the same model from Tomb Raider II. It is also the only gun on the game that requires reloading, once every 4 shots.

Harpoon Gun in-game model.


The flamethrower makes a return from Tomb Raider II, although in a different form. This time, it features a self-contained fuel tank and a very visible pilot light. Fortunately, the flamethrower-wielding men on this game do not have to be fought.

Man with flamethrower

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