Tomb Raider II

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Tomb Raider II
Official Box Art
Release Date: 1997
Developer: CORE Design
Publisher: EIDOS
Series: Tomb Raider
Platforms: Playstation
Genre: Action-adventure

Tomb Raider II is a British videogame developed by now-defunct CORE Design and published by EIDOS (Now part of Square Enix), released on PC and PlayStation in 1997. The 2nd instalment in the Tomb Raider series follows British Archaeologist and Explorer Lara Croft as she travels the world to find the ancient Dagger of Xian which when plunged into the heart by the user turns them into a dragon.



Browning Hi-Power

As in the previous game, a pair of nickel plated Browning Hi-Powers serve as Lara's main weapons, with unlimited ammo and, like most of the weapons she uses in the game, an infinite magazine size. The models used in the artwork and FMVs differ in finish from the in-game models, the former being an all-nickel finish, whereas the in-game models feature black slides and nickel frames. At the time, the Browning Hi-Power was the standard-issue pistol of the British Army, which suggests Lara may have used these pistols for the patriotic touch. Higher detailed models that show the Hi-Power's unique slide design and slide release are seen in art work for the game.

Nickel plated FN Browning Hi-Power - 9x19mm
In-game model of the Hi-Powers. Note the black slides, which differ from the all-nickel models used in the game's artwork.
The official game cover artwork clearly showing the distinctive slide design and slide release of the Browning Hi-Power. Note the lack of sights and ejection port.

Intratec TEC-22

The weapons model wise are based on the Intratec TEC-22 called "Automatic Pistols" in-game, they are dual wielded pistols that are more powerful than the infinitely firing Browning Hi-Powers that Lara has. Like the actual TEC-22, the magazines load into the pistols in front of the trigger guards.

Intratec TEC-22 - .22 LR
The in-game model

Submachine Guns

Ingram MAC-10

The MAC-10 is depicted in-game and in the game's artwork, incorrectly referred to as "Uzis" in-game. The MAC-10s can be dual-wielded by Lara. Chambered in 9x19mm, these have the same power per shot as the Browning Hi-Power pistols and have limited ammo, but are far more effective due to their increased rate of fire.

Ingram MAC-10 - 9x19mm
The in-game model
Lara with MAC-10s in the game's artwork

Walther MPL

An Walther MPL submachine gun is depicted in the game's artwork.

Walther MPL with stock folded - 9x19mm
Walther MPL from Tomb Raider's II artwork.


Generic Pump Shotgun

A pistol gripped pump-action shotgun that can't be dual wielded and must be fired while standing still. It seems to not be based on any particular pump-action shotgun.

Mossberg 500AT Shotgun with Pistol Grip and Custom Choke similar to one used in the film Raw Deal - 12 gauge
The in-game model. The receiver seems to be that of an MAC-10(!).

Assault Rifles

AKMS Krinkov

A short-barrelled AKMS is depicted in the game's artwork.

Custom AKMS with shortened barrel, as seen in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Pineapple Express, Rambo and Taken - 7.62x39mm
AKMS Krinkov in the game's artwork.


The M16 is depicted in-game and in the game's artwork. It's the most powerful gun in the game but Lara must stand still while firing it. It cannot be dual-wielded, as opposed to what the game's artwork shows. The in-game version appears to be an M16A1 with a 20-round magazine, while the artwork version depicts an M16A1s with a 30-round magazines.

M16A1 with 20-round magazine - 5.56x45mm.
M16A1 with 30 round magazine - 5.56x45mm
The in-game model
Lara with an M16A1 from Tomb Raider II's artwork.
Lara with dual M16A1s from Tomb Raider II's artwork.

Machine Guns

Maxim MG08/15

Lara is depicted in the game's artwork firing a Maxim MG08/15 machine gun.

Maxim MG08/15 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Lara firing the Maxim MG08/15.


Grenade Launcher

Lara's grenade launcher doesn't appear to be based off of any real life model in particular. However, it appears to be single shot like the M79 because of it's gameplay animation.

In-game model

Harpoon Gun

Lara's Harpoon gun in the game appears to have a very large air tank. It is also the only gun on the game that requires reloading, once every 4 shots.

In-game model

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